Who Invented the 4 Stroke Engine

Do you have a motorbike at home? What's the use? to accompany your mother to the market or to be your means of transportation? Before the 4 stroke engine was created, first the motorcycle engine used 2 stroke engine technology which was very noisy and wasteful of oil, after the 2 stroke era, do you know who created the 4 stroke engine aka the previous generation refinement engine from 2 stroke? 4 stroke which until now is widely used by motorcycles? The inventor of the internal combustion engine was born on June 14, 1832 in Holzhausen (Germany) named Nicolaus August Otto, more The invention of the 4 stroke engine by Otto was based on the invention of the 2 stroke engine that uses gas fuel which was invented by Etiene Lenoir. This made Otto continue to think that if he used liquid fuel, the 2-stroke engine would be easy to operate. So Otto made a carburetor design and patented it, but the design was rejected by the patent agency, because there was a similar device designed by someone else. Before discussing further about Otto, we will discuss a little about Otto's life journey. Initially Otto worked as a salesman selling tea, sugar and coffee, then quit in 1864. Otto was more focused on his inventions, so he started dreaming and founded the Engine Manufacturing Company NA & Otto, which was the first company or factory to produce internal combustion engines in Indonesia. German. Otto continued to pursue and perfect Entiene Lenoir's inventions.

Their cooperation is able to advance the factory that has been established.

In 1862, Otto had created a new engine model that worked on the basis of four rotational thrusts and had already begun to manufacture this type of engine. In the same year he met his partner a sugar entrepreneur named Eugenne Langen who financed all of his research and creation. In 1867 a two-speed engine using gas fuel was awarded a medal at the WORD FAIR held in Paris. In 1872, Otto recruited a young engineer named Gottlieb Daimler. Their cooperation is able to advance the factory that has been established. Furthermore, the Otto engine has become a pioneer in the manufacture of cars Gottlieb Daimer and Karl Benz. The first Daimer car was made to have a power of 6 horsepower, and was sold to the Prince of Wales. Although he has made a lot of profit from the sale of the 2-stroke engine, it doesn't make Otto forget his dream of a 4-stroke engine that compresses a mixture of fuel oil and air before combustion occurs which can be the driving force for rotation. In 1876 he had succeeded in creating the first 4 stroke engine model, and the patent was obtained a year later. The 4-stroke engine received a very good response, within 10 years it had sold more than 30. 000 machines, it makes the Leonir type machines to be left out. In 1886, Otto's invention was disputed by a Frenchman named Alphonse Beau de Rochas, because he had the same idea in 1862. However, Alphonse cannot be considered the inventor of the 4 stroke engine because it was never published and marketed, even though it was patented. Otto got the idea of ​​​​making a 4-stroke engine from a 2-stroke engine created by Lenoir, so he did not lose his patent and his machine is still selling well in the market. Otto died in 1891 at the age of 59.

ASCII Media Works began publishing the novels on April 10, 2009 under their Dengeki Bunko imprint.

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