Who is Ghani's brother in Upin and Ipin

The following are the character names, voice actors and descriptions for each character in the cartoon series entitled Upin & Ipin (some are also characters in a film called Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula). Upin and Ipin (real names Aruffin bin Abdul Salam and Ariffin bin Abdul Salam) Nur Fathiah Diaz (season 1-3), Asyiela Putri (season 4-present) are two Malayan twin brothers who live together (Kak Ros) and (Opah) them in a house in Kampung Durian Runtuh. They have become orphans because their mother and father died when they were babies. Their parents' graves are shown in an episode entitled Hari Raya and Special Mother's Day. Upin was born 5 minutes earlier than Ipin, and because of that, he takes his role as Ipin's brother seriously. Upin is better at computers and becomes a child scientist at home. Ipin is cuter and funnier than Upin and likes to eat fried chicken. Ipin also tends to often repeat one word three times in a sentence, especially true, really true. Upin and Ipin are always spoiled for Opah, and like to tease Kak Ros.

Upin and Ipin attend TK Kasih Sayang (Tadika Mesra). To distinguish these bald-headed twins, Upin has a strand of hair (Upin's hairstyle resembles Lala's antenna in the Teletubbies series) on his head and always wears a yellow shirt with the letter U written on it. While Ipin has no hair, wears a blue shirt with the letter I, and always wears a red cloth around his neck. Kak Ros (real name is Jeanne Roselia Fadhullah) Ida Shaheera is the older sister of Upin and Ipin, and granddaughter of grandmother. Sis Ros's full name is Nur Roselia Salam. Even though she looks fierce, she looks beautiful especially when Ros wears her hijab. His body is tall and thin. Make her more beautiful. In fact, he is a loving brother. Kak Ros always teaches his sister to be a good sister, virtuous and to be frugal. Kak Ros was very angry when Upin and Ipin with their friends, namely Ehsan, Fizi, Mail and Jarjit, played by the river in an episode of Little Kembara. How to be a good sister Mak Uda whose real name is Siti (Hajjah Ainon Ariff), is the grandmother of Upin and Ipin, her real name is Siti and is usually called Opah.

39;s youth called Cik Siti then met Abang Ghani.

He is a kind person to the residents of Kampung Durian Runtuh. He is also wise about worldly and religious matters. Abang Ghani is Opah's husband, he is the grandfather of Upin and Ipin, he is known in the episode Upin and Ipin My Love because Upin and Ipin found a secret room in his house then they read a book about Opah's youth called Cik Siti then met Abang Ghani. Abdul Salam is the father of Kak Ros, Upin and Ipin, he died when Upin and Ipin were still babies, his name was known in the episode Upin and Ipin My darling, he was a fallen soldier. Her costume, badge, hat, and shoes are still neatly kept by Opah in her room. Cikgu Jasmin (Jasmin Ally) is the homeroom teacher for Upin and Ipin and their friends at TK Kasih Sayang (Tadika Mesra). In an episode called Adat, he is caught not fasting during the month of Ramadan for no apparent reason. Maybe because it's menstruating. Even so, Cikgu Jasmin still plays the role of a teacher who is knowledgeable, dedicated and close to his students. He is very kind and patient in teaching his students. When he was about to transfer to college in Kuala Lumpur, all his students were sad, and Cikgu Jasmin's position as the homeroom teacher for Kindergarten Love (Tadika Mesra) was replaced with Cikgu Melati.

Jarjit (Mohd Shafiq Mohd Isa) is a boy of Punjabi Indian descent. Even though he was the same age as the rest of his classmates, his voice was big as if he had grown up. Jarjit is also known for his clever humor and rhymes. Jarjit also tends to repeat one word twice in a sentence, especially the English sentence, Marvelous! Marvelous! (English: Great! Great!). Jarjit aspires to be a journalist. Fizi (Ida Rahayu Yusoff) is a friend of Upin Ipin. He is familiar with Ehsan. Fizi always mocks Ehsan as Intan Payung and also likes to mock his friends which means spoiled child. Fizi is actually a kind child, especially to his friends. Ehsan (Syahmi) is the head of the Safe Class at Tadika Mesra. Father and Fizi always call her "Intan Umbrella". Ehsan always wears a red ribbon around his neck as proof of class president at Tadika Mesra. He has a fat stomach, and likes to eat. Ehsan always dresses up the most luxurious among his friends. He also likes to wear glasses because he is nearsighted. He had time to laugh at Upin and Ipin while playing badminton. If he loses a game, he gets a little angry. Ehsan's dream is to become a reliable cook.

Ehsan likes to eat sweets (Candy). Ehsan brushes his teeth 5 times a day. Mei Mei (Yap Ee Jan) (season 1-3) (Yuki Tang Ying Sowk) (season 3-present) whose full name is Xiao Mei Mei is one of Upin and Ipin's friends. Mei Mei is of Chinese descent, and the religion of Kong Hu Chu. Even so, Mei Mei still advised her friends to fast. He spoke politely. Mei Mei is also best friends with Devi and Susanti. Mei Mei is the smartest person in the class. He wears big glasses there are eye problems from reading books too close until late at night. Mei Mei has a cute face. If Mei Mei goes to TK Kasih Sayang (Tadika Mesra), she sits at the same table with Mail. Mei Mei was born in May and dreams of becoming a teacher. Mei Mei also tends to often repeat two words twice in a sentence, especially I Like, I Like. Mail (Mohd. Hasrul) (seasons 2-8) (Musyrif) (seasons 8-14), (Usyad) (seasons 14-present) is the most diligent among Upin and Ipin's friends, not only at school, but also at school. He is also persistent in making a living by helping his mother sell fried chicken, ice cream, and grilled corn.

Mail was always thinking about money, and often offered to help Tok Dalang to help him sell.

Sometimes he also gets involved in the twin brothers' mischievous deeds but is reckless and difficult to focus on. Mail and Mei Mei are a little hostile. Mail had a crush on Susanti. On Susanti's first day of school at Tadika Mesra, Mail had asked Mei Mei to stand up to invite Susanti to sit with her. Mail was introduced in the series A Year Later, when he found it difficult to fast despite his age but because he also helped his mother sell food at the Ramadan Market. Finally, he has fasted too since the episode of Fasting with New Friends. His golden word is "two ringgit" or means two ringgit and one two ringgit. Mail was always thinking about money, and often offered to help Tok Dalang to help him sell. Mail's own ideals are to become a successful entrepreneur. Susanti is a daughter who comes from a family from Jakarta, Indonesia. Recently living in Malaysia, and not used to the chatter of other kids. First appeared in the episode Fasting with New Friends. Mail seems to be secretly interested in Susanti. Susanti also appeared in the episodes of Self Clean Body Sehat, and "Sapy oh Sapy." This Susanti likes to play badminton and really idolizes the legendary badminton player from Indonesia, Susi Susanti.

Susanti is also friends with Mei Mei and Devi. Of the four voice actors who have voiced Susanti, only 2 are native to Indonesia, namely Andhika Astari (who is known as Tacil there) and Yohanna Sicilia. Meanwhile, Sarah Nadhirah Azman and Siti Nor Adwin Safie are native Malaysians. They were chosen because they have a very good Indonesian accent. Dzul (Mohd Amirul Zarizan) & Ijat (Muhammad Izzat Ngathiman) are Upin and Ipin's classmates who are often seen side by side. Ijat is not good at speaking so he needs Dzul's help to translate his words. Dzul and Ijat are best friends at Tadika Mesra. Even though Dzul and Ijat rarely go out, they are still good friends with Upin and Ipin. Ijat has spoken in 4 episodes, namely Rub Do Not Rub, when Ijat screams in fear because he doesn't want to check his teeth, The Fun of Reading or (The Fun of Reading) when Ijat reads a book that reads The Thirsty Crow, Sukaneka, and Our Story as the narrator/narrator of the story The Story of the Shepherd and the Sheep. Devi (Maheswary Mohan) is a girl of Indian descent and a Hindu who attends TK Kasih Sayang (Tadika Mesra) which is the same as Upin and Ipin. Although close to the two of them, Devi is friends with Mei Mei and Susanti. Devi has been seen in the episodes Rub Do Not Rub, We are 1 Malaysia, and Traces of Rembo. At first, Devi was named Priya but eventually changed to Devi. She used to wear a long-sleeved uniform and long skirt at school. Devi is very good at playing Bekel. Until his friends get tired of waiting for him to lose. Cikgu Jasmine is the replacement for Cikgu Jasmin at Tadika Mesra.

After Cikgu Jasmin left Tadika Mesra to continue his studies in Kuala Lumpur, a very fierce principal came, suddenly there was a teacher whose book fell and the principal told the students in his class that he was the new homeroom teacher of Upin, Ipin and friends. his friend. The new teacher's name is Cikgu Melati. Nurul is a school friend of Upin and Ipin, he rarely goes out, is friendly with Mei Mei, Devi and Susanti. Nurul usually wears a long-sleeved uniform and a long skirt at the Tadika Mesra school. Fathiah is a former student at Tadika Mesra. He sat next to Nurul and hardly ever spoke. He usually wears a red headband. Now, his position was replaced with Susanti and was never raised again. It was not explained why he left Tadika Mesra. At first his name was unknown, but he was named Fathiah after the old voices of Upin and Ipin. Cikgu Besar is the principal at Tadika Mesra. He has a large body and wears a hood. He is also a little fierce, but his heart is very kind to his students.

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