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Tobirama Senju, the Second Hokage, established the Konoha Academy. All prospective Ninja are to train here before they graduate. Here are the Youngest known Academy Graduates from the Konoha Ninja Academy. Itachi Uchiha was a Uchiha prodigy. He was additionally one of the brightest Uchiha. Itachi awakened a completely develop Sharingan at 8 years old. He also graduated on from the Konoha Academy at the age of 7 years old, making him one of the youngest ninja ever Graduates. Despite the fact that Might Guy was thought to be a disappointment when he was a child, he worked hard. That, alongside the he worked hard and effort he put in, made him one of the Youngest alumni from the Konoha Academy, at 7 years old. He is additionally tied with Itachi Uchiha for being one of the youngest ninja ever Graduates. Yamato, formerly also known as Tenzō, was a test experiment of Orochimaru. He was injected with the DNA of Hashirama Senju at a youthful age. This allows him to use the force of Wood Release. The Legendary Sannin all graduated the Academy together. They were all tremendous Ninja, furthermore held in high regard as they had loads of potential. Orochimaru, Jiraiya, and Tsunade graduated together, at 6 years old. Hiruzen Sarutobi additionally prepared them all after they graduated. The Sannin didn't quit advancing there, furthermore went ahead to end up the most strongest Shinobi of their period. Amazingly, Kakashi Hatake moved on from the Academy at only 5 years old. Kakashi was a skilled Ninja, similar to his dad, Sakumo Hatake. Minato Namikaze additionally prepared Kakashi Hatake after his graduation. Kakashi also gained a rival in Might Guy and they went ahead to conflict a few times later on. There's nothing more to it. It would be ideal if you leave a remark furthermore keep in mind to subscribe to our blog.

Sword Art Online is a Japanese light novel series written by Reki Kawahara with accompanying illustrations drawn by abec. The series takes place in the near-future and focuses on various virtual reality MMORPG worlds. ASCII Media Works began publishing the novels on April 10, 2009 under their Dengeki Bunko imprint. Russia. With more than 16 million copies in print worldwide, there are future plans for publications in Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Vietnam and others. Kawahara also began writing a parallel series of light novels titled Sword Art Online: Progressive, a spin-off that focuses on the clearing of Aincrad, unlike the Aincrad stories of the main series. As of June 10, 2021, eight volumes have been published as part of the Progressive series. In addition to the original storyline of Sword Art Online and Sword Art Online: Progressive, Kawahara has also written and published Sword Art Online side stories. Accel World, have been sold at Comitia, Dengeki Bunko's Fair and have come along with the limited edition Blu-Ray/DVD Sword Art Online compilation volumes.

However, all of the art in the Material Editions is drawn by Kawahara himself.

Before Sword Art Online was published, Kawahara had posted Sword Art Online novels on his website and there are still a few side stories on Sword Art Online, although the original novels have been removed. In addition, Kawahara has published a side story of Sword Art Online in one of his other works, Accel World. In the tenth volume of Accel World, there is a chapter where it depicts a cross over between Sword Art Online and Accel World. Several of the side stories that he has released are in a collection called the Sword Art Online Material Edition, sold at the Comitia dōjinshi-selling event, which range from novels to manga. However, all of the art in the Material Editions is drawn by Kawahara himself. Aside from the light novels written by Kawahara, there are also two spin-offs written by other authors with supervision by him. The first one is Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online series written by Keiichi Sigsawa and illustrated by Kouhaku Kuroboshi, while the other is Sword Art Online Alternative: Clover's Regret, written by Watase Souichirou and illustrated by Ginta. While both of these series take place in the same world as the main series written by Kawahara, they each feature different characters as the focus compared to the main series.

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Afterword of the first light novel volume.(April 2009).1〉をむンクラッド (ι›»ζ’ƒζ–‡εΊ«) (in Japanese).26 V (in Japanese).(October 2012).1 (ι›»ζ’ƒζ–‡εΊ«) (in Japanese).(June 2021). 8 (ι›»ζ’ƒζ–‡εΊ«) (in Japanese). Kawahara, Reki.(in Japanese).

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Sword Art Online 5. Yen On.(December 2010). (6) (ι›»ζ’ƒζ–‡εΊ«) (in Japanese). Sword Art Online 6. Yen On.(April 2011).7γ€‰γƒžγ‚ΆγƒΌγ‚Ίγƒ»γƒ­γ‚Άγƒͺγ‚ͺ (ι›»ζ’ƒζ–‡εΊ«) (in Japanese). Sword Art Online 7. Yen On.(August 2011).8〉をーγƒͺγƒΌγƒ»γ‚’γƒ³γƒ‰γƒ»γƒ¬γ‚€γƒˆ (ι›»ζ’ƒζ–‡εΊ«) (in Japanese). Sword Art Online 8. Yen On.(10 February 2012).(9) (ι›»ζ’ƒζ–‡εΊ«) (in Japanese). Sword Art Online 9. Yen On.(July 2012).10〉をγƒͺシゼーション・ランニング (ι›»ζ’ƒζ–‡εΊ«) (in Japanese).

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Sword Art Online 18. Yen On.

Sword Art Online 16. Yen On.17 (in Japanese). Sword Art Online 17. Yen On.18 (in Japanese). Sword Art Online 18. Yen On. Yen Press (November 12, 2019). "Hi! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Sword Art Online 18 is being released January 7th. We'll be sure to have the paperback listing on our site updated as soon as possible".19 (in Japanese). Sword Art Online 19. Yen On.20 (in Japanese). Sword Art Online 20. Yen On.21 (in Japanese).22 (in Japanese).

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