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Lettering boom. comic text sound effects.He once had a terrifying reputation as a brutal pirate, earning him the nickname "Tyrant" Kuma. He has the body of a cyborg type called a Pacifista which was developed by the government scientist, Dr. Vegapunk. After being modified by Vegapunk, Kuma is now completely the first Pacifista cyborg, with the series name "PX-0", and is presumed dead in the process. 6.4 Translation and Dub issues. Kuma is a large man, almost 7 meters in height and dark brown skin. After Moria was expelled, Kuma became the tallest Shichibukai (an inch shorter than Moriah) and was usually seen carrying a Bible. His appearance resembles that of a bear with shoulder-length black curls. His eyes looked strange like he was wearing glasses. He wears a hat that has a pair of round ears, with the same brown polka dots pattern as his pants, wears a thick black jacket, long sleeves and white stripes on the front. There are also some foot prints lining the lower hem of the jacket. Usually he wears a pair of gray gloves and gray shoes too. He has a long protruding chin and bears a "PX-0" tattoo on the left side of the base of his throat. In the anime, Kuma's hair and jacket are black, with a gray hat and purple Bible cover. In the manga, Kuma was initially shown by Oda to have a completely different color scheme. Kuma's hair is brown, his jacket is bright orange, his hat is yellow with green polka dots and his translation of the Bible is solid gold. Then in the next chapters of the manga the coat was changed to be more similar to the one in the anime although the design was not changed. Bartholomew Kuma is known for his brutality when he was a pirate in the past. However, Kuma is a very calm and quiet person. He can also be seen as a kind-hearted character, compared to the other Shichibukai.

39;s loyalty does not extend to the Marines.

This assumption can be deduced through several of his actions, in particular when he saved the Straw Hat Pirates' lives on two separate occasions. When he speaks he shows almost no emotion and usually uses the target word in his sentences. He also has a unique habit of asking where someone is going if he wants to travel, before actually sending them off with his abilities. Sometimes he would send them to a place of his own choosing whether that person would like it or not. He is known as a Shichibukai who is loyal in obeying the orders of the World Government. Even so, Kuma still tries to uphold his own ideas (described as Moral Justice) whenever possible. Like when Blackbeard's acceptance into a Shichibukai he called it a very bad decision from the government. However, Kuma's loyalty does not extend to the Marines. He does not hesitate to lie to them, as he showed to Sengoku when he refused to hand over the Straw Hat Pirates or when he refused to answer direct questions from Admiral Kizaru in the Sabaody Archipelago. Many mysteries are hidden behind Kuma's character. Like his motivation when he was willing to be the subject of a government experiment. He was also able to make a Silvers Rayleigh believe in him during the battle on the Sabaody Archipelago. Kuma is shown to be a good lieutenant, successfully deceiving the World Government about his affiliation with the revolutionary army for many years while occupying the position of Shichibukai. He also showed great dedication when protecting the Thousand Sunny until the return of the Straw Hat Pirates.

After the modification process is complete, he loses his personality, memory and free will like a human, making him like a "living weapon" in the form of a pacifista, who only follows government orders. Donquixote Doflamingo described his state as "dead". Long ago Bartholomew Kuma was a member of the Revolutionary Army under Monkey D. Dragon. When Dragon visited the kingdom of Goa, he was seen attending with them on the ship. As a revolutionary member, of course he knew other members such as Emporio Ivankov and Inazuma. As Ivankov admitted that he knew Kuma very well when he met him in the battle at Marineford. Kuma seems to know a lot about Luffy, such as Luffy's relationship with Dragon, and tries to protect him. When ordered to get rid of the Straw Hat Pirates at Thriller Bark, he chose to let them go. And also when attacked by Kizaru and Sentomaru in the Sabaody Archipelago, he helped them escape. He also made a deal with Dr. Vegapunk to program him to protect the Thousand Sunny until the Straw Hat Pirates' crew members return to the Sabaody Archipelago before the final stages of his modification are complete. Kuma seemed to have some knowledge of where the other Shichibukai lived. Like when he sent Luffy to Amazon Lily, where Boa Hancock lived, and Zoro was sent to Kuraigana island where Dracule Mihawk lived. It is unknown if he had been to that place before. Another Shichibukai, Donquixote Doflamingo knows the modification process that Kuma is going through and the personality changes in Kuma. However, he did not know of Kuma's involvement with the Revolutionaries.

However, he was previously a member of the Revolutionaries who hated the government very much.

When in Thriller Bark, Kuma and Moriah seem to know each other well. Moriah stated that Kuma was a Shichibukai who would do whatever the government ordered, so he couldn't be trusted. Kuma offered his help overcoming the Straw Hat Pirates and Moriah turned down in a huff. Moriah who felt insulted even turned to challenge Kuma, although Kuma was not affected by the intimidation tactic. After being completely modified into a pacifista, Kuma became a mainstay weapon for the World Government. However, he was previously a member of the Revolutionaries who hated the government very much. The reason for pretending to be a government tool is unknown. So also his motivation when he agreed to be part of the first Pacifista project, is still a mystery. Prior to the final modification, Kuma had openly admitted to following the orders of the World Government, but felt no obligation to submit to the Navy. He refused to cooperate with the Navy unless given direct orders from the government. After being modified into a full-fledged Pacifista, he is now a slave to both the World Government and the Navy, and does whatever he is told. Kuma seems to have a pretty good relationship with Dr. Vegapunk. Vegapunk is willing to fulfill his last wish as a human to program Kuma to protect the Straw Hats' ship until they return. It is very possible that Vegapunk had great respect for Kuma's power when turning him into a Pacifista prototype and he allowed Kuma to do things against the World Government. Kuma is one of the few people capable of defeating the Straw Hat Pirates, and also the only character to have defeated them twice. However, at that time all the Straw Hat crew members were in an unprepared state because they had just finished fighting (at the first meeting, they had just finished defeating the Moriah Pirates, and at the second meeting, they had just finished fighting the Pacifista and were facing Kizaru and Sentomaru).

Even when compared to other superhumans, Kuma is quite strong.

As a Shichibukai, Kuma is shown as one of the strongest characters in the story. Kuma also has fast reflexes such as when he was able to deflect Luffy's "Gear Second" attack with ease. He has a high reputation that is frightening even to other powerful and well-known pirates like Eustass Kid, who looks daunted when he witnesses the arrival of the Pacifista whom he mistook for Kuma in the Sabaody Archipelago. In addition, he used to be a commander of the Revolutionary forces who had the power to lead a number of other troops. Bartholomew Kuma has extraordinary physical toughness. Even when compared to other superhumans, Kuma is quite strong. A powerful kick Sanji on his head, did not cause any effect on the contrary, it was Sanji who was in pain. Zoro's sword attack "Ittōryū Lai: Shishi Sonson", a technique that can cut through steel, only inflicts a scratch on Kuma. While at Sabaody Archipelago, he showed good reflexes when dodging Monkey D. Luffy's "Gear Second" attack. Kuma's fighting style is reminiscent of that of a sumo wrestler. He mounted the stance by spreading his legs, planted them firmly on the ground, then bent down with one hand in front. This style is exactly the same as Sentomaru's fighting style.

After the timeskip, Kuma, who finished his mission to protect the Thousand Sunny, was still able to walk despite being severely damaged. Kuma ate the Paramecia-type Devil Fruit "Nikyu Nikyu no Mi", giving him a palm cushion that gives him the power to "bounce" anything, including the air around him, at high speed. The power of this fruit also allows him to propel himself so that he can change locations in the blink of an eye. In addition, he can make others "disappear" by slapping him, sending them flying to another location very far away. Because it has the ability to "reflect" anything, it can even reflect pain and fatigue from one's body. Like when he took all the pain that Luffy suffered from the battle at Thriller Bark from his body and made him completely heal. By hitting the air forward repeatedly, he can hit the enemy using high-speed air from a distance called "Pad Hou". He can also create a large air bubble and with high pressure compress it the size of a fist and then release it as a powerful bomb. This attack he named the "Ursus Shock", an attack powerful enough to ravage an island in Thriller Bark or when incapacitating Little Oars Jr. Marineford. In addition, with his palms, he exhibits the ability to block all physical attacks, such as punches, sword strikes or gunfire. Due to being modified into a Pacifista, he can also shoot laser beams through his mouth. This laser beam is powerful enough to melt a piece of metal, as well as cause a large explosion.

At that time they were an early part of the revolutionary movement.

Unlike the Pacifista, he cannot shoot his laser through his hands or eyes. This laser beam is the result of the development of Kizaru's power by Dr. Vegapunk applied to Pacifista. According to Perona, when he was still a pirate Kuma was known as a tyrannical pirate who was famous for his brutality. Because of that he was nicknamed "Tyrant Kuma". Whether this story is true or not is yet to be proven. Approximately twelve years prior to the current story time, Kuma with Monkey D. Dragon and Emporio Ivankov and other members of the Revolutionaries visited the kingdom of Goa. He also witnessed the fire at the Gray terminal and helped the victims aboard the revolutionary ship. At that time they were an early part of the revolutionary movement. It is unknown if Kuma remained in Dragon's crew when starting the attack against the World Government. Although he later found out that Luffy was Dragon's son when he became a Shichibukai, considering that other crew members such as Ivankov didn't know it, showing the mysteriousness of his relationship with Dragon. However, this assumption could be wrong if he obtained that knowledge from the Marines, such as from Sengoku or Monkey D. Garp who was Luffy's grandfather. He later became a Shichibukai and was known to be loyal to the government.

This is ironic considering he was previously known to hate the government (as Emporio Ivankov stated during the battle at Marineford). Then his involvement deepened when he voluntarily allowed his body to undergo a government experiment into a living weapon called the Pacifista project. This modification process was carried out in stages by the government's genius scientist, Dr. Vegapunk, with each body part altered one by one, and the head part undergoing the final stage. Kuma was introduced as a Shichibukai during a meeting at Mariejois. Like Donquixote Doflamingo and later Dracule Mihawk, he was present at the meeting discussing Crocodile's defeat in Alabasta. Just then, their conversation was interrupted by someone's presence. The person is identified by vice admiral Tsuru as Laffitte, a policeman known for his violent ways from West Blue. Laffitte nominated his captain Blackbeard to fill the vacant Shichibukai position. They refused because Blackbeard did not have a reputation and his name was not known. However, Laffitte tries to make sure that they are working on it in the near future and to keep the name of the Blackbeard Pirates in mind. Carrying orders from the World Government to inform Gekko Moriah of Crocodile's replacement, Kuma comes to Thriller Bark. Arriving there, he asked some of Perona's servant Zombies, who were loading treasure onto the Thousand Sunny about their master's whereabouts. But he met resistance and was forced to deal with them. Then he got off the ship and stood behind Perona who was facing Nami. Seeing from Nami's surprised reaction and hearing reports from his subordinates about Kuma's actions, he looked angry and wanted to retaliate but fell to his knees in fear after knowing the identity of the person he was about to face. By Perona, Kuma is introduced as a royal Shichibukai, a man who was notorious for his brutality when he was a pirate.

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