Why Are My Sims Randomly Being Mean To Each Other

Why are all of my Sims CONSTANTLY being rude? Disclaimer, I have mods, such as Meaningful Stories and Slice of Life, so if they're causing it I can just uninstall them. But basically, my Sim who is at university autonomously does rude interactions. I'll queue her up to do typically friendship building things, but the second she gets to choose something herself it's always "insult "yell at" and soon they'll be in a full on brawl. Her traits are outgoing, genius, and cheerful so it doesn't make sense that she does this. Because of it, she's enemies with like 6 Sims and can't hold a friendship longer than a few Sim hours. It's so frustrating so I'm turning to the community to see if they have any ideas? If you experienced this and it was a mod, please let me know so I can remove it! Re: Why are all of my Sims CONSTANTLY being rude?

Re: Why are all of my Sims CONSTANTLY being rude?

I haven't experienced that, but while I was playing one household my sim from another household who has a pristine reputation, friend of the world, and has never had a bad word to say to or about anyone, came around and picked a fight with her boyfriend's wife. She was really angry and I couldn't get her to calm down and it was completely out of character for her - the autonomous behavior was all wrong. Imo we need to be able to switch off negative interactions for certain sims - I'm tired of social menus full of "complain about" stuff for a sim who never complains, and when you're playing a different household your other sims should autonomously behave as they did when you were playing them. Re: Why are all of my Sims CONSTANTLY being rude? Crazy stuff have happen in my game also, rude sims who are normally nice. Re: Why are all of my Sims CONSTANTLY being rude?

You can use mcc to remove autonomous rude interactions (and any others that you might not like, such as mischievous, flirting etc). I don't use the meaningful stories or slice of life mods, so I am not sure how they affect this though. Re: Why are all of my Sims CONSTANTLY being rude? Re: Why are all of my Sims CONSTANTLY being rude? Re: Why are all of my Sims CONSTANTLY being rude? I made a big mistake last night. I had the brother of Minime marrry a girl he recently. He was quietly sad and loved. I tried for a soap opera based on the reactions of the chatters. He became a Father. But was happy when he heard the news. As soon as she gave birth- they spent a few nights in Ted with the toddler the. Ignored her Mini me was the one who tried to pretty much raise the child. She also tried to get her siblings ad jacobs wife to notice the child. Little girl started to act out to get attention. Meanwhile one of her sisters was seducing the wife. Also became very mean. The third sister took the child downtown. Girl fled and Aunt returned alone and happy. Basically - Minime got her. The rest of the family thought a missing grade school girl was funny and nothing to be upset about.

It went downhill from there. I am trying again to redo it and no soap opera. Re: Why are all of my Sims CONSTANTLY being rude? You have the Brawling Encouraged NAP enabled. I suggest that you repeat it. Re: Why are all of my Sims CONSTANTLY being rude? This comes from Slice of Life I do believe. Click on the mean sim and select SOL. I had a wonderful loving couple, but after their third kid, the husband started being so mean. Finally, after a long time of taking the verbal abuse, his wife got a moodlet about him being toxic. I changed these settings for the both of them (her just in case) and he hasn't done this again so far. Re: Why are all of my Sims CONSTANTLY being rude? If you have Have Some Personality Please, that also allows autonomous mean interactions. If not, yeah, it's probably SOL.

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