Why can Aokiji Freeze the Sea

Aokiji Kuzan (青雉. Aokiji Kuzan?) is a former Marine admiral and is one of the strongest characters in the story. He resigns from the Navy after losing to Akainu Sakazuki in a battle for the post of fleet admiral and refuses to work under Akainu's orders. His character first appeared on Long Ring Long Island, while trailing Nico Robin who had joined the Straw Hat Pirates. 6.3 Translation and Dub Issues. Aokiji is a very tall person and looks tall. Her hair was finely curled up to the neckline and long-faced. In informal situations, he often wears an eye patch, as a sleeping aid, which is attached to his forehead when not in use. He often wears a white vest over a long-sleeved blue shirt and white trousers and white shoes. He also wears a yellow tie with black stripes. During the battle against the Whitebeard Pirates at Marineford, Aokiji wore a long marine coat that only slung over the shoulders, like other admirals. 22 years ago at the time of the Ohara incident, Aokiji wore a dark blue bandana with a white marine symbol on his head, and round sunglasses. Aokiji seems to be an easygoing and easygoing person and rarely looks surprised under any circumstances. His lack of interest and the lazy justice motto (as he professed) to which he was based, often left others unsure if he could hold a high position in the Navy. However if the situation interests him, he can take the initiative to take action like when he used his powers to help Tonjit cross.

39;s actions (like the Ohara incident) and calls him a fool.

As an Admiral, he can turn wise like when he helped Tonjit on Long Ring Long island and even let Nico Robin escape during the Buster Call attack on Ohara. He also dislikes the Shichibukai especially Crocodile, as he said when he decided to let go of Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat crew because the Straw Hats had defeated Crocodile in Alabasta. In contrast to his fellow admiral, Akainu, Aokiji has a high sense of honor as when he kept his promise not to attack the other Straw Hat crew after he accepted a one-on-one fight with Luffy. Aokiji's motto of justice is not exactly known, but he shows that he follows moral justice. It seems that he is fed up with all of Akainu's actions (like the Ohara incident) and calls him a fool. Despite adhering to moral justice, he is quite strict in carrying out his duties as an admiral, such as when he froze his own Jaguar D. Saulo and attacked Whitebeard and Luffy during the battle at Marineford. The carefree, carefree demeanor he shows when carrying out his duties bears a resemblance to Kizaru Borsalino, making him one of the most difficult characters to understand. Although he didn't really want to be head admiral, he preferred to oppose Akainu than let his colleagues usurp the position. After being defeated by Akainu, he resigned from the Navy instead of working under Akainu's command. Aokiji seems to have a fairly close relationship with Marine Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp, Luffy's grandfather. He said that he once had a debt of gratitude to Garp. The debt in question is not fully known.

39;s attacks) and called him a fool.

He also admired (perhaps idolized) Garp when he refused to be promoted to admiral. However, with his over-the-top attitude towards forgiving Luffy, it seems he has a relationship that goes beyond just being indebted to his grandfather. Aokiji is good friends with Vice Admiral Jaguar D. Saulo. The only reason he let Nico Robin go 20 years ago was because of his friendship with Saulo. He states that he respects Saulo's wishes and feels obliged to watch over Robin's life until he finds his true friend. But this friendship later was not enough for him to forgive Saulo. Aokiji doesn't really like Sakazuki who often acts mercilessly during his duties (such as when Akainu killed Ohara's civilians to ensure that no archaeologist escaped Buster Call's attacks) and called him a fool. After Sengoku resigned, Aokiji strongly opposed Akainu's candidacy and preferred to fight for the position even though he was initially not very interested. After being defeated by Akainu, he chose to resign rather than work under Akainu's orders. Aokiji seems to know Smoker because he calls Smoker by his name (as is familiar) and also because Smoker trusts Aokiji by sending him a message about Luffy. He then saved Smoker's life when Doflamingo attacked him on Punk Hazard. Sengoku seems to be quite familiar with Aokiji's character and promoted him to be the new chief admiral of the Navy to the World Government's chief of staff, Kong chief because Sengoku saw Aokiji as having better talent and personality than Akainu. Like the other marines, he doesn't really like the Shichibukai and especially Crocodile, he was happy to know Crocodile was defeated by Luffy.

After leaving the Navy, he practically lost all his rights.

Even so he apologized to Jinbe for freezing the ocean while preventing them from escaping Marineford. Nico Robin Aokiji allowed Nico Robin to live 22 years ago because he still looks up to his best friend Jaguar D. Saulo. He then seems disappointed in Robin's decision to choose the way of life as a pirate instead of changing his life for the better (it is impossible for Robin to live a normal life with the bounty he received). He warns Robin that they are not friends even after letting him go. But then he was relieved to see Robin actually found a place that would accept him when he joined the Straw Hat crew. Monkey D. Luffy Aokiji seems to show respect for Luffy as a young captain even though Luffy is a pirate. This may be because he was once indebted to Garp, Luffy's grandfather. Aokiji was quite surprised when he found out that Luffy had the ability "Haoshoku Haki". While still a Navy admiral, he had the authority to command large numbers of Marine troops. He also has the right to issue a Buster Call, a large-scale attack on an area and has the right to grant that privilege to whoever he wants. Even because of his prowess, Sengoku nominated him to the World Government's chief of staff, head Kong to be the new chief admiral. After leaving the Navy, he practically lost all his rights. Aokiji is shown as one of the most powerful characters in the story. He easily defeated Luffy and the Straw Hat crew alone on Long Ring Long Island.

He is also one of the few people who can match Akainu's strength and force him to fight for 10 days without stopping even though he ultimately loses. His hearing is very sharp, like being able to hear the activity under the sea before the Marineford War began and his movements are very fast like when he froze Buggy and his men suddenly without them being able to avoid it. His body resistance is also very good and is able to withstand attacks by Whitebeard's Haki, Marco and Jozu with only minor injuries. He was among the few people who were able to survive the war with less serious injuries. Jagur D. Saulo describes Aokiji's abilities as beyond those of normal humans even before he became a Marine admiral. Aokiji has the ability to fight other strong characters such as Whitebeard, even being able to defeat the commander of the Whitebeard Pirates' third division, Jozu with relative ease. By the Navy, his resignation was considered a great loss and had a bad impact on their military strength. Aokiji ate the Logia-type Devil Fruit "Hie Hie no Mi", which gave him the power to turn into ice. With his abilities, he can easily freeze a sea monster or several nautical miles in an instant. He even easily froze the huge tsunami created by the strongest person in the Whitebeard world. In battle, he uses the power of ice to disable and immobilize his foes, freeze their bodies by simply touching them, and threaten to destroy their fragile bodies. Like Jozu who lost his hand even though he was a diamond. But just as he said, his ice power wasn't enough to freeze Whitebeard. His strength is also balanced against Ace's fire power.

Like other Logia types, he is able to separate his body into certain elements to avoid direct physical attacks. His ice powers also allow him, if attacked with Haki, to freeze his injured body parts and return to normal without suffering fatal damage. The power of the fruit is also very large and is able to permanently change the climate of a region, such as half of Punk Hazard being turned into a frozen island for good due to his fight with Akainu in that place. He can use his ice power to create the sword "Ice Saber" by blowing leaves. The sword was used as a weapon in battle. In addition, He can easily cycle with "Ao Chari" across the ocean as he freezes every path in his path. Apparently, Aokiji is one of the few Devil Fruit users who can counteract the direct weakness of seawater because even if he falls into water, he can easily freeze it without sinking. As a Marine admiral, he has the ability to use Haki. During the battle at Marineford, he used "Busoshoku Haki" along with other admirals, to block Whitebeard's attack from destroying the execution platform from afar. Edd's War Age The Marines learned that the Roger Pirates would fight the Golden Lion Pirates in the Edd Strait, three years before the Pirate King's execution. Aokiji is seen walking with Garp, Saulo and Tsuru. They were discussing Garp's refusal to be promoted to admiral and Aokiji thought it was cool.

Tonjit and the Straw Hat crew followed, then found Aokiji sleeping there.

The Ohara Incident 22 years ago, Aokiji who was still a Vice Admiral, took part in the Buster Call attack on the island of Ohara. He freezes his own friend Jaguar D. Saulo who is a deserter from the Navy and allows 8 year old Nico Robin to escape the island seeing his friend's kindness. Meeting Nico Robin Some of the marines panicked when they found out that Aokiji was nowhere to be found. They reported it to the Gorosei. The Gorosei looked annoyed and criticized Aokiji for being more responsible with his position as an Admiral. Aokiji learns of the Straw Hat crew's whereabouts and goes to Long Ring Long Island to meet Nico Robin. He managed to get there and decided to sleep in front of Tonjit's house while waiting for the Straw Hat crew to arrive. Tonjit with Luffy and crew returned to his house after finishing the game "Davy Back Fight". Tonjit and the Straw Hat crew followed, then found Aokiji sleeping there. Robin recognized him immediately and looked very frightened. He told everyone that the one before them was a Marine admiral.

Everyone was shocked and then Aokiji woke up. Aokiji made an excuse that he was checking something. He then freezes the water to help Tonjit cross. After Tonjit crossed, Aokiji started talking incoherent things that confused the Straw Hat crew. But then he begins to reveal Robin's dark side as a "demon child". He said that Nico Robin had a bad fate that followed him, that Robin would later trouble them and leave when he felt the situation was not in his favor like he did to some of his previous friends. Unable to contain his fear and anger anymore, Robin used his power to crush Aokiji into pieces. The Straw Hat crew thought he was dead and ready to run away, but Aokiji got back up while picking up a few blades of grass and turning them into swords. He then attacked Robin but was caught by Zoro. Zoro tried to slash him but his hand was caught by Aokiji. Sanji tried to kick him but his leg was also caught. Then Luffy punched him in the stomach but his hand seemed to pierce through the ice. Luffy's hands froze, so did Zoro and Sanji who had their hands and feet frozen. Aokiji blocked Nami's Clima Tact and told her to get out of there. Aokiji then grabbed Robin and froze her whole while threatening to destroy her, claiming that the world would be better off without her. Just before Aokiji punched him, Luffy managed to grab Robin. Aokiji is about to step on Robin again but this time Usopp and Chopper manage to grab Robin and take her away to their ship. Aokiji vs. Luffy Luffy then ordered his crew to leave the place and decided to fight against Aokiji one on one.

He also did this so that the Straw Hat crew would be spared the Buster Call attack.

But Aokiji defeated him easily and froze Luffy's body completely. In front of Luffy's frozen body, Aokiji comments that Robin will only bring trouble later. He then decided to let Luffy go as his thanks for defeating Crocodile. Aokiji then left the place while concluding that the Straw Hat crew would head to Water 7 which is adjacent to the Marine Headquarters later. Interestingly, Aokiji's actions against the Straw Hat crew on Long Ring Long Island had a significant impact on the integrity of the Straw Hat Pirates later. The two Straw Hats (Robin and Usopp) lost faith in themselves and decided to leave the crew. Robin developed a paranoid attitude about himself who often betrayed his friends. Robin was then willing to sacrifice his life to CP9 instead of seeing his beloved friends turn away someday if they were tired of his condition. He also did this so that the Straw Hat crew would be spared the Buster Call attack. It's different with Usopp. After witnessing Aokiji's power, he begins to doubt his own strength and questions his usefulness in the Straw Hat crew.

This contributed to his decision to leave the Straw Hat crew. Aokiji's Buster Call attack was later discovered to have informed the CP9 leader Spandam of Robin's arrival at Water 7. He also gave special powers to Spandam to summon the "Buster Call" attack. Aokiji was seen again as he watched the Straw Hat crew manage to escape the Buster Call attack at Enies Lobby to reclaim Robin. Aokiji muttered that they had passed the test far beyond his expectations. When a marine requests orders from Aokiji via Den Den Mushi to pursue the Straw Hat crew. Aokiji refused by saying that the Marines had suffered too many defeats. While the Straw Hat crew and the people of Water 7 are celebrating their success, Aokiji comes to meet Robin in secret. Aokiji said that his decision to let Robin go 20 years ago was because Jaguar D. Saulo was his best friend. Because of that he felt obliged to watch over Robin's life and destiny as the demon child Ohara turned out to be good.

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