Why Was Yuki Locked Up

Fruits Basket series. He is the younger son of his parents and the younger brother of Ayame Sohma by ten years. He is the Rat of the Chinese Zodiac. Known to his classmates with various nicknames such as "Prince Charming", Yuki is depicted as an attractive, reserved, and a very accomplished young man with many admirers. However, due to his broken family, abusive childhood, and the effects of the Curse, Yuki has severe self-esteem issues and feels isolated. He has a fan club at school named Prince Yuki Fan Club, though the result is that Yuki feels further isolated. Yuki lives together with Shigure Sohma, and the two are later joined by Kyo Sohma and Tohru Honda. As he gets to know Tohru, he tries to convince himself that he's in love with her, but later comes to terms with the fact that he had been looking for a mother figure in her. Fueled by Tohru's kindness, Yuki finds the courage to stand up to his own weaknesses, and eventually becomes president of the student council despite his misgivings. In the process, he becomes best friends with Kakeru Manabe and falls in love with Machi Kuragi. In Fruits Basket Another, he is married to Machi and is the father of Mutsuki Sohma, his son acting as one of the main characters. Yuki's full appearance in the anime. Yuki is a fair-skinned and slim teenage boy of an average build and height. He is noted by his peers to be very beautiful with a feminine and prince-like appearance, and is often admired for his looks.

He is also seen wearing Chinese-style clothes and collared or tight-fitting clothes.

Yuki, however, has a complex about his feminine face. Yuki has light-grey eyes and nape-length, straight, dark-grey hair, worn in straight bangs which frames his eyes, coupled with two longer strands of his bangs hanging loose at each side of his face, going right down to his lower -chin. He also has several cowlicks sticking out from his hair. Yuki wears the standard Kaibara High uniform for males, which consists of a blue sweater (white during summertime) with white color around the edges, and a yellow shirt underneath (white in the anime). Like most of the other students, Yuki wears his school uniform buttoned with a light-blue necktie. On other occasions, he mainly dresses in light colors, such as blue and white, and is often seen wearing clothes in such colors. He is also seen wearing Chinese-style clothes and collared or tight-fitting clothes. However, after the meeting Kakeru and becoming the student council president, Yuki gradually stops wearing Chinese style outfits and leans more towards looser, more casual clothing.

Furthermore, Yuki has a multitude of issues which stems from the abuse he received during his childhood; he has severely low self-esteem, feels isolated and lonely, is of rejection, keeps people at a distance, and struggles to communicate his true feelings in a natural way. Yuki is also acutely attentive to his actions and how they may be perceived by others, resulting in him having a very cold and closed off countenance. He feels like he is trapped in the façade of the ideal prince everyone loves from afar, because he was convinced that no one would ever accept his real self. In fact, rather than being admired from afar, Yuki wishes to have friends of his own, and envies Kyo for being able to socialize more easily than he can. He also admits that above anyone or anything, his biggest enemy is himself as his inferiority complex makes him compare himself to others and feel insecure almost all the time. However, Yuki gradually begins to recover from his past issues and finds the courage to stand up to his own weaknesses and learn to be himself thanks to Tohru's influence. Kakeru and Machi also help Yuki open up more and express his feelings frequently. As time goes on, Yuki opens himself to others and lets himself enjoy life the way he wasn't able to before, and becomes a genuinely happier person, as well as more outspoken, honest, straightforward, stubborn, and relaxed; not as worried about upholding his image as a prince.

Kisa Sohma with her self doubt.

Because of this, Yuki gains more confidence and begins showing more of his witty, sarcastic, snarky, teasing, cheeky, and sometimes arrogant personality, often saying things that make fun of or provoke other people. But he becomes more sensitive and self-conscious as well, as he acknowledges how unfair and self-serving his way of blaming his problems on others was, he decides to focus on working with the bad things about himself and stop looking for something or someone to blame. Yuki even decides to forgive despite all the pain she inflicted on him, simply because he wanted to move on with his life, unbound by the pain of the past. Kisa Sohma with her self doubt. Yuki has always unintentionally sought Tohru's friendship, listening ear, and understanding quite often, and has benefited from Hatsuharu Sohma's and Ayame's affection for him whenever he's in a tight spot he is unable to get himself out of. When this trait is pointed out to him, however, he resolves to change himself into a person who can give back as much as he receives. Yuki also reveals that he is a greedy and selfish person, admitting that he doesn't want to solely receive, he wants to be someone's equal and give something only he can give.

This is why his relationship with Machi means so much to him, since only he can give her the support and acceptance she yearned for considering how well he understands her, and vice-versa. It is also shown that once he cares about someone, he will make an effort to ensure that they are happy and satisfied. Towards the end, Yuki has acknowledged his own growth, from a weak person who wasn't good at making connections with other people, to a strong, independent, and full-fledged "human being", in which he thanks Tohru for helping him become the man he is today. Yuki was favored being born as the Rat, and while his parents were neither rejecting nor overprotective of him, they used Yuki as a tool to acquire wealth and status for themselves within the Sohma family. Meanwhile, his older brother Ayame has been unfavored since Yuki was born, since the Snake is not as valuable as the Rat. As a result, his parents let Ayame do whatever he wanted growing up, which caused an enormous rift between Yuki and his older brother. Yuki met Akito for the first time. As a young child, Yuki suffered from severe respiratory problems that inhibited him from doing most things. When he was still very young, his mother sold him off to Akito due to him being the Rat and therefore the "closest to God".

A PyeongChang tutto è possibile, anche finire in un MangaFor a few years, Akito kept Yuki as a playmate and they would constantly stay in Akito's room and play together. Occasionally, Akito would have angry outbursts, but would always calm down moments after. Yuki's abuse by the hands of Akito began. At some point, however, Akito's mind went completely insane and she proceeded to torment Yuki for years. Yuki was verbally, emotionally, and especially psychologically abused by Akito; he was locked up in a windowless, dark room for days on end while Akito convinced him that no one would accept him for who he is, that he was absolutely worthless and that no one would ever come to save him. He was also told that everyone, including his family and several Zodiacs such as Kyo and Hatsuharu, hated him. Yuki met Kyo for the first time. During the Sohma's annual banquets, Yuki was always by Akito's side and never interacted with anyone; in fact, he had never exchanged a single word with the other Zodiacs, not even his older brother.

During one banquet, Yuki heard about the Cat, Kyo Sohma, who isn't part of the Zodiac and therefore cannot join in the banquet. Yuki snuck out to meet Kyo and was instantly taken by his "pretty orange hair". Yuki meekly tried to befriend Kyo, but the moment Kyo found out that Yuki was the Rat, he began yelling at Yuki that he hated him, that his very existence had only brought him misfortune, and that he would be better of dead. Yuki was devastated and began crying. He went to his mother for counseling, but she slapped him and shouted for him to go back to Akito's side. Because of this event, Yuki began thinking Akito's words were true- that he was hated and that his existence was unnecessary. His last attempt at saving himself from Akito's abuse was by going to Ayame for help, but he was instantly rebuked. Since he was the Rat, Yuki was forced to attend a famous private school where he didn't know anyone.

Yuki was overjoyed, and quickly adjusted to his happy life with his new friends.

In reality, Yuki wanted to go to school with Kyo and the other Zodiac members instead. Because of his abuse at the hands of Akito, Yuki did everything he could to avoid other people, since he had no idea how to interact with his peers and since he didn't want to be hated by even more people. That was, until a group of boys invited Yuki to play soccr and gleefully asked him to be their friend. Yuki was overjoyed, and quickly adjusted to his happy life with his new friends. Yuki was accidentally hugged. One day when he was playing tag with his friends, a girl accidentally bumped into Yuki and he transformed into a Rat. Because of this, Hatori Sohma was forced to erase Yuki's friends' memories. Yuki begged and cried for Hatori to not, since they were the first friends he had ever made, but to no avail.

Thereafter, as expected, his friends didn't know who he was anymore, leading Yuki to despise Hatori and closing himself off from people once again. He also asked Akito if he truly was so strange that he had to keep the Curse a secret, to which Akito replied that he did have to, since it was strange for a little boy to transform into a rat. She also told him that any normal person would be repulsed if they knew. Yuki broke down in tears. One day while Yuki was still feeling down due to the situation with his friends, Yuki saw a hat flying off to his direction in the streets, and to his surprise, it belongs to Kyo. Yuki attempted to give it back to Kyo, but the latter harshly refused and went back to his adoptive father. This was the final straw and the last ounce of rejection, as Yuki broke down in tears and thought about the things he had always wanted: a parent who would hold him close, a home he wanted to return to, a place where he could laugh with everyone, and a "himself" that no one would leave. After losing his first and only friends and after the incident with Kyo, Yuki lost his will to live. As a result, Yuki's mental and physical worsened, but his parents and brother showed no concern towards his worsening state.

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