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Main Units: Leo/Need|More More Jump! A number of the early unit cards incorporated pink and blue into the overall color scheme, usually through lighting effects, though this has calmed with the more recent additions such as the event cards from Same Dreams, Same Colors and Legend still Vivid. An is the cheerful and extroverted (Sanguine). Akito is a short-tempered pseudo-leader (Choleric). Toya is the introverted and empathetic (Melancholic). Kohane is the kind, sensitive, and shy (Phlegmatic). VBS Archives allows the group to cover songs previously covered by other units (as well as songs that haven't been) such as "Asu no Yozora Shoukaihan" and "Dramaturgy", both songs that were previously covered by Leo/need. For the respective subunits Vivids and BAD DOGS, BAD DOGS tend to cover darker and slower songs while Vivids covers more upbeat songs (sound-wise at least), though there is some cross-over such as "Ame to Petra" for BAD DOGS. This also applies to commissioned songs that are either subunit-centric despite being full group songs, such as "RAD DOGS" for BAD DOGS and "FORWARD" for Vivids. Ambiguously Gay: Her relationship with An makes her come off like this, and she has a few moments where she's jealous of An being close to other people such as in Buddy Funny Spend Time when she realizes that An and Haruka look good together, and in Wishing for Your Happiness Beyond the Blue Sky!

39;t turn into a monster when she becomes upset about something.

Read Shigurui Chapter 47 - MangaFreak Airi devises a plan to make Kohane jealous by snuggling up to An. Animal Motifs: Tends to get compared to a hamster for her small stature and round cheeks. Audience Surrogate: She plays this role in Vivid BAD SQUAD's main story, as she has the least experienced in the world of Street Performance of her (future) unit. However, as the unit's storyline progresses, she begins to shed this role. Bare Your Midriff: She's gotten a number of event outfits like this, such as her ROOKIE SURVIVOR and BEAST HEART GIRL outfits. Beautiful Singing Voice: Implied to have this, as the other characters are blown away by her performance in Awakening Beat, and she's noticed by Taiga, a world-famous musician who performed at RAD WEEKEND. When describing how she sings to Kanade, Mizuki says her voice is "cute". Best Friend: She and Minori are described as this, as they were each other's first friends after entering high school and have been close ever since. Beware the Nice Ones: Downplayed Trope, as she doesn't turn into a monster when she becomes upset about something. However, post Character Development, she becomes confident enough to voice her displeasure with An when she does certain things, much to the surprise of Akito and Toya. Bokukko: Not normally, but in her "RAD DOGS" Another Vocal with An she adopts a masculine way of speaking, even saying "ore" in one part. The original song is BAD DOGS-centric, which explains this trope, though the "ore" line exists even in the original version. Character Development: Goes from being a shy girl who's insecure about her singing abilities compared to the rest of the group, to a strong singer who has her abilities recognized by those around her as of Awakening Beat.

Clingy Jealous Girl: Downplayed as she tries not to express it, but in Buddy Funny Spend Time she becomes jealous and insecure about Haruka being close Childhood Friends with An.- In Wishing for Your Happiness Upon the Blue Sky! An and Airi devised a plan to pretend to be super close and affectionate to make her jealous and motivated so that she would drop her stiff expression during the photo shoot. It works and she ends up tackle hugging An. Her live cut-in line with Airi has Kohane become flustered and jealous when Airi says she'll take the seat next to An. Kohane is shy and anxious, while Toya is simply quiet. Kohane is new to the music scene, while Toya had more experience performing in live houses. While Kohane has a supporting and loving family, Toya has to deal with his father's strict expectations and attempts to control him, and the resulting strained relationship he has with him. In the unit story, while her partnership with An is relatively new, Kohane and An get along well enough until said partnership gets challenged in the Singing in Sync and Bout for Beside You events, while Toya's partnership with Akito nearly crumbled due to Toya forcing a Second Act Break Up to happen. As well, while Kohane is similarly insecure about her partnership with An, she hasn't tried to break up her partnership with her over it.

Her style is a cross between a tomboyish and feminine street style, as she'll wear backward caps, beanies, and hoodies along with dresses and skirts. She also wears a lot of pinks. She defies the common stereotype that feminine girls are afraid of snakes and bugs by not only having a snake as a pet but also being fearless toward bugs. Wah-Wah World", Rettou Joutou", and the Another Vocal of "RAD DOGS". When offered by Taiga, a world-famous musician, to train under him, she initially rejects his offer because she wants to practice singing as a team. She only changes her mind after being encouraged by the others. Aborted Arc: Starting from Awakening Beat, An develops feelings of inferiority and a fear of abandonment after Kohane begins to sing more confidently. This ends up being addressed in Bout for Beside You, which ends off with Akito and Miku telling An that the only way she can cope with these feelings is by getting better at singing, but Miku notes that An still has a painful look on her face, suggesting that it would be a while before she comes to accept them.

Come to the follow-up Vivid BAD SQUAD events, this plot point is never referenced again, as she has seemingly gotten over it and is curious and supportive of Kohane working with Taiga. The Ace: According to the side stories of Bout for Beside You, she was always considered a cut above her peers, and wasn't used to losing. However, when confronted by Kohane's development in Awakening Beat, she was forced to face the feeling of defeat for the first time which leads to mixed feelings developing within her. Always Someone Better: While first hinted at in Awakening Beat, Bout for Beside You and its side stories reveal that An began to feel this way during Kohane's STAY GOLD performance due to being confronted with feelings of inadequacy for the first time. Ambiguously Gay: Possibly the best example of this in the game when her relationship with and feelings for Kohane are brought to mind:- Since partnering up in the main story, she has a strong affection for Kohane and isn't afraid to show it and has that she loves her. The two even go on a double date in Buddy Funny Spend Time with Haruka and Minori, and no one is surprised that it's with Kohane when she tells her friends and father about it.

Her father says he knew it was Kohane because he knows his daughter. Her dialogue and interactions in Wishing for Your Happiness Beyond the Blue Sky! Shizuku's arms and says that she was thrilled by being so close to her beauty. She also talks passionately about a bride she once saw getting married at the live house, who she described as a beautiful older sister. This eventually tied into Kohane saying that An wants to be spoiled by older sister figures like MEIKO and Shizuku, which makes An blush in embarrassment. To N25's Kanade:- Both are a Daddy's Girl and had a close relationship with their fathers, with both fathers being musicians, the difference being the genre they specialized in. An's father is around to aid Vivid BAD SQUAD in their goal every step in the way, while Kanade's father had never met the rest of N25 and had only just barely started to recover from his collapse by Carnation Recollection. An still has a close relationship with her father, and her father supports her goals, while Kanade's relationship with her father is currently strained due to his memory loss rendering him unable to recognize her as his daughter at all. An's mother is still alive and Happily Married with her father according to one area conversation with Kohane that can be unlocked after clearing the event story A Song of Vows for You, Dressed in Pure White!

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Kanade's mother had passed away from illness and her father is currently hospitalized after falling into a coma, and is currently said to be in rehabilitation. An is a cheerful Nice Girl while Kanade has a Sugar-and-Ice Personality. While they take on leadership positions in their respective subunits, the timings of their partnerships differ, as Akito formed BAD DOGS with Toya two years prior to the main story while Vivids was formed with Kohane during it. While they share in common their loyalty to their partners, they differ in their unlying feelings toward them, as initially, An wanted to protect and guide Kohane instead of letting her develop on her own, something Akito calls her out for in Singing in Sync. Akito, on the other hand, is confident in Toya's ability to stand on his own and simply wants to be able to catch up to him to be worthy of being his partner. They also reacted differently to their respective partners' growth. In Nocturne Interlude, once Toya resolves his issue with his father and unlocks his potential as a singer, Akito is elated to finally hear him sing freely and congratulates him. On An's side, in the latter event story Awakening Beat, after Kohane sheds her confidence issues as a singer and awes the crowd, An becomes insecure as feelings of jealousy, loneliness, and the fear of being left behind by Kohane begin to emerge. An grew up with a famous musician for a father, which developed into a natural talent for singing and a desire to pursue the same path as him.

Akito's father is a famous artist, but Akito himself has no interest in pursuing an artistic career path despite having a talent for it, as he found his dream of being a street performer and is determined to go down that path despite being told that he's unqualified. Toya and An have famous musicians as fathers, though Toya's father is a famous classical musician while An's is famous for his street music. An has a good relationship with her father, who encourages her dream of becoming a street musician like him, while Toya's relationship with his own father is strained, as his father disagrees with his dream of becoming a street musician and wants him to have a secure future as a classical musician like him instead. Even after Toya reaches out to him, his father is disgruntled but resigned to the idea at best. Both characters start out as being centered around their respective partners from the main story. However, while Toya eventually grows beyond just his partnership with Akito and develops relationships with other characters in the cast, An's character is still primarily focused on Kohane, and her relationships with other characters are less defined as a result. They both have insecurities about their usefulness to their respective partners.

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