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Flat comic style backgroundGin Dōjima, on Erina's prestige. Erina Nakiri (薙 (な) (きり), Nakiri Erina?) is one of the heroines and was sometimes a rival to Sōma Yukihira in Shokugeki no Soma. Wielding the best palate in the world, "God's Tongue" and a member of the illustrious Nakiri family, Erina stands above everyone in her class as the top prospect of the 92nd Tōtsuki Generation and is a former 10th seat of the Elite Ten Council. Following the rebel alliance's victory during the Regimental Shokugeki, she has been formally appointed the Headmaster of Tōtsuki Academy by Sōma and her grandfather and former Headmaster Senzaemon Nakiri. Erina has purple-pinkish eyes and long, honey-blonde hair that flows just above her lower back. Her side bangs partially cross her cheeks and go down all the way to her neck. She is considered by most of the students in Tōtsuki to be extremely beautiful. According to her fans and followers, this trait coincides with her status.

During her second year, her hair became longer and wilder. As a third year, Erina changed her hairstyle while also having cut it, reaching only up to her chin. She wears whatever Tōtsuki uniform corresponds with the current season. Whenever she cooks, she wears a standard white chef's uniform and occasionally wears a chef's hat. She has never been shown in casual clothing, except for a cotton jacket and a bikini during her pool outing and a simple nightgown when sleeping. Hailing from a patrician background, Erina is a highly privileged and pampered girl, used to only the best things in life. She is admired and feared throughout Tōtsuki for her talent, looks, and her influential status. Erina is an egotist, holding dogmatic ideals on absolute culinary perfection. She enjoys a great reputation across the culinary world for her "God Tongue", which was said to either make or break a chef's career.

39;s abandonment and years for her approval.

The mere mention of her name was enough to terrify the applicants of Tōtsuki, except for one who was unaware of her reputation. Much of Erina's personality is a result of the abusive training that her father, Azami, subjected her to in her early childhood. She also developed a deep rooted fear of her father, becoming petrified in his presence and unable to think or do the right thing. She is also affected by her mother's abandonment and years for her approval. Due to Erina's haughty personality, she cannot make friends easily as she is disdainful of virtually everyone. She lacks knowledge on some social conventions. While she detests the idea of ​​romance and showing no interest, she began to like reading Shōjo manga to learn more on romance when Alice teases her about her lack of knowledge about romance. Due to her sheltered background, Erina was not used to living on her own, unable to operate a washing machine. However, during her time in the dormitory, she gained many general living skills and even showed pride in knowing what all the laundry symbols on clothing meant. After defecting to the Polar Star Dormitory, Erina's perspective on cooking changed after she met the residents over there.

39;s quality to the highest degree.

She also made new friends who empathized with her after finding out what Azami did to her. Erina comes to care a lot for her friends and shared her knowledge with them, which allowed the rebels to pass the rigged promotion exams. Erina later overcame her fear of her father and vehemently opposed him, denouncing his beliefs. Like her father, Erina adulates Saiba Jōichirō as the ultimate chef, when the latter had once cooked for her in her early childhood. As such, she judges everyone according to his standards. When she discovered Jōichirō's paternal connection with Sōma, she was shocked to the core. Born into the prestigious Nakiri family, Erina is gifted with "God's Tongue", the ability to accurately judge a food's quality to the highest degree. Since her gift became well known, most of her baby food was made by professional chefs to satisfy her incredible tasting abilities. As a young girl, Erina had somewhat of a rivalry with her Danish cousin Alice Nakiri, who also was born into the Nakiri family. Erina, at age 3, snatched Alice's toy from her and thought that the cake that Alice baked for her 4th birthday tasted awful, but was grateful for her kind gesture. Around this time, she became friends with another young girl named Hisako Arato, who pledged all of her efforts to serve Erina. Around the age of 4, Erina's latent talent as a taste tester became apparent and she started assisting people in the culinary industry, taste testing countless dishes and critiquing them. Though she took her role seriously as a member of the Nakiri family, she had no passion for cooking at the time.

However, things changed when she met Jōichirō Saiba, who was visiting Senzaemon. Though Senzaemon told her she had to return to her room, after hearing her stomach growl, Jōichirō prepared a dish for her. With just a single bite of the dish, she felt an overwhelming sense of warmth and fun from his dish, a feeling never experienced from any other dish she had tasted before. Though his visit was short, Erina developed a deep respect and affection for Jōichirō, so much so that she continues to carry a photo of the two from the visit in her journal. Before he left, she asked if Jōichirō would ever eat her dishes. Jōichirō promised that he would only if she herself became a good chef, thus giving her the motivation she has for cooking. Six months after Jōichirō's departure, her father, Azami Nakiri, subjected Erina to a particularly brutal regimen, forcing Erina to compare foods and determine precise errors in each, then throwing away the inferior dish, even using physical force to prompt her to do so.

With time, this training created Erina's haughty personality as well as a deep seated fear regarding her father. Once Senzaemon found out, he exiled Azami from the Nakiri family and Tōtsuki and tried to repair the damage done to her. Unfortunately, not everything done to Erina could be undone. Under the wing of her grandfather after Jōichirō's departure, Erina continued to further her cooking and became a prominent figure in the cooking world. Unsatisfied by most dishes served to her in the aftermath of Jōichirō's departure, she became infamously known throughout the world, as any dish deemed unsatisfactory by her meant the end of anyone's hope of becoming a high class chef. Her prodigious skills and renowned fame easily allowed her to be the top of her class and become the youngest Elite Ten Council member in the history of Tōtsuki Culinary Academy before she even entered the high school level, holding the 10th seat. Shortly before the start of her high school life, Erina was asked, as a member of the Elite Ten Council, to judge numerous dishes for various companies, most of which left her unimpressed. Unhappy from the lack of excitement from her jobs, Hisako informed her that her last major job was to proctor an entrance exam for the high school level of Tōtsuki Culinary Academy. Upon arrival at the exam, Erina introduced herself and decided that their task was to make any dish with eggs as its base.

Any dish that managed to satisfy her would grant them entrance into Tōtsuki, however she also mentioned that they had one minute to withdraw from the examination. Without a moment's hesitation, the room was quickly vacated. To her surprise, one student stayed: Sōma Yukihira, who accepted the challenge and decided to cook a dish from his family restaurant's secret menu, a Transforming Furikake Gohan. Though she was initially insulted by the simplistic name, the end product enticed her enough to try the dish. Much to her disbelief, the simple dish had impressed her, but her pride and Sōma's cockiness immediately caused her to deny him entrance into the school. Lived from the experience, she informed her grandfather that no applicants had passed. One month later, Erina was welcomed as the top prospect of the 92nd Tōtsuki Generation from the Middle School section during their Entrance Ceremony. After her grandfather, Senzaemon Nakiri, gave his entrance speech, declaring that 99 percent of their class would ultimately fail, Erina smugly told herself that she will stand at the top of Tōtsuki while the rest will fight for second place.

Sōma vowed that he would make Erina admit that his food was good by the end of high school.

However, before the ceremony concluded, Senzaemon introduced the only student to transfer into the high school section: Sōma Yukihira. Erina was shocked that he was granted entry into Tōtsuki despite the fact that she personally denied him. Confused and angry over his unexpected entry and his entrance speech, Erina continued to degrade Sōma and tried to devalue him by declaring that everyone else in their generation had studied for three years during middle school. Undeterred, Sōma responded that three years of educational training cannot compete with twelve years of hands on cooking in a real life kitchen. Sōma vowed that he would make Erina admit that his food was good by the end of high school. Main article: Myth Vs. For much of Erina's initial reign as the tenth seat of the Elite Ten Council, she began her "Nakiri Cooking Lab Extension" project to expand her kitchen which she claimed was too small.

However, as he ate her Ravioli Di Aragosta, the fantastic taste overwhelmed his senses.

Erina began to personally challenge numerous Tōtsuki clubs to Shokugekis. Many of her targets were deemed "unnecessary" to her due to her belief that simplistic "B-Class" dishes do not belong in Tōtsuki. The day after Sōma joined the Polar Star Dormitory, Erina challenged the Chan RS president, Kiyoshi Gōdabayashi to a Shokugeki to move forward with her project. With the condition that she abandon her 10th seat should she lose, she accepted and began the Shokugeki. In the end, Erina effortlessly won. Taking time to taste Kiyoshi's dish she immediately identified 27 different flaws. As she explained the faults of the dish, Kiyoshi angrily tried to refute her by trying her dish to look for flaws. However, as he ate her Ravioli Di Aragosta, the fantastic taste overwhelmed his senses. With the results of the Shokugeki finalized, Erina called a demolition crew to tear down the Chan RS clubroom. After leaving the arena and receiving an ovation by her personal butlers, she was greeted by Hisako who brought her the news of Sōma's high grade in Roland Chapelle's class, causing her demeanor to instantly snap. Enraged, Erina told Hisako not to mention his name around her. Thinking that Sōma is the greatest threat to her "sanctuary", Erina vowed to remove Sōma from Tōtsuki as soon as possible, by any means necessary. Erina did not act alone in her project as she had another individual, Ikumi Mito, whose pride as the successor to the Mito Family, shared similar values ​​as Erina and was a part of her faction. Ikumi later reported to Erina that she was challenged to a Shokugeki by none other than Sōma on behalf of the Don RS with the condition that he would be expelled if he lost the match.

Delighted to know that her opportunity to expel him had arrived, she allowed Ikumi take the challenge in her name. After Ikumi notified her that she would be using A5 beef to secure victory, Erina confidently left the Shokugeki in her hands. On the day of the Shokugeki, Erina personally came to the Shokugeki Arena to watch what was to be Sōma's first Shokugeki and ensure that the battle would be Sōma's last act in Tōtsuki. Despite Ikumi's best effort and overall successful dish, her dish was no match for Sōma's true donburi which ultimately ended with Sōma's victory. The surprising conclusion left Erina speechless. As Ikumi gazed at Erina in her booth, she coldly walked away and told Hisako to vacate Ikumi's personal kitchen, breaking all ties from her. Several days after the Shokugeki between Sōma and Ikumi, Erina received a letter from the academy, announcing that the Tōtsuki Friendship and Rapport Training Camp was coming up soon. Though she felt that the camp was a waste of time, Erina reluctantly joined her fellow classmates to the camp. As expected, Erina faced very little challenge during the camp's assignments, completing all of them with relative ease. She completed the first day of the camp and the extra assignment by Hitoshi Sekimori faster than anyone in her class. Walking down the hallway, Erina blissfully hummed until, at a blind corner, Erina bumped into a student who had just completed his task.

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