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Naruto Chapter 527 - Naruto Manga Online"There is no reason for me to question. Teru Mikami (魅上, Mikami Teru) is a criminal prosecutor chosen as the Hand of Kira by Light Yagami. Mikami takes ownership of Gelus's Death Note after Light falls under suspicion of being Kira again, and needs someone to act as Kira without being given every order. He also performs the Shinigami Eye Deal with Ryuk, granting him Shinigami Eyes. When Mikami's decisions reveal that he can follow the thoughts and ideals of the first Kira, Light wonders if Mikami will become much-needed help or a new threat. Mikami is a young man with shoulder-length black hair, who wears glasses. His typical attire consists of a black trench coat over a business suit. Like many of the characters, he can be perceived as attractive. Throughout most of the series, he was drawn to be kempt and similar in design to Taro Kagami, the main character in the pilot chapter of the series. When he finally sees Light, he becomes disheveled and looks more like an "insane fanatic" of Kira. In some instances, such as the DS video games, his hair is depicted as being a shade of dark-green. Considering Kira to be his God, Mikami is a devout Kira-worshiper.

He detects crime and, similar to Light, expresses a fervent passion for punishing evil.

His answer to a Kira's Kingdom question that asked what he thought of Kira was simply "God." His loyalty to Kira is exemplified when he forces himself to stop questioning Kira after he is perplexed by the task of creating and using a fake notebook. Aside from his disdain of "lazy people", Mikami shares the same view on crime as Kira, which is what made Light choose him to carry out judgments when he was put under surveillance. Mikami has a strong sense of justice that has developed over the course of his childhood. He detects crime and, similar to Light, expresses a fervent passion for punishing evil. His sense of justice, however, has developed into a rather "black and white" understanding of people and he goes as far as to label everyone he meets as either good or evil. What Mikami has learned in childhood has also caused him to become obstinate about Encouraging people to improve society, resulting in his disdain for "lazy people." This is reflected in one of Kiyomi Takada's televised messages. Mikami has her announced that those who do not contribute to society will be killed by Kira. While Light and Mikami have very similar ideals, the gap is evident through Mikami killing people who merely had a criminal record, even if they still do not commit crimes. Light disagrees with this because of how contradictory it is to Kira's purpose of deterring people to commit future crimes.

While Light is more interested in scaring criminals in order to prevent crime, Mikami is more interested in retribution. Much like Light, Mikami is fiercely dedicated to his goals. As such, despite having a strong conviction for justice, he is not above taking innocent lives so long as it serves a greater purpose. For instance, in the manga, he kills a photographer who tries to sneak into one of Light and Takada's meetings. Unlike Light, though, he does not hesitate to sacrifice half of his remaining lifespan to receive the Shinigami Eyes. Mikami has a special interest in children and is interested in preparing children for becoming model citizens. The anime delves deeper into this concern, providing a scene of Mikami as an adult intervening when a group of young students bully one of their classmates. Mikami is notable for adhering to a strict, daily schedule, a trait noticed by both Light and Near. For instance, he exercises at a gym at the same time on the same days each week, regardless of holidays, and he has been a member at this gym for years. Whenever he judges criminals in his Death Note, names are written down in straight columns in every page. He also fills up exactly one page with names each day - a feat which Light notes as "obsessive." Near and the SPK are able to take advantage of Mikami's clockwork life and find occasions to tamper with his notebook. Even after gaining improved vision following the eye trade with Ryuk, Mikami still wears his glasses, perhaps as a force of habit.

It is unclear whether he was born with emotional problems or if he was traumatized by events that transpired in his childhood. It is evident, though, that Mikami suffers from some sort of mental illness. This has been in him reciting "delete" (削除, pocketjo) whenever he writes a name in his notebook. Although he presents himself as stoic for most of the series, he suddenly becomes crazed and unstable during the scenes in the Yellowbox Warehouse. Once he loses his faith in Kira, his madness escalates to fearful levels and he kills himself. Matsuda suspects, however, that Mikami's renunciation of Light as well as his death may have been a result of Near manipulating him with a page of the Death Note rather than a consequence of Mikami's deteriorating mental condition. As a child, Mikami's sense of justice developed through the over-observation of, according to the manga, "his surroundings." Even at a young age, he had already begun categorizing people as either "good" or "evil." Raised by a single mother, she is described by Mikami as his only ally and sole confidant during his youth. His analytic behavior was indicative of his intellect which, coupled with his ambition and sense of justice, allowed him to become the president of his class in elementary school.

39;s Kingdom, Light selects Mikami based on his intuition alone.

As class president, he defended his classmates from bullies, often leading to physical altercations. Although Mikami was eventually successful in uniting his entire class against the bullies, he found his efforts making little headway once he began attending middle school. Worried about his safety, his mother attempted to convince him to give up trying to help his classmates. In response, Mikami lost faith in his mother and began to hold her in contempt. His mother would eventually be killed in a car accident along with four of Mikami's "enemies." Although Mikami initially mourned his mother's death, he was content in the knowledge that his classroom became more "peaceful" as a result of the accident. Mikami discusses Kira on television. These feelings eventually seeped into his career aspirations, and after graduating from high school with excellent grades and attending Kyodo University's Department of Law, he becomes a prosecuting attorney. Shortly after adopting his profession, Mikami learns about Kira through various media outlets. Feeling that his sense of righteousness was confirmed through Kira's actions, Mikami begins to worship Kira. Mikami eventually becomes a member of Kira's Kingdom in hopes of being noticed by Kira through televised appearances. After Near instills doubt in the Japanese Task Force, Light decides to elect a new proxy in order to stave off suspicion. Watching various tapings of Kira's Kingdom, Light selects Mikami based on his intuition alone. Mikami, feeling honored by receiving Kira's power, realizes that Kira is unable to move at the moment. Mikami takes action immediately and kills Demegawa and his men when they stray from Kira's word, after taking the Shinigami Eye Deal.

Light confirms that he is Kira by revealing subtle details about the Death Note.

In order to let Kira know that he needs to get in touch, Mikami goes on Sakura TV, claiming that Kira worshipers should await Kira's orders, and, should they not receive word from Kira, they should act upon themselves. This was used a subtle way of letting Kira know that Mikami needs to get consent from Kira to do his killings, and, should Kira not be able to do so, Mikami will elect a new spokesperson and kill based on his own wishes. After a few days, Mikami, feeling that Kiyomi Takada is intelligent and agrees with Kira, elects her as Kira's new spokesperson. Figuring that Takada is in contact with Kira, Mikami personally calls her. When Takada begins questioning Kira on television and shares her own personal opinion on the matter, Mikami infers that Kira must have met up with Takada and told her to act the way she did on television. During one of Light and Takada's private meetings, Mikami calls Takada via cell phone, and after asking her some questions, tells her to hand the phone over to the person she's having a meeting with, thinking it is Kira. Light confirms that he is Kira by revealing subtle details about the Death Note. From then on, Light communicates with Mikami through Takada by passing notes to her that instruct her to send specific messages to Mikami.

Light tells Mikami to forge a fake notebook while sending Takada clippings of some of the notebook's real pages in an effort to trick Near and the SPK, with Light expecting Near to swap the notebook with a fake. Using this strategy, Near, thinking the notebook Mikami is using is real, would swap the forged notebook with another fake, while Mikami brings out the real notebook during the anticipated final confrontation between Near and Light. In public, Mikami writes down names in this fake notebook while secretly sending Takada the name and face of the victim so that Gevanni, who is tailing Mikami, would be able to confirm Mikami is X-Kira and is using the real notebook. Under Light's orders, Mikami says that he has no Shinigami with him. Light also has Mikami say that his Shinigami is not following him anymore. This way, if and when Near would come into contact with the forged notebook, when he sees no Shinigami, he would not take that as evidence the notebook is a fake. Eventually, Near does indeed swap the forged notebook with another fake and Mikami, who checks the notebook with a microscope every day, confirms the swap with Light and Takada, ensuring their victory over Near.

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Unexpectedly, Mello kidnaps Takada, who successfully kills Mello. Under Light's orders, Takada asks Mikami for the names of criminals so that she would be able to kill as many as she can. However, should Takada be seen by the SPK and the Task Force, the snippet of the notebook she keeps with her would be detrimental for Kira, so Mikami, not knowing Light has already killed Takada with his piece of the notebook, writes down Takada's name using the real notebook. Unbeknownst to Mikami, Near uses this opportunity to swap the real notebook with a fake one as well. During the final confrontation in the Yellow Box Warehouse between the Task Force and the SPK, Near and Light wait for Mikami's arrival. Near expects Mikami to have brought the fake notebook, with Mikami writing the names of everyone who would be after Kira, while Light expects Mikami to have brought the real one. However, thanks to Mello's intervention leading to Gevanni's discovery of the real notebook, the notebook Mikami brought is a fake, and Light is exposed as Kira, with Mikami having written the names of everyone attending the meeting except Light's. In the manga, Mikami renounces Light as his god after the latter attempts to order Mikami to kill the task force and the SPK, despite having the notebook already confiscated. After being incarcerated, he mysteriously dies in prison ten days later, leading to Matsuda's theory that Near restricted Mikami's actions with the Death Note in order to convict Light.

This gives Light the opportunity to flee the warehouse.

Mikami's death by suicide in the anime. In the final episode of the anime, Mikami commits suicide by stabbing himself in the chest with a ballpoint pen, out of despair of watching his god lose, creating a diversion for the Task Force and SPK. This gives Light the opportunity to flee the warehouse. During the ending credits, Mikami's body is last seen lying on the warehouse floor. Mikami is similar to his manga counterpart in that he is eager to serve his "God" Kira/Light, although there are major plot changes. Mikami is introduced in the first episode of the television drama series as the prosecutor who handled the case of Misa's murdered parents. He informs Misa that the murderer is getting parole, for which he makes no justification since he's upset himself. After Misa is secretly arrested by L, a rumor reaches Mikami that the police have Kira in custody. Mikami figures out that Misa has some connection to the Kira case because her sudden inactivity corresponds to the rumors. After her release, Mikami confronts her, asking if she knows Kira. He gets more pushy when she denies it, and Light intervenes, so Mikami leaves. He hires Hiroki Yudagawa to look into Misa, and he follows her when she goes to dig up the Death Note that Light had buried. Yudagawa steals the Death Note from Misa before she touches it, so Mikami unwittingly gains ownership when he pulls it from the box later. He immediately begins using the power to punish criminals.

Light makes the connection between Misa's attack and Mikami. He sends Mikami apples for Ryuk and calls him, and Mikami gladly begins following Light's directive. After making the eye deal, Mikami conducts an official raid on L's headquarters. He sees L's name and texts it to Light. He later follows Light to a warehouse where L is trying to trick Light into revealing he's Kira. Light thinks he's won when he writes L's name in the Death Note, but L reveals it was a fake notebook, and L's won after all. But Mikami writes L's name down on Death Note paper, killing him before he can inform the Task Force of the evidence against Light. Near/Mello tries to kill Mikami along with Light and Misa. Mikami is at the final scene in the warehouse and tries to help Light by killing Near/Mello, but his Death Note was replaced with a replica and he gets apprehended by the Task Force.

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