Who Is The Smartest In Class 1b MHA

Gengar pokemonMy Hero Academia blends the superhero anime genre with the school life genre, and at the elite UA Izuku Midoriya are expected to not just train with their Quirks, but also get a proper education and learn how to think like a hero, not just throw a punch. Only the smartest students can succeed. By now, it's clear which students are the smartest in class 1-A, such as Momo Yaoyorozu and Izuku himself, and during the UA 1-B's students are clever and resourceful in battle. Some of class 1-B's students are right on par with class 1-A's smartest members and give them a run for their money in a battle of wits. Sen Kaibara ranks among class 1-B's smartest students, though he doesn't often get a chance to prove it. For the most part, Sen is known for his cool-headed personality and his good grades in class, though he's also not afraid to get down and dirty when the fighting starts. During the joint training arc, Sen took on Mashirao Ojiro, and he did well. Sen knows better than to be intimidated or get sloppy in battle, and he kept his strengths and weaknesses carefully in mind during the fight. Setsuna Tokage has a lizard theme, since she can break up her body into pieces like a lizard shedding its tail to distract a predator. Setsuna knew the odds were against her when she faced Katsuki Bakugo's team, and she tried to use Bakugo's uncooperative nature against him.

39;s not just a Dragon Ball joke.

It didn't work, but that was still a crafty plan all the same. Setsuna split up her body to attack Bakugo's team from many angles, and not even Bakugo could hit any of Setsuna's fast-moving body parts. She bought herself some time until Bakugo and Hanta Sero finally devised a counter-strategy to catch Setsuna unawares and knock her out. Juzo Honenuki calls himself Mudman, and it soon becomes clear why. During his battle against class 1-A in the joint training arc, he demonstrated his ability to soften non-organic items with a touch, turning them soft and jelly-like. He can even do this on Shoto Todoroki's ice formations. Juzo wisely predicted Shoto's use of ice, and turned Shoto's ice formation into a giant trap that caught Tenya Iida neatly. Juzo also kept cool as the opposing team turned the tables, making carefully calculated decisions until the end. One of class 1-B's quietest and meekest students is a boy named Nirengeki Shoda, whose hero costume is clearly a reference to Saiyans, with that radar tracker and the eyepiece. But he's not just a Dragon Ball joke. Nirengeki knows what he's doing in battle.

Nirengeki can use his Quirk to strike an item a second time, with far more force than the first, and he smartly blended his Quirk with those of Reiko Yanagi and Yui Kodai to deal serious damage to class 1-A's team. Mina Ashido and Ochaco Uraraka were soon on the ropes. Hiryu Rin is a Chinese boy with a costume to match, and he took part in the first battle of the joint training arc alongside Ibara Shiozaki and Jurota Shishida. Hiryu Rin's firepower is somewhat limited, but he has long range with those scales, and he can also use his scales as body armor if need be. Hiryu may not be a tactical genius, but mentally, he stays on his toes and can adjust quickly if the battle goes south. He was wary of Hitoshi Shinso's voice-alteration effect, and he was dismayed when Ibara and Jurota fell for it. In the end, he faced defeat, but it wasn't for lack of trying. Yosetsu Awase is a background character even by class 1-B standards, but he's still trying his hardest to go pro and he is comfortable with his Weld Quirk. With it, Yosetsu can fuse items together on a molecular level, which can be used to make weapons, trap an enemy, repair items, and more. Yosetsu helped Momo affix a tracking device onto a retreating Nomu, and later, Yosetsu did his best to outmaneuver Katsuki Bakugo during their fight and weld him to a series of pipes. Yosetsu didn't win the fight, but he did shock Bakugo with his crafty tactics.

Kosei Tsuburuba is a slightly eccentric but crafty boy who isn't afraid to take on foes who are much stronger than him, such as Katsuki Bakugo. He can turn air into solid objects with his Quirk, usually to create see-through boxes to trap his enemies. The air prisons aren't indestructible, but they're still tough to break. Kosei wisely used his Quirk to trap Koji Koda, whose Anivoice Quirk is based on the sound of his voice. Thus, Koji was rendered powerless inside the air prison, as he couldn't speak to any animals. That gave Kosei the edge, but he eventually lost when his crush, Tsuyu Asui, captured him with her tongue. Kinoko Komori is a petite and shy girl at school, but when it's time to fight, she's like a different person. Kinoko loves mushrooms, as her appearance and speech would suggest, and she is cunning enough to coat the entire battlefield in mushroom spores to ambush her enemies, no matter where they go.

39;s team. She even fought Momo personally.

Kinoko can shield her own team and slow down her foes with countless mushrooms, and given the chance, she can also sneak spores into her opponent's throat to cripple them from the inside with deadly mushrooms. She did this to Fumikage Tokoyami and defeated him, despite Fumikage having a vastly stronger Quirk than her. No one saw that coming. Itsuka Kendo is the class rep of class 1-B, and she takes that role seriously. Itsuka is known for many things, including her good grades and responsible attitude, and this is true on the battlefield, too. Itsuka has a talent for leadership, and she did her best against Momo's team. She even fought Momo personally. Itsuka racked her brains to find a way around Momo's high IQ and Creation Quirk, and in the end, Itsuka outmaneuvered Momo and knocked her out. Her entire team won the fight, but Itsuka felt a little bad, since she failed to stop Momo from supplying Fumikage with a bag of helpful items. Izuku is known for carefully studying everyone else's Quirks and fighting styles, which is something he did all the time during his Quirkless days. But he's not the only one. Neito Monoma of class 1-B also studies the Quirks of others, so he can more effectively copy them and use them with his Copy ability. Neito can quickly assess the nature, strengths, and weaknesses of any Quirk, and he can also see through other heroes' fighting styles while on the sidelines, such as when he watched the Ochaco vs Bakugo fight. The only time Neito miscalculated was when he copied One For All, only to lack the energy necessary to actually use it.

This list describes characters from the anime and manga series Doraemon. Also listed are their original NTV voice actors (1973), followed by their TV Asahi voice actors (1979-2005; 2005-present). Part of the 22nd century characters are listed in The Doraemons. Each main character represents a primary school student archetype. Nobita appears in every episode of the anime, while Doraemon appears in most episodes, sometimes being substituted (for medical checkup or on leave) by his sister, Dorami. Note: In some translations of Doraemon, the names of these characters are different from the original names. 2.9 Nobisuke Nobi Jr. Albert in the Cinar dub of the series, is the title character and co-protagonist of the series. He is a cat-like robot from the future. He was yellow-skinned and had ears originally. However, his ears were accidentally eaten by a robot mouse. It left him heartbroken and caused his skin to turn blue. People often mistake him for a raccoon dog. He is sent back in time by Sewashi (Nobita's Great-great-grandson) to aid Nobita. Doraemon possesses a 4-dimensional pocket from which he can acquire various kinds of futuristic tools, gadgets, and playthings from a future department store.

His favorite food is Dorayaki.

He also has the tendency to panic during emergencies, characterized by him frantically trying to pull out a very much-needed tool from his pocket, only to produce a huge assortment of household items and unwanted gadgets. Still, Doraemon is very friendly and intelligent, not to mention long-suffering because of Nobita's antics. Since Sewashi sent Doraemon to the past, Doraemon has been living as the unofficial fourth member of Nobita's family and acts like a second son to Nobita's parents, since despite being a robot, he requires basic needs for a person, such as eating, and also sleeps in the closet of Nobita's bedroom. He also fears mice greatly (due to a robot mouse having eaten his ears), even go crazy about it and pull out devastating gadgets, and most of the times, Nobita saves Doraemon in such situations. Although he has no fingers in most media, he can hold things because of the suction cups in his hands. His favorite food is Dorayaki. He has also been shown to date with normal female cat. He is the elder brother of Dorami.

Future husband or boyfriend of Shizuka and great-great-grandfather of Sewashi.

Nobita Nobi (野比, Nobi Nobita, English dub: Sidney in the Cinar dub, Specky in the Speedy dub, and Noby Nobi in the Bang Zoom! dub) is the co-protagonist of the series. He wears glasses, a red or yellow polo shirt with a white collar, and blue or black shorts and white socks and light blue shoes. Although he's not good at sports, he's good at shooting. He is usually accompanied by Doraemon, who functions as his caretaker. Although he's not good at sports, he's good at shooting and has been reflected in the movies many time. He's also good at string figure which sometime considered a girls' game. Son of Tamako and Nobisuke Nobi. Future father of Nobisuke (his son). Future husband or boyfriend of Shizuka and great-great-grandfather of Sewashi. Taurus), nicknamed Shizuka-chan (しずかちゃん) is a smart, kind and pretty girl. She is often represented by the color pink, and is seen wearing a pink shirt and skirt.

39;s gadgets, or by the wind.

The word 'Shizuka (しずか)' means 'Quiet'. She is Nobita's best friend. She does not shun Nobita due to his failing grades, lazy disposition or constant failures. In fact, she often tries to encourage him to do better, though she usually fails to convince him. Shizuka likes to take a bath several times a day; however, a running gag in the series is that she is sometimes interrupted by a sudden appearance of Nobita (sometimes Doraemon, Gian, or Suneo) usually due to misuse of Doraemon's gadgets like the Anywhere Door (Doko Demo Doa in Japanese). Shizuka's skirt is also frequently seen getting flipped, either by Nobita misusing Doraemon's gadgets, or by the wind. Scenes in which her underwear is seen, or she is seen bathing, have been removed from the dubbed versions, especially in India, Europe, the United States and the United Kingdom. Her true passions are sweet potatoes, which she would rather keep to herself out of the knowledge of others, and the violin, in which her playing is just as horrendous as Gian's singing. She is also known for taking piano lessons unwillingly due to her mother's wishes (as she loves violin more), which is sometimes a reason for declining to hang out with friends (but she plays piano better than violin). Shizuka is an animal lover and keeps two pets at home: a dog, who is saved from succumbing to illness by Nobita and Doraemon in one story; and a canary which runs away on multiple occasions and causing Shizuka and Nobita to run around the city chasing her down.

She sometimes fansies some handsome idols on TV. Besides Nobita, Shizuka is also close to her classmate and popular student Dekisugi. Though they consider each other only as friends. Gemini), named Buster in the Cinar dub and Bob in the Speedy dub, usually known by the nickname "Gian" (「ジャイアン」, "Jaian", English: Big G) is a strong and quick-tempered local bully. He also frequently steals other children's stuff (especially Nobita's and Suneo's) under the pretext of "borrowing" them, unless the toy is damaged. He is known for his awful singing voice, though he considers himself a great singer. To prove this, Gian sometimes "invites" others to attend his concerts, under the threat of beatings. His singing is so horrible that, once, Nobita and Doraemon try to mute it in a silent world, his writings of the song lyrics in a board end up having the same effect as when they hear them.Though his voice is terrible in one of the episodes it was shown that a girl liked his singing. In some films, his singing is enhanced to become an effective weapon (as in 'Nobita's Great Adventure in the South Seas'). In some episodes when his voice is recorded and he hears it, he instantly denies it being his voice and threatens to beat up the person who his songs in a very bad way (which is an irony).

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