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Pro Hero with the highest tally of resolved cases in history. Following All Might's retirement, Endeavor temporarily became the No. 1 Hero after being the No. 2 Hero for a very long time and after the latest Hero Billboard Chart JP announcement, officially became the No. Enji is a tall, studily-built man with a very muscular physique. He has short crimson hair which he wears spiked up around his head and sharp turquoise eyes. His beard and mustache appear to be made of fire, but when he voluntarily turns off the flames on his face, a small amount of stubble shows around his jaw. His hero costume is comprised of a tight, navy turquoise bodysuit, with lines of flames streaming across his chest, upper torso, arms, and most prominently his shoulders. He uses his flames as a makeshift mask around his eyes, and the tall boots he wears appear to be either made of fire themselves or constantly left alight, as only their soles and laces are visible around the flames. He sports white bracers on his lower arms, styled in a cage pattern, and a blue belt with a pouch attached on either side. After officially becoming the No. 1 Pro Hero, Endeavor's costume was upgraded. His bracers have been redesigned to look sharper and armor-like, and they now completely encase his arms. On the back of his hands are grill handguards that have a set of holes to flush a torrent of flames out the back of his hands if needed, and his fingers are exposed from the base knuckles.

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Garudamon anime comic book digimon garudamon illustration manga His bodysuit now has large stripes running across his torso, with the spaces in-between being completely engulfed in his flames. Endeavor also added shoulder pads and a new belt, which appear to be made of the same material as his bracers. His belt is a stylized kanji for Flame¨ (炎, Flame¨?). During his battle against Hood, the left side of his face was greatly damaged after being hit by a surprise attack. After receiving surgery and being healed by Recovery Girl's Heal Quirk, his eye was shown to be alright, though he now has a large, jagged scar reaching from his hairline all the way down to his chin. During the battle against All For One, he loses his right arm, being ripped off after being hit by one of the Rivet Stabs. During his childhood days, he bore a striking resemblance to his own son, Natsuo. Shoto has described his father as a prideful and ambitious man, driven by his goal to surpass the No. 1 Hero, All Might. Endeavor's eyes obsessively focusing on his hopeless goal. This obsessive drive to surpass All Might in terms of strength and power has followed Enji throughout his entire life, with repeated failure having plagued him since his youth. Dedicated to his studies and hero work, Enji strived to become the absolute strongest Pro Hero in the country, but the figure of All Might proved itself too much of an insurmountable obstacle for him or anyone else to overcome, leaving Enji in a growing state of despair as he became more and more aware that closing the gap between him and the Symbol of Peace was futile.

39;s ability and nothing else.

As a result, Enji turned into a cold, callous person who didn't care for anything but his impossible dream, something a young Inasa Yoarashi would notice by just looking at his eyes. Enji has always been aware of his own limitations, but due to his stubbornness, he never once thought about relinquishing his wish, wanting to accomplish it at any cost, and even passing on his aspirations to another person if necessary. As a way to balance the downsides of his Quirk, something he always found cumbersome, Enji sought to have a child with an ice Quirk user, in order to create someone that could inherit his will, and conceive a child who had the perfect mix of both fire and ice. This way, Enji would not only have his Quirk be inherited but also his training and experiences, by a "perfect" successor. Enji would come to be a cold, even abusive father and husband, with his actions negatively affecting all members of the family he formed. Shoto, his youngest child, was considered his masterpiece; a tool that possessed all the right elements to exceed All Might's ability and nothing else. As a result, Enji focused all his hopes on Shoto, forcing him through incredibly harsh training from a young age and showing no concern for his personal desires.

The rest of the children were ignored and perceived as "failures" that weren't allowed to interact with their younger sibling. When his wife succumbed to a mental breakdown and attacked Shoto, Enji sent her away to a psychiatric ward solely to prevent her from getting in the way of his child's development. At the same time, he wasn't completely without feelings and concerns for his family. Upon learning that his first son, Toya, had stronger fire powers but a body that is unable to handle his own flames, Enji quickly stopped forcing his efforts on Toya in fear for his well-being. Endeavor burns his training room due to All Might's retirement. After the events of the Kamino Incident, which in All Might's retirement and Enji's succession as the No. 1 Hero, Enji's character took a shift in course. Enji's interest in the title of strongest Pro Hero was always based on earning it through merit and ability, valuing the work he had invested in attaining the No. 1 spot more than the spot itself. As such, he became very furious about reaching the top through a technicality, feeling that his efforts from a lifetime were now wasted. For as much as he disliked his longtime rival All Might, Enji still respected his power and feats as the No. 1 Hero, to the point of not believing that the "real" All Might was a sick and weak-looking man.

Sensing the rising crime and unrest in a society that had recently lost their Symbol of Peace, Enji began questioning his role and duty as the new No. 1 Heroes. After a conversation with All Might about what being the No. 1 Hero means to the world, Enji started considering the way he treated his family up until that point. He starts visiting his estranged wife with frequency, even though the doctors in charge of her recovery have stated that this action is not best for her, and wishes to become an actual father figure to his children, despite Natsuo's vocal desire to not have the older man involved in his life. While aware that his two sons reviewed him, Enji still attempted to atone for his past actions and made an effort to connect with his children, knowing that he wouldn't be forgiven easily, he at least wanted to repent and help them recover from the dreadful childhood he made them go through. However, Enji soon comes to the conclusion that his family are better off without him and would go on to buy a new home for his children and their mother while he would remain by himself, willing to distance himself from them so they could be happy. Endeavor angry at Hawks for coming off as disrespectful.

As a Pro Hero, Enji is depicted as confident, reliable, and imposing, thanks to his excellent track record of solved cases. His rude and aggressive personality is well-known to the public, with his fans thinking of them as a selling point while others are scared by his overall violent attitude. Endeavor is particularly sensitive to being compared to All Might as he's always painted unfavorably towards the former No. Despite this, he does make an effort to interact with his fans upon becoming the new No. 1, as seen with him greeting Hiroshi Tameda, although he was shocked to see his new, more amicable side be met with harsh criticism. Furthermore, Enji realized that he could have been a friendly and kind Hero like All Might had he really wanted the prestige and respect that the latter had received, but instead became obsessed with reaching his position at the very top of Japan's Hero rankings, which led him down his dark and bitter path. Enji, whether during work or outside of it, is known for his bad temper. He has a very no-nonsense attitude towards those he meets and is easily angered by goofier personalities. This, however, does not seem to affect his competence as a Pro Hero in any shape or form. Thanks to his studies, training, and valuable experience obtained as the No. 2 Hero, Enji knows how to strategically direct forces in battle, immediately understand the situation he's in, and resolves incidents as fast as possible, with minimal casualties. Enji and his agency pride themselves as experts in the three basics of heroism (suppression, rescue, and evacuation), believing that a true hero excels at all of those areas.

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Endeavor facing a rare moment of hesitation. However, even Enji can have lapses in his bravery and immense resolve. After Natsuo was kidnapped and held hostage by Ending, Enji froze in place and was unable to move, fearing that his son would never speak to him again had he saved him, only to embrace Natsuo in relief after he was saved. Following the Paranormal Liberation War, after Enji's apparently deceased son was revealed to be the League of Villains member Dabi, Enji fell into tears of despair after realizing that his actions as a father led to his son becoming a villain and mass murderer, going as far as to tearfully apologize to his family for all the harm he caused them, while also realizing that his hero career was doomed upon his past being revealed to the public. After being encouraged by Shoto and supported by his family to confront Dabi however, Enji manages to regain his strength and willingness to move forward. Rather than lying or trying to deflect any blame, he comes clean to the public about his past and promises to do everything he can to defeat the villains.

Even with people blaming him and the other heroes for the current state of things, Enji only tells the public to throw any burdens or complaints they have at him while he promises to bring society back with everything he has. During the Second War, it is revealed that Enji's motivation to be a hero stemmed from when he was a child, after he saw his father try and save a little girl from a villain, only for both of them to end up being killed. For all his strength and achievements, it's also revealed that Enji is deeply insecure of himself, knowing that he'll never be a hero like All Might or Deku and that he's faced this insecurity his entire life, to the point where he chose "Endeavor " as his hero name to reflect all his hard work and efforts. Enji accepts that he's responsible for his son becoming a villain, and that the people Dabi has killed fall on him as well, but resolves that he'll continue to atone for his crimes so that the next generation of heroes won't be burdened by his mistakes. Edgeshot and Endeavor team up to take on the incredibly powerful All For One.

Overall Abilities: Endeavor was ranked 2nd of Japan's heroes, before taking the spot of No. 1 after All Might's retirement. He is known for having the most solved cases out of any crime fighter, and by the age of 20, Endeavor took his place as the No. 2 Pro Heroes. He also possesses a proficient handle on his powerful Quirk, Hellflame, using his flames to overwhelm his opponents with extreme heat, becoming airborne with flame propulsion, among other applications. As he is ranked highly, Endeavor is a very powerful hero, which has been proven in his fight against the League of Villains. He has repeatedly faced and defeated multiple grades of Nomu without sustaining any damage, something for which he is praised by the likes of All For One, history's most dangerous and experienced villain. During the Kamino Incident, Endeavor teamed up with Edgeshot to temporarily battle All For One, and emerge unscathed.

Endeavor has also displayed the ability to contend with High End Nomu such as Hood and Woman with help from other heroes. In the aforementioned bout with Hood, Endeavor displayed his high speed and power by dicing a large portion of a skyscraper before it could collapse, as well as incinerate most of Hood's body thrice. In the Paranormal Liberation War, Endeavor proved to be integral against the 75% body-enhanced Tomura Shigaraki, inflicting the most amount of damage (alongside Izuku Midoriya) that caused the villain's body to eventually break down, in spite of the Flame Hero being outmatched by Tomura. Shoto even remarked that Endeavor was the only one who had any hope of fighting against All For One. Enhanced Strength: After years of physical training, Endeavor obtained incredible physical strength, though it is not at the level of All Might. Impressively, he was able to knock the enormous Gigantomachia backwards with a flame-propelled skull bash. Enhanced Durability: Endeavor possesses incredible durability as he was able to withstand being thrown through multiple concrete-laced skyscraper walls by Hood, who was using multiple Quirks, and emerge with moderate injuries. When fighting a body-modified Tomura Shigaraki, Endeavor endured the impalement of the latter's Rivet Stab Quirk and several of his augmented blows despite the villain possessing physical strength nearly rivaling that of All Might. Afterwards, Endeavor was able skull-bash the thick-bodied Gigantomachia without suffering significant head trauma, but the pyromancer was knocked unconscious by his own attack.

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