Who Is Crona's Dad

And represents Madness of Chaos. All other witches descend from her in unspecified way and are touched by that power. Asura's◊ head and Death The Kid's◊ are very similar. Asura's Sanzu lines, when he was lost to madness, were morphed into the eye form. Along with that, their skin tone, nose, and mouth are very similar as well. In the Book of Eibon, who was lost to madness? Death the Kid. If shinigamis are more susceptible to madness, that explains this well. Shinigami vs Asuras. Shinigami gave up the ability to move to stop Asura. Their difference in power was not too great, and Shinigami doesn't seem very prideful. If he felt responsible for this, then he would fight Asura alone. He could've gathered a group of other powerful people to fight with him. Asura's Insanity wavelength can spread across the entire world. That means his soul is powerful enough to do so.

The greatest souls seen thus far are Shinigami's, and Asura's. Asura's has not been seen, but it is safe to assume it is massive. Death the Kid's soul is also of a large size, and since he is Death the Kid, I doubt he trained it to that size.- Surprisingly confirmed. Asura is indeed something of Kid's 'older brother' (both are fragments of Death though, it's compliacted. Considering the kind of clubs he frequents and the way Liz describes her mother as the prettiest prostitute in New York the guess makes sense but their ages don 't line up very well since he's 31 and she's 16/17, and I very much doubt he would have the money to meet with her mother at that point in his life. You need a vessel for your latest experiment (ie You don' t want to test it on yourself because it would make you go batshit crazy. And you don't want anything that would leave a paper trail (birth records, adoption papers, bills for your brand new clone, etc.). So you decide to whip up something using your own materials at hand. It also explains hir gender confusion and a few of hir other general quirks. This seems unlikely; In their fight with Medusa, Spirit more or less states that he never managed to seduce her when he chats with Stein. If there was the least chance that Chrona might have been Spirit's kid he'd probably have mentioned it (if he'd had relations with Medusa he would probably have been able to put two and two together).

39;s mother is not just a nice witch, but also the third Gorgon sister?

Good point, although it's likely Medusa could have chosen just about anyone she'd wanted, as a mix between magic and the power of genetics could probably produce whatever DNA cocktail she'd thought suitable, so long as she had a hair/spit/ whatever samples. On that note, anyone could be Crona's father, including a mix of Spirit, Stein, Sid, and any of those other powerful guys whose names start with "S". This nicely dovetails into the "Maka's father isn't cheating" theory, their separation was to divert attention away from her; Shibusen isn't actively at war with non-hostile Witches, but it would be awkward politically for the current Death Scythe to be married to one.- It adds nicely to the horror that Death Scythe felt when Medusa described how she abused Crona. He knows she didn't have to. There are a little holes in this theory, but just for the fun of it imagine it's all true and Maka's mother is not just a nice witch, but also the third Gorgon sister? That'd certainly put an interesting spin on things. Now Jossed with the introduction of Shaula Gorgon in Soul Eater Not!

Well, her "Demon-slaying wavelength" (Or whatever your favorite translator calls it) isn't exactly a force of creation, now is it? It's not, but the problem with Maka being the daughter of a witch is that Kim is the only known exception to the more-or-less Always Chaotic Evil categorization of witches in the 'verse. While there are clearly degrees to which witches use the destructive 'guidance of magic', by this WMG either the nature of her mother's power, or the other special skills she's inherited. Which, given the grigori soul thing, is still not out of the question. The problem is, Crona resembles Stein even less than he/she does Medusa. That seems like too far a stretch. Sounds more like a backstory for a fanfic than anything else. Noah is merely a physical manifestation of the chapters in the Book of Eibon.

They have similar personalities. They are cowards who can't deal well with problems in their lives and kind of loners. They have somewhat similar faces.- But this is an anime/manga. Most people look related. That is actually scarily plausible (also, according to Justin Law's rather faulty world view, would that make Crona The Antichrist?). It is, however, worth mentioning that Crona's had Ragnarok in them since they were very small, and was shown to suffer some sort of insanity when it was first injected (blank eyes, mumbling to themselves). They could just be very used to keeping a grip on some sort of sanity even with the black blood in them. Except Tsubaki IIRC is the first of the family to enter Shibusen. If her father (who probably has some uncreative yet awesome sword-related name) is a powerful Weapon, though, he might be the equivalent of a Death Scythe rather than an official one.

Though perhaps the failure of the Nakatsukasas to achieve anything save mass murder with the demon blade mode might have caused him to avoid using his Weapon form much. If you think about it, it makes sense: His legend started 800 years ago, which was just around the time the first Weapon was made by Arachne. It's possible that the creation of him was what sparked the natural birth of other weapons around the world. Also, don't forget, when Death still had his scary mask and began taking in Weapon children, we were shown children as young as five or six, supporting that idea.- Kinda confirmed. We wasn't made by Arachne and in fact, all Weapons were inspired by Excalibur and experiments were done trying to recreate someone like him. So kinda of a zeroth weapon. Not to mention Liz and Patty are clearly semi-automatic, so they exist as a pair that can wield each other! I came here tonight considering adding pretty much that.

You've got my current theory on the matter kind of in one, and better phrased. Would add that the Sanzu Lines as they are in the manga had me thinking that rather than Kid just coming into being, Shinigami created him deliberately for the reasons that you give; necessity and security. Shinigami reproduce when wetted. I always thought Death made Kid because he was jealous of Spirit having Maka. Confirmed. Death the Kid was a fragment of Death and it's the same way his older brother Asura was confirmed. Confirmed! In a massive tearjerker, but confirmed! While highly unlikely, not to mention downright bizarre, the number of Maka/Kid shippers out there means that if it's at all true then the fandom fallout would be hilarious. Oh, there's a thought, where/how would Kid fit into this theory? Kid would be hard to place, but the possibilities generally point to one of three things. Either Kid is Kami's child as well, perhaps some kind of twins thing, Shinigami had another woman later or earlier, or Shinigami created Kid without a mother, which is why Kid is a "Shinigami" and Maka is not. Presumably, the third method means some funky magic.- Possibility No.3 makes the most sense (as much as anything about this theory makes sense anyway) but No. 1 would be the most entertaining if there was a reveal.

Ch 73, it says that Kid has the Madness of order.

Confirmed, this is actually how Shinigami reproduces. Jossed, Kid doesn't have a mother, Shinigami reproduce asexually. Ch 73, it says that Kid has the Madness of order. Correction: Kid IS the Madness of Order (or a fragment at least). Jossed, Shinigami reproduce asexually, no woman really needed. I like this WMG better then the asexual reproduction one above. Attached as I am to the 'asexual' idea (the 'fragment' deal in ch72 is not helping my inclination to believe that's the case) but, yes, this would be neat. How about that Kid's mother was the Death Scythe before Spirit? Just because. The shape of Kid's soul (both the lines and the brief skull shape are shinigami-related) could be explained in some fashion; mangaverse Maka's Grigori soul and absence of Weapon traits weren't an issue. More specifically, she could be the Death Scythe in charge of Africa. If they had a falling out after Kid was born, it would explain not only why she isn't around, but also why the Death Scythe of Africa refused to follow the Summons after the Keshin's revival. More-over, assuming that Kid's OCD is inherited from his father, this would make the Death Scythes "perfectly symmetrical" gender-wise: Three male and three female, with one for each continent, sans Antarctica, which both logically and canonically lacks a Death Scythe.- Jossed, Kid has no mother.

Or else, who is Chrona's dad? Anyway, almost all casts have no father and/or mother. - The mother of Maka, Kami, divorced with Spirit and has disappeared into thin air. Black Star's father and mother have been killed. NOTE: This assumption would clearly apply only to the manga, as Maka genetically inherited Spirit's weapon powers in the anime. Addendum to the above note: Unless Maka's mother is a Weapon. We know there are at least two Scythe-type weapons, and Soul refers to the guillotine-weapon Justin Law as "the same type of weapon I am". Doesn't Then have Spirit's eyes? Different colors maybe, but they're drawn in the same style, I think. That, and that in the manga Male! Maka seems to be just like Spirit when it comes to the ladies.- Which is why things will be easier to confirm or deny if Maka's mother shows up, which is certainly a possibility. Besides, all Maka got was a nosebleed (and maybe an erection), and that was one DAMN hot succubus.- Actually, I don't think Spirit's ever been shown to get a nosebleed around "hot women". Soul does though, or at least he did with Blair. I think male!Then was supposed to emulate Soul, since s/he was also quiet, moody, and had spiky hair. Also, I'm slightly amazed that this hadn't been brought up before in some form or other. Not a completely crazy idea, but it's far more likely that their mother, being a hooker, simply had them by two different men (which might explain their different shaped eyes, different breast sizes and the like).

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