Who Does Tsukasa Have A Crush On

Tsukasa interacts with various characters within the Pet series, which affects him as a person and the story as a whole. This article details his relationships with other characters. Hiroki is Tsukasa's pet, they work together and get along very well, and he is attentive to Hiroki's feelings. Tsukasa was not fussed at all by Hiroki drenching them both with a hose. Living together above the bar they worked at, Tsukasa also did not seem phased by Hiroki throwing his phone across the room, a sign of how at ease they are around one another. Tsukasa backs Hiroki's plan to alter Kenji's memories rather than have him killed, and is sure Hiroki can handle it. Even though he thinks of course Hiroki cannot run a shop, having never lived anywhere other than a hotel, he bothers supporting Hiroki to such an extent because it is worth it, further stating he would do anything for him. He withheld the knowledge that they were still being monitored by the Company since he knew Hiroki would get mad.

No matter what happens, Tsukasa says he has to go back to him.

Naruto Baryon Mode KuramaTheir personalities further differ in that unlike Hiroki, Tsukasa is a lot more wary of others. When considering if anything should happen to him, Tsukasa asked to be taken back to Hiroki since he trusts Tsukasa and will be waiting for his return. No matter what happens, Tsukasa says he has to go back to him. Rescued by Hiroki after having his mind partially crushed, in his weakened state Tsukasa asks Hiroki to do a job for him. Explaining the previous situation would not have achieved anything other than worrying him. Sting that he and Hiroki are different, Tsukasa says he looked for and found him and syncing together, he tells Hiroki he is the only one he does not want to be betrayed by. Reaching his limit, he wakes up with Hiroki having agreed to help, and Tsukasa tells him they should keep this quiet. He is also relying on Hiroki's pancakes. Meeting the CEO, Tsukasa had no intention of handling Hiroki over to the Company.

Under the circumstances, Tsukasa thinks of Hiroki as his pet who he found and raised, and grits his teeth in indignation at the thought of the Company taking Hiroki. Feeling he will only listen to him, that is why Tsukasa feels their relationship is meaningful and is why he can trust Hiroki and only him. When Hiroki finds out that he crushed Hayashi, Tsukasa chooses that moment to share his plan to crush Satoru pre-emptively. He attempts to modify Hiroki's memories so he saw Satoru as a regular person. Tsukasa had a mix of frenetic anger and concern at Hiroki running away, both concerned at him being vulnerable by himself and needing him. He felt that Hiroki ran off in the heat of the moment and will be regretting it already, then voicing that a fish cannot survive out of water. He desires greatly to reclaim Hiroki and ensure that no one can threaten him again.

39;s memories so he remembered him as his Peak giver rather than Hayashi.

Seeing him upset, Tsukasa comforts him with the truth of his actions, that he is only acting like Hiroki crushed Hayashi to try and crush Satoru. Tsukasa uses inclusive language concerning Hiroki, such as explaining that it is their backdoor trick even though Tsukasa is the only one capable of using it. Even with Company orders being successful in having Tsukasa crush Hayashi, his Peak giver, Tsukasa has no intention of even having them alter Hiroki's memories and has his safety foremost in his mind with his plans. Content he and Hiroki could finally be together, Tsukasa confided in him that all he wanted to do was have a dreamless sleep. The troubles from crushing Hayashi and the nightmares with it are offered to be resolved by Hiroki changing Tsukasa's memories so he remembered him as his Peak giver rather than Hayashi. Eased, Tsukasa thanks him and defends Hiroki from the dangerous aspects of the loci as they attempt to modify his memory. Many if not all of Tsukasa's actions can be traced back to him wanting Hiroki to be happy, and then moving practically to ensure that they could be together.

Stopping Hiroki when he interferes with Katsuragi's mind, he tries to wake him. He suggests Katsuragi as the replacement for Yokota in Kenji's memory as he is the only one who fits this scene. Continuing to work with Katsuragi, he explains to him when one finds a "pet" like Hiroki, you do whatever it takes to keep them. Tsukasa remarks that Katsuragi seems strangely happy for someone who was outwitted by Hayashi for two years, and makes other casual remarks as well. Finding Hayashi, Tsukasa rejects Katsuragi's complacent belief that he is trapped and speaks down to him that he is not following his usual pattern of thought. He is not of the opinion that Tsukasa understands the situation between Hayashi since he only worked with him. To alleviate Katsuragi's concerns, Tsukasa assures him Hiroki will definitely do a job if he tells him to do it. He meets up with Satoru after their business concerning Kenji is concluded. Whilst he suggests completing a memory alteration with Satoru, he changes his mind at Hiroki's urging. Tsukasa would again decline memory working with Satoru having promised Hiroki he would not go in.

In order to undermine the Company and its use of "babies" Tsukasa feels Satoru needs to go and feels even as a fellow Image user that he cannot be trusted. He intends to use the same secret trick method used on Hayashi on Satoru as well, considering him wide open to attack at any time. Thinking further, Tsukasa intends to declare Satoru's crushing an accident and thinks of him as a good little idiot who would not be able to resist taking care of Meiling. Tsukasa thinks Satoru will be the lucky one, if he gets crushed then he will not have to keep waiting for Hayashi who is never coming back. Tsukasa's thoughts on dealing with Satoru do not waver, indeed they become more intense and with Hiroki at stake, Tsukasa is set on acquiring a gun to shoot Satoru. Such thoughts grow increasing obsessive, Tsukasa would think of methods to deal with Satoru even when others were talking about important matters. Revealing certain true information to Satoru such as that he also received his Peak from Hayashi, is done to gain Satoru's trust as Tsukasa lies to him that Hiroki crushed Hayashi, in order to further Tsukasa's goal of crushing Satoru. Aware that he has been missing for some time, Tsukasa is tasked with dealing with Hayashi upon being found again. Noting that he is only in contact with someone from a ramen store, Tsukasa feels that no one understands that man like he does. Tracking down Hayashi in person by running in front of his car, he is relieved to have found him.

Voicing that this is the first time he has been in a car with him, Tsukasa happily tells Hayashi not to forget he only got his license after Satoru started living with him and that is what made Tsukasa want to get one too. Guessing Hayashi's plans to rejoin Satoru, Tsukasa commends him as someone who knows how to play the company at its own game. Sting he had no idea Hayashi had been watching his movements, Tsukasa praises him as amazing. Becoming tearful at Hayashi intending to save Satoru, Tsukasa always expected Hayashi would come back where they could get back to working together, but has not even thought to ask him how he has been all this time. Tsukasa states that Hayashi is everything to those he has shared his Peak with. Applauding him for always being one step ahead when Hayashi enters his Peak, Tsukasa certainly could not match his speed. His goal was to be like Hayashi, and his final words were why is he still worrying about him as he crushes Hayashi accepting that he would be affected as well. Told he would be adopted as his son if he crushed Hayashi. Tsukasa remembers stating that he had not seen him in some time as he discusses his pet with him.

maNga - Dunyanin Sonuna Dogmusum Offered a leadership role, and the advice he should train his pet in the same manner as a hunting dog made to be obedient. Tsukasa anticipates the CEO will be very curious on how he recovered from being crushed, and anticipates how fun it will be lying to him. He adjusts his wrathful tone when speaking to the CEO via phone, and states if he had let him dive in to fully crush Hayashi then the situation involving Hiroki running away would never have happened. The bar owner they work for and rent a room from, Tsukasa compliments Kenji on his hearing when he replies to Hiroki's remark. Seeing him appear pale and somewhat confused, Tsukasa shows concern for him. His niceties extend to calming him using a mind effecting power. His memory changing plan involves having Kenji not suspecting anything wrong with Yokota becoming a murderer and then committing suicide. He recognizes Ron's voice right away when he speaks to him at a Pizza Hut. Addressing him as "Long" Tsukasa sees him in person after experiencing being crushed, and is sure Ron has reported this to higher ups. Tsukasa thinks back to his face, delighted at the shock on it with Tsukasa considering he looked like a pigeon that had been shot. Once formally set to be adopted by the CEO, Ron prepares Tsukasa's adoption papers with Ron stating he is the older brother. When Hiroki escapes, Tsukasa curses Ron as a wild since he thought he had taken care of Hayashi. He does request Ron and Meiling's presence to handle the situation.

39;s Peak and crush him.

Whilst he gives a pretence of not going directly against Ron's word that Hiroki will have to be killed, Tsukasa resorts to his tried and tested method of explaining how his plan in better. In this case Tsukasa says that Ron should use Meiling and Satoru to modify Hiroki's memories to make him believe that Hiroki received his Peak from the CEO, and successfully alters Ron's goal to kill Hiroki to change his memories instead. Aware of her a pet who is so obedient, everyone calls her "baby". He intends to bring her to Satoru so he shares his Peak with her and then Tsukasa can use a mirror to sneak into Satoru's Peak and crush him. When Hiroki runs away Tsukasa is sure that Meiling would be able to locate him and requests that she be brought to Japan. Speaking in her Peak, he reminds her to focus on the butterfly and knows she has no Lock, and that she has already completed several frontline assignments. Tsukasa introduces himself as a party planner with connections to celebrities and says he can introduce Inui to woman. Learning details of his childhood as Kyoko and the abused experienced from his mother, Tsukasa is understanding when he suspects Inui is projecting another person onto Satomi. It is the masquerade he needs to create right now to survive. Practicing baseball, he states he comes here often but is not getting any better. He shows a professional side in interacting with someone he considers a good client. Tsukasa remains friendly and gives the excuse that his smartphone is on the fritz when their earlier call came to an end due to Hiroki. He is dismayed that she hangs up.

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