Who Is In Kaname's Clan

Badass Crew: They are one of, if not the most powerful clan in Japan, boasting no less than three A-ranked players where there are less than ten of them in the entire country. Enemy Mine: This is how they got their start. During the Treasure Hunt event, Rein, Ishiro, Ryuji and Sui/Souta all teamed up with Kaname and Shuka because they couldn't defeat Eighth on their own. Since they all worked so well together, everyone besides Ishiro (who died fighting two of Eighth's top commanders) joined the clan Kaname formed. Hobbes Was Right: After massacring the Eight, the Sunset Ravens effectively end up establishing Martial Law. Though all of the rules they end up encouraging end up being beneficial to the majority of the community; prohibiting killing outside of events, limiting battles to matches held in the Danjou Boxing Club, providing safe houses and guidance to new players who find themselves in the game. About the only person who takes issue with this change of events is Themis and that's because their new rules have negatively impacted her finances. Home Base: After forming the clan, they bought a fortified building where they all live together. It was abandoned after the Greed Invasion and the members who didn't take part in the Pirates event have a new base where they protect civilians.

39;s total points at the time.

Famed In-Story: They became famous as the group that won the Treasure Hunt event though the clan was not officially formed until afterwards. And then they wiped out Eighth in a clan battle and almost immediately took over all of their territory, firmly establishing them as names every player should know. Kaname gained access to Darwin's Game upon getting an SMS from his friend Kyoda, who was desperately looking for help during his current battle. While Kaname quickly learned that his curiosity regarding the game led him into dangerous situations, he began to adapt and learned to use his quick thinking and determination to progress. His Sigil is the Fire God's Hammer, an extremely rare ability that allows him to recreate any item. Due to being the winner of the Shibuya Treasure Hunt event, he managed to obtain a winner's privilege called High Roller, which allows him to bet more than the usual points on a game battle and force his or his clan's opponents to match it, up to the limit of either's total points at the time. The Ace: Despite initially getting by in his early battles thanks to some luck, Kaname is frequently praised for having an uncanny level of reflexes and intuition. Kanehira in particular praises Kaname for having been Born in the Wrong Century, and once Kaname finally receives formal hand to hand combat training from Alexei and Ximing, he becomes an absolute nightmare to fight. Achievements in Ignorance: He had to be told just how impressive beating Banda and Shuka, back to back, really is.

Once Ximing starts to teach him martial arts, Kaname is a decent opponent without any weapons.

Awesome by Analysis: His brain is his best weapon. He's the one most likely to figure out the hidden loopholes in an enemy strategy or a D-Game event. Badass Normal: Even without the use of his Sigil, Kaname manages to win his battles through sheer determination and turns out to be pretty quick on his feet, when the situation arises for it. Once Ximing starts to teach him martial arts, Kaname is a decent opponent without any weapons. Beware the Nice Ones: Kaname is overall a very nice guy, but his simple exterior can easily lead people to not take him seriously. And if you don't do that, he will make you take him seriously. Born Lucky: His first ever, and only, gacha spin, in a handgun, which is stated by the GM to have only an 8% chance. His victory over Banda involved Banda (while invisible) getting hit by a passing car. Confusion Fu: Kaname's ability to summon any weapon he's familiar with makes him completely unpredictable in close range combat. The Determinator: One of his defining traits. His sheer determination to not die was one of the reasons that he managed to win against Banda-kun, which was his first ever battle. Disappeared Dad: His father is working overseas. Distressed Dude: At one point he's kidnapped by the top player of the game because she wants to recruit him. Not into her clan, but into her family of assassins.

However, she earned her first ever loss with Kaname.

Her family has been killing people for money for centuries. Famed In-Story:- From his very first match in Darwins Game, he made waves in the game. Defeating Banda-kun got him noticed because he was a notable player with a memorable appearance, but people didn't think much of it at the time because Banda-kun was relatively weak. Him defeating Shuka who was until then undefeated was what really got people interested. And then he and his friends defeated Eighth and won the Treasure Hunt event, before destroying the Eighth in a clan war, firmly establishing him and his friends as a top-tier clan. By the third arc, intel on him has reached the point where player's are now speculating that Kaname's Ordinary High-School Student background must be some sort of cover-up both due to how quickly he climbed the ranks in the game and the amount of influence he's amassed. A girl that is one of the highest ranked players of Darwin's Game. Since she never lost a single battle, she was quickly known as the Undefeated Queen. However, she earned her first ever loss with Kaname. Her Sigil is Queen of Thorns, which allows her to manipulate any string-like object. Action Girl: She's one of Sunset Ravens best fighter, and has an incredible battle record, having only two onscreen losses and doing well or outright dominating her opponent in every other battle. Adoptive Peer Parent: She sees Sui as a daughter figure, not as a peer.

She needs a reason not to kill her opponents.

Sui is perfectly happy with this, as Shuka treats her very, very kindly. Badass in Distress: When she finds herself about to drown in the subway. Bathtub Bonding: She starts chapter 22 sharing a bath with Sui. Bedmate Reveal: After Kaname hands her her very first defeat, he wakes up, two days later to find she's in bed with him, butt naked. She continues to sneak into his bed from time to time over the series' run, but in those instances, does so while wearing simple, yet elegant sleepwear. Best Her to Bed Her: Subdued, but present. She believes Kaname is her "destined one" because he dominated her in their fight. Blood Knight: She doesn't care about points, money, or any of the traditional D-Game "rewards." She fights in D-battles, for fun. Blue-and-Orange Morality: Downplayed, but being in the D-Game since before she was a teenager has, in her view of the moral worth of life being a bit skewed, to say the least. She needs a reason not to kill her opponents. Chain Pain: Her preferred weapon is a long, metal chain. Children Forced to Kill: As a result of D-Game, she was forced into a life-or-death battle with her parents' killer, as a pre-teen. What's worse, a class-mate lured her into the game.

She goes into a subway to avoid snipers, and almost drowns.

Clingy Jealous Girl: Zigzagged. When she does feel jealous, she takes it to ridiculous levels, but yet when she hears that a certain 30-year old very attractive female master-assassin wants to get herself knocked up with Kaname's child, purely to have an heir for her fighting style, she's okay with that. Furthermore, the fact that the population of Sunset Ravens is predominantly female and attractive is her doing. Death By Genre Savvy: Subverted. She goes into a subway to avoid snipers, and almost drowns. Elegant Gothic Lolita: Her usual attire outside of school. Everyone Has Standards: She may be a blood knight who fights and kills for fun, but Wang absolutely sickens her with his sadistic cruelty and fondness for torture. Exotic Weapon Supremacy: Her proficiency with strings and chains is so exemplary, a master assassin who has decades of combat experience and martial arts training considers her style "perfect" and utterly incapable of improvement. Friendless Background: Prior to Kaname, she lived alone at the penthouse of an office building. Girlish Pigtails: Her hair is usually put up into two braids. Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: If you can manage to avoid antagonizing her, she's actually a very sweet and sensitive woman, and excellent mother figure if Sui is anything to go by. She also happens to be golden-haired blonde. Harmful to Minors: Flashbacks show that she watched her parents die as a result of D-Game, when she was a pre-teen.

Hates Being Touched: Any man that isn't Kaname touches her will find themselves short one hand. Some delinquents involved with Darwin's Game found this out the hard way. Hidden Depths: When it comes to her maternal instincts, she proves that she's quite promising. I Am Not Left-Handed: Her chains make her opponents think her Sigil is exclusively limited to that type of weapon. As Wang learns the hard way, her Sigil is way more versatile than it appears. Innocent Fanservice Girl: For a certain definition of "innocent." She doesn't seem to comprehend why lying naked next to a guy she likes is inappropriate. She wears clothes in future bed visits only because of Kaname's Freak Out. It Amused Me: She reached out to help Kaname in the fight with Banda because she thought Kaname was cute. Kicking Ass in All Her Finery: Her battles usually have her fighting in her typical gothic lolita clothes, which don't seem to hinder her at all. Kiss of Life: Played straight with Kaname when he tries to revive her with artificial respiration in the flooded underground subway. She was so happy to get it that she gave Kaname a Big Damn Kiss for it. Know When to Fold 'Em: Pinned to the ground, gun in your face, and the guy pointing it at you feels cornered? Surrendering is a damn fine idea, as he could fire by accident if you try anything else. Lonely Rich Kid: The only thing she had in life before the D-game is money.

Mama Bear: As surprising as it might seem, she's actually very protective of children, and her anger is not something you want to be on the wrong side of. Minor Living Alone: ​​At the beginning of the story, she lived on her own after the death of her parents and with no surviving relatives. She then moved into the clan base after the clan was formed. Not Afraid to Die: To the point that hallucinations of her own death don't faze her, at all. The fact that she was able to No-Sell Liu Xuelan's trump card impressed the latter immensely. One-Woman Army: An official analysis from the CIA indicates that in order to beat her, it would take either someone with a very long range sniper-rifle, or an attack helicopter. The Shibuya event proves that the former is not a guarantee. Parental Abandonment: She has no memory of her parents because they both died while she was very young, and she has no known living relatives.

Razor Floss: One of the most dangerous aspects of her Sigil to control any string. She can make threads almost too small to see by the naked eye vibrate like an electric bone-saw. Which she demonstrates by slicing Wang's limbs into Ludicrous Gibs. Red Baron: Prior to her defeat by Kaname, she was known as the Undefeated Queen. Revenge: In the anime, her motivation for playing D-game is not simply for fun. She wants vengeance against two people: her parents' killer, and D-game's creator, the latter a sentiment Kaname shares. Sacred First Kiss: Not content with Kaname's Kiss of Life, she gives him a Big Damn Kiss, and voices the trope word for word. Smitten Teenage Girl: She is utterly smitten with Kaname, sure that they will get married. Kaname is fully aware of her feelings but told her they'll have that talk after they clear the game. Sociopathic Hero: She may be one of the "good" guys, being a member, and founder, of the Sunset Ravens, but she has to be given a reason to not kill people who irritate her. Anyone other than Kaname who touches her without an engraved invitation is likely to lose that hand. Their First Time: Implied. She invites Kaname to her bedroom for an important "meeting", snuggles up to him, asks him if he likes her, gets pushed down unto the bed, and the next scene has Sui chasing everyone away from her bedroom door.

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