Why Did Eren Suddenly Change

'Giappone Spettacularis', reportage sotto la guida di Marco Togni in 'formato' ...Eren is the main character of Attack on Titan, one of the most popular anime ever made. When he was first introduced, he was a child who wanted to join the Survey Corps, a branch of the military that fights humanity's predators, the titans. After they broke into his home and one of them ate his mother, Eren joined the 104th Cadet Corps and trained alongside his new comrades.RELATED: Kingdom Hearts: Ways Sora Changes Throughout The SeriesAfter they graduated, Eren discovered that he could transform into a titan and became the Survey Corps' greatest weapon. Another soldier from the 104th Cadet Corps, Annie, also had this ability but used it to attack the Survey Corps, leaving Eren to have to fight her at the end of the first season. He's changed a lot since then and here are some of the clearest things that prove it.Updated December 13, 2021 by Ritwik Mitra: Eren Yeager could possibly be one of the best protagonists in anime history. He was the driving force behind the bulk of developments in the initial moments of Attack on Titan, before taking things into his own hands after the time skip and initiating a series of events that no one could've seen coming.

39;t believe it when Reiner and Bertholdt revealed themselves to be the Armored and Colossal Titans.

As a result, Attack on Titan has become an absolute must-watch show that anime fans should check out sooner rather than later. Let's take a look at just how much Eren has changed ever since the events of the first season. Eren has killed more than anyone else in the franchise, but he has mostly used his titan abilities to fight his enemies. Because of that, it wasn't until the second season when he would kill a titan the way he was trained to in the 104th Cadet Corps. When Historia, Ymir, Reiner, Bertholdt, and Connie were surrounded by a group of titans, the Survey Corps saved them. Eren successfully stabbed one of the titans in the neck, and was happy to get his first kill that way. Eren couldn't believe it when Reiner and Bertholdt revealed themselves to be the Armored and Colossal Titans. He didn't want to think that someone he looked up to like a brother, as well as another close comrade, could be his enemies. However, once they transformed, Eren knew that he couldn't deny it and fight back.

When Annie turned out to be the Female Titan, Eren hesitated to fight her even though the two weren't close. Being able to fight against two of his close friends proved that Eren learned from his past mistake. At the end of the second season, Eren found the titan that ate his mother. When he punched the titan, he activated the coordinates, causing her to be attacked by the other titans around them. At the time, Eren didn't know what this ability was and everyone was surprised that he was able to do this. It turned out that since Eren inherited the Founding Titan, he could control all of the titans whenever he was made contact with someone from the Fritz family. The titan that ate Carla turned out to be Dina Fritz, a distant relative of Paradis' royal family. The method by which Eren obtained his powers remained a mystery for a long time. When he met Rod Reiss, the king of Paradis, he learned what happened. His father, Grisha, was attacked by the Fritz family in order to take Frieda Reiss' Founding Titan. He killed her and everyone around them, except for Rod. Grisha then injected Eren with titan serum and had his son eat him, giving him both the Founding and Attack Titans that he inherited. Eren wasn't able to remember this, and was shocked that he ate his own father without knowing it.

When Eren remembered that his instructor, Keith, was friends with Grisha, he asked the former commander what he knew about his father. Keith had found Grisha outside of the walls. Grisha told him that he couldn't remember much about his past so Keith brought him to Shiganshina, where he became the district's doctor and met Carla. However, Eren would learn later on that Grisha's amnesia was a lie. He pretended to forget everything because he was from Marley. With his first wife, Dina Fritz, he led the Eldian Restorationists. Once they were discovered, the group was turned into titans and sent to Paradis. A Marleyan officer that worked with them gave Grisha the Attack Titan and told him to start a new life within the walls. When the Survey Corps was ready to crack Wall Maria, Eren was finally able to go back to Shiganshina. It was the first time he, as well as Mikasa and Armin, had been there since they were children and saw the titans break into their home. Once they returned, they had to fight against the Colossal, Armored, and Beast Titans. Luckily, Eren was able to fix the hole in the wall and was finally able to go into the basement of his childhood home, along with Mikasa, Hange, and Levi. Here, Eren learned about Grisha's life in Marley, along with other secrets about the world beyond the walls.

When they were kids, Armin showed Eren a book that he found.

city love people womanSince the first episode, the Colossal Titan seemed to be the biggest threat in the series. Without Bertholdt kicking down the wall and letting the titans into Shiganshina, a lot of the events in the series wouldn't have happened. During the Survey Corps fight against the Colossal, Beast, and Armored Titans, Eren and Armin teamed up to defeat Bertholdt. They were able to trick him into letting his guard down and defeated him. However, as a result, Armin was almost burned to death. In order to save him, Levi injected Armin with titan serum and had him eat Bertholdt so he could inherit the Colossal Titan. When they were kids, Armin showed Eren a book that he found. By reading this book, they learned that other places around the world were very different than the island they lived on. The place that Armin wanted to go to the most was the sea, which Eren didn't think was real. At the end of the third season, the two of them, along with their friends, went further away from the walls than they ever had before and eventually reached the sea. After all these years, one of his goals came true, but instead of being happy like Armin and the others were, he thought about killing their enemies on the other side of the sea, hoping that doing so would give him the freedom he always wanted. The beginning of season four takes place a few years after the Survey Corps went to the edge of Paradis. Eren finally went to Marley and pretended to be injured so he could spy on his enemies at a hospital.

Due to the time jump and how much more he learned about the world, Eren's personality greatly changed. This new side of Eren was nothing like what fans would have expected him to become. He attacked Marley the same way Reiner and Bertholdt attacked Paradis, he manipulated a young warrior named Falco into sending a letter telling the Survey Corps to join him, and he killed a bunch of innocent people so he could inherit the War Hammer Titan before going back home. Out of all of Eren's actions, betraying the Survey Corps was the most surprising. After having them help him fight the warriors in Marley, he and Zeke, the inheritor of the Beast Titan who was also Grisha's first son, returned to Paradis. Because of his actions, Eren lost the Survey Corps' trust. However, Eren had planned this for a long time and secretly turned some of Paradis' soldiers, as well as many civilians, onto his side. He led a revolution and overthrew the military. The titan shifter that gave the Survey Corps hope became the Eldian devil that took their hope away. There was a time when Eren was torn at the idea of ​​killing fellow humans.

After all, the battles he was waging were against other Titans, so to suddenly kill other humans during the Royal Government arc was a tough pill to swallow for him. However, after the time skip, it seems that Eren has no problem with killing humans at all. The vicious manner in which he destroys Marley and kills a whole host of innocent citizens is downright terrifying to witness. While the betrayal of the Survey Corps was already surprising enough as is, Eren's betrayal of the Survey Corps was made even worse when he went so far as to break his long-lasting friendship with Mikasa and Armin as well. The chilling manner in which he berates Mikasa is absolutely horrific to witness, forcing Armin into a rage as he punched his once-best friend. It seems that Eren has gone past the point of no return and has permanently severed any and all bonds he had. There was a time when Eren cared mostly about minimizing as many losses as possible. However, over time, it seems that Eren has come to accept the idea of ​​having to finish off the Subjects of Ymir to finally end the cycle of hatred once and for all. What this basically means is that the Eldians would euthanize their entire race in a bid to leave no one around who can take on the power of the Titans. Armin, it's also an extremely noble act as well. While this point might be a bit moot, talking about Eren's hairstyle is quite important. After all, most Japanese media tend to keep a character's haircut in high regard, with their entire character changing if they ever wish to don a different look. This is precisely the case with Eren. A naive boy who used to have the most ordinary hairstyle decided to take an extreme step to destroy the cycle of hatred, losing his innocence in the process. This is reflected by his change in his personal appearance.

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