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As of November 2018, she is married to Ryūnosuke Tanaka and has changed her name to Kiyoko Tanaka (Japanese: (たなか) (きよこ), Tanaka Kiyoko). She currently works as a sports store employee. Kiyoko is a girl of average height with shoulder-length black hair that she tucks behind on the left side while the rest hangs on the right side with a single small hair piece hanging in the middle. She has gray eyes with visible long eyelashes, a distinct mole located on the lower left side of her chin and she wears square-rimmed glasses with pink rims and bridge. She is most commonly described as an extremely attractive, albeit "erotic" girl who would often garner a lot of attention from both male and female students; including from other school teams. Because of her appearance, Karasuno High is generally known as the team with the beautiful manager. Prior to her first appearance, she is seen wearing a white tracksuit with a single periwinkle stripe on both the sleeves of her jacket and on her sweatpants. After that, she is most commonly seen to wear the Karasuno's volleyball club uniform from then on. Outside of club activities, Kiyoko is seen wearing a pair black tights with her school uniform, regardless of the season.

She was not seen wearing the glasses she commonly wears and she had her hair tied up in a ponytail.

This is mainly due to hiding the scars that she received from her days as a hurdle jumper. During her days as a track athlete, as shown in a flashback, she was shown wearing a sky blue colored tracksuit with purple tennis shoes and cyan blue accents. She was not seen wearing the glasses she commonly wears and she had her hair tied up in a ponytail. When Daichi had first recruited Kiyoko into being a team manager during their first year in high school, after she retired from track, she was seen wearing her hair in two pigtails. In her third year, she would be seen to occasionally wearing her hair up in a ponytail. Post-timeskip, her hair is seen cut short to about chin-length with bangs swept to the right side and she no longer wears her glasses or leggings. Kiyoko is generally known for her aloof and straightforward personality as she is known to be serious and passionate about her position as the volleyball club's team manager. She is also shown to care a lot about the team members in the volleyball club.

Even going as far as to fix and wash up Karasuno's banner in order to boost up the team's morale. Surprisingly enough, she's shown to be very shy when it comes to giving a speech, such as when she wished the volleyball team to do their best. After Kiyoko recruits Hitoka Yachi and she later joins the volleyball team, she begins to open herself up a lot more and is seen smiling and talking more often, even cracking jokes to let Yachi ease up whenever the latter feels anxious. It can also be noted that Kiyoko is surprisingly strong and capable, as she was quick enough to knock a ball flying towards Yachi without flinching, which may be due to her past as a track athlete. Kiyoko was previously a member of her middle school's track and field team and specialized in jumping over hurdles. As a result, she would injure her legs often which, in several scars. Because of the team's large size and her inability to talk to others, she wasn't necessarily close to any of the other members on the team. In her first year at Karasuno, she was recruited by Daichi to become the manager for the boys volleyball team. As she didn't know anything about volleyball prior to becoming the manager, she mostly self-taught herself about everything involved with playing volleyball; such as rules, regulations, referee signals, etc.

39;s glad things have finally been resolved.

Kiyoko fully appears after Hinata and Kageyama are kicked out of the gym. Kiyoko later brings in the uniforms for the first-years. At the end of the match, Daichi notes that he's glad things have finally been resolved. He thanks Sugawara and Kiyoko for sharing a look with the setter before they both place their hands on Daichi's shoulders, surprising him. At Daichi's request, Kiyoko attempts to encourage Hinata right before the match, hoping to ease the first-year's anxiety. Kiyoko joins the team in attending the practice match against Nekoma. Although she was unaware of it, she was the one who caused Yamamoto to lose his bet with Shibayama and Inuoka when he wagered his Haagen Dazs ice cream (Yakisoba bread in the anime) on whether or not Karasuno had a female manager. Even though Yamamoto lost the bet, he still became fatuated with Kiyoko though she only acknowledged him in a greeting. During the match, she took careful notes of the scoring and things the team needed to work on. Kiyoko helps the team during their pre-game warm-ups. Although she does not appear much during the first set, she is seen clapping when Asahi is able to get an attack in after Aone jumped to block Hinata when it looked like the middle blocker would get the set. Before the match is about to begin, Takeda and Kiyoko are watching the warm-ups and Takeda notices that Oikawa takes good care of his teammates, which confuses Kiyoko.

As she mentors Yachi, Kiyoko is noted to be more cheerful and relaxed.

During the third set, Yamaguchi helps Kiyoko get towels for Karasuno. With the third-years deciding to stay on the team until the Spring Tournament, Kiyoko took it upon herself to find someone who would be interested in becoming the new manager for the volleyball team. Even with Hinata's help, she was unsuccessful in finding someone until she came across Yachi. Although Yachi had absentmindedly agreed to become a manager on a trial basis, Kiyoko was grateful and introduced Yachi to the team later, where she would reveal to them that she wanted to find someone who would continue to help the team grow once she had graduated. As she mentors Yachi, Kiyoko is noted to be more cheerful and relaxed. She is seen smiling and talking more often, to the joy of Tanaka and Nishinoya. During the training camps at Nekoma High and Shinzen High, Kiyoko continues to help Yachi gain more knowledge about volleyball by explaining technical terms and playing techniques. They both are seen helping the Karasuno players with team or individual practices, and interacting with the managers of the other teams during the barbeque.

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For most of Karasuno's matches to qualify for the Spring Tournament, Kiyoko is mostly seen carrying out her tasks as the manager by taking notes and helping the players with things they need. She did have one run-in with Johzenji captain Terushima who wanted her phone number but was saved by Hinata when he stepped in to help her when Tanaka and Nishinoya were not present. During the match, she mostly appears to take notes but at one point helped Kageyama when his nose began bleeding from having been hit by the ball when trying to block. Prior to the match starting, Kiyoko hears Yachi voice how she notices the team seems more quiet and serious than ever before. Kiyoko agrees with the younger girl and suspects it's due to the team preparing for their match against Seijoh and explains how Karasuno had previously lost to the during the Interhigh Tournament and the loss heavily weighed on many of them. When Karasuno was about to face Aoba Johsai in their second match against each other, Kiyoko protected Yachi from a ball that nearly hit her at the same time that Yahaba attempted to flirt with the first-year girl. Trying to make Daichi feel better about having cried in his sleep on the bus home, Kiyoko admits that she once did that herself while mourning for the loss of her pet bird. During the fifth and final set, Kiyoko sees that Sugawara is nervous to play in as Karasuno's starting setter so she holds the outside of his hands to comfort him.

As Kiyoko escorts Tsukishima out of the court to get his hand treated, Tsukishima is worried about how the game is going to turn out and Kiyoko assures him that the team won't have lost by the time he gets back. Kiyoko assists in helping gather the measurements of each individual player for the Spring Tournament pamphlet. She is so impressed at hearing Kageyama was invited to attend the All-Japan Youth Camp that she is rendered nearly speechless. For majority of the time before the Spring Tournament, Kiyoko is mostly seen fulfilling her duties as manager. She would later join Daichi, Sugawara, and Asahi in a visit to a local shrine for New Years. At hearing how the three men were asking the greater forces for luck during the tournament, Kiyoko is able to inspire them to have faith in their own abilities. When the team arrives in Tokyo, Kiyoko is able to bond more with Yachi; revealing to the younger girl that she was a track athlete in middle school but had never been close to anyone on the team. From having gotten scars from jumping hurdles, Kiyoko began wearing leggings in order to cover them but got so use to wearing leggings that she continued wearing them even during the summer. From having such fun talking with Yachi, Kiyoko encourages them to spend more time together after the team claims their first victory. When a young boy had mistakenly taken Hinata's bag containing his sneakers, Kiyoko volunteered to go meet the boy and his mother at the gym the team had previously been practicing at and get the bag back.

After the match, Kiyoko reunites with a relieved Yachi.

Yachi had offered to go instead but Kiyoko decided against it. She instead appoints Yachi to take her place as the team manager for the game as it would give the younger girl the chance to get used to being the team manager. Kiyoko is able to meet the boy and his mother and get Hinata's shoes but misses the bus to return to the stadium. Because of this, Kiyoko is forced to run back to the stadium but knew she would make it back thanks to the speed and stamina she had accumulated from being a track athlete in middle school. Kiyoko is able to make it back to the stadium just as the team is about to go onto the court for the game and tosses Hinata's bag to Yachi. Hinata and Yamaguchi thank Kiyoko for her efforts. After the match, Kiyoko reunites with a relieved Yachi. While Kiyoko is not shown much during the match, she does notice how some of the players are struggling against Inarizaki. During the first set, she sees how Tanaka is greatly affected from being repeatedly blocked and denied sets but showed support when he was finally able to make his cross shot work; revealing to Takeda that she is fully aware of how strong Tanaka really is. When Tanaka was finally able to perform the cross shot and win the first set, Kiyoko confesses that she knows Tanaka will always be able to make it through things just fine.

Tanaka asks Kiyoko if he could carry the medics aid bag and after hesitating she accepts.

Kiyoko later is seen happily celebrating the team's victory when they won the match. After Asahi attempted a feint shot, Kiyoko feels confident that Karasuno will not give up attacking no matter how many times Nekoma is able to dig their spikes; acknowledging that the players of Karasuno have great pride and actually become more fired up when playing against a team with a strong defense. In the second set, Kiyoko notices how the team is not letting their exhaustion wear down their focus but also that Hinata in particular seems to be the most affected in the game thanks to Nekoma's tactics. When Karasuno eventually won the match, Kiyoko is shown bowing in respect. As Karasuno's match against Kamomedai is about to start, Kiyoko notices Kageyama writing something and Hinata explains how he keeps a volleyball journal, which surprises Kiyoko at and admits that she'd expect Kageyama to be more of a player that didn't think before he acted. During the game's third set, Hinata turns out to have a fever and Kiyoko rushes to get him medical aid. Tanaka asks Kiyoko if he could carry the medics aid bag and after hesitating she accepts. When they walk away together, Tanaka comments that the bag is surprisingly light and Kiyoko reminds him that it's what she always says. Shortly after the tournament, the third years officially retire from the team and graduate high school. Kiyoko is revealed to currently be working as a sports store employee and to have married Tanaka.

She and Tanaka go to the Jackals and Alders game and reunite with several of their former teammates. She shares a look of surprise when seeing Hinata receive Kageyama's first serve. She and the former Karasuno players then proceed to welcome him back. During the first set of the game, Kiyoko notices that Hinata's form has improved so well that she comments he looks similar to Ushijima and Asahi when they were at the peak of a game. After the game, Kiyoko is seen to no longer wear leggings and instead has embraced the scars she had received during her time as a track athlete; noting Yachi having once called scars badges of honor. Later, Kiyoko and Tanaka watch the Olympic women's volleyball match and proudly support Kanoka during the game. With Daichi and Sugawara, they then watch the men's volleyball match and also receive a photo of Asahi and Nishinoya in Egypt. Being a former track member, Kiyoko has impressive speed, jumping, and stamina where she has fast reflexes that enable her to stop stray volleyballs from hitting her or Hitoka Yachi.

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