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Rise Of The Demon King - Bölüm 83 - Manga Diyarı - Türkçe Manga/Manhua ...In 2018, Hinata became a member of the MSBY Black Jackals, a Division 1 team in the V-League. He became a member of Japan Men's National Volleyball Team during the 2021 Olympics. As of 2022, he is now a member of Asas São Paulo, a professional team in the Brazil Super League. He is the older brother of Natsu Hinata. Upon entering the first year of high school, Hinata stood at 162.8 cm and grew to 164.2 cm halfway through the school year. He is the second shortest person on the Karasuno volleyball team, next to Nishinoya. He has unruly orange hair and brown eyes. His relatively thin build and short stature often leads him to be mistaken for a junior high (or in some cases even grade school) student. Hinata typically dresses in his Karasuno school uniform with a black jacket and black pants. Beneath his jacket is a beige or tan sweatshirt. In the first episode, he wore the green volleyball uniform from Yukigaoka Junior High. During matches, Hinata wears his volleyball uniform-a black jersey and corresponding shorts with white and orange stripes on the sides. On the back of his jersey is his position number 10 (coincidentally, the same number that was worn by the Small Giant) and his school's name written in kanji. On the court, he wears kneepads and white volleyball shoes with red accents.

He is easily excited and can be quite loud, a trait second only to Nishinoya and Tanaka.

Post-timeskip, Hinata has undergone intensive training in Brazil. As a result of playing on the beach and following a strict diet and health regimen, Hinata has grown to 172 cm and developed a lean but muscular body. Hinata has a cheerful and energetic personality. He is easily excited and can be quite loud, a trait second only to Nishinoya and Tanaka. For the most part, Hinata is very simple-minded which sometimes causes him to make rash decisions. However, he is also shown to be quite observant. He is capable of reading social cues and can be incredibly empathetic toward others' struggles. As such, he often says just what others need to hear to push themselves in the right direction. He is also noted to be a natural schmoozer, a quality that his teammates occasionally use to win someone over such as when Nishinoya agreed to help with Hinata's received after being flattered by the first-year. His friendly and straightforward personality allows him to befriend even the quietest of people effortlessly, such as Kenma from Nekoma High and Aone from Date Tech High. However, despite his generally bubbly exterior, Hinata is also shown to have a serious attitude, particularly when it comes to volleyball. His intense love for the sport is demonstrated through his impressive display of tenacity stemming from his constant desire to improve his abilities. Hinata can also exhibit a very intimidating expression when people underestimate him or speak poorly of his team.

However, he recovers quickly before confidently challenging their opponents.

Still, Hinata gets scared easily, especially by larger and stronger opponents. This prompts him to develop the habit of hiding behind his nearest teammate. However, he recovers quickly before confidently challenging their opponents. In the beginning, Hinata is easily agitated before a match due to his lack of experience. He becomes so nervous that he would have an upset stomach or need to go to the toilet constantly. He also becomes clumsy as he would mess up his spikes or receives. He only recovers after royally messing up and driving a serve into the back of Kageyama's head. Over time, Hinata becomes more apt at handling the pressure. Although still faint-hearted, Hinata has a considerable less severe reaction and can perform well during matches regardless. Hinata, like Kageyama, does poorly in school since he, too, is preoccupied with volleyball. Hinata gets overwhelmed when he watches the Little Giant play. A young Hinata passed by an electronics store while riding his bike. On display was Karasuno High's volleyball match during the Spring Interhigh. Like Hinata, the Small Giant lacked height, yet he prevailed against blockers 20cm taller than him. Hinata was memorized by this figure clad in Karasuno's black uniform and is inspired to do the same. He joined the volleyball club upon entering Yukigaoka Junior High but found himself to be the only member. However, Hinata refused to give up and would practice by himself at the corner of the gymnasium, off to one side of the sports ground, or in the hallways.

While everyone thought that Yukigaoka would lose, Hinata remained convinced otherwise.

In his third year, three first-years joined the volleyball club. Despite having new members, Hinata still lacked enough players to form a team so he asked his friends Izumi and Kōji, who were from the basketball and soccer club respectively, to help out. They joined Hinata's team and soon attended their first volleyball tournament. It turned out that Yukigaoka's first opponent would be Kitagawa Daiichi Junior High, the tournament favorite. While everyone thought that Yukigaoka would lose, Hinata remained convinced otherwise. Upon seeing their opponent, Hinata grew nervous right before the match and ran to the bathroom. Afterward, he overheard some second-years from Kitagawa Daiichi insulting his team. He defiantly talked back only to be ridiculed for his size. Just then, Tobio Kageyama, Kitagawa's "King of the Court", appeared to mean his teammates for looking down on their opponents. His tirades didn't end there as he turned to Hinata. Kageyama insulted Hinata's lack of height and his foolish determination to win despite it.

In response, Hinata proclaimed he can jump and will win every match. Hinata announces that he will defeat Kageyama one day. When the match started, Hinata jumped high for a spike but found his spike easily blocked by Kitagawa Daiichi blockers. He remained positive, but it soon became clear that Kitagawa Daiichi was one-sidedly dominating the match. Faced with an impossible situation, Hinata still refused to give up to the point of risking injury just to chase down a ball. When asked about it, he simply said it's because they haven't lost yet. In the following play, Izumi made a missed toss but Hinata stunned everybody when he still managed to hit it across. The spike, unfortunately, landed out of bounds and cost them the match. However, Kageyama has noticed Hinata's incredible stamina, jumping power, and pure determination to win. He gained a little more respect for Hinata but, at the same time, was also outright disapproving of Hinata wasting his potentials. The number of sets Hinata's team won was 0 and the match only lasted 31 minutes. Hinata remembered Kageyama's name and his title as the "King of the Court". After the match, Hinata approached Kageyama and announced that he will overthrow the setter from his title. Kageyama accepted his challenge but told him to grow stronger first. Afterward, Hinata trained rigorously by jogging, practicing with the girls' volleyball team, and joining the neighborhood mothers' team.

Soon, he graduated and entered his dream school, Karasuno High. Coach Ukai has noted it would be a 40-minute ride normally, but Hinata has grown used to traveling over mountains ever since junior high. Hinata races through the hallway in Karasuno High School to the gym, excited to start practicing and determined to get revenge on his opponent from junior high, Kageyama. However, as soon as he enters the gym, he finds that Kageyama is already there. The setter insults Hinata as soon as he recognizes him but before a full-scale fight can start, the Karasuno third years enter the gym. Tanaka recognizes Hinata as "that number 1 shorty" and compliments him. Hinata exclaims that he will become Karasuno's ace, causing Kageyama to insult him again, leading to an argument. The vice-principal enters the gym to check out the ruckus and despite Tanaka's efforts to get the first-years to stop, they start their 1-on-1 match against each other. Kageyama serves to Hinata but it flies past the latter's face. The second time, to Kageyama's shock, Hinata manages to receive the ball but it bounces off him and hits the vice-principal across the face, causing his wig to fly off his head and onto Daichi's. The vice-principal then takes Daichi outside to talk and after coming back, Daichi tells the two first years of Karasuno's past and his desire to get the team to nationals. However, he can't accept anyone who can cause trouble for the team, no matter how skilled or determined they are. Out of desperation, Hinata starts begging but nothing works until Kageyama decides to challenge the third years to a 2-on-2 match.

Hinata disagrees with the idea at first but after Kageyama reminds him of his past, Hinata starts to change his mind. He tells Kageyama that he has to get into the club because if he wants to beat Kageyama one day, he needs to practice. Later on in the evening, as the Karasuno members are cleaning up, Hinata and Kageyama ask the third years for a match. However, Daichi changes it to a 3-on-3 match against the other first years and has Tanaka play with Hinata and Kageyama. The conditions are that if the two first years lose, Kageyama will not be allowed to play as a setter as long as the third years are still around. Hinata tries catching the captain's attention, feeling left out since he didn't receive a punishment, but fails. The two first years eventually agree to the terms and leave. As he's walking away, Hinata tells Kageyama happily that it's okay if he isn't the setter because he will still be able to become a regular and wing spikers are cooler than setters anyway; this angers Kageyama and leads to an argument about whether setters or spikers are cooler. As they're talking, Kageyama thinks about how they're going to practice and Tanaka catches their attention from inside the gym. He discreetly tells them that the gym will be opened before 7 am the next day, and the two first years decide to come at 5 am.

Hinata enters the gym excitedly, remembering how the Small Giant had once practiced there.

The next day, Hinata and Kageyama arrive at the gym only to find it locked. At that very moment, Tanaka arrives with the key and to their delight, decides to help them practice. Hinata enters the gym excitedly, remembering how the Small Giant had once practiced there. He thinks happily that compared to junior high, he now has a net to use and a setter to play with, no matter what kind of personality the latter has. They start practicing but can't seem to sync at all and soon end up fighting. Suddenly, they're interrupted by Sugawara's arrival, but the third year agrees to keep their secret and helps them practice as well. Sugawara ends up helping Hinata with his receives while Kageyama practices with Tanaka, but Hinata isn't satisfied. Hinata decides to approach Kageyama and asks him to toss to him but Kageyama flat out refuses, stating that Hinata's too slow. To Hinata's anger, Kageyama tells him that all Hinata should do on Saturday is to try his best not to drag the team down. Later on, during a break in class, Hinata goes outside to practice with Sugawara. As they're talking, Hinata reveals to Sugawara that during junior high, he didn't have a setter and had to ask his friends to toss to him. However, he didn't give up and practiced with the mothers club and the girls' club's setters, but he could never consider them as teammates. When he went to high school, he was excited to see what kind of setter he would have, but it turned out to be Kageyama.

Sugawara tells Hinata that he will set to him from now on, but Hinata replies sullenly that it will feel like he lost to Kageyama. Sugawara asks Hinata if he came to Karasuno just so he could defeat Kageyama, and Hinata replies that he wants to become as strong as someone who can beat Kageyama; this will allow him to play against other strong opponents on equal footing. He doesn't want to lose anymore. Sugawara states that even though Hinata views Kageyama as the strongest player and enemy, he is currently Hinata's strongest ally. A few days later, Kageyama starts practicing with Hinata for real. One day, Kageyama pushes Hinata to his limits, but the latter refuses to give up, stating that the ball hasn't fallen yet. Kageyama spikes a ball too hard and it flies to the back of the gym, but Hinata chases after it with all his might.

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