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Kalim wears a very ornate, dark red half-turban decorated with jewels and two parrot feathers tied around short and choppy white hair. He has dark skin, decorated with white markings resembling henna on both his arms. He wears a black and gold open long vest, and a belt resembling safety tape wrapped around his torso/waist, with the long end trailing down. The belt is imprinted with the name of his dorm, along with a snake insignia. Under his vest, he wears a white tank top with a dark red halter top underneath. A dark red cloth is wrapped around his waist with a snake symbol on it as well. He wears black parachute pants with red flame designs and black sandals with a gold scarab design. He has many different articles of golden jewelry. When first introduced, Kalim is one of the few students in NRC who is genuinely friendly and cheerful. He seems to be quite ditsy and clumsy, resulting in Jamil needing to help him do his task as Dorm Leader of Scarabia. Despite his clumsy and ditsy personality, it is stated by the residents of Scarabia that Kalim is very helpful and supportive of his fellow dorm members, making him respected in Scarabia. However, he is also notably oblivious and nave and seems to be not very careful with his words, at one point unintentionally insulting Riddle. Resourcefulness: Kalim is quick-witted, and can easily think up creative solutions to unprecedented problems. One of the most notable executions of this talent is when he substituted missing rainbow-feathered parrots with white birds made to look "rainbow-like" using Oasis Maker and sunlight.

He seems to excel the most when it comes to coming up with plans on-the-spot, making him a dash different from other Scarabians who are used to planning beforehand. Emotional Intelligence: Kalim is incredibly empathic, especially compared to the other students. This isn't quite apparent in the beginning chapters-only ever being subtly hinted by how kindly he treats his dorm members and the Prefect-but this talent goes full-blown after Episode 4, once subsequent character development had begun to shape him. The most iconic example of this is when he empathizes with Deuce's plight in Episode 5 and gives him reliable (plus blunt) advice, something that Rook compliments him for. Persuasiveness: Despite often being passed off as ditzy and carefree, Kalim is shown to be adept at convincing others to believe one thing over another. Kalim convinces them to give him and Jamil a little more time to figure things out, under the justification that all of them have been helped by Jamil in the past, and that the holiday incident was something both he and Jamil were at fault for. If it had been anyone else but Kalim who said that, the Scarabia members wouldn't be that easily swayed. Mental Integrity: Someone who survived numerous assassination attempts and kidnappings is bound to be this, especially one who is as positive and as kind as Kalim. This mental integrity, as well as his innate humanity, is what allowed him to counter Jade's Unique Magic when it was used on him during Octavinelle's investigation, as he valued his promise to Jamil so much that he didn't yield to such powerful magic. It is heavily implied that the only reason why Jamil managed to manipulate him was because he was the sole person Kalim believed would never betray him. Kalim is one of three students (along with Rook and Silver) to use light magic for his non-element magic. Kalim's unique magic is called "Oasis Maker" (枯れない恵み(オアシス・メイカー), Oashisu Meikā; lit.

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Moon Breathing (月 (つき) (こ) (きゅう), Tsuki no koky? ) is a Breathing Style derived from the Sun Breathing used by Upper Rank One, Kokushibō, who was one of the first Demon Slayers who utilized breathing techniques. The techique allows the user to create many "chaotic blades" when slashing that varies in length and size. It is known that Kokushibō continued to develop and add techniques to the Breathing Style over the centuries as an immortal Demon. At this point in the story, it is the only known Breathing Style to possess at least 20 different techniques, easily surpassing the other Breathing Styles. It has been revealed that, like all of the other original breathing styles, the Moon Breathing also branched out of the Sun Breathing. When its creator, Michikatsu Tsugikuni, attempted to learn the Sun Breathing from his twin brother, Yoriichi Tsugikuni, he discovered he was unable to master the breathing style and so was instead trained in an alternate Breathing Style. Yoriichi created it fit and cover his individual strengths and weaknesses, and Michikatsu then continued to train and develop this breathing until it eventually evolved into its own unique Breathing Style, which he named the Moon Breathing.

First Form: Dark Moon, Evening Palace (壹 (いち) (かた) (やみ) (づき) (よい) (みや), Ichi no kata: Yamidzuki - Yoi no Miya?) - Kokushibō draws his sword and slashes swiftly in a single motion; like with all Moon Breathing techniques, numerous chaotic blades originate from the slash. This technique resembles Iaijutsu. Second Form: Pearl Flower Moongazing (貳 (に) (かた) (しゅ) (か) (ろう) (げつ), Ni no kata: Shuka no Rōgetsu?) - Kokushibō performs several slashes while sending a barrage of chaotic blades forward. Third Form: Loathsome Moon, Chains (參 (さん) (かた) (えん) (き) (づき) (つが), San no kata: Enkizuki - Tsugari?) - Kokushibō swings his sword rapidly in two gigantic crescents slashes, from which a storm of smaller crescents spread.

This technique causes huge destruction in a small area. Fourth Form: Solar Rings, Frostmoon (肆 (し) (かた) (たい) (よう) (りん) (しも) (づき), Shi no kata: Taiyōrin - Shimodzuki?) - Kokushibō performs a circular small cyclone slashes of chaotic blades straight towards his opponent. Fourth Form: Improved, Red Sun over Paradise (肆 (し) (かた) (かい) (あっき) (よう) (らく) (えん), Shi no kata kai: Akk' yō Rakuen?) - Kokushibō spins his blade slicing through the ground and ripping it out. Causing multiple 180 slashes across the area to be sented towards his opponents as chaotic blades appear when near the enemy slicing into their body. As the circular slashes spin grinding into the enemys skin.

Kokushibō performed this attack without swinging his blade.

Fifth Form: Moon Spirit Calamitous Eddy (伍 (ご) (かた) (げっ) (ぱく) (さい) (か), Go no kata: Geppaku Saika?) - Kokushibō makes multiple curved slashes layered over one another, resembling a rising vortex. Numerous chaotic blades originate from these slashes. Kokushibō performed this attack without swinging his blade. Sixth Form: Perpetual Night, Lonely Moon - Incessant (陸 (ろく) (かた) (とこ) (よ) (こ) (げつ) (む) (けん), Roku no kata: Tokoyo Kogetsu - Muken?) - Kokushib releases a wild storm of slashes in multiple directions. This technique was powerful enough to not only slice up multiple Hashira around him but also overwhelm the Wind Hashira Sanemi Shinazugawa.

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Seventh Form: Mirror of Misfortune, Moonlit (漆 (しち) (かた) (やっ) (きょう) (づき) (ば), Shichi no kata: Yakkyō - Dzukibae?) - Kokushibō swings his sword in a powerful frontal slash that then creates a multi directional frontal assault, powerful enough to create several deep gouges in the ground and push back two Hashira. Eighth Form: Moon-Dragon Ringtail (捌 (はち) (かた) (げつ) (りゆう) (りん) (び), Hachi no kata: Getsuryū Rinbi?) - Kokushibō triples the range of his normal attack radius and creates a singular gigantic slash that slowly decreases in size.

Ninth Form: Waning Moonswaths (玖 (く) (かた) (くだ) (づき) (れん) (めん), Ku no kata: Kudaridzuki - Renmen?) - Kokushibō creates a seemingly endless stream of claw-like vertical and horizontal slashes, capable of cutting down his intended target from a long range. Tenth Form: Drilling Slashes, Moon Through Bamboo Leaves (拾 (じゅう) (かた) (せん) (めん) (ざん) (ら) (げつ), Jū no kata: Senmenzan - Ragetsu?) - Kokushibō creates a triple-layered slash twister, capable of mowing down his targets into three clean pieces.

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