Who Killed Itadori

tattooYuji was mostly raised by his grandfather, who he thought of as a father. At some point during Junior High, Yuji chatted with some classmates about how he's interested in Yuko Ozawa although she's not very tall. His classmates wonder why, which Yuji explains how elegant Yuko is. During graduation, Yuji takes a photo with Yuko. Yuji and the Occult Research Club. Yuji is in the Occult Club room, with Sasaki and Iguchi when the student council president comes in to complain about the club. The president says that the club room is going to a different club, since the Occult Club doesn't have three members. As the Occult Club is confused by this, Mr. Takagi shows up and reveals that he rewrote Yuji application, so that he would join the Track-and-Field team instead of the Occult Club. As Yuji complains, Mr. Takagi makes a deal that if Yuji can beat him then Yuji can join the Occult Club. Yuji agrees to the deal since it will be easy for him. Yuji takes on Mr.

Air Gear: Works of oh! great - Minitokyo Air gear, Manga artTakagi in Shot Put, and easily manages to defeat him. Sasaki tells Yuji that he doesn't need to continue being in the club, which Yuji tells her that the club has grown on him and wishes to stay. Yuji notices what time it is and heads out. As Yuji passes Megumi, Megumi senses the presence of a cursed object on him and decides to follow him. Yuji visits his grandfather for the last time. Yuji arrives at the hospital that his grandfather is at, and meets with him. The two starts to talk, which Yuji's grandfather tells him to use his strength to help other and to be surrounded by others when he dies. Yuji tries to reply to his grandfather but notices that he has died, which he reports to the staff. After Yuji finishes the necessary paperwork, Megumi shows up and demands for the cursed object. Yuji says that he will give it to him but wants an explanation, which Megumi explains what curses are. After finishing the explanation, Yuji hands the box over but Megumi finds that the box is empty. Megumi wants to know where the object is, which Yuji says that his senpai has it and that they plan to unseal it tonight. Yuji and Megumi rush over to the school, which Yuji notices that a terrible pressure coming from the school once he gets close. As Megumi tells Yuji to say back, Yuji remembers what his grandfather told him and heads in to help. Yuji manages to rescue his friends from a spirit, which Megumi uses this chance to exorcise the spirit.

When Sukuna plans to start a massacre, Yuji takes back his body.

Megumi then asks why Yuji is here, which Yuji explains his reason. Sukuna resurfaces from Yuji's body. Suddenly Yuji finds the cursed object, which Megumi explains that it's one of Sukuna's fingers. Another spirit appears, which Megumi pushes Yuji out of the way. As Megumi gets tossed around by the spirit, Yuji jumps in and rescues him. Yuji takes on the spirit, but the spirit easily overpowers Yuji easily. Megumi explains to Yuji how it takes cursed energy to exorcise a spirit. Yuji wonders why the spirit is after the finger, to which Megumi says that the spirit wants to eat it in order to get stronger. Yuji eats the finger, which incarnates Sukuna, who easily exorcises the spirit. When Sukuna plans to start a massacre, Yuji takes back his body. Megumi tells Yuji that he will have to exorcise him since he has become a cursed spirit. Suddenly, Satoru Gojo arrives and wonders where the cursed object is at, which Yuji tells him that he ate it. Gojo tells Yuji to switch with Sukuna but switch back after ten seconds, which Yuji agrees to after some convincing.

Later, Yuji wakes up and notices that he is tied up in a room.

Yuji switches with Sukuna, which after ten seconds he switches back. After Yuji switches back, Gojo simply knocks Yuji out. Yuji promises he won't regret the way he lives. Later, Yuji wakes up and notices that he is tied up in a room. Gojo tells Yuji that he is going to be executed, but they are going to suspend it for a period of time. As Yuji is confused by this, Gojo explains who Sukuna is and how there are 20 of Sukuna's fingers that they can't destroy. Gojo also explains how they plan to have Yuji eat the other fingers and then execute him, which he then tells Yuji to choose his death. After that, Yuji is allows to check up on his friends and see how they are doing. After meeting with his friends, Yuji meets up with Gojo, who asks about his decision. After talking about how this might help people out, Yuji agrees to it and eats another finger. Yuji manages to hold Sukuna, which Gojo figures that Yuji is able to resist Sukuna.

Megumi suddenly shows up, which Gojo and Megumi tells Yuji that he is coming to Tokyo with them to join as the third first year student of the Tokyo Jujutsu High. Yuji waits for third first-year jujutsu student. After they arrive at the college, Gojo escorts Yuji through the college to his interview with the principal. Before they get to the meeting, Gojo tells Yuji that its possible the Yuji can fail his interview. As they arrive at the place for the interview, Yuji greets the principal of the college, Masamichi. Masamichi asks Yuji why he wants to attend the school, which Yuji gives an answer that Masamichi doesn't like. Masamichi has one of his cursed corpse attack Yuji, and explains how it won't stop until he get an answer from Yuji that he likes. After Yuji manages to restrain the cursed corpse and explains how he won't regret the way he lives in the end, Masamichi accepts his answer and allows him to attend the college. Then, Gojo brings Yuji to his the dorm that he will be stalling at. While Yuji is decorating his room, Gojo explains to him that Yuji is now able to locate Sukuna's finger like a radar.

Gojo also tells Yuji to not let Sukuna out during this mission, which Yuji agrees.

When Megumi comes out of his room, Gojo tells the two that tomorrow they will go to be pick up the last of the first year students, Nobara Kugisaki. Yuji helps Nobara defeat the curse and rescue the hostage. The next day, Yuji talks with Megumi about how there are so few shamans before they head out to go get Nobara. When Gojo shows up, all three of them head to Harajuku to go pick up Nobara. After they pick up Nobara and introduce themselves to each other, Gojo brings them to Roppongi for a mission. Once they arrive at the location, Gojo explains that Yuji and Nobara go exorcise the spirits as a tells to see their capabilities. Yuji brings up the fact that he can use cursed energy, which Gojo hands him a cursed tool to use, which is Slaughter Demon. Gojo also tells Yuji to not let Sukuna out during this mission, which Yuji agrees. As Yuji and Nobara head in, Nobara forces the two to split up to find the curse which Yuji doesn't agree with. As Yuji explores the lower floors, he comes across a spirit and exorcises it. Later, Yuji breaks through a wall in order to rescue a child that a spirit has been taken hostage. As the spirit escapes, Yuji gives Nobara the spirit's arm, that he had previously cut off, which she uses to exorcise the spirit. After a brief chat with Nobara, Yuji brings the child out to be taken home.

Megumi notices that the exit is gone, which Yuji and Nobara wonder what they are going to do.

After the mission is complete, Gojo decides to take them out to eat which Yuji suggests beef steak. Yuji struggles to overpower a finger bearer. A month later Yuji, along with Nobara and Megumi, are brought to a detention center for a mission by Kiyotaka. Kiyotaka explains that situation in the detention center, and how its their job to just rescue any survivors to the three. When a parent comes to ask if their son is safe, Yuji decides to rescue the guy. As the three heads into the center, they notices that the area has expanded. Megumi notices that the exit is gone, which Yuji and Nobara wonder what they are going to do. Megumi tells them that his shikigami, that he had summoned, is capable of finding the exit, which Yuji and Nobara are glad about. The three then head deeper into the center, where they come across some corpses. Yuji examines one of the corpses and finds how that its the guy they are looking for.

Yuji decides to take the corpse back, which Megumi tells him to leave it. Yuji and Megumi then get into an argument, but stop when Nobara is teleported to another location. Before the two can react to this, a special grade cursed spirit shows up. Yuji dies upon regaining control of his body from Sukuna. Yuji quickly reacts and tries to attack it with his cursed weapon, but the spirit easily breaks it and even cuts off Yuji's arm. Yuji tries to get Sukuna to help them but Sukuna refuses and even says that he will kill Yuji's friends. Yuji then tells Megumi to go rescue Nobara and to give a signal once they are out, since he will switch with Sukuna by then. After Megumi leaves, Yuji takes on the spirit but the spirit easily overpowers him. Yuji realizes how weak he is, but remember what Masamichi had told him and decides to use his negative emotions against that spirit. The spirit easily catches Yuji's punch, but they both suddenly hear a wolf howl. After hearing this, Yuji switches with Sukuna.

Sukuna easily overpowers Yuji and after restraining Yuji, tells him that they are not dead yet.

After the spirit is taken care of, Yuji fails to take back his body which causes Sukuna to go after Megumi. After a while, Yuji manages to take back his body and then has a brief chat with Megumi before dying. Yuji fights Sukuna in a mental Domain Expansion. Yuji's body is then taken to the college's morgue, so that it can be examined. Later Yuji finds himself inside of Sukuna's territory, where he starts a fight with Sukuna. Sukuna easily overpowers Yuji and after restraining Yuji, tells him that they are not dead yet. Sukuna proposes to bring Yuji back to life, with some conditions that mostly benefit Yuji, which Yuji rejects and tells Sukuna to revive him. Sukuna proposes that they fight and the winner get their deal, which Yuji accepts but Sukuna easily defeats Yuji. Before the examination can begin, Yuji is revived and greeted by Gojo. As Yuji gets a change of clothes, Gojo talks with Shoko about leaving Yuji as deceased on the records so that he can train Yuji for the upcoming event. Yuji suddenly returns to life. Later Yuji is brought to a room, where Gojo explains how cursed energy and techniques work. As Yuji gets excited, Gojo reveals that Yuji can't use techniques which causes Yuji to get depressed. Gojo tells Yuji that they are just going to enhance Yuji's combat abilities with cursed energy and has Yuji punch his hand. As Yuji punches Gojo's hand, Gojo says that there was no cursed energy behind it and explains how negative emotions are what fuels cursed energy.

Yuji caught in Jogo's Domain Expansion. Gojo then tells Yuji that he is going to have to train his cursed energy by watching movies. Gojo hands Yuji a cursed corpse and explains how he is going to learn to train his cursed energy flow by watching movies, and that the cursed corpse will attack him if he doesn't emit a constant flow of cursed energy. As Yuji starts his training, he has some trouble with it at first. Before Gojo leaves for a meeting with Masamichi, Gojo asks if Yuji met with Sukuna while he was dead but Yuji tells him that he doesn't remember. Later Yuji manages to get a hold of his training when Gojo shows up to teach Yuji about Domain Expansion. Gojo brings Yuji to where Jogo is and after making Jogo angry by taunting him for being weak, he tells Yuji to not leave his side. As Jogo uses his Domain Expansion, Gojo explains to Yuji what kind of technique it is. Yuji then watches as Gojo easily overpowers Jogo. When Gojo starts to interrogate Jogo, Yuji and Gojo are distracted by Hanami's Flower Field technique. Yuji and Gojo tries to stop them, but Hanami manages to escape with Jogo. Gojo then explains to Yuji how he will be training until the Kyoto Goodwill Event. Yuji asks what the Kyoto Goodwill Event is, which Gojo is surprised that he didn't tell Yuji about it. A month later, Yuji is introduced to another shaman, Kento Nanami, who will accompany Yuji on a mission.

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