Who Is Kawaki Girlfriend

KawaSumi (川澄 KawaSumi) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Kawaki Uzumaki and Sumire Kakei. In episode 190, Kawaki was sent to the Scientific Ninja Lab for a checkup and to cure him after he collapsed because of the fight he had against Garo. After Kawaki woke up, Sumire, Boruto and Mitsuki were sent to feed Kawaki, but Kawaki aggressively causing everything to fall and hurt Sumire. Boruto grabbed him by his shoulder angrily asking him what is going on with him, but Sumire and Mitsuki ordered him to stop because Kawaki was weak due to his drained energy. After a couple of minutes, Kawaki offers to go to the bathroom, but instead he escapes from Boruto and Mitsuki's sight. Boruto, Sumire and Mitsuki visiting Kawaki. Sumire went running after Kawaki to stop him, and both found each other on the stair case. Kawaki was warned Sumire to step back because he didn't want to hurt her, but soon found themselves indulging in a physical fight. Soon enough, Sumire overpowered Kawaki and pinned him against the floor and grabbed both of his hands, warning him to obey them or else threatened to restrain him.

Kawaki admited he thought she was meek and bluntly accused her of being a wild. Moments later, he used a scientific ninja tool, shoving her towards the wall, hurting her back. When Kawaki was ready to leave, Nue appeared and bit his arm causing his arm to bleed profuriously. Sumire stood up and ordered Nue to stop biting him, but Nue threw Kawaki, resulting in his handcuffs to break. Kawaki stood up and told her she is a monster for keeping that beast, just like him. Sumire was shocked by his words, and Kawaki got the chance to escape. Sumire told to herself she will go for Kawaki no matter what. Sumire went after Kawaki. She saw drops of Kawaki's blood scattered on the ground, and came to a conclusion that he still didn't leave Ryutan as the blood droplet was still fresh. She also figured out that he will take time to recover and is not ready to fight yet. Kawaki's words of calling her a monster still lingered in her head. Kawaki was roaming around, looking for food. Soon enough, a stray dog ​​stole a sausage from a meat shop. The meat shop owner came across the dog and was ready to chase it, but Sumire stopped him, asking what if he hurts the dog. The man angrily shoved her away and continued chasing the dog. Kawaki on the other hand was losing all his energy and consciousness, but came across the dog, which was having the meat sausage.

Kawaki and Sumire staring at the stray dog.

Kawaki asks if it was for him, but the owner caused a wound on the dog's body and held it upside down, trying to take the meat from it. Kawaki scared away the man, as Sumire watches in amazement at how he defended the animal, while also having a sad look of pity, feeling that the way the dog was treated might be similar with Kawaki's past,probably explaining the boy's anger. Kawaki angrily asks Sumire if she wants to get killed by him. But Sumire told that healing the dog is important now. She healed the dog by medical foam, and held Kawaki's hand to check his wound, but he jerked her hand away, but Sumire rolled up his sleeve and was amazed by how quick his wounds were healing. She also apologized for Nue's behavior. Kawaki scared the dog away and Sumire told him that he didn't need to do that. Sumire held his hand, and Kawaki was still adamant in not going back despite receiving a favor from her. He took the sausage and ate it and was amazed by its taste. Kawaki and Sumire staring at the stray dog. Sumire informed him that Naruto is coming to Ryutan to talk to him.

Sumire replied by telling she felt that he might have had a painful past just like her.

But Kawaki still acted casual and called it stupid. Sumire assured him that he is a very understanding person and will help him for sure but Kawaki told her that he doesn't trust adults as well as kids. Sumire understands him and feels that he has trust issues. Kawaki ordered her to stop fooling him. Sumire narrated her story, saying that she was being implanted with Gozu Tenno, and was implanted to just satisfy her father's thrist to destroy Konoha. She also told him that she was trusted by her father and had no choice but to follow his orders, also telling that she almost destroyed Konoha. But, Boruto and the others saved her and he helped her walk towards the right path. Kawaki asked her as to why she is telling all this. Sumire replied by telling she felt that he might have had a painful past just like her. Kawaki asked her to stop and told that she knows nothing about him. But, she, wanted him to tell her his story.

Boruto came at the right time and ordered Kawaki to let go of her.

Kawaki was about to walk away, but Sumire stopped him, knowing very well that his wounds might've not healed yet. Kawaki stopped, and held his injured hand, feeling dizzy. She asked him to wait and offered him a nutrient supplier. She was about to inject him but Kawaki grabbed her neck and harshly pinned her against the fence, lashing out that he doesn't want anything to be injected inside him. Nue got angry, but Sumire pleaded him to not do anything to him now. She painfully assured him that she didn't want to harm him, but he refused to listen to her and continued strangling her. Boruto came at the right time and ordered Kawaki to let go of her. Soon, the Konoha policemen surrounded them. Kawaki wrongly assumed that Sumire did all this to distract him and stall for time. He choked her harder, her back hitting the fence. Nue reached his limits and bit Kawaki's hand in his house pet form, but Kawaki easily jerked him away. The policemen were ready to fire at him, but Sarada asked them to stop as Sumire was with him as well. They started firing, but Kawaki managed to escape. She soon woke with Boruto, Naruto and Sai alongside. Sumire explains to Naruto that Kawaki is not rampaging by his own will and requests him to talk to Kawaki before taking any action as she feels that he has a type of sadness inside him. When Boruto reminded Sumire that Kawaki tried to strangle her, she ignored it and told that she knew that look because she was just like him, and begged Naruto to hear everything that Kawaki has to say.

39;s nano-tech body would cause Kawaki pain, Sumire offers Kawaki pain medicine to ease the burden.

Naruto met with Kawaki and had a small fight with him, but Kawaki fell unconscious due to the drain in his energy. Sumire felt relieved, and Boruto was wondering as to what was happening. Sumire explained that Kawaki was having an intense sadness rooted deep inside him. In the anime, the team 7 was in the hospital being cured from early the fight. Kawaki was about to get injected by a painkiller from Sumire, but he declined the offer, and went downstairs and found Boruto. Shikadai and Inojin brought some cards downstairs the hospital to cheer up Boruto and Kawaki after their fight, and the four of them started playing. Sumire saw them and damanded the other boys to not make any noise as Kawaki needs rest. Everyone bade goodbye, while Kawaki and Sumire headed to his hospital suite. Kawaki questions Sumire as to why the boys referred to her as the 'Class Rep'. Sumire smiled gently at him and responded that she was the class representative in their academy days. Few moments later, Kawaki asked Sumire if she can inject her some of the vaccine which he declined earlier. After Kawaki and Team 7 rescue Naruto, they return to Konoha for treatment. Sumire and Katasuke tend to Kawaki and run tests on him to see his compatibility with his prosthetic arm. After determining that the incompatible nature of Naruto's prosthetic and Kawaki's nano-tech body would cause Kawaki pain, Sumire offers Kawaki pain medicine to ease the burden. Kawaki declined, saying that his body was tough enough to manage it, saying that "for better or for worse" his body is made to withstand heavy injury without dying.

Sumire frowns and gives Kawaki a look of sympathy. The conversation ends short when Boruto runs in and announces that Naruto is awake. Kawaki and Sumire smile and greet Naruto when he comes in, and Sumire watches as Kawaki and Boruto begin to playfully banter with each other. Shikamaru interrupts and tells Kawaki they'll need to keep him under surveyance for the time being. Sumire frowns sympathetically again when Kawaki agrees to those terms. Suddenly, Ino sends a transmission saying that Amado is holding Shikadai hostage. Sumire explains to Boruto what "seeking asylum" means while Kawaki tries to figure out why Amado is doing it. Boruto, Sumire, and Kawaki all go together to watch from outside the glass as Amado is interrogated by Shikamaru, Naruto, and Sasuke. They are shocked to learn about the alien parasites and the apparent goals of the Otsutsuki clan that Amado talks about and surprised to watch Kashin Koji's fight be projected. When Amado begins to talk about the Karma, Boruto looks at the one on his palm, while Kawaki and Sumire both look at Boruto. All three are disheartened by the warning that the karma would eventually turn Boruto into Momoshiki. Irritated by all the revelations and concerned that Amado is a traitor, Kawaki barges into the room while Sumire and Boruto watch. Sasuke ends the altercation and Kawaki faints and loses his Karma during Jigen and Koji's fight. After Kawaki lost his karma and collapsed, he woke up in a basement made up for hiding from attacks.

There were Amado, Shikamaru, Katasuke, Sumire, Kawaki and 2 other shinobis taking data from the outside with a computer. Inside there, Amado told him that Naruto, Sasuke and Boruto were fighting with Isshiki, and that he no longer had the "karma". This totally worried Kawaki, but Amado told him they had a chance if they could make Isshiki's life time reduce in some way, since he only got 3 days left of living. Until they noticed that he was planning on using an tsutsuki to feed the divine tree. Sumire suddenly realized that Isshiki was planning on using Boruto, since he's the container of Momoshiki, worrying everyone in the room except Amado that already knew it. Amado applauds her deductive skills. When Amado takes an interest in Kawaki's prosthetic arm, Sumire asks if he can restore Kawaki's own arm, which Amado says he can. Suddenly, a rift opened up from that prosthetic arm, engulfing Kawaki and transporting him away, much to Sumire's shock. After the fight, a week later, it has been revealed that Sumire is Kawaki's caretaker. As she treats him, she warned him that a certain syringe might sting. Kawaki ordered her to go ahead, telling her that he is not some snotty nosed brat, and a flustered Sumire apologises. Amado orders Kawaki to be kind with Sumire, calling her brilliant and saying that without her he would be stuck in a world of troubles.

Kawaki ordered Amado to stop ordering around and added that Sumire was Katasuke's staff, so wondering why Amado was taking her to be his assistant. Katasuke assures him that it is an advantage to have her in his care team, and that working together to Amado to help take care of Kawaki is what Sumire herself wanted. Despite Sumire telling Kawaki that she can only do small things, she assured him that he does not need to worry from now on, but also said that it would be best if he avoided getting hurt. Kawaki stared at her. She also wished to learn and hear a lot about Boruto from Kawaki, blushing. Kawaki stopped staring at her and bluntly asks Sumire if she likes Boruto, which embarassed her. She asked him to stop saying it so bluntly and requested it to be kept as a secret between them. Katasuke laughed off, but was very sure that her crush on Boruto was very obviously known to everyone. Kawaki said he didn't care about it, but there was indeed a change in his mood. He left after wearing his jacket, and Sumire noticed a change in his behavior. When Amado called out to tell Kawaki something, both Sumire and Kawaki took notice. They seemed suspicious of Amado when he decided not to tell Kawaki what he had wanted to say. Time passed by and Sumire and Amado were taking care of Kawaki. After a bad dream, Kawaki woke up desperately, and Sumire worriedly checked on him.

Kawaki told her it was just a nightmare. He started discussing with Amado about the fact Kawaki will always be Isshiki's vessel. In anger, Kawaki pushed Amado to the wall, and Sumire shocked shouted his name so he would stop. After the incident, Kawaki left the room, and Sumire sadly watched him leaving. Moments after he left, Sumire asked Amado what's his intention with Kawaki, and why he wants to restore Kawaki's karma. Amado tried changing the subject, but Sumire loudly told him not to do it, and he explained to her. Later she admitted she's really worried about Kawaki and Boruto, and that she decided from her own will she wants to help Kawaki. Sumire chose to work with Amado of her own accord because of her suspicion of his ulterior motives and her concern for Kawaki and Boruto's wellbeing. Sumire after Kawaki escaped from the Lab, she decided to go after him all by herself. Kawaki admitted she was pretty strong despite her meek appearance. Kawaki compared Sumire with him.

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