Who Is Jinkusu Uchiha

Jinkusu Uchiha ( じんくす, Uchiha Jinkusu ) was a remarkable member of the Uchiha Clan, and the only child of Madara Uchiha, born in the Warring States Period before Konohagakure was founded. He was later trained by the First Hokage then became an outstanding shinobi being his student. Jinkusu was born as the first and only son of Madara Uchiha. Madara was a strict father, nevertheless they had a uniquely strong bond. He took Jinkusu's training seriously, always making time to teach him not just about fighting, but about life as a shinobi as well. He lost his mother during the riot between the Uchiha-Senju fight after Izuna Uchiha's death, which later lead to Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju's last fight before the peace was made. The loss of his uncle and mother from one day to another made him awaken the sharingan, with two tomoe. Jinkusu awakened the third tomoe due to wrath, feeling of betrayal and loneliness when Madara left the Leaf Village thus leaving him all by himself with the judgmental society the village had to offer. Despite his young age, he has always been a quick learner, though he had struggles as well. Training with the First Hokage was a new challenge for him, and everyday it opened him new opportunities to improve his strength and to master new jutsus.

39;s pillars, Replacing the role Madara once had beside Hashirama.

Jinkusu was very ambitious when it came to getting stronger and competing with other Uchihas his age, loosing a lot of battles as well as reaping victory. He faced a lot of struggles during his character development when he realized he still wasn't remarkable enough. Around the age of 13 he managed to activate the Sage Mode Hashirama taught him for the first time. It became his strongest technique, making him one of the deadliest Leaf shinobis of his generation, thus gaining more confidence and stepping out of the stamp everyone placed on him being the son of the traitor Madara Uchiha's, and building his own image and fame. Jinkusu became one of Konohagakure's pillars, Replacing the role Madara once had beside Hashirama. Jinkusu's always been a nonchalant and apathetic individual with a lower social status. He prefered to be alone and spent his time in his room when he wasn't training. Because he was born in a Warring States Period, he was always prepared for a fight and was taught to come up with affective strategies. Playing shogi improved his intelligence and quick logical thinking.

39;t feel love nor a deeper bond either.

Since he didn't have any siblings like every child his age, he never understood the bond between siblings and the love one feels towards their family. Jinkusu's always been someone who rated himself above everyone and provoked others. He wasn't the type to be very loud, he was rather calm even when somebody was very upset with him. His nonchalant behavior got even worse and he turned out to be really unpredictable as he grew older. Despite his lack of emotions he respected his parents,and even though he never hated them nor had an ill-will towards them, he didn't feel love nor a deeper bond either. His relationship with his father might've seemed the perfect father-son bond from outsiders' perspectives, as Madara did really care about his son's well being and safety; henceforth Jinkusu, being the rebellious child that he was, often wanted to commit against his father's will, but in the end he obeyed him out of respect and humility.

Hand drawn anime girl riding a bike In early childhood, it was debatable whether he was evil and a lost cause but later he ended up siding with Konoha and was determined to surpass his father who betrayed the village. He had a rather strong personality, and more or less he appeared cold-blooded. He absolutely hated traitors and didn't hesitate to insult anyone, usually with his evergreen sarcastic calm tone. Jinkusu had a short, lean figure, his skin being slightly pale with neutral undertones. He had waist-length blueish-black spiky hair with medium length bangs almost covering his eyes with two longer spikes in the middle, and two longer locks on the sides of his face, the left one usually worn in two longer braids. He had a slight wrinkle under both of his eyes and similar facial features to Madara, indicating their relation, his full lip resembling his mother's. Earlier in Warring States Period he was wearing the standard Uchiha clothing in a similar purple shade to what his father wears. Around the age of 15 to 16 he was wearing a split colored red-black robe, with a white fire pattern on the bottom, and on the back the traditional Uchiha Clan crest with a black bow around his waist. Jinkusu had a Jingasa attached to a rope which he used to keep across his torso and shoulder, he was shown to occasionally wear the hat. He was wearing a crimson crystal stone necklace, and matching maroon eyeshadow on the eyelids.

39;s mother, whom he found near the forest after the battle was over.

For a weapon, he wielded a traditional katana, with a black hilt and scarlet rhombus-shaped decoration on it. Jinkusu's Kekkei Genkai was the Sharingan (写輪眼) Literally meaning: "Copy Wheel Eye". He inherited this dōjutsu from both of his parents, as his mother and father were both pureblooded Uchihas. Jinkusu awakened the Sharingan when he saw his uncle, Izuna dye due to his injuries, and as he let Madara take his eyes in order to obtain the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. The second tomoe was awakened after a day of Izuna's death, when the Senju managed to raid the Uchiha territory. Amongst the dead, there was Jinkusu's mother, whom he found near the forest after the battle was over. Inside he felt deep sorrow for the sudden loss of his relatives from one day to another, however he remained calm and refused to give himself in to the hatred. After a year of founding Konoha, Madara left the village, leaving the Uchiha and everyone else behind.

Jinkusu declined the offer to leave his newfound home with his father, insisting his loyalty towards the village. Overwhelmed by his repressed emotions, and admiration towards his father, seeing it all gone, he awakened the third tomoe. The Kuninotokotachi (国之常立神) is a space-time ninjutsu, it's wielder was Jinkusu Uchiha. Both eyes are of the same ability: predicting the future by a few minutes, or hours, depending on how much chakra he's willing to sacrifice. Since it's uncertain, Kuninotokotachi allowed it's user to see more alternatives of it, which depends on one's will. Jinkusu was able to rewrite an action, like dodging a deadly technique of his opponent. It could be used to simply win time for himself, or even escape from a tense situation. This technique takes a lot of chakra, the side effects are bleeding, loosing eyesight gradually, as with any other Mangekyou Sharingan. Yet, even in it's Eternal form, it is crucial to use it's ability, hence, Jinkusu relied on the Susanoo. After awakening the Mangekyou Sharingan in both eyes, Jinkusu was able to use the Susanoo. In it's perfect form, it wields an dachi sword. It's looks are similar to Madara Uchiha's Susanoo, though it's color is an orange shade with golden undertones, and bright yellow eyes.

Furthermore, Sage Mode allows him to use Fire Style jutsus such as Sage Art: Great Fire Geyser.

This color symbolizes enthusiasm, success, determination, balance and freedom, indicating Jinkusu's personality, as it reflects it's user's heart. It has braids on the sides, and a very long hair. Jinkusu's strongest technique was known to be the Sage Mode taught by his mentor, Hashirama. Although he wasn't able to use Wood Style, this technique allowed him to almost completely regenerate in seconds without hand seals. It gave him high stamina and monstrous raw strength. Though, it took a lot of concentration and absorbed senjutsu chakra to perform this technique correctly. When activated, his eyes turn into a light golden colour, and black markings appear on parts of his body, the face stripes resembling The First Hokage's Sage Mode. Because of it's high risk, and the amount of chakra that it takes, Jinkusu only used this jutsu when it was necessary, and there was nothing left up his sleeves to win the battle. Furthermore, Sage Mode allows him to use Fire Style jutsus such as Sage Art: Great Fire Geyser. Jinkusu is specialized in Fire Release (火遁, Katon, English TV: Fire Style). He was taught by his parents in early childhood, and despite being on the weaker side, he was able to perform basic Fire Style techniques, and later, his father taught him Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation. Here you write about your character's plot during the Shippuden series. Delete the heading if your character appears only in the original Naruto series.

Scott Shelly ( Hangul:셸리 ) is one of the female protagonists in the webtoon. She begins a one-sided relationship with Jay at the start of the series but as the story progress they have a mutual crush on each other and as of chapter 378 they are in a relationship. Shelly is the only female member of the Humming Bird Crew. Because she stayed at England before coming to Korea her personality is perceived as very headstrong. She does not like it when people talk badly about her friends, especially Jay. Shelly also has a lot of stamina and strength, she can keep up with the group's pace when racing and can actually send people flying with her punch (Although that may be for comedic reasons) but never got into the street fights with the guys of the crew. When she was hit on in her first appearance on the series she refused with a lot of sass. Mia described her as someone who can confidently express her thoughts and feelings. Although her words are harsh, it is because she never sugar coated her words with her friends. And with Jay, Shelly is very clingy and flirtatious. She has very foreign features: pale skin, her eyes actually look more mint green in color than blue, blond wavy hair. It is known later in the series that she has a tattoo in the side of her arm near the wrist that reads out "temet nosce" or "Know Thyself". At school she wears her uniform usually without the red vest and both wears the skirt and pants.

She is often seen wearing high-end brand clothing, but also occasionally wearing street wear and tomboyish clothes. When riding her bike, she usually wears a jacket and helmet with the same color as her eyes or the Hummingbird crew's hood. She is tall, with long thin legs, a small waist and a bigger bust. Not much is known about Shelly, but it is established that she is from England and she requested to transfer to Sunny High School because of Jay. It was told in an early episode (Ep. 27) that she will be in Korea for one semester. Shelly is the granddaughter of Sunny High School's principal, Nick. When Shelly was a kid, she didn't want to get married and promised Nick that she will just live with him forever, which caused Nick to think that Shelly is not interested to guys until she got interested in Jay. That also caused the over protectiveness of her grandfather. Jay saw what happened and chased the thieves to get her purse back. She refused on taking him to the hospital but Jay refused. She picked up his student ID that had fallen to the ground and, motivated by her encounter with Jay, called her grandfather, asking him to let her attend Sunny High School. Her second meeting with Jay was in their classroom. She kissed him out of the blue and the gossip that Shelly and Jay were in a relationship quickly spread around the school.

When Jay, Dom and Minu got suspended, Shelly visited them and scolded Dom and Minu badly about how Jay got caught with their actions. Jay got pissed and told her to screw off, she ended up crying and running away. When Jay was about to say sorry, he got a pink rose from Minu, saying that he should give it to her. He couldn't and Shelly went on saying that she'll forgive him if he became her boyfriend for a week and Jay agreed. She joined Hummingbird as the only female on the team, she continued to flirt with Jay and when Jay was teaching Mia how to ride a bike, she kept on intervening and wanting him to teach her even though she knows how. On a special episode, Shelly was seen riding a bike in Jay's neighborhood. Minu and Kay noticed her, Kay was thinking of who might Shelly go out with and ended up being shocked that it was his brother. In the last scene, Jay and Shelly are resting after riding their bike together, and she comments that Jay suits biking more than studying. The Preliminaries for the League of Street has started, only Dom and Jay were able to race at the first two rounds. After that, they found out that Jay's birthday was near and planned to celebrate it. She didn't showed up at school on his birthday because she was the one who prepared the gift that they got for him.

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