Who Killed Nejire

Nejire Hado enrolled in UA High School where she met Mirio Togata and Tamaki Amajiki. She befriended them, and over time, their skills and abilities with their Quirks made them known as The Big 3, the most powerful students at school. After receiving her Provisional Hero License, she started working for the Dragoon Hero: Ryukyu. At another point, Nejire participated in her second year Beauty Pageant during the UA School Festival, but was defeated by Bibimi Kenranzaki. Nejire is first seen at the assembly where Vlad King and Hound Dog announce Katsuki and Izuku's punishment for fighting after hours in Ground Beta. She asks Mirio Togata if he knows who the students involved are, though he doesn't respond and merely becomes excited at hearing of such students. She is later invited along with the other Big 3 to speak with Class 1-A by Eraser Head as part of their introduction to Hero Internships. With Tamaki turning his back to the class because of stage fright, Nejire begins introducing herself and explaining why she and the rest of the Big 3 are present. She immediately begins asking questions of the students rapidly, not allowing them time to answer before she asks more. When Mirio challenges all of Class 1-A to face him at once, she is present and tells everyone about a student who got so frustrated that they quit wanting to become a hero, advising Mirio to be cautious so as not to have a repeat of that incident, playing with Mina's horns all the while as she recounts this tale.

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Highschool of the Dead After Mirio easily defeats Class 1-A Nejire enthusiastically offers to explain Mirio's Quirk to everyone, however, Tamaki tells her it is Mirio's turn to speak and she pouts at the latter as he explains to the class whilst apologizing to her. Nejire then ask's Mirio his thoughts on fighting class 1a and who was most interesting. Nejire uses her ultimate move to take down villains. During the Internships, she helps out Ochaco and Tsuyu, recommending them to the hero she was interning with, Ryukyu. She takes out two opposing gang members with Gigantification Quirks in one move and also coordinates a Ultimate Move with the other two girls to completely quell all the villains they were facing. Ryukyu notes that Nejire's timing when going for the knockout blow has improved and praises Tsuyu and Ochaco for having such great aptitude. Nejire explains what "teaming up" means to the inters and listens as Ryukyu announces they will be teaming up for a joint investigation. When a meeting was called to help organize the Shie Hassaikai Raid, Nejire, Tamaki and Mirio were invited and run into Midoriya, Tsuyu, Ochako and Kirishima, smiling and welcoming them.

Nejire notices Ryukyu and rushes to hug her teacher when she spots her. During the meeting, she explained to Tsuyu and Ochaco what the "Hero Network" is, an internet service that people with a Hero License can use, which she had heard allowed Heroes to see activity reports and apply for help from other Heroes with useful Quirks throughout the country. Tamaki and Nejire watching a worried Mirio. After the meeting concludes, she and Tamaki console Mirio after he was devastated to learn that Eri was used to make the Quirk-destroying bullets and told him to look forward and do his best to save her. For several days, students wait patiently to receive any news of Eri's whereabouts. One day, late at night, the Big 3 gather after receiving a message containing information, 'on the day carry out the plan to raid the Shie Hassaikai. The next day, all the members of the raid team wake up early as the day of the operation dawns and Nejire is present with everyone else as they prepare to begin. During the conference, Nejire notices Mirio excitedly shouting and she laughs at him while informing Tamaki.

39;s surprise since she thought she had knocked him out.

As everyone gathers, Tsuyu notes that this is something they are all unfamiliar with and Nejire agrees, saying all of it was very out there whilst also pointing out that Tsuyu liked to put her finger on her chin a lot. As part of the Ryukyu group, she leads Tsuyu and Ochaco into supporting Ryukyu as she took on the Yakuza's first line of defense outside their hideout. Whilst the other teams battle inside, Nejire and the rest of Ryukyu's team fight Rikiya Katsukame of the Eight Bullets. They eventually manage to overpower him and Ryukyu orders the Police Force to restrain Rikiya while Nejire, Ochaco, and Tsuyu prepare to head after Sir Nighteye's group. Suddenly, Ochaco and Tsuyu along with the Police Force become tired due to Rikiya inhaling their stamina, much to Ryukyu's surprise since she thought she had knocked him out. Conscious, Rikiya reveals that he took a drug earlier and it is beginning to take effect, which enhances his Quirk and allows him to absorb a target's stamina simply by inhaling.

The girls go Plus Ultra! Now larger and stronger than before, Rikiya attacks the Police Force only for Ryukyu to take them to safety. For 20 minutes Nejire is the only one able to stand and fight due to her exceptional stamina. She fights Ryikiya by herself stalling for time, taking action, she attacks Rikiya with her Quirk, which allows her to convert her own stamina into pure energy and emit shockwaves, although Rikiya manages to block her attacks. When Rikiya's drug wears off, he demands Nejire to let him touch her, which she vehemently refuses. With the Ryukyu squad recovered, Ryukyu drags Rikiya to the crossroads and commands Ochaco to make them float and Tsuyu to help drag them towards the crossroad. With Ryukyu and Rikiya's bodies now weightless, Tsuyu drags them to the crossroad with her tongue. Ryukyu helps Nejire after the battle concludes. At the crossroad, Ryukyu orders Nejire to blast her and Rikiya onto the ground with everything she has. Ochaco releases her Quirk's effect and Nejire blasts Ryukyu and Rikiya with her Quirk. The combined weight of Ryukyu and Rikiya along with the force of Nejire's shockwave is enough to make the crossroad collapse, causing Ryukyu's group along with Rikiya to fall down into the Eight Precepts of Death's underground where they land in the middle of the battle between Izuku and Kai Chisaki. Nejire then collapses from overusing her quirk and running out of stamina.

Nejire trying on dresses.

After the operation is successful, she surveys the site for damage and tells the police taking a witness report that it is Izuku's doing as to why there is minimal damage. She is impressed when she notices that Izuku had managed to minimize damage by keeping Overhaul pinned to one spot. With the beginning of October, she and the rest of the Work Studies students are allowed to go to Sir Nighteye's funeral, along with the Big Three, Toshinori, and Eraser Head. Due to what happened, they are informed that the Hero Work Studies program is postponed for the moment, so Nejire, Ochaco, and Tsuyu say goodbye to Ryukyu. Nejire trying on dresses. Nejire decides to compete in the Miss Con Beauty Pageant of the UA School Festival, W she explains she had entered the pageant for the previous two years as well but failed to win either, losing out to Bibimi Kenranzaki of the Support Course in the previous year.

All the while being confused and oblivious to Izuku blushing and nervously looking at her chest. When Eri comes to visit UAMirio and Shota, she meets with Nejire as well and finds her busy in preparation for the pageant, as Tamaki posits that Nejire's loss last year was because her appeal is more on the "cute" side and she tried to compete with Bibimi in terms of "flashness" instead. He also mentions that later in the year Nejire, Bibimi, and Itsuka Kendo are scheduled to shoot a commercial that is expected to boost their popularity. Nejire then approaches Yuyu Haya and introduces her to Izuku and Mirio while confessing that the first time she entered the beauty pageant was at Yuyu's suggestion, but then admits that she has been having fun ever since and flashes a smile and says she is determined to win the pageant this year as it is her last chance to do so. As the day of the Festival draws near Nejire does her best to prepare for the pageant, with help from Yuyu. Nejire wins the Beauty Pageant. On the day of the Festival, Nejire overhears Neito Monoma telling Itsuka that there is no doubt she will win. Nejire interjects and says that they still don't know for sure and wishes Itsuka the best of luck. At that moment, Bibimi arrives and says she is the only one blessed with flawless beauty, feeling assured of her victory.

Nejire hides her anger behind a smile. When the Miss Con beauty pageant finally gets underway Itsuka goes first with a karate display, followed by Bibimi who brings in a tank of her own invention in the shape of her own face. After them is Nejire's turn and she begins a stunning display that plays to her strengths, using her Quirk to fly around and do a dance in mid-air, sculpting a flower made of her wave motion quirk, captivating the audience. She receives the most votes and wins the beauty pageant, and is acknowledged and congratulated by Bibimi. As November comes to its end, Izuku is told that UA Eri, and Nejire is present with the rest of the Big 3 and does Eri's hair for her. Shota leaves Nejire in charge of her while he explains to the others about her situation. During the second round of Work Studies, Nejire, Ochaco and Tsuyu return to Ryukyu. At Ryukyu's hero office, Ochaco shows off her upgraded costume, which is met with praise by Ryukyu and others. As Nejire asks why she changed her costume, Ochaco blushes thinking back to her latching on to Izuku during the Joint Training match and says that it's a secret, disappointing Nejire. Ryukyu then holds a small welcoming party to celebrate the girls' first day back. Ochaco shows off her upgraded costume. The next morning, the girls watch a news report about a forest fire in Kaflin that was caused by the explosion of an illegal Trigger factory. Ochaco and Tsuyu are confused at what Trigger is, so Nejire explains that it is the name of a Quirk-enhancing drug.

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