Who Killed Kanao

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39;s age who worked at the mansion because she was too afraid to hunt demons.

Černý dvoudílný set Mango As the man attempted to push Kanae away, the younger sister Shinobu intervened. The slave master demanded that if they really wanted to talk to the girl then they should buy her. In response, Shinobu tossed a large sum of money in the air and grabbed the girl's rope. The Kocho sisters were both high-ranking members of the Demon Slayer Corps, an unofficial organization dedicated to the extermination of demons across Japan. Demons were immortal creatures who devoted humans to rise in power, but would evaporate when exposed to the sun. The Demon Slayers killed demons by decapitating them with Nichirin Blades, special blades that essentially stored up sunlight. Although the girl was freed from slavery and introduced into a loving home called the Butterfly Mansion she still remains a husk of a human. There were several other children under the care of the Kocho sisters, some of which were orphans who had lost their families to demons. Kanao formed a sister-like bond with Aoi Kanzaki, a girl around Kanao's age who worked at the mansion because she was too afraid to hunt demons. Kanae giving Kanao a coin to make her decisions for her. A trio of younger girls: Naho Takada, Sumi Nakahara and Kiyo Terauchi were also members of the household who formed a bond with Kanao. The girl chose her own name to be Kanao Tsuyuri from a short compiled list, which frustrated Aoi as she wanted Kanao to use her surname. Shinobu eventually grew frustrated by Kanao's refusal to make her own decisions. In response to Shinobu's grievances, Kanae devised a way for Kanao to decide for herself.

Kanae and Shinobu both trained Kanao in several combat forms.

She bequeathed a coin upon Kanao and simply told her to flip every time she wasn't sure about anything. She also went on to tell Kanao that her soul might finally open up when she falls in love one day. The Demon Slayers used a special breathing technique known as Total Concentration Breathing to increase their strength and speed to the level of a demon's. There was also a special variant of this known as Total Concentration Constant which only the mightiest of Demon Slayers were capable of. Total Concentration Constant was the ability to use Total Concentration Breathing around the clock, further increasing the user's physical traits. Kanao was able to learn both variants at an unspecified point in time despite her young age. Furthermore, the Slayers made use of special sword styles known as breathing styles to unleash powerful attacks upon demons. Kanao was able to learn the Flower Breathing style and all of its forms by observing Kanae wielding her blade. Kanae and Shinobu both trained Kanao in several combat forms. Unlike the other orphans taken in by the Kochos, Kanao began slaying demons because she wasn't any good at housework.

When Kanao was twelve, Kanae was murdered by a powerful demon named Upper Two Doma. Doma was a member of the Twelve Kizuki, a group of the twelve strongest demons in existence who served directly under the demon lord and progenitor Muzan Kibutsuji. At the funeral, Kanao was unable to make herself cry despite her inner feelings of sadness. She felt incredibly bad at the time, although none of the other mourners judged her. After Kanae's death, Shinobu helped Kanao refine her swordsmanship and her use of Flower Breathing. Kanao was eventually named Shinobu's Tsuguko. A Tsuguko was a swordsman trained by a Hashira that would one day succeed them. The Hashira were a group of the nine greatest Demon Slayers in the Demon Slayer Corps. Shinobu, a practitioner of Insect Breathing, was the Insect Hashira and Kanae had been the Flower Hashira. Kanao waiting for Final Selection to begin. Against the wishes of Shinobu, Kanao traveled to Mount Fujikasane to take the Final Selection exam at the age of sixteen. The test permitted those who could survive to officially join the Demon Slayer Corps. Kanao was first seen waiting at the base of the mountain for the exam to commence alongside roughly twenty other would-be Demon Slayers.

With that, the participants rushed up the mountain side.

Eventually a pair of twin children addressed the participants. The children explained that demons were trapped on the peak of the mountain by a wisteria prison (wisteria being a flower toxic to demons), and that each participant had to survive seven days on the mountain peek to pass the Final Selection. With that, the participants rushed up the mountain side. By the end of the examination, only five participants remained alive including Kanao. All of the survivors except one convened at the base of the mountain once again to receive their reward. The other present survivors were Tanjiro Kamado, Genya Shinazugawa and Zenitsu Agatsuma. Out of the four, Kanao was the only one who wasn't covered in dirt and bruises from the examination, indicating that she found the test relatively easy. Kanao and the other survivors of Final Selection. The twins appeared to the survivors and congratulated them on their success. Each survivor was bestowed a Kasugai Crow, a crowd capable of human speech that would serve as a messenger for each new Demon Slayer. Genya, caring not about the crowd, grabbed one of the twins and demanded to be given his Nichirin Blade immediately. In response Tanjiro asked Genya to relinquish his arm and then broke it when the boy refused to.

On orders from Shinobu, Kanao began hunting the demons on the mountain.

Kanao completely ignored the commotion, choosing instead to gaze at a butterfly in her hand. After the commotion, the other twin directed the newly-minted Demon Slayers to the Nichirin ore that would be used to create their swords. Kanao and the others then left the mountain separately as full-fledged Demon Slayers. Sometime later, Kanao accompanied Shinobu to Mount Natagumo on orders from Kagaya Ubuyashiki, the leader of the Demon Slayer Corps. The mountain was infested by demons, including a member of the Twelve Kizuki. Kanao directing the Kakushi on Mount Natagumo. Tsuyuri directed the Kakushi (relief team) for those Slayers who had previously survived demon encounters on the mountain. In particular, Kanao ordered the clean up following a fight between fellow Selection survivor Zenitsu and a spider demon. During the clean up, she ordered the Kakushi to bring the survivors of the spider demon to the Butterfly Mansion and reassured the Kakushi that they could rest easy. On orders from Shinobu, Kanao began hunting the demons on the mountain. Tanjiro, who Kanao had previously met during Final Selection, was trying to flee the mountain with his demon sister Nezuko Kamado. As he ran, Tsuyuri (perceiving him as a traitor) ambushed Kamado by jumping on his back, causing him to topple over and let go of his sister.

Kanao attempted to slash at Nezuko, only to be pulled back by Tanjiro. Kanao fell on top of Tanjiro and proceeded to knock him unconscious whilst he was ordering Nezuko to flee. Kanao tries to decapitate Nezuko Kamado. Following her brother's advice, Nezuko began to run for her life. Kanao pursued the demon and slashed at her head, an attack Kamado avoided by shrinking into a child. Nezuko continued to avoid all of Kanao's subsequent attacks without trying to go on the offensive. Tsuyuri was bemused by Nezuko's actions, yet decided not to ponder on the reasoning. Eventually, Kanao was able to force Nezuko into a corner. However, before she could execute the demon a Kasugai Crow overhead informed her that Nezuko was to be taken into custody and escorted to the Demon Slayer Headquarters. Tsuyuri asked the demon she had been pursuing if she was Nezuko, and then presumably restrained the small demon. Later on, she observed the rise of the sun as everyone left the Mountain after the demons had been exterminated. The present Twelve Kizuki member Lower Five had been killed by the Water Hashira Giyu Tomioka during the conflict.

Note: In the anime adaptation the scene where Kanao is ordering the clean up takes place after her pursuit of Nezuko. The day after the Natagumo incident, Kanao was relaxing in the back garden of the Butterfly Mansion with butterflies fluttering around her. Two members of the Kakushi, carrying Tanjiro and Nezuko on their backs respectively, entered the grounds and greeted Kanao. Tanjiro hadn't maintained any memory of the night before and only recognized her from Final Selection. However, he remains silent, seems entranced by Kanao. Kanao and Aoi helping the boys with their Rehabilitation Training. Shinobu had given the pardoned Tanjiro and Nezuko permission to stay there. Due to her aloof nature, Kanao declined to speak, making the Kakushi elements as to what to do. Eventually, Aoi arrived and led the group inside, leaving Kanao alone in the garden. A few days later, Kanao began helping Tanjiro and Inosuke's recovery alongside Aoi and the three other girls. Inosuke Hashibira was the fifth survivor of Final Selection who wasn't present during the second meeting. Kanao participated by playing the cup game and tagging with the boys. The former game consists of two people trying to throw sour cups of medicated water on the other as reflex training. Naturally, due to her vastly superior skill, Kanao was able to best Tanjiro and Inosuke at both games with ease. When Zenitsu began joining in on the sessions, he was also easily beat by Kanao. Kanao's winning streak continued to pile up until Tanjiro began training to use Total Concentration Constant.

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