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A Vampire is a supernatural undead, shapeshifting creature, typically held to be the re-animated corpses of human beings from the condition of Vampirism, that are said to often possess having unnatural powers, heightened bodily functions, and a thirst for human blood in order sustain them. They are also one of the entities that are apart of the Living Dead, a sub-group of the Creatures of the Night and are only creature that can fall to Blood Lust. Vampires are mythical or folkloric creatures, typically held to be the re-animated corpses of human beings and said to subsist on human and/or animal blood (hematophagy), often having unnatural powers, heightened bodily functions, and/or the ability to physically transform. They are usually pale and gaunt with sharp fans for puncturing the throats of their victims. Vampires are often described as having a variety of additional powers and character traits, extremely variable in different traditions, and are a frequent subject of folklore, cinema, and contemporary fiction. In addition to being able to breed and control bats and insects, turning into a flock of bats, using them for reconnaissance and transform their body parts such as their arms into them as well. Uniquely, vampires have immortal bodies and are able to chance their appearance to their liking. The notion of vampirism has existed for millennia. Cultures such as the Mesopotamians, Hebrews, Ancient Greeks, Manipuri and Romans had tales of demons and spirits which are considered precursors to modern vampires. Despite the occurrence of vampiric creatures in these ancient civilizations, the folklore for the entity known today as the vampire originates almost exclusively from early 18th-century Southeastern Europe, when verbal traditions of many ethnic groups of the region were recorded and published.

39; which are created by the power of the Blue Moon Rune.

In most cases, vampires are revenants of evil beings, suicide victims, or witches, but they can also be created by a malevolent spirit possessing a corpse or by being bitten by a vampire. Belief in such legends became so pervasive that in some areas it caused mass hysteria and even public executions of people believed to be vampires. Considered to be a "blight of the world," Vampires are recognized as the strongest type of undead, and are plagued by uncontrollable thirst for blood. Vampires are typically known to be walking corpses, thus, they are similar to that of malevolent spirits which is why their reflections cannot be seen through mirrors nor do they cast any shadows. This increased level of vampire superstition in Europe led to what can only be called mass hysteria and in some cases in corpses actually being staked and people being accused of vampirism. Some cultures have myths of non-human vampires, such as demons or animals like bats, dogs, and spiders. All vampires are not alike. One difference are the 'Runic Vampires' which are created by the power of the Blue Moon Rune. They are more resilient against normal vampire weaknesses (such as holy weapons). Believed to have originated from the reanimating corpses of restless souls of the dead, heretics of established religion, users of black magic, or even those that have sold their souls to be the incarnate of dark gods and devas, they are known to feast upon the blood of living beings, are endowed with dark powers, like superhuman physical prowess, shapeshifting, flight, teleportation, electrokinesis, pyrokinesis and immortality.

They are able to grant vampirism to others by feeding their own blood to their victims and can only be apart by sunlight, with anointed and holy items, or by destroying their hearts. In some stories, they also tended to make an inhuman hissing sound whenever agitated. Most current vampires trace their lineage to a distant common ancestor, the vampire god Absalom. They are ruled by the Vampire Council, a group of powerful vampires around the world known as the Greater Nobility that maintain them and the rest of the Creatures of the Night. Vampires are one of the greater creatures of the night, boasting high power and a grand amount of superhuman strength, which inhabit darker places such as Romania. They usually reveal themselves only at night and use the cover of darkness to attack their prey. They are extremely prideful, considering themselves to be "nobility" while strongly looking down upon humans as lesser beings. If a vampire wanted to turn someone, they would first bite them on the side of the neck and feed. The person that has been bitten would then have to be killed in 24 hours or the infection would wear off. If they are killed they would awake 12 hours later in transition, there two front teeth would fall out then their fans would grow in place of the teeth before. The person would have to feed on any blood to complete their transformation into a vampire, it is a painful experience because the bone structure changes and gets harder. The muscles become hard stronger, the nerves would die a little, this is all the powers and abilities start to come through even the nails start to grow.

Some vampires are eternally bound to their coffins and the unholy earth where they were buried.

Vampires have a very strong aversion to garlic and can be kept at bay by its presence. They drink blood, though they are apparently also able to eat other foods such as pasties. Some vampires casts no shadows though most do. Some vampires are eternally bound to their coffins and the unholy earth where they were buried. Some Vampires could not tolerate the smell of garlic and would not voluntarily enter an area with a strong odor of it. When a Vampire dies they start to burn and grow black lines appearing all over their body that burns their skin and their veins will emit a black glow this is called deterioration. After they will be gray and their veins will stick out and the skin will be hard and rocky that will break easily and after a couple of days parts of their skin will drop off into the dust.

When a Vampire is killed using a UV Bullet they will die the same but their veins will emit a blue glow instead of black. One of the most widespread of such habits is the tendency to sleep during the day, that comes with their nocturnal habits. Feeding behavior varies, and vampires claim victims in their own way, whether by attacking conscious people, silently feeding during their sleep. People they are fond of are taken away to their homes, and kept as both servants and food sources, being forced to take care of the vampire themselves. Vampires display a high sense of vanity and always try to look their best. Vampires recognize the difference in taste from creature to creature. An anonymous author states that Orcs have a "rich brothy blood"; saying rats are "a little sweet for the only meal of the night"; and affirming that werewolves are "a real treat, almost decadent the tincture between human and beast". Vampires also gather together in Broods. Broods are not very common as most vampires prefer to travel alone or in pairs, but a few exist stably over long periods of time, even rising to prominence. A brood of vampires is similar to a werewolf pack, and mostly act as a gang of sorts. Broods can have a large number of vampires on a similar scale to a coven, but given that Broods are not tied to a specific vampire bloodline they are separate from the more well-known coven. The more royal side of the vampiric society is known collectively as a coven.

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A vampire coven is capable of traveling together and help maintain one another's existence, and each coven is ruled by either a Count or a Countess. While covens from different countries or states do not cross paths very often, the leaders of the said covens meet with one another to discuss important situations that concerns the vampire world, with the meeting being authorized by the elders much like how a tribe of werewolves operate. Vampires have an age old rivalry with Werewolves, along with other Werebeasts, whom they consider to be their natural enemies, and have been at varying degrees of conflict with one another since the two races came to be, with no known end in sight. It is unknown what triggered this conflict, but many believe that it is something to do with territory. One vampire states that food had grown scarce once the werewolves entered their lands, and thus robbed them of their nutrition. This "food" were humans, and since the werewolves did not hunt humans, they instead went after their livestock and drove the humans out. Another reason for why this rivalry started is due to the fact that werewolf and other werebeasts' blood are actually poisonous to vampires.

This is shown by vampires recoiling after even have a sip of a werewolf's blood. Also, it is completely impossible for a vampire to become a werewolf (or the other werebeasts) and it is extremely rare for a werewolf to become a vampire. It is noted that there are hybrids of werewolves and vampires which means that there are likely unions of both rival species though no one has found one yet. A werewolf-vampire hybrid is not the same with a werewolf becoming a vampire. Vampires can have antagonistic rivalries with other species of vampires with one example being the Turok-Han, who are more akin to the animals of the vampire world and would not hesitate to attack and kill normal vampires. Other vampiric species can drive out foreign vampires when they encroach upon their territory or feeding grounds which Blitz T. Abrams compares to the animal kingdom. Regardless of the cause behind this eternal conflict, Werewolves or Werebeasts in general are genuinely not fond of vampires and see them as pests. Vampires are described as being impeccably beautiful in appearance, with bright crimson eyes that are said to be so alluring that those who gaze upon them can easily fall into a hypnotic trance.

They do not age physically; instead becoming more "statuesque" as they age, developing very smooth, flawless, marble white skin. Their features are refined and perfected (including their voices), rendering them supernaturally beautiful to lure in prey. Being technically dead, vampires can be noticed by their lack of body heat and heartbeat. They do not require oxygen, water, or human food. Human food is repulsive for most vampires for their biology was not designed to digest the contents, only blood. However, their angelic appearance is a facade, for when vampires become overwhelmed with blood-lust and rage, their facial features assume that of a more humanoid bat-like face, and accordingly increases their power. Some of them even possess wings of a succubus, like the Vaeturnians. Whenever a vampire feeds, is angered or aroused, their eyes become fully red and the center becomes completely black. Their canine teeth will lengthen into fangs, giving them a more predatory look that they often use to scare off or threaten others. Apart from their eyes and fangs, their physical appearance is like any other human. The only thing that can tell vampires apart from humans is a keen smell because vampires smell different to Humans as do werewolves and any other Human looking creature. With purebred vampires, their physical age is dependent on their gender and parents age. If it is male their physical age will grow into the age of their father and then stop and same with females and their mothers. With half-bred Vampires which are turned, their aging stops instantly.

Vampires possess increased strength, durability, speed and reflexes.

Inwardly, Vampire bones are nearly unbreakable, and something exists within their bodies that allows them to produce a gas, similar to chloroform, capable of rendering people unconscious. Vampires are far superior to humans, displaying an array of supernatural powers, which are maintained by feeding on blood and make them stronger than humans in many ways. Vampires possess increased strength, durability, speed and reflexes. Vampires feed upon the blood of humans and with age and experience, gain increased strength and a variety of psychic powers, which may include telekinesis, flight, even the ability to heal fatal injuries from weaknesses that would normally kill other undeads. Vampires also have heightened senses, to the extent that they can identify someone just by the scent of their blood. Humans who become vampires are often described as gaining a variety of additional powers and traits that come after receiving the gift of undeath, though because of their lasting effects, many vampires consider this to be a curse.

costume After becoming Undead, vampires become immune to mundane human illnesses and the effects of aging, resistant to cold temperatures, and able to survive greater amounts of damage than a normal human. Being technically dead, vampires can be noticed by their lack of body heat and heartbeat. They do not require oxygen or water, and human food becomes repulsive for most vampires. Many vampires could also dabble in magic, particularly the dark arts in their case. Using their magical abilities they are capable of performing a variety of devastating attacks and conjure powerful defenses, making them quite the challenge for other powerful beasts and combatants such as werewolves and demons. The arguably the most terrifying ability of vampires is what is known as the Blood Lust, since they often can use this ability to turn into a more bestial or demonic form, much more powerful than their natural state, giving them an edge in battle and making them more difficult to slide.

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