Why Did Kokoro Leave Futoshi

FutoKoko is the het ship between Kokoro and Futoshi from the DARLING in the FRANXX fandom. Kokoro and Futoshi knew each other since they were small children living in the Garden but they had very little interactions with each other. When they are 14, they are assigned to the same FRANXX squad and, after passing their capacity test, they are paired up together. They became quickly good friends and developed a strong friendship. During the squad's startup ritual, KokoFuto smiled and flashed each other a thumbs up to encourage each other. The next day, the startup ritual, which was interrupted by a klaxosaur attack the day before, resumes. When Kokoro and Futoshi attempt to synchronize, their para sync is shown to be the lowest compared to the other FRANXX. However, their numbers quickly rise high enough for them to successfully synchronize and activate Genista. He nervously asked if he did okay and she replies he did a good job. Zorome tells them over the comms not to say lovey-dovey things. A week later, while Zero Two is eating breakfast with the squad and sits in Futoshi's seat to feed Hiro, Kokoro offers him to sit next to her and she attempts to mimic Zero Two feeding Hiro by feeding Futoshi, much to the disgust of Zorome and the confusion of the others.

39;t have to come, prompting Futoshi to tell him not to talk that way to Kokoro.

Futoshi quickly develops a crush on Kokoro and assumes the role as her protector, especially when they are piloting Genista in battle. He especially gets angry when a klaxosaur attacks Genista and hurts Kokoro, which makes him fight back. During a vacation to the beach, Futoshi joins with Zorome and Goro to admire their pistil partners' figures, and they later corner Hiro to ask what a kiss means. Futoshi is infatuated with the word because it sounds magical. Mitsuru leads the squad through a cavern to an abandoned city he found. Kokoro says the dark freaks her out and Mitsuru coldly tells her that she didn't have to come, prompting Futoshi to tell him not to talk that way to Kokoro. He is the first person to notice that Kokoro was missing from the group, as she wandered off on her own. During a battle, a klaxosaur sprouts mysterious goo all over the FRANXX units and the girls' suites melt in front of the boys; Futoshi is shocked and has a nosebleed. When the girls find out, they freak out but, unlike the other girls, Kokoro isn't angry at Futoshi but she is deeply embarrassed. He later says he was ogling her only because he found her to be very beautiful, which embarrassed her even more and makes her whole face turn red.

During the Boys x Girls conflict, both are reluctantly forced into it and. While the other girls glare angrily at the boys after splitting the house, Kokoro looks almost sorry for not having the courage to go against her friends' wishes, while Futoshi seems apologetic for having partially caused the fight. After Zero Two tricks the boys into walking in on the girls bathing, Futoshi blushes in shock while Kokoro freaks out. However, Kokoro does not join with the girls when they throw bath supplies at the boys, awkwardly hiding behind a pail. Futoshi apologises to Kokoro, albeit a little dramatically. When they all reconcile, Futoshi gets on his hands and knees to apologize, which embarasses Kokoro. Six months following the squad's formation, their friendship hits a rift. While guarding an S-Planning facility, Kokoro and Futoshi chat with each other. He says they've both grown stronger and she thanks him. He starts to blush and says he already vowed to protect her and asks her to be his partner forever. She is surprised but then smiles and promises him, which makes him happy.

39;t understand why this happened, and asks if he is pathetic.

Zorome tells them on the comms not to say weird things and Futoshi is embarrassed everyone heard but Kokoro laughs. Futoshi reminds Kokoro of their promise. Due to Mitsuru and Ikuno's incompatibility, Nana proposes the squad try a partner shuffle. Futoshi says there is no reason for him and Kokoro to split up because he promised to protect her forever, and she agreed. However, when Nana asks if there are any volunteers, Kokoro suddenly raises her hand and asks to try riding with Mitsuru, which surprises everyone. Futoshi is devastated and asks why Kokoro is breaking their promise, and she apologizes, which breaks his heart. He later cries in his pillow and doesn't understand why this happened, and asks if he is pathetic. Mitsuru is indifferent to the arrangement and this provokes Futoshi to attempt to attack him but he misses and crashes into the wall. He tells Hiro that he feels pain in his chest and it hurts but he doesn't understand why. When a klaxosaur is seen approaching the facility, Futoshi tells Mitsuru to protect Kokoro but Mitsuru brushes this off as nonsense and this angers Futoshi. Kokoro assures Futoshi she will be alright and she smiles when he tells her to do her best. During the battle, Genista is put out of commission when Mitsuru blindly charges towards the klaxosaur, hurting Kokoro in the process. Futoshi and Ikuno use Chlorophytum to hold the klaxosaur off while Kokoro talks to Mitsuru to get him to reconnect with her.

Mitsuru then promises to Futoshi that he will protect Kokoro.

Despite the difficulty of doing this, Futoshi vows to protect her no mater what. When Kokoro and Mitsuru reconnect, Futoshi is relieved. However, after the battle is over, he angrily confronts Mitsuru for his recklessness that got Kokoro hurt and he punches him in the face. As Kokoro tends to Mitsuru, Futoshi condemns Mitsuru for making Kokoro cry and hurting a girl is the worst thing a man could do. Mitsuru then promises to Futoshi that he will protect Kokoro. Futoshi falls to his knees and tearfully confesses he loved Kokoro. Following this, Kokoro and Futoshi remain close friends and, although he still has feelings for her, he decides to put her happiness above his own. This is demonstrated when he finds out from Zorome that Kokoro and Mitsuru were caught in a compromising position (she was unzipping his uniform while trying to initiate sex with him), Futoshi is visibly upset and he grabs Mitsuru's collar, asking if they kissed. Kokoro blushes and this is confirmation to Futoshi, who backs down and says as long as they are happy. Nine Alpha comes in with a baby book Kokoro has been hiding and asks why she has it because it contains forbidden knowledge.

Kokoro admits she wants to have a baby and that is all humans came to be. Futoshi is surprised and asks if Papa didn't create them, which she says no and explains how boys and girls are able to procreate like all animals, along that she wants to leave a mark behind before she dies. Several days later, when Hiro announces Kokoro and Mitsuru have decided to get married before they all leave for the Bird Nest, they nervously look at Futoshi, who abruptly declares he will be the priest so he can stand beside them and wish them congratulations, and she thanks him. On the day of the wedding, Futoshi is happy as Kokoro and Mitsuru walk down the aisle. After exchanging vows and rings, he tells them to seal their vows with a kiss. Before they can, the 9's and an APE assault team storms in to take the two away, and Futoshi tells them to run but they are captured anyway.

A couple of weeks later, Futoshi and the others are devastated Kokoro and Mitsuru's memories of each other have been altered. Kokoro is implanted with fake memories in which Futoshi remains as her partner. When the squad confronts Papa about this and he says their memories and feelings would have interfered wish APE's objectives, Futoshi is the most angry and demands Papa apologizes before his friends stop him. Kokoro attempts to partner with Futoshi again but he refuses and insists that she stay with Mitsuru before walking away. The next day, he notices that they took off their wedding rings. Goro is surprised Futoshi noticed and asks if he still isn't over her but they are interrupted when Kokoro becomes sick and rushes to the bathroom. A few days later, Futoshi and the others are shocked when they learn Kokoro is pregnant with Mitsuru's child and he stands beside Mitsuru, who has fallen to the ground in utter shock. In the hallway, Mitsuru asks what is he supposed to do on the options of abortion or keeping the baby, and Futoshi angrily tries saying something before Goro stops him. While everyone fights VIRM in space, Kokoro stays on Earth with Mitsuru due to her pregnancy making her unable to pilot.

Futoshi keeps them on everyone's mind and how they are fighting to overcome their differences to reconcile. Upon returning to Earth, Futoshi is fiercely supportive of Kokoro and Mitsuru when they decide to keep their baby after reconciling. When Kokoro enters her third month, Futoshi and Zorome bring her nutritious food and have to drag Mitsuru back to fields when he doesn't want to leave Kokoro's side. Six months later, Kokoro gives birth to a baby girl, whom she and Mitsuru name Ai. Futoshi is overjoyed and hugs Mitsuru, tearfully declaring him as the first parasite to become a father. Shortly after, as all the parasites join hands to send their thoughts and prayers to HiroZero in space, Futoshi stands beside Kokoro and Mitsuru. Over the next eight years, Futoshi's romantic feelings for Kokoro fade but they remain close friends. He marries another girl and has three children, whereas Kokoro is still happily married to Mitsuru and they now have four children together. Futoshi remains close to Kokoro and Mitsuru, to the point their children refer to him as 'uncle'. When the squad reunites at a cherry blossom tree to remember Hiro and Zero Two, Futoshi stands next to Kokoro and Mitsuru. Kokoro and Futoshi are later seen holding hands-imitating HiroZero-which baffles Zorome but Futoshi says Kokoro has no problem with it. However, when Kokoro notices Mitsuru walking alone, she asks Futoshi to let go so she can go water the plants and he reluctantly does. Shortly afterwards, Kokoro suggests the squad save the 9's from being pruned after nearly getting killed by the Klaxosaur Princess.

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