Who Is The Teacher In The Testament Of Sister New Devil

Basara's homeroom teacher, and the first teacher he meets upon transferring in. Adults Are Useless: Initially averted when he talks down Donoue's gang for going after Basara in a fit of jealousy regarding Yuki and Mio, in volume 1, but played straight in volume 4. Not only does he see Donoue prepare to strike Rikka and do nothing about it, but when Basara interferes to restrain Donoue, and Donoue draws a box-cutter, intending to use it, Chisato and Nanao have to deal with it, and then Sakazaki tells him to be cautious around Chisato. Bodyguard Crush: Completely one-sided. Being tasked by Heaven to be Chisato's subordinate and protector, he developed twisted and unrequited feelings for Chisato. She turned a blind eye to it until he decided to go after Basara. Character Death: He gets disintegrated by Chisato. Cool Teacher: At first, he seems like a teacher beloved by students and faculty alike. Dead All Along: It turns out that he was killed by Ornis and impersonated him until he gets exposed by Basara and Chisato. Didn't See That Coming: Basara getting up and slamming him through several walls, after his arm was cut off, took him by surprise. Dirty Coward: When Basara proves able to deliver a decent fight, he uses Kurumi as a hostage.

39;s utterly monstrous. Manipulative Bastard: He fights by hiding behind people.

boots girl sci-fi model For Your Own Good: He tries to claim that killing Basara is in Chisato's long term best interests. Hoist by His Own Petard: Sakazaki manages to combine this with Saying Too Much. Him accusing Chisato of being suspicious is what tips off Basara. Humans Are Insects: He views humans as "eternal slaves of the gods" and of no significance. Kick the Son of a Bitch: Killing the real Sakazaki is usually an unforgivable act, but the guy had it coming, considering the fact that he at least tried to rape a female student. Chisato turned a blind eye to the killing as a result and no one misses him when Chisato finally blows him up to protect Basara. Kneel Before Zod: After revealing his true form, he demands Basara kneel before him, Basara wisely refuses. Light Is Not Good: He is a "god" from heaven and attacks with light, but he's utterly monstrous. Manipulative Bastard: He fights by hiding behind people. People Puppets: He can control people and channel magic attacks through them. Terrifying Rescuer: In Burst, he explodes the real Sakazaki as the man was preparing to rape Rikka. Too Dumb to Live: It's not very wise to accuse Chisato of being suspicious or use students as People Puppets. Yandere: He was fixed on "protecting Chisato's beauty" to such an unhealthy level that he was perfectly willing to endanger the school, and then try to kill Chisato herself for being insulted at the idea, and protecting Basara.

39;t bear it on school grounds because her role as a teacher forbids it.

The extremely beautiful school nurse, Hasegawa had kept a distant eye and a friendly ear for Basara. Her advice to him, even when he purposefully kept her in the dark about his dealing with demons and the heroes, was always spot-on. Later on, it becomes apparent that she has much more than a passing interest in the young Basara. Barehanded Blade Block: In volume 4, she blocks Brynhildr one handed, by catching, and crushing, the blade before it even reaches her palm. Charm Person: How she keeps the peace around the school. It's also how she keeps most of the normal people from finding out about the non-humans that are there. Clingy Jealous Girl: While she's well aware that Basara is not ever going to be in a monogamous relationship with her, there are two lines she can't cross concerning his affection to other women. 1.) She can't bear it on school grounds because her role as a teacher forbids it. 2. ) She can't stomach actually seeing it in front of her because it makes her so jealous that it causes physical pain. Christmas Cake: In episode 5, she joins Basara and Takigawa as the two are eating at a restaurant. She's annoyed by all the men who keep inviting her to eat with them while she was by herself, then wonders if a woman eating alone is somehow a bad thing. Cool Big Sis: How Basara sees her.

The Exile: She was cast out of Heaven for siding with her cousins. As a parting gift, she can unseal her full powers when protecting Basara, and only then. Extreme Libido: Even in her fallen state, Chisato still wields immense power and her libido is equally impressive. Completing her master/servant contract required her to create a space-time barrier, where Basara spent an entire "year" repeatedly having sex with Chisato to try to subjugate her. He eventually learned that her pleasure spot was her hymen and used it to finally bend her completely to his will. God Was My Copilot: Her true name is Afureia, a fallen goddess who was cast out of Heaven for siding with her cousin, Raphine, and Basara's father, Jin. Which she keeps secret from Basara and the other girls in his harem for much of the series, though Basara gradually begins to realize that there's more to Chisato than she lets on. He eventually confronts her with his suspicions in volume 8, which is when she finally tells him the truth about herself and his parents.

In particularly remote and rural areas, they take a bus maybe once a month, tops.

Good Is Not Soft: Kills a god for trying to harm Basara. Doesn't bat an eye either when he starts pleading for his life and claiming he was doing it for her. Hair Antennae: She has two strands of hair that stick up from the top of the head like an antenna. Hidden Depths: She initially seems sensible and reserved, as one might expect from a guidance counselor, but it's merely her public face. Away from prying eyes, she's a tease. However, that's yet another mask, because her innermost desire is to be sexually subjugated. Hospital Hottie: Those ruby ​​rimmed specs and that lab coat accentuate the look of an alluring older woman with bedroom eyes, wide hips, and a smokin' hot bod. Hot God: A fallen goddess cast out of heaven. Improbably Cool Car: In the first OAV, she drives Basara to her apartment in a high performance sports-car, which looks like a Ferrari. How does a high-school teacher afford that? Especially in Japan, where cars are so expensive, most people commute via monorail, subway, or frankly don't bother and rent a room in a dorm, on campus. In particularly remote and rural areas, they take a bus maybe once a month, tops. Kick the Son of a Bitch: She killed Sakazaki when the latter attempted to kill Basara. Long-Lost Relative: She was Raphline's cousin, which makes her Basara's biological first cousin once removed. Ms. Fanservice:- Particularly in the OVAs, two of which are dedicated specifically to her engaging in foreplay with Basara.

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She's also used in promotional art for the series, which usually shows her in various states of undress. She's also the one who caters to the most fetishes, as an older woman and a registered nurse who's involved in a sexual affair with a student. She's also subject to multiple close-ups to repeatedly emphasize that she has the largest breasts, widest hips, and hottest legs among Basara's harem. And in her second spotlight OVA, she allows him to suckle from her breasts as she lactates. She initially coerces him by dropping hints about his illicit relations with Mio and Yuki, whenever he tries to pull away. While she doesn't make any threats, Basara realizes he has little choice but to comply, due to the likely consequences of outright refusing her. The extortion aspect is downplayed by volume 6, by which time, Basara has grown mutually attracted to his cousin. Though she still explains that advancing their relationship is necessary in order to better his chances of surviving the inevitable confrontation with the Demon forces after him. A student who serves on the school's newspaper club. Adaptational Wimp: In the original light novel, Nanao wipes the floor with Basara, and Basara exposes his neck in a Kill Me Now, or Forever Stay Your Hand way to prove his innocence. Burst, on the other hand, has Nanao slightly weaker than Basara when the two initially blamed each other for the sabotage of the sports festival orchestrated by Sakazaki, and Basara was able to curb-stomp Nanao.

In either case, Nanao was clearly no match for Ornis. Aura Vision: Nanao can track the flow of magic and spirits. Berserker Tears: Nanao is clearly crying in fear and rage while attacking Basara. Entertainingly Wrong: She attacks Basara because he thinks Basara is just another "hero" like those who drove his race off their lands and to the brink of extinction, after deliberately provoking incidents and then justifying themselves by saying the Vampires are a dangerous race. Friendly Neighborhood Vampire: She is actually a vampire. Gender Reveal: Nanao is revealed to be a woman in volume 9. Though she is able to switch between genders. Hidden Depths: Descended not from one powerful vampire bloodline, but two. I Just Want to Have Friends: Nanao values ​​Basara's company because Basara's overtures of friendship are genuine without ulterior motives. Ill Girl: Nanao introduced as having a weak constitution, and Chisato voices concern about her condition. Informed Attribute: Nanao is introduced supposedly having a weak constitution.

Nothing has been shown to validate this statement. Mind Control: Well, at least hypnotic eyes. Nanao subdues Donoue's gang and makes them extremely susceptible to Chisato's commands in volume 4 with a glare. Mode Lock: Due to Basara kissing her during the Christmas party, she is stuck in her female form. She remains stuck in her female forms permanently after Chisato engraving the feeling of being a woman onto her. Our Vampires Are Different: Nanao can and does easily pass for a normal human. At no point are sunlight, running water, or failure to eat human food an issue. In fact, she is never seen drinking blood or needing a blood transfusion. Put on a Bus: Shows up early on in volume 4. She then disappears from the story for quite some time after Mio and the others enter the demon realm. Red Eyes, Take Warning: She has red eyes, and as a vampire, she can be a dangerous opponent when provoked. School Newspaper Newsshound: Nanao's introduced as part of the school newspaper club, if not running it. Shrinking Violet: Under normal circumstances, Nanao is painfully shy. Sweet Polly Oliver: She's actually a girl posing as a boy. Unskilled, but Strong: Basara notes in volume 4 that Nanao could easily overpower him, but hiding as a normal human, doesn't have the knowledge or skill to use the vastly superior vampire powers and abilities effectively. Wolverine Claws: She can extend his fingernails until they're several feet long and sharp enough to rival a sword. The only male student to hang out with Basara and not try to harass him due to being immediately targeted by the school idols Yuki and Mio when he transferred in.

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