Who Is The Hottest Boy In Anime

Anime has given us some of the most incredible characters we could imagine. It is time to pay our respects to some of the most handsome and beautiful men from these movies and series. Hopefully their looks might motivate you to watch more Anime. Note that they are in no order, how can you rate such different characters anyways? Need that niche sexy anime characters? Ogle these hot vampire guys! You can also check out these top fan-service anime series to get the story along with the eye-candy! Soo-Won is the king of the Kouka Kingdom. He avenges his father's death, the General Yu-Hon by killing his uncle, Emperor II, who took his father down. He is tall, young, and has a really pretty face. His feminine appearance and his long dark blond hair shouldn't be taken lightly; he is fierce as a king and fills his roll properly. He always wears the same hairstyle, middle parted bangs with loose strands framing his face. He keeps his long ponytail tied to the side with a delicate gold ornament. Soo-Won is a beautiful character, his blue eyes, height and delicate features are so dreamy, and who doesn't love a king? Haku is an orphan from the Land of Water. Under Zabuza Momochi's tutelage, he becomes a shinobi, and then moves on to become a Mercenary Ninja. Naruto himself even called Haku beautiful. His shinobi outfit is trimmed in white with a brown sash and green haori. When not in combat, Haku wore his dark black hair loose down to his shoulders. This framed his beautiful, even delicate, features.

When fighting his hair was tied back in a bun and his headband held back the loose bits. He is fierce and accomplished, all for such a young, handsome character. Alucard is the most powerful weapon against vampires and other supernatural forces in the Hellsing Organization. He is the most powerful vampire alive, and who doesn't love all that power. He is a bad boy, for those who love the supernatural. His blood red eyes glow when he feels strong emotions and his hair length changes from short to long down to the knees. His charcoal suit and red cravat, covered by the red overcoat give him that sophistication only a super powerful vampire can have. He is fierce, sometimes vicious and merciless, but now and then his humanity shines through, and that is what keeps us loving him! Squad captain of the Special Operations Squad, Levi Ackerman's deceptively youthful face is framed by short, undercut hair and dull gray eyes that intimidate whoever they look upon, dark circles intensifying his looks further.

Who can resist a tall, dark and handsome man?

He is shorter than most, but his well-developed and muscular physique makes up for his height-shortfall. His brooding demeanour is quickly replaced with an expressionless look, and he is always calm and keeps his feelings hidden. He offers up a great physique and a mysterious aura, something none of us can resist. Also he is considered the strongest soldier in Attack on Titan. Kakashi Hatake, despite his distaste for responsibility, is often sought after for his wisdom and leadership. His self-confidence and sometimes arrogance makes him all that more appealing. Spiky silver hair worn to the left frames his beautiful face when he isn't wearing a mask. He has dark gray eyes, sometimes even appearing black, and a relaxed disposition. An injury left a vertical scar running down over his left eye, and it just adds to his badass attitude. During battle, he wears a forehead protector and mouth mask, keeps his face hidden. But when the masks come off, we are in for a treat! Who can resist a tall, dark and handsome man? Sebastian stands tall, has black hair, red eyes and pale skin. Often dressed as a butler, he wears black trousers, a double-breasted waist-coat and a gray vest. While this is a typical butler's outfit, it makes him look oh so sophisticated.

In demon form he possesses two blue horn-like flames above his head, long ears and red slit pupils.

His white gloves, pocket watch and chained silver lapel add to this look and make him that much more attractive. For a bit of an alternative look, he has black nail polish on his finger nails. His left hand bears that mark of his Faustian contract with Ciel Phantomhive. Black, messy hair sweeps down and falls on Rin's beautifully pale skin. Rin isn't your ordinary man however; there are hints of his demonic form that shine through his human appearance. Canine teeth and slightly pointed ears are less noticeable; the big giveaway is his long, black, fur tail. In demon form he possesses two blue horn-like flames above his head, long ears and red slit pupils. Flames blaze around different areas of his body. From slightly demon to full on demonic form, Rin is for those who like something a little edgy. You can pick and choose between human and demon with Rin, a two for one deal. Yuri is not your dark, brooding Anime character.

He is an ice figure skater, and a down-to-earth looking guy. He has short, messy black hair and wears half-rimmed blue glasses. His hair is pushed back when skating, and his glasses are removed. Rin puts on weight easily due to binge eating and often wears multiple layers to hide the weight gain. However; when he in full training, he has a sleek muscular body that is lovely to look at, paired with his soft, kind face. He is a safe bet, and a good Anime character to start crushing on. The first bearer of the Seiryuu's power, Abi is one of the four dragon warriors, sworn to protect King Hiryuu. Despite his fierce title, Abi has a rather feminine look. Medium length blue hair with bangs falling to each side, frames his beautifully delicate face. His kimono-type attire is drawn at the waist with a pearl necklace. Being the first Seiryuu, he has deep golden eyes that are adorned with red signature marks below them. His beautiful appearance however doesn't cover up his foul-mouth and bad temper. He plays these traits down with a sensitivity and sense of quiet that only a few get to see, and a fierce loyalty for his friends.

He is averagely heighted and has brown eyes framed by spikey black hair.

A second-year in high school and the leader of the Fujimi Academy of survivors, Takashi is confident and accomplished. Takashi is skilled in melee combat and is tutored to be extremely proficient in firearm skills. He is averagely heighted and has brown eyes framed by spikey black hair. He is slender yet powerful, and he is on his agility and muscular ability to see him through tough times. He typically wears his school uniform which consists of a black school uniform and a red undershirt. He may change to casual clothes here and there, but his school attire is primarily what he wears. Clean and neat, William is tall and well groomed. He has neatly combed brown hair and eyes that have a yellow-green hue. His rectangular shaped glasses have decorative lines on the frames and give him the look of sophistication and calmness. He is calm, seems emotionless and incredibly loyal in his professional life. He sticks to the rules and doesn't take kindly to those who do not. Not a fan of demons, he is often derogatory towards others.

This is quite off-putting when it comes to the character, but it doesn't mean we can't appreciate his looks! Toga Yagari is the top rated vampire hunter and is an excellent teacher as well. He is also the co-president of the Vampire Hunter Association - nice and accomplished! Yagari wears an eye patch over his right eye, which he lost while saving Zero and Ichiru from his fiance after she transformed into a vampire. He has a scar that is visible near his eye as well. He has long, jet-black wavy hair and blue eyes. He often wears a wide brimmed cowboy hat and a cigarette hanging from his mouth. He is very tall and has an attractively muscular build. Ryuuji is fairly young; he is seventeen years old and is in his second year at high school. Genes have given him sanpaku eyes that often cause trouble for him, due to them making him look rather intimidating and mischievous. He lives at home with his mother and is self-sufficient, and as a bonus, he is a great cook and loves cleanliness. He isn't too tall, but not short either. He has short blue hair and sanpaku eyes.

He is often in his school uniform. People are intimidated by his eyes, but it is what is on the inside that counts with Ryuuji. Kyo is cursed by the spirit of the cat of the zodiac. When he is under stress and being hugged by someone of the opposite gender, he transforms into an orange cat. He has bright orange hair that hangs down over his eyes, which are a red and orange color. He is tall and muscular, breaking the stereotype of other orange haired people. The bracelet on his wrist needs to stay on, if it is taken off, he turns into a monster that smells of rotting flesh. This is supposedly the cat's vengeful spirit. His different coloring makes him interesting, and he is also just very attractive. Claude is tall, handsome and distinguished with his glasses. He has short black hair and beautiful golden eyes. Oddly enough, he has a strangely long tongue that can reach the bridge of his nose. His contract seal on his left hand becomes visible when he is in close proximity with Alois. Claude's demon form is in the shape of a spider. This makes sense when speaking to his height and build. He is apathetic and holds little emotion; however his behavior changes to bizarre after tasting Ciel Phantomhive's blood.

Issei Hyoudou is the main protagonist of the series High School DxD. Issei is in his third year of high school at Kuoh Academy. He is also a member of the Perverted Trio, which consists of the three most perverted members at the school. He is average in height and has short spiky brown hair. He has light brown eyes. He is fairly plain looking, but is swinging more on the good looking side. He is usually wearing the Kuoh Academy's boys uniform which hugs his body quite nicely. The blazer fits well and the skinny jeans show off his legs. Nate Rivers, or Near, is the youngest of two possible successors raised in Wammy's House, which is specifically for gifted children. He is young and has shaggy white hair. His gray eyes hold wisdom beyond his years. He is only ever seen wearing a long-sleeved white pajama top and long white pajama pants. Later in the series, he has grown into his own shape and has sharp bags under his eyes, with his hair growing out as well. He is intelligent, and you can tell this by looking at him. His white and gray coloring is quite beautiful, almost like a delicate white rose. Jellal Fernandes was a Dark Mage before he lost his memory.

He is a member and co-founder of the Crime Sorciere. He has striking blue hair and has a red tattoo above and below his right eye. His features are striking and really appealing. He wears elegant and simple robes with a long white coat with black stripes. He is also seen in a darker coat with a prominent golden symbol in the front. Both the dark and light robing and clothing help bring out his striking hair and red tattoo on his face, making him an unmissable figure. The series starts with Tomoya being 17 years old, in his third year at Hikarizaka High School. He has developed a cynical and sarcastic demeanour, due to living with his alcoholic father, with whom he argues with. His mother died in a car accident, so it is just the two of them at home. As much as he might despise it, his good looks come from his father.

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