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Later it would be revealed that his birth names is Son Jae-Won. Bivasbat physically appears as a humanoid figure surrounded by white light, completely obscuring his face. His real face is revealed to look androgynous, identical to his "shadow" and similar to that of his father, although unlike him, Bivasbat's typical facial expressions were described as constantly being stern and serious. As seen from his appearances, Bivasbat is noted to be sanctimonious, dedicated to his "duty" as the incarnation of the Tower's System and acts solely on his duty. This is seen where he was stated to passively spend his time in the 77th Floor and only leaving when something or someone disrupts or threatens the Tower's system or its "order". Bivasbat is disdainful of everyone and everything from the lower floors and even towards the beings within the 98th Floor and rarely pays attention to anyone. As the Tower's reigning first ranked Player ever since its creation, Bivasbat is conceited about his immense power and is hardly fazed by anything or anyone. As the Tower's protector, Bivasbat is cautious and cunning when dealing with any threats to the Tower. This is seen during his confrontations against Erzsebet Bathory where he imprisoned her husband Count Ferenc as a deterrent should she ever become active in the Tower once again. As the Tower's protector and guardian, Bivasbat has employed all kinds of means to suppress the Transcendence and Exuviation of numerous powerful Players, such as the Summer Queen, Martial King Nayu, Erzsebet Bathory, Cha Jeong-woo, Cha Yeon-woo and thousands of other "Rulers" of the Tower for several millennia.

39;s protector due to it essentially turning him into a prisoner within the 77th Floor.

As revealed by Bivasbat when regarding his opinion of such players, he himself showcased a level of humility, as he admitted despite not understanding the motives of such beings to transcend and become transcendent beings and was unable to fathom their reasons of coveting more power already becoming some of the most powerful mortals in the universe. Bivasbat revealed that he actually has a level of contempt for transcendence and believes that attaining it will only ever bring disaster and transcendence itself is against natural law. Bivasbat outright despises all the Gods and Demons within the 98th Floor and believe that they cause nothing but harm, both to each other and the helpless mortals in the lower floors, of whom he believes he is protecting from them. As noted by both Harmonia and Yvlke, despite his steadfast loyalty towards his duty, its been stated by them that Bivasbat has come to slowly resent and despise his duty as the Tower's protector due to it essentially turning him into a prisoner within the 77th Floor. However, despite his resentment towards it, Bivasbat continues in his duty out of his strong sense of his perceived duty and has shown that despite having grown weary of his role, he will continue to do so until his dying breath as he believes that no one else could bear the burden and as the only qualified being, he should do it.

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Bivasbat truly believes in the separation between the world of transcendent beings and the world of mortals and that they should stay separate forever and have no interactions whatsoever. Although well-intentioned, Bivasbat is sanctimonious, overlooking the misery he caused others for "the greater good". Bivasbat sometimes confronts his victims with condescending pity, causing them to resent him even more. Due to these traits, many of his enemies have come to deeply loath him, as seen from the Summer Queen, the Martial King, Heaven Wing and Cha Yeon-woo. After watching his past, Yeon-woo noticed that deep down, by the end of the day, Bivasbat saw himself as a "Hero" of "Justice" and in truth, was deeply sympathetic to the humans and other mortals that were killed and toyed with by Transcendent beings, hence his hatred for them and contempt for exuviation. Bivasbat and Yeon-woo share many similarities despite being on opposing sides.

Like Yeon-woo, Bivasbat is completely and utterly devoted to his goals and does not mind sacrificing anything and everything about himself in order to accomplish them, having been stated to be just as willing as Yeon-woo to mutilate, harm and sacrifice himself in order to reach his goals and was just as reckless and stubborn in doing so. Bivasbat, also known as "All-for-One", is the strongest ranked Ranker within the Obelisk and has been reigning as its most powerful Ranker in the Tower's history ever since its emerged. Although unknown why, Bivasbat was stated to have begun residing within the 77th Floor upon reaching it and from there began preventing and blocking any other ranker from passing its trial and going any further up the Tower's Floors. Although its believed to be unknown why he does this, it was later stated that he was in fact unable to leave the confines of the 77th floor and he was unable to go any higher than that. As stated by Hermes, Bivasbat was also stated to also prevent any of the Gods, Demons and formerly the Dragons, from leaving the 98th Floor of the Obelisk. With him having implied to have killed them or even stripped them of their powers and abilities as "Supernatural" existences if they ever tried to leave the floor and banish them as mortals to the lower floors. As implied and stated by the Gods of Olympus, Bivasbat had a direct hand in the "Fall" of Elohim from the 98th Floor and them losing their place as Gods. Due to the Gods and Demons being unable to leave the 98th Floor, Bivasbat was stated to have entered into something of a compromise with them and made a agreement of mutual benefit for them both.

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With All for One agreeing to leave the transcendent beings alone as long as they themselves limit their contact from the lower floors and not interfere with the system and order of the Obelisk. With the two sides agreeing to a mutual "Pledge". During his time trapped in the 77th Floor, Bivasbat was stated to have battled and defeated hundreds upon thousands of rankers, human, demi-human and even dragons, who attempted to go to the higher floors up the Tower. With him having stated to have completely and utterly defeated each and every one of them and prevented them from getting past the 77th Floor, even when they attempted to fight him in large groups, entire clans to even large clan alliances. As stated by Cha Yeon-woo, Bivasbat was stated to have single handedly exterminated the Dragons Race during their time at rulers of the Tower prior to the emergence of the Nine Kings and the Top Ten Clans. This was called the "Great Second Dragon Extermination War", where in an attempt to return to the 98th Floor of the Obelisk and regain their rank as "Supernatural" beings of similar levels to the Gods and Demons that resided there after being thrown out, the Dragons attempted to force their way past All-for-One by having their entire race wage war against him. However despite their numbers and powers, almost the entirety of the Dragon race was completely slaughtered by him and leaving only the young Ismenios and Harmonia, who had both somehow escaped the carnage, as the sole survivors and final True Dragons of the Obelisk.

Sometime later, Ismenios, having come to be known as the "Summer Queen" and joined together with other Rankers, attempted to once again defeat All-for-One, however much like every other attempts, it ended in failure. The Summer Queen then proceeded to then take command of the survivors and formed Red Dragon and for the next thousand years, has relentlessly attempted to defeat All-For-One and challenged him for over a thousand times, all of which ended with her complete and total defeat, even with the support of her many subordinates of Red Dragon helping her. All-for-One was also stated to have fought against the Sea of ​​Time, lead by Harmonia, during the rare time that he left the 77th Floor, with him having somehow been "defeated" by them and sent back to the 77th Floor through unknown means by them. Sometime later, during the emergence of the One-Horned Tribe's most powerful Martial King, Nayu, who began climbing up the Tower in his youth, All-for-One would also come to fight against him. With him having defeated Nayu multiple times that thus then lead him to hold a grudge against him and develop an obsession of becoming strong enough to defeat him. Out of all the Rankers that have ever entered the Tower for over a Thousand Years since the Tower's creation, All-For-One is the most powerful one of all time.

This is evidence by the fact that no matter how many thousands of years past and the hundreds and perhaps millions of Rankers he had battled or how many skills, magic, powers and abilities they possessed. Not a single one has ever managed to even come close to defeating him. This is solidified by his relationship with the Summer Queen, where despite her being equally undefeated by any of the thousands of Rankers she had battled against within the Tower and defeating and dominating them all for over a thousand years, she had always been defeated by him for no matter what despite her having challenged him over 10,000 times and her having never even once come close to defeating him at all in any of those battles. His immense Godlike power is further reinforced by how he alone is considered equal to an entire clan among the Top Ten Clans of the Obelisk and has been stated to have singlehandedly fought against and waged entire wars against the One-Horned Tribe, The Sea of ​​Time and Red Dragon all on his own and actually defeated them all.

As admitted by the Gods and Demons of the 98th Floor themselves, in terms of sheer raw power, Bivasbat easily surpasses their own in magnitude and strength and he is the prime reason as to why they cannot leave the 98th Floor due to him confining them to the floor. In fact, All-for-One himself is in charge of putting down any rebellions the Gods and Demons of the floor have attempted and easily suppressed them all, with him stating to be responsible for the "fall" of Elohim from the floor to the lower floors and losing their divine power. As stated by Hades, Bivasbat already had sufficient power to ascend and become a transcendent being, but for some reason willingly chooses to remain mortal and that he could easily defeat dozens of Gods. As stated that even if Poseidon, Hera, Demeter and Hestia, along with their subordinate sub Gods were to challenge him, they stood no chance of beating him. Later Bivasbat's might was further reinforced when it was revealed that he was the one responsible for singlehandedly annihilating the Dragon race, not once, but twice having stated to have performed two large scale dragon massacres before eventually rendering them practically near heredity.

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