Why Did Subaru's Hair Turn White

This page is about the Re:Zero What if Web Novel Chapters. If you're searching for the "What IF" light novel featuring the Natsuki Rem/Sloth IF story, see Re:IF. If you're searching for the "What IF" light novel featuring the Kasaneru/Greed IF story, see Re:IF Kasaneru. Re:Zero IF are Web Novel chapters posted on Shōsetsuka ni Narō each April Fools at 01:00 Japanese time. To celebrate Natsuki Subaru's birthday, the author writes a story that deviates from the original Web Novel. They are around four times longer than normal Web Novel chapters and in these chapters, it is shown what would have happened if Natsuki Subaru did something Contrary to what he actually did. Each of the What IF stories resemble one of the seven deadly sins. Published on April fools of 2016, Tappei Nagatsuki wrote a chapter, commonly known as Kasaneru or Greed IF, where Natsuki Subaru accepts Echidna's help and forms a contract with her. The actual chapter starts some time after the fifth arc. Kasaneru IF Light Novel illustration. Following the full release of all 8 BD volumes for Re:Zero's 2nd Season, the author had released a limited copy of the expanded Light Novel version of the original Kasaneru story. The Light Novel was released on the 19th of October, 2021. It's the second IF story to receive a light novel adaptation after the Rem/Sloth IF. After Subaru made the contract with Echidna, he decided to use his Return by Death to solve all of his problems, in his goal to save everyone and eventually make Emilia into the King.

39;s daily routine started.

With Echidna advising him, Subaru was able to take care of the problems which he faced in Sanctuary and saved everyone. After returning by death over 100 million times and losing count, Subaru woke up as usual at the Mather's Mansion on the 14th of Kissdam. He got out of bed, and after washing his face, he practiced his smile in the mirror. After doing so, he visited Echidna's dream world using the pendant at his neck as per his usual routine. After a rather blustery conversation with Echidna, Subaru returned back to the real world where he was greeted by Petra Leyte coming to wake him up. Following her wake up call, Petra expressed her concerns to Subaru about whether the weather would get worse later in the afternoon as she planned to go shopping. After Petra's departure, Subaru's daily routine started. He first visited the mansion's courtyard to find Garfiel Tinsel and Reinhard van Astrea sparring. This was a daily occurrence for them as Garfiel to grow stronger. Garfiel had been greatly affected by the events that had transpired back at the Sanctuary, and had struggled to keep the time of its liberation at bay as Subaru had tried to isolate him from the other villagers. In the end he could not avert Sanctuary's fate and he would have perished to the Great Rabbit, if Subaru and Roswaal L Mathers hadn't saved him.

39;d open up to him so that her emotional wounds could be healed.

This comes in Garfiel being extremely belligerent towards Subaru, joining the Emilia Camp only at his sister Frederica Baumann's request. This time as well, Garfiel was defeated by Reinhard, and the former retired back to the mansion. Reinhard had been recruited over to the Emilia camp by Subaru after he used his Return by Death to eventually convince Felt to abandon him, leaving Reinhard emotionally broken. After Reinhard retired back to the mansion as well, Echidna speaking to Subaru as thought-waves through his pendant tried to reassure him he had made the right choice. Continuing with his daily routine, Subaru went to visit Beatrice who had holed herself up in a room rather reminiscent of her old forbidden library which had burned down in Roswaal's old mansion. Beatrice had sunk into a deep depression as Subaru had torn her out of the library against her will during the events of Sanctuary. During his visit, Subaru tried to comfort her, but he was met by her scratching his face and neck. After leaving the imitation library, Subaru reflected on whether he had made the right choice back then, and wondered if he should have lied to her and said he was "That Person". Once again, Echidna tried to reassure him that he had made the right choice and said that with time she'd open up to him so that her emotional wounds could be healed. As he continued to the next area of ​​his daily routine, Subaru happened to come across Roswaal who was in high spirits. The two had a brief discussion in which Roswaal affirmed that the two of them would mutually cooperate with each other to achieve their most cherished desires.

Subaru, who wasn't all too happy with being used like this, begrudgingly continued on with this day. Subaru made his way to the room which Rem was in. She was still comatose due to Gluttony's effect. Ram was in the room on Roswaal's orders. She had been ordered to be extremely polite to Subaru, and had no real interest in her comatose sister. Subaru asked her to leave the room, which she did. Left alone with the comatose Rem, Subaru called for Echidna's help. He asked her to remind him what the ways to wake up Rem were. Echidna listed three reasons, but advised him to go for the last one which was to get the blood of the dragon by making Emilia king. Subaru pledged that no matter how many times he would die, he would wake Rem up. Finally, Subaru arrived at the end of his daily routine, where he visited Emilia's room. Emilia was in a fragile mental state due to the fact that she couldn't surmount the trials back at the Sanctuary. She noticed Subaru's scratch marks and immediately realized they were from Beatrice. She lost control of herself and started to freeze the mansion. Subaru was able to luckily calm her down due to having practiced his smile in the mirror earlier.

After her outburst, Subaru told her to study for today and that he'd dine with her later. As he talked to Emilia, Echidna butted in and started to slander Emilia, continuing to do so even after Subaru left Emilia's room. After dining with Emilia, Subaru had a flashback to when Otto Suwen left the Emilia camp one year ago. The flashback caused Subaru great distress, agonizing about whether he had taken the optimum choices when he was Returning by Death. As he agonized over it, he found himself back at his room, where Elsa Granhiert was awaiting him. Elsa had joined the Emilia Camp after the events of Sanctuary and was currently entrusted with the mission of finding where Gluttony was at. After some talk with Elsa, in which Subaru learned that the latest location she had investigated turned out to also not have the Gluttony Archbishops, Subaru asked her what the weather was like beyond the forest. Confused by his question, Elsa replied that it looked fine. Subaru nodded and commanded her to kill him.

He eventually learned from her that it was the 14th of Kissdam.

Elsa was a bit confused by the question, but must, and lopped off Subaru's head. Subaru returned by death not knowing which day he had returned to, realizing his save point had changed. In a panic, he rushed to Echidna's dream world to find out what day it was. He eventually learned from her that it was the 14th of Kissdam. Echidna realized that Subaru had used his ability to reset, and both of them steeled themselves knowing that trouble was brewing in the future that Subaru would have to confront. In addition to this, Echidna asked him why he had used his Return by Death, but Subaru declined to answer. After leaving the dream world, Subaru was once again greeted by Petra. This time when she voiced her concerns about whether the weather would be fine for when she went shopping, Subaru reassured her and said it was. Petra found that reassuring, but asked him how he knew. Finally, Subaru answered the question by saying that it was because he had returned just for this, risking life and death.

Meanwhile, back at the dream world, Echidna was enjoying her tea reflecting on the events that had happened. She found herself fascinated by Subaru and his persistence, and declared that she'd give it her all to help Subaru protect the ones he cared about. Published on April Fools of 2017, Tappei Nagatsuki wrote a chapter, commonly known as Ayamatsu or Pride IF. The point of divergence from the main story is Subaru's fourth return-by-death, where Reinhard saves Subaru from hoodlums and ultimately goes on to save him from Elsa. In this timeline, Reinhard does not appear, leaving Subaru to his fate. At the absolute rock bottom, Subaru finds that the only way he can go is up, and bound by his own pride, he resolves to "save" Emilia by any means necessary, bringing himself down a much darker path. In Pride IF, "pride" does not necessarily refer to pride in a traditional sense, referring to a lack of humility and excess self-gratification. Contextually, pride here means unrelenting determination, even if the consequences are fatal. The beginning of the story begins at the prologue of the main story, and the descriptions are almost identical: Subaru is on the ground writhing in pain from an unforeseen attacker inside the Loot House. His stomach is bleeding out and he is trying to scream for Emilia to run, only for her to get cut down as well. Subaru hardens his resolve to save Emilia, "No matter what." Natsuki Subaru dies his first death.

The story skips forward to his 88th revival. As Subaru begins to form his next plan to save Emilia, Ton, Chin and Kan attempt to rob Subaru once again. After fighting the three over and over again, Subaru easily learns how to kill them as efficiently as possible. Subaru leaves the alleyway and sees the familiar sight of Emilia chasing Felt through the market. Subaru just stares at Emilia, lost in thought over her beauty. He once again promises to save Emilia from her fate. Because Subaru never meets Reinhard, he finds it impossible to beat Elsa. He can't beat her through trial-and-error, no matter how many times he revives, and so this time Subaru's plan is to direct the Capital guards to Elsa in hopes that they will either kill her or keep her preoccupied away from Emilia. Elsa turns out to be way more of a beast than Subaru anticipates, and as just he's about to leave, Reinhard arrives. As in the main timeline, Elsa is easily crushed and is forced to flee. Subaru's plan works, and his most hated enemy is on the run. In a strange twist of fate, it's Subaru that ends up helping Elsa escape.

Subaru, who is covered in blood, heads over to the Loot house to find it frozen over.

Make no mistake, Subaru wants her dead, and Elsa can definitely sense his hatred. Despite not knowing his intent, Elsa is just fine to let Subaru lead the way. After bribing the local slum folk to misdirect the guards, the way is clear. The two make their way to Elsa's "little sister," Meili Portroute, who is waiting to tend to Elsa's wounds. From here on, Elsa and Subaru will continually make contact as allies. Subaru, who is covered in blood, heads over to the Loot house to find it frozen over. A local, who grows growing nervous around the disheveled Subaru, tells him that Felt and Rom have been apprehended by the guards. He stands there, proud of his work as he is approached by a group of certain individuals. Two months go by, and Subaru is now associated with the Witch Cult. His next goal is to take down the Sin Archbishop of Sloth, Petelgeuse Romanée-Conti, and has died his 400th death in his effort. Despite having an end goal of killing him, Subaru forges a mild friendship with Petelgeuse and exchanges banter with him. After all, they both have obsessions with half-elves. Petelgeuse visits Subaru in his hideout in the middle of the Lugnican wilderness and notifies him about the ongoing Royal Election, where Subaru learns about "Satella's" real name. This, of course, makes him even more crazy for Emilia. Then Petelguese informs Subaru of the plot to abduct Emilia to use her to resurrect Satella.

T pose nonrigged model of Jessie anime girl Subaru, obviously not a fan, executes his own plan and stabs Petelguese with a sword, catching him completely off guard. Over the course of hundreds of years of retries, Subaru finally has a counter for everything, from the Unseen Hand to the Fingers. Even as Petelguese attempts to hijack Subaru's body, he reveals his contract with a lesser unnamed fire spirit, and with no other options left, Petelgeuse finally dies. Subaru meets with Meili, who has presumably been working alongside Elsa to eradicate Petelgeuse's Fingers. Subaru and Meili exchange somewhat cute dialogue and they leave. The Crusch Camp launches the Second Great Expedition against the White Whale, and without Subaru's actions and intelligence, the Expedition is a complete disaster. Crusch and Wilhelm are erased from history, which is all good for Subaru, because his new goal is to make Emilia queen, and the death of one candidate is ok with him. Conversely, Ferris is mentally broken by the loss of Crusch, and it doesn't take much effort for Subaru to make him subservient. Also, Subaru is working with Roswaal, who foresaw Subaru's arrival in his witch gospel. With Roswaal's aid, all credit for Subaru's actions in eliminating the Witch Cult are shifted to Emilia making her popularity with the Lugnica public explode exponentially. In perhaps his only good act for the entire story, Subaru goes after Regulus, who is the target in his crusade against the Witch Cult. With the help of Elsa and the lesser fire spirit, Subaru kills all of Regulus's wives by burning down his mansion, quickly disabling Regulus's authority.

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