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Inko comforts Izuku after her son realizes he is Quirkless. Inko is Izuku's mother, and she cares deeply for him; when her son finds out he's Quirkless and therefore cannot be a hero, she apologizes profusely as if it were her fault. It is hinted that she blames his sadness on herself and has gained weight as a result, but it is unknown if this is true. However, once Izuku receives his new Quirk, One For All, and gets into his dream school, UA High School, she is happy for his newfound powers, but feels guilty about his former beliefs. Inko tries to make it up to him and show her support by creating a costume for Izuku, using the design she had seen him sketch. She brings up her past actions and apologizes for not believing that he could be a hero, reassuring Izuku that she will support him all the way on his path to accomplish his dream; Izuku is touched by this and thanks her.

She also makes All Might promise to take care of him, and stay alive for him.

man in black hoodie standing beside woman in white and black hijab Inko hugging Izuku before getting ready to leave. Despite these words of encouragement, it is evident that Inko becomes worried for Izuku when she sees the distressing amount of damage done to his body after he used his new Quirk. Indeed, after the ordeal at the training camp, Inko is completely against him resuming his studies at UA Izuku is shocked at this and cannot seem to say anything to shift mother's firm stance. Only after Izuku shows her Kota's letter, a sign that he is truly on the path to being a hero, does she change her mind about UA. She also makes All Might promise to take care of him, and stay alive for him. While upgrading his costume, Izuku only adds a few things on it and refuses to modify it even further as he is attached to it. He appreciates that his mother made it for him and he wants to keep it as a reminder that she is supporting him. During their brief reunion for New Years, Izuku lets her know of his predicament with his powers and, while she is worried, Inko is proud of him for saving Eri. As of the breakout at Tartarus, Inko is aware of the nature of Izuku's acquired Quirk, One For All. Hisashi is his father but he has not been seen much in either his or his wife's life, as his whereabouts and status are unknown. It is unknown if Izuku had a stable relations with Hisashi considering that he was absent for most of the time. All that is known about him is that he took a work post abroad and that his Quirk allows him to breathe fire.

The Manga Trap

All Might chooses Izuku as his successor. Izuku has always admired All Might and strives to become a hero just like he used to be. In their first meeting, All Might saves Izuku from the Sludge Villain and signs the happy boy's notebook. However, Izuku is very shocked to see All Might's true form and is dismayed when the latter tells him being powerless does not fare well at all for his chances at becoming a hero. Despite this, Izuku earns All Might's respect after he runs toward the slime monster in an attempt to save Katsuki, and a mentor-student relationship blooms between the two when All Might chooses him as his successor. While All Might's training on Izuku is rough, he continues to give it his all in the hopes of achieving his dream. They grow closer when All Might listens to his resolve of training and doing more than he has to become a great hero, impressing the hero.

All Might is Izuku's confidante, mentor, and friend in and out of school, and they share a mutual respect for each other's heroism ideals. All Might returns Izuku's admiration by telling him that he was formerly Quirkless before he was given One For All. All Might is also impressed by how much Izuku has improved his Quirk after his time with Gran Torino, and deems it is time to tell Izuku of their Quirk's history. Katsuki's Grenadier Bracers, Izuku apologizes in advance. Toshinori watches over an injured Izuku. At first, Izuku is an extreme fanatic who tries to imitate All Might from his style of name and costume design. As he matures, later on, Izuku slowly learns to become his own hero and develop his own style. This change is noticed by All Might, who is proud to see Izuku on his way of becoming his own hero, improving his unique skill and style. Izuku has an almost father-and-son-like relationship with All Might, treating him as a father figure, demanding his respect and the truth from him during times where All Might would rather preserve Izuku's focus on becoming a hero.

After the breakout from Tartarus, All Might has taken to supporting Izuku during the boy's vigilante activities, with Izuku keeping his distance from others to avoid All For One homing in on him through the connection between their Quirks. Unfortunately, after his battle with Lady Nagant and All For One's message to him that "it's his turn", Izuku keeping his distance from All Might as a result of the overwhelming pressure to keep his family and friends safe, and ultimately leaves him behind to go off on his own against All Might's objections. However, after his classmates snap him back to his senses and bring him back to UA, Izuku's relationship with All Might mostly reverts back to normal, with Izuku apologizing to All Might for his cold behavior and thanking him for helping him as much as he could. Izuku healed by Recovery Girl. Recovery Girl is one of the few people who know about Izuku's Quirk. She often scolds Izuku for using his Quirk dangerously, as he consistently requires the use of her healing Quirk. After the UA Sports Festival, Recovery Girl reaches her breaking point. Fearing that he will continue to cause serious harm to himself as long as he thinks he can just be healed by her, Recovery Girl refuses to heal Izuku's self-inflicted Quirk injuries. Shota questions Izuku's ability to become a hero. Shota is Izuku's homeroom teacher.

39;s potential in becoming a pro-hero.

Initially, Izuku does not recognize him as a pro-hero and was put off by his deadpan manner. This lasted until the latter uses his Erasure Quirk to restrain him, which causes Izuku to remember he is Eraser Head, a pro-hero that he respects for his power and capabilities. At first, Shota firmly does not believe Izuku can be a hero due to his reckless behavior when using his Quirk, as he would be useless in battle if he kept getting injured. However, Izuku proves to Shota that he has potential; the latter is extremely impressed and sees Izuku's potential in becoming a pro-hero. Throughout the series, their relationship can be defined as a rocky, troublesome student-teacher relationship. As his teacher, Izuku listens to Shota's orders and advice in order to improve himself. He has some level of respect towards Shota, as he is surprised at the latter handling several villains by himself. However, Shota's cold and logical personality conflicts with Izuku's own, making it difficult for the two to get along. Out of all his students, the exception being Katsuki, Shota appears to antagonize Izuku the most whenever he does something that upsets him, a recurring problem being Izuku overusing his Quirk and breaking his body. As such, Shota refers to Izuku as the 'Problem Child'.

This shows the more caring and inspirational side of Shota helps Izuku get along better with him.

I really wish this had a sequel However, Shota is still Izuku's teacher and as such, ultimately cares for him. He offers some level of consolation and guidance for Izuku when he is upset, and he will make sure Izuku does not do anything dangerous and act upon it. In return, Izuku once tries to help Shota when he decides to fight off several members of the League of Villains and is amazed by his abilities since he realizes he greatly underestimated his teacher. However, he is horrified to watch him being overpowered by Nomu at the Unforeseen Simulation Joint. This shows the more caring and inspirational side of Shota helps Izuku get along better with him. Izuku also carries his teacher to safety after All Might appears. Deku protects Eraser Head from Tomura. It is possible another reason they sometimes do not get along well is because of Izuku's personality and mindset bearing similarity to All Might's, who Izuku looks up to. Shota and All Might do not get along, and this is extremely evident in Shota and Izuku's relationship. When Izuku appears to him injured after his battle with Muscular, Shota immediately wants to scold him for being reckless but sees that he only got wounded to protect Kota.

He cares about them all dearly, and vice-versa.

He also scolds Izuku for joining in the rescue of Katsuki, which put him in danger. Regardless, Shota encourages him in the mission to rescue Eri, something that causes Izuku to see that he wants him to atone for betraying his trust. Recently, Shota has taken note of Izuku's Quirk gradually changing and asking him on the phenomenon and gets a vague answer. During the Paranormal Liberation War, when Tomura targets Eraser Head to stop his Erasure Quirk, Deku stops Tomura alongside Katsuki. While holding him back, Deku exclaims that Contrary to what Gran Torino said that losing One For All being the worst-case scenario, losing his teacher who had always looked out for him would be so, he refusing to stand back while his life is on the line; these words touch Eraser Head, and make him more determined to stop Tomura Shigaraki. Izuku has formed positive relationships with most of Class 1-A due to his kindness, bravery, and intelligence. He cares about them all dearly, and vice-versa. As seen in the Provisional Hero License Exam, his emerging leadership skills play a key role in his class' victory against the other schools. This also shows that almost all of his classmates are willing to listen and follow his lead, even those he casually knows respect him enough to follow him. It has been shown that part of Katsuki's anger toward Izuku is jealousy over how popular he is with the rest of the class.

Izuku's classmates clearly think well of him and have come to see Izuku as a leading figure, despite his initial shyness and the difficulties he had with his Quirk. During the events of My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission, when Izuku was (falsely) placed as a suspect on the run for mass murder, all of his classmates refused to believe that he could have done something like that. Following the Paranormal Liberation War, Izuku put enough trust in his classmates to reveal the truth about his Quirk and the reason he'd be targeted by Tomura and All For One through letters sent to all of his classmates before leaving UA High to protect them from potential attacks. While he is fighting hired villains, he thinks about all of his classmates and hopes to smile with all of them once he's done. However, Izuku is displeased when Class 1-A comes to save him, exposing themselves to the danger he tried to protect them from. So, he tells them to get out of his way, sparking a conflict between him and his friends. During the fight, Class 1-A reminds Izuku of all the times that he had said and done for them, showing how much they really care about him. Izuku and Katsuki are heated rivals. Izuku and Katsuki have known each other since early childhood, but their relationship appears to have deteriorated over the years. Ever since he fails to develop a Quirk as a child while Katsuki does, he has seen Izuku as weak and constantly bullies him, giving him the derogatory nickname "Deku", which stems from "Dekunobou" or "someone who can't do anything ": a nickname he always refers to him by.

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