Who Is Crow In Deadman Wonderland

Kiyomasa Senji (千地 清正, Senji Kiyomasa), aka Crow, is a former police officer and one of the major supporting characters in the series. He is a Deadman previously imprisoned in Deadman Wonderland. He has trained Ganta and helped him on multiple occasions. Eight years before the start of the series, in 2016, an 18-year-old Senji worked as a police officer. After the Great Tokyo Earthquake, he and his colleagues Akira Shindō, Tōshirō Kan, Momoi, and his senpai Domon were assigned to Tokyo in order to restore the peace. At that time, Senji already had his Branch of Sin and used it to defeat thugs. A special anime exclusive episode expands Senji's background story from his days in the police. During one of the chases, Senji corners a thug and starts assaulting him with his Crow Claw. Seeing the thug as nothing more than trash, Senji intends to kill him but is stopped by Domon. Back in the Police Station, Senji gets into an argument with his colleagues that someone told the man he was being followed by the police. The blame is pinned on Senji due to his past of working with street thugs, so he starts a brawl to protect his honor. After taking a walk through a farmers market to cool off, he spots Izuru being chased by the Goreless Peace gang members for stealing their valuables.

Senji finds his team slaughtered.

Soul Eater, Chapter 26 - Page 2 of 39 - Soul Eater Manga Online Senji intervenes and beats up the gang members who swore revenge on him. He then takes Izuru back to Hinata in the orphanage not knowing that Goreless Peace was following him. As Senji returns home, he is intercepted by Keigo Ugachi who tries to get Senji to join his gang, but he refuses. Keigo is infuriated by this and commences an attack on the orphanage, killing Izuru and Hinata as well as the other orphans. Enraged, Senji alongside his comrades storm in Keigo's manor. Domon and his crew start gunning down gang members, while Senji chases Keigo and is eventually caught in his Branch of Sin: Wire Lyre. Senji attempted to get free, only to be caught once again. Domon then arrives to assist Senji, but Keigo traps him as well, wounding him critically in the process. Angered by this, Senji manages to extend his Crow Claw and stabs Keigo through the chest. Keigo tells Senji to finish him off, which Senji is glad to comply with, however, Domon interrupts, telling Senji that he cannot kill Keigo as then he'd be no better than him. Senji raises his Crow Claw to bring down on Keigo, but stops at the last second as he notices that Keigo fearfully flinched. Senji passes out, Keigo is arrested and placed in Deadman Wonderland. Senji finds his team slaughtered. Because of the efficiency Senji and his team operated, a lot of criminals wanted to kill them. They teamed up with Ikazuchi Akatsuki as their leader and challenged Senji.

Senji's team protected him and went to the challenge alone, leaving Senji behind. When Senji finally arrived, the entire team was murdered, with the exception of Domon. He called Senji over and gave him a lecture about depending on others. He died soon after that. Sometime after that, Senji was taken to Deadman Wonderland and addressed a tattooist to tattoo the first letters of his team-mates' names above his right eye (DSMK). Four years before the start of the series, the Necro Macro was used to capture a rampaging Crow within the prison. It succeeded in capturing him, but killed twenty-four other prisoners in the process. Senji became the subject of legend within the general prison population afterward. Senji after his battle with Hagire. Senji is a tall, muscular man with a tan. He wears his short black hair spiked back and has the letters DSMK tattooed above his right eye in memory of his former teammates. When he was still a police officer, he wore the standard police uniform. In Deadman Wonderland, he wore the regular prisoner uniform. When he was put in G Ward, he changed his clothes to dark blue pants with a black belt, a tank top, leather shoes, and a long black coat. He also has two rings with serrated blades built in them to slice open his forearms; he wears these on his thumbs.

After his Carnival Corpse match with Ganta, he lost his right eye as part of the Penalty Game and now wears a black eyepatch. While trying to apply for a job he wore a business suit and straightened out his messy hair. After his battle with Hagire, Senji lost his right arm below the bicep. In the epilogue, Senji wore casual clothes and grew a goatee. He seems to thoroughly enjoy violence, and his favorite phrase is "Dead Center" ("On target" in the Tokyopop translation; "Bang" in the manga scanlations or "Ssslice" in the anime fansubs;, zuppashi in the Japanese original). Despite his wild and battle-hungry attitude, he does have a sense of honor and respects strength and determination, seen when he teaches Ganta multiple ways to use his branch of sin after Ganta's refusal to stay down during their seemingly one-sided Carnival Corpse. Senji also appears to be against the idea of ​​needless killing, having opted to leave Ganta alone on their first encounter when he made no effort to defend himself against Senji, and he can be kind to those he respects. He also shows thoughtfulness when he tells Ganta to try and understand Shiro's predicament before coming to a decision. In an ironic twist, Senji becomes flustered and embarrassed when a woman acts immodestly. When he first notices Shiro's form-fitting body tights, his face becomes red and he gives her his coat telling her to quickly cover up, and again turning red when Minatsuki flashes her underwear at him. The effect of those encounters can sometimes make him fall to the floor.

39;s first seen in a dark room messing around with his Branch of Sin.

In the anime, Senji is seen eating a candy. Senji meets Ganta for the first time. Senji's first seen in a dark room messing around with his Branch of Sin. While in G Ward, Senji overhears a few people talking about a new Deadman called Woodpecker with an interesting power. This excites Senji as to find and challenge him to a battle. After Ganta made his way to G Ward, Senji appears, destroying the giant steel door and the Necro Macro security robot which had been chasing Ganta, Shiro and Yō. He surprises everyone with his inhuman ability to slice through a steel door with ease. Senji welcomes Ganta saying that he's been waiting for him to fight. Due to his power, Ganta mistakes him for the "Red Man" and attempts to kill him with a pipe, where Senji counteracts with his Branch of Sin Crow Claw and shreds the pipe, leaving Ganta in a shock. After seeing Ganta's fear, he decides to leave him be for not knowing that he needs to use blood for his Branch of Sin. As Senji leaves, angered Ganta uses his Branch of Sin and attacks Senji head on. Senji tries to block it with his Crow Claws, but the bullet pierces through and strikes Senji in his chest internally wounding him, unknowingly.

Senji introduces himself and commends Ganta on his performance, but declines that his the Red Man, saying that both of them can use the same ability. He explains to Ganta that Deadman are people who can control their blood outside their own body. He also adds that he's a stupid child thinking that his the only one "Special". After a small skirmish and an interruption by Shiro, Senji was subdued by the Deadman security. In the infirmary, Crow finds out that the next match line up is him vs Ganta. Before getting too excited, Rei warns him that he cannot battle because Ganta broke his sternum bone and two of his ribs, where Crow assaults Rei telling him to stay out of his fight. Senji's defeated by Ganta. The next day. before the Carnival Corpse, while Crow is warming up, his chest starts hurting again, noting that he's pumped for the battle. When the battle starts, Ganta tries running away to a higher place where Senji's blades can't reach him. Ganta climbs a tree and starts shooting his blood bullets, but Senji manages to deflect all of them, with Ganta ending up getting anemia. While Ganta hallucinates, Senji extends his Crow Claw and slices up the tree.

39;s techniques, as well as helping him understand his own capabilities.

With Ganta unable to fight, Crow toys with him, by cutting him up little by little. When he decides to leave, Ganta grabs him by the leg and gets up saying that he will not lose by getting punched around. As Senji prepares to deliver the final blow, Ganta shoots the giant speaker, which hurls down onto Senji. Senji slices up the speaker not realizing that Ganta already came into point-blank range, where he shoots him in the chest, breaking his sternum bone and defeating him, leaving the crowd shocked. Despite Senji's experience and skill with his Branch of Sin, Ganta managed to win by trickery. Senji's right eye about to be removed. As a consequence of losing, Senji was forced to play the Penalty Game. His right eye was removed for research. He returns for a short time later during Ganta's next match, sporting an eyepatch and gives Ganta assistance with figuring out his opponent's techniques, as well as helping him understand his own capabilities. His change in personality toward Ganta is due to his respect for Ganta's strength. Senji comments that because Ganta beat him, he is not allowed to lose to anyone else until they have a rematch. He later meets Ganta in the hallway, after his match with Minatsuki, telling Ganta to treat him to some ramen for winning. Senji complements him about his win against Hummingbird. Ganta feels sorry for his eye, to which Senji replies that it's "just another day at the office". He tells Ganta that he needs more variety in his attacks and mentions his Ganta Gun, a name he thought of himself.

fruits characters 3d ma Ganta says that the name isn't cool enough. He wants something more like Aceman's attacks. Senji is surprised that Ganta knows Aceman, because that was an anime back in his childhood. Ganta tells him about how he and Shiro used to play Aceman. He tells Ganta that even though his victories were dumb, they were still victories and that winning Carnival Corpse matches can be both good and bad. While Senji's boxing, Ganta approaches Senji, asking him about the undertakers. Senji confirms that he knows about the undertakers, but is shocked when Ganta mentions that they can neutralize their Branch of Sin, as well as furious at Ganta calling him stingy because he didn't call him for a battle. As Ganta continues with his story, he mentions that Nagi was there, which Ganta replies that Nagi has a score to settle with the undertakers. He tells Ganta about Nagi's past, how Tamaki tricked him and his wife to fight each other, but Nagi lost on purpose to protect his wife and in the penalty game lost his vocal cords. But Tamaki had broken his promise, saying that he doesn't allow rigged matches and killed Nagi's wife and his unborn child. Senji kills Mōzuri and Shinagawa. Bundō Rokuro, several Undertakers and Ganta were about to be killed by Mōzuri Gazuchi and Shinagawa Dōkoku, Senji appears just in time to kill the two.

Senji declines, stating that the outside is no different and that only the strong survive.

Not realizing that he had already killed the stronger Undertakers there, Senji decides that the regular soldiers will do. He tries to slash an Undertaker and Bundō, but soon finds out that it won't work. After listening to Bundō boasting about the Worm Eater's ability to negate Branches of Sin, Senji demonstrates his Invisible Black by chopping a soldier into bits, reasoning that the Worm Eater is ineffective against Branches of Sin with attacks that move at the speed of sound. Senji training with Ganta. Afterward, Karako Koshio and the rest of Scar Chain plead Senji to join their cause. Senji declines, stating that the outside is no different and that only the strong survive. After the first Scar chain attempt to break out of Deadman Wonderland failed, Ganta comes to Senji, while he's training, and begs him to teach him how to use the supersonic Branch of Sin. Senji accepts, with letting Ganta know that if he wants to get stronger, he needs to kill his old self and start training. After a while, with Ganta exhausted and barely standing, Senji tells Ganta that if these were real fights he would have been dead 12 times already. To boosts his self-confidence and determination, Senji crushes Ganta`s candy and leaves one hanging on the rope telling Ganta that if he shoots it down he will get it back, but Senji will block his attacks with his Invisible Black. After a small break, Ganta returns to train with Senji.

He also finds Yo and Minatsuki, who help Ganta to better understand the supersonic speed. Senji insults Minatsuki that Ganta doesn't need any help from her. In response, Minatsuki flashes Senji where he faints. Back to training, Ganta's coming close to anemia again but still manages to shoot his small blood bullet causing it to go supersonic surprising Senji. He thanks Senji and leaves. Senji scolds Ganta about his perspective on life. Senji meets Ganta in the hallway seeing him depressed and weak, not wanting to go back to normal cause if he did that, he feels Nagi's death would be meaningless and that he doesn't want to live in a world where nothing changes. He's then scolded by Senji telling him to stop thinking like a kid, saying that owl's death has made a difference and that he should stop going in circles. The next day G-ward was opened, enabling Deadmen to go outside. Senji's seen lying on the grass relaxing to the feel of sunshine on his face. Later that day, Senji starts training Ganta to form his bullet faster, but Ganta starts feeling the side effects from his Ganbare Gun and asks Senji if he ever felt like that before, which Senji replies with a negative answer. He later see's Shiro, telling her to get out cause she's not a Deadman and starts to blush because of her suit. As they train, the TV turns itself on with a show about carnival corpse. Live on public TV, Tamaki explains to the whole Japan what are Deadmen and their powers and broadcast a live stream from the battle of two Deadmen, with one wearing a mask and possessing strange powers.

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