Why Did Momoka Stab Herself

In what is potentially one of Netflix's best releases this year, the first season of Japanese manga adaptation, 'Alice in Borderland', dropped recently. The series is a live-action adaptation of the manga series of the same name by Haro Aso and follows the lead character Arisu (Kento Yamazaki) who is trapped in an alternate universe of sorts with his friend Chota (Yuki Morinaga) and Karube (Keita) Machida) when they get into a restroom in a subway station while trying to get away from the cops. The trio's friendship is as sweet as it could get, and it's hard to find another series where you would get as attached to characters so quickly. Before we proceed any further, here's another warning that spoilers follow, so stop reading if haven't gotten to the ending yet. Let's be honest: it really was not hard to get attached to Arisu and his friends, who find themselves in the alternate universe. Using Arisu's expertise playing games, these friends survived the first two episodes, but they do get injured. The third episode is where things got really serious and involved a game of hearts that could potentially be a cruel betrayal. The aim of the game was for one person to remain the wolf till the end, and while at first they tried for their own survival, the three friends decided to give themselves up for each other. Chota and Karube hid themselves from Arisu, who was the wolf, and when the time ran out, they were killed.

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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot era molto diverso inizialmente: ecco la grafica in stile ... Before his friends were killed, Arigu was given an important clue - find the Beach and he would find some answers. Arisu sets out with Usagi (Tao Tsuchiya) to find the Beach and when they come across it, they realize that it is not what they sought. Unfortunately, once they enter the Beach, they cannot leave it and they are forced to stay by the Hatter and the other executive members, who include Aguni, Ann, Niragi, Mira, and Chishiya (Nijiro Murakami). Unlike the others, it is clear that Chishiya is playing the long game, though it is not clear who Arisu can trust. When the Hatter is killed and Aguni is named the new king of the Beach, Chishiya comes up with a plan for Arisu to steal all the cards that the Hatter had collected - his theory was that once a player collected all the cards (each game was assigned a difficulty level according to a playing card), they could return to their original world. However, Chishiya betrays Arisu just so he could glean the real location of where those cards might be stored.

Usagi runs to find Arisu and is able to find him.

As Arisu is trapped in a room, bound and tied up, Niragi and the other militarism take Usagi for their own ill intentions. But just as Niragi gets started -- and Chishiya gets ready to leave the Beach with Kuina, the Beach is sealed as a game starts. The guests of the Beach are all asked to gather in the lobby, where Momoka lies dead, with a knife to her chest. The card to be won with this game is the elusive ten of hearts and their goal is simple - find the witch who killed one among them. Who is the Witch? With the goal being to burn the witch in the Fire of Judgment burning outside, the guests turn on each other, with the militarism choosing to kill everyone and burn them in the fire. The first suspect is Asahi, but Usagi and Ann step in to save her. Usagi runs to find Arisu and is able to find him. When Arisu thinks about what the intention of the game could be, he understands the answer.

It turns out that Aguni was, in fact, best friends with Hatter, and when the Beach changed him and he thought he was going to be killed, he shot Hatter. On inspecting Hatter's gun later, he finds out there were no bullets. As such, Aguni believes himself to be the witch and wanted everyone at the Beach to be killed because of what happened to his friend. However, Arisu tells him that he is not the witch -- it is, in fact, Momoka herself, which her friend Asahi confirms, as does Ann who did some forensic investigation. Aguni still wants the violence, however, and as he instigates it, Asahi yells that she is the game dealer, which causes her to be killed by a laser. Who is the Game Master? As Arisu inspects Asahi's phone that was left behind, he sees videos that she recorded where she shows the path to the dealers' lair underneath the subway. She reveals that she and Momoka were game dealers who were tasked with setting up the games and pretending to be players themselves. As people died with each game, they would earn the visas to live longer. However, the guilt proved too much for them, which is why Momoka turned the knife on herself. Arisu and Usagi go to the lair, but they find that Chishiya and Kuina are already there. The dealers who were there were all killed after they won the game for the ten of hearts.

And this time, the winnings will include the face cards.

Chishiya now has all the number cards -- but the games are not over. The screens in the lair light up and it is revealed that Mira -- who was earlier thought to be an executive member at the Beach -- is much more involved with the game. We are not certain yet whether she is the final game master or whether there is someone above her, but she informs the four of them that the next stage of the games is set to begin. And this time, the winnings will include the face cards. Will there be a Season 2? Was Mira the source that Hatter was talking about? In that case, is it really true that winning all the cards will help them return to the original world? To find the answers, Netflix must first confirm that there will be a second season. Given how erily prescient the adaptation is and the popularity of the manga, it is quite likely.

And with Jay, Shelly is very clingy and flirtatious.

Scott Shelly ( Hangul:셸리 ) is one of the female protagonists in the webtoon. She begins a one-sided relationship with Jay at the start of the series but as the story progress they have a mutual crush on each other and as of chapter 378 they are in a relationship. Shelly is the only female member of the Humming Bird Crew. Because she stayed at England before coming to Korea her personality is perceived as very headstrong. She does not like it when people talk badly about her friends, especially Jay. Shelly also has a lot of stamina and strength, she can keep up with the group's pace when racing and can actually send people flying with her punch (Although that may be for comedic reasons) but never got into the street fights with the guys of the crew. When she was hit on in her first appearance on the series she refused with a lot of sass. Mia described her as someone who can confidently express her thoughts and feelings. Although her words are harsh, it is because she never sugar coated her words with her friends. And with Jay, Shelly is very clingy and flirtatious. She has very foreign features: pale skin, her eyes actually look more mint green in color than blue, blond wavy hair. It is known later in the series that she has a tattoo in the side of her arm near the wrist that reads out "temet nosce" or "Know Thyself". At school she wears her uniform usually without the red vest and both wears the skirt and pants.

Jay saw what happened and chased the thieves to get her purse back.

She is often seen wearing high-end brand clothing, but also occasionally wearing street wear and tomboyish clothes. When riding her bike, she usually wears a jacket and helmet with the same color as her eyes or the Hummingbird crew's hood. She is tall, with long thin legs, a small waist and a bigger bust. Not much is known about Shelly, but it is established that she is from England and she requested to transfer to Sunny High School because of Jay. It was told in an early episode (Ep. 27) that she will be in Korea for one semester. Shelly is the granddaughter of Sunny High School's principal, Nick. When Shelly was a kid, she didn't want to get married and promised Nick that she will just live with him forever, which caused Nick to think that Shelly is not interested to guys until she got interested in Jay. That also caused the over protectiveness of her grandfather. Jay saw what happened and chased the thieves to get her purse back. She refused on taking him to the hospital but Jay refused. She picked up his student ID that had fallen to the ground and, motivated by her encounter with Jay, called her grandfather, asking him to let her attend Sunny High School. Her second meeting with Jay was in their classroom. She kissed him out of the blue and the gossip that Shelly and Jay were in a relationship quickly spread around the school.

When Jay, Dom and Minu got suspended, Shelly visited them and scolded Dom and Minu badly about how Jay got caught with their actions. Jay got pissed and told her to screw off, she ended up crying and running away. When Jay was about to say sorry, he got a pink rose from Minu, saying that he should give it to her. He couldn't and Shelly went on saying that she'll forgive him if he became her boyfriend for a week and Jay agreed. She joined Hummingbird as the only female on the team, she continued to flirt with Jay and when Jay was teaching Mia how to ride a bike, she kept on intervening and wanting him to teach her even though she knows how. On a special episode, Shelly was seen riding a bike in Jay's neighborhood. Minu and Kay noticed her, Kay was thinking of who might Shelly go out with and ended up being shocked that it was his brother. In the last scene, Jay and Shelly are resting after riding their bike together, and she comments that Jay suits biking more than studying. The Preliminaries for the League of Street has started, only Dom and Jay were able to race at the first two rounds. After that, they found out that Jay's birthday was near and planned to celebrate it. She didn't showed up at school on his birthday because she was the one who prepared the gift that they got for him.

When the boys with the worried June except Jay planned to give Jay a strong alcoholic drink, they didn't expect Shelly to drink it, thinking it was juice. They are dumb-founded and later on, a drunk Shelly came closer to Jay and told her how she was hurt by his actions and proceeding to kiss him the second time. They pulled Shelly of Jay who was already littered with kiss marks. Mia was the one who brought Shelly home, when she was sober enough, Mia asked her if she liked Jay which she answered yes. Mia told her how she envied her for being able to confidently express her thoughts and feelings. Shelly answered that she doesn't understand Mia's concern and told her an advice to start believing in herself more and learning to love herself. This pushed Mia to contact the modeling agency that reached out to her. Before the race, Shelly was being hit on by a member of the Bullet Crew who will be racing against them. The glasses guy kept on hitting on her even when she's denying him. Vinny came to her rescue and punched the guy when he didn't stop.

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