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Soul Eater, Chapter 25 - Soul Eater Manga OnlineNezuko protecting Tanjiro from the Swamp Demon. Nezuko is the younger sister of Tanjiro and his only remaining family member alive after his family was killed while he was away selling charcoal. As such, Tanjiro, who is usually calm and polite, will become enraged and attack anybody who harms Nezuko. He is extremely protective of her, though he doesn't stop her from helping him during battles that he cannot handle alone. Being the sole surviving members of a poor family, the siblings are very close, trusting and loving of one another. Tanjiro is likely the only one capable of actively calming Nezuko down by calling her name or singing to her their mother's lullaby. Even after Tanjiro is turned into a Demon by Muzan and falls under his influence, Nezuko still approaches her brother and tries to hold him back despite the possibility of herself being harmed by him. However, Tanjiro does not attack her even after tasting her blood. This might be possible due to Muzan only asking him to destroy the Demon Slayer Corps. Giyu protecting Nezuko from Shinobu. Tanjiro first meets Giyu after he tries to kill Nezuko, who had just been turned into a Demon. After seeing his determination, Giyu instructs Tanjiro to go find the cultivator Sakonji Urokodaki, leading him onto the path of becoming a Demon Slayer. While distrustful of him at first, Tanjiro comes to highly respect Giyu later on, especially considering how both were students of Sakonji and users of the Water Breathing Style. Giyu himself grows to care enough for Tanjiro and Nezuko that he promises to commit seppuku (ritual suicide) alongside their master should Nezuko resort to eating humans.

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Pin on manga panels Tanjiro is the one who allows Giyu to open up and realize he needs to step up to as the inheritor of the Water Hashira and to not let his past losses and feeling of inadequacy prevent him from realizing this. In some ways, Tanjiro is his closest friend (aside from his late friend Sabito and, to some extent, fellow Hashira Shinobu Kocho). At first, Tanjiro is annoyed with Zenitsu as their first encounter involved Zenitsu pestering a girl to marry him when she was clearly against it, forcing Tanjiro to remedy the situation by pulling Zenitsu away from the girl. Zenitsu was in denial that the girl didn't like him and immediately blamed Tanjiro for his failed proposal, causing Tanjiro to look at him in disgust. Despite this, Tanjiro understood that Zenitsu must have been strong enough to pass the Final Selection and that the two can rely on each other during battles against powerful Demons. Though Tanjiro can be annoyed by Zenitsu's tantrums and womanizing behavior, he cares for Zenitsu as a close friend and is very patient with him.

39;s naivety and kindness allow him to unwittingly manipulate Inosuke or even annoy him.

Zenitsu tends to be the one to inform Tanjiro of the city life and occasionally explain things due to Tanjiro's naivety. He cares for Tanjiro as a close friend and admires his strength and kindness. Zenitsu also attempts to get Tanjiro to acknowledge the prospect of being a future brother-in-law, considering Zenitsu's crush on Nezuko. Inosuke eats Tanjiro's food. Initially, despite both being Demon Slayers and being in a tight situation to kill a Demon, Inosuke is instead amazed by Tanjiro's strength and tries to fight him, not caring about the bigger picture. Even after the Demon is defeated, Inosuke would not let up. Tanjiro is occasionally annoyed with his insistence on a fight but is extremely patient with him. Ironically, Tanjiro's naivety and kindness allow him to unwittingly manipulate Inosuke or even annoy him. Despite this, Tanjiro manages to be a positive influence on Inosuke as he convinces Inosuke to start using his head and think during battle. The two tend to also both be naive about city life. In the end, they get along as good friends and close allies. Later on as the series progressed, Inosuke and Tanjiro's friendship was shown to have become incredibly strong and close to the point that the both of them admitted that they now both see and consider each other as brothers and both made a promised that if anyone of them began to stray from the right path, the other would do their best to correct and help them. Upon Tanjiro's transformation into a Demon, Inosuke was one of the first demon slayers to try and kill him before he could eat someone and prevent him from going a dark path.

However as Inosuke was about to cut him, he remembered all of Tanjiro's kindness and how he sees him as a brother, causing him to then break down in tears and stop his attack during the battle due to not being able to bring himself to kill him. When they first met, Sakonji initially hesitated in training Tanjiro after noting his inability and reluctance to kill. He eventually relented and taught Tanjiro for over a year in Water Breathing. After his past 13 students were killed in Final Selection, Sakonji would only allow him to enter if he managed to cut through a very large boulder, as a way to protect him. Eventually, Tanjiro succeeded in slicing it, entered and survived Final Selection, even managing to defeat an old foe of Sakonji. Seeing his latest student survive after so many failures haunting him, Sakonji tearfully hugged Tanjiro and congratulated him on coming home. Tanjiro was shocked to learn that both Sakonji and Giyu had taken an oath to kill themselves if Nezuko had ever harmed a person. Tanjiro and Shinobu hold a conversation. Shinobu helps train Tanjiro during his rehabilitation period, and, while she initially does not understand his drive to protect his Demon sister, she does grow to care for him. Though she trained Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke, she seems to be the closest (or, is at least the least irritated) with Tanjiro because unlike Zenitsu and Inosuke, he took his training seriously from the start.

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Shinobu also recommends Tanjiro to Oyakata-Sama for the Infinity Train mission, stating that Tanjiro "has a pure soul and is capable of striving hard on a daily basis". During a conversation with him, she even divulges her past where her sister was killed by a powerful Upper Rank. When Kanao first saw Tanjiro at the Final Selection, they did not have any sort of interaction as she remained aloof and quiet at the end of the ceremony. Later on in the series, when they meet again on Mount Natagumo, Kanao gets into a physical altercation with Tanjiro as he tries to protect his sister from getting killed and as result gets knocked out cold by Kanao. Tanjiro is brought to the Butterfly Mansion to recover and sees her in the garden, he immediately recognizes her as one of the survivors from the Final Selection but fails to recognize her as his assailant. Later on when they begin to train, Tanjiro struggles to beat Kanao in all of the tasks due to her advanced abilities but he is able to adapt and beat her. During one of the games, the task is to splash the opponent with a strong smelling tea however instead of dumping it on Kanao, Tanjiro instead places the cup on her head to avoid splashing her. Tanjiro gets curious as to why Kanao needs to flip a coin to make decisions.

He decides to flip her coin to encourage her to be optimistic and for her to open her heart. As he flashes her a smile as he bids her farewell. As the story progresses, Kanao starts showing more emotion and decisiveness, especially when Tanjiro is brought back to recover at the Butterfly Mansion following the battles in the Entertainment District. Upon discovering that he had awaken, she drops the flower vase on the floor and tears up while telling him she's glad he had awoken. When the other inhabitants of the Mansion begin to biker while visiting Tanjiro, she tries to get everyone to quiet down but eventually ends up yelling at everyone after he falls asleep again. During the battle against Muzan Kibutsuji, Kanao is left as the only conscious Demon Slayer left and tries to will herself to continue fighting. As Muzan is about to deliver the final blow, Tanjiro momentarily immobilizes Muzan and manages to carry Kanao to safety. Realizing that he has awaken, Kanao sheds tears as she repeatedly calls out his name and he responds to her by apologizing for being late. After Tanjiro turns into a Demon, Kanao cries when seeing Nezuko trying to calm her brother. Her sympathy for the siblings leads to her once again using Flower Breathing Final Form: Equinoctial Vermilion Eye and create an opening to inject the Demon-to-human cure into Tanjiro, putting her own safety at risk and showing how much she cares for them.

Tanjiro stopping Genya from harassing Kanata.

After Tanjiro successfully returns to his human form, she cries of happiness and is visibly relieved to see him safely back as a human, the two changing tearful smiles as they lie across from each other. Tanjiro and Kanao would eventually marry and start a family, having two great-grandchildren by the names of Kanata Kamado and Sumihiko Kamado between them. Tanjiro stopping Genya from harassing Kanata. When they first interacted, Tanjiro in a warning gesture gripped Genya's arm to the point where it could have broken as punishment for roughly handling Kanata Ubuyashiki right after the final selection. They reunited again in the butterfly mansion right after Tanjiro had recovered his injuries during his battle with Lower Rank 5 but when Tanjiro attempted to greet him, Genya coldly ignored him. They met again in the Swordsmith Village when Tanjiro spotted Genya in the hot springs, and interacted with him, he made an effort to get along with him, but Genya was getting annoyed and creeped out by Tanjiro. They soon formed a bond when they fought together. Not too long after, Genya came to warm up to Tanjiro and they became close friends. After Genya's death at the end of the battle against Upper Rank One, Tanjiro was deeply saddened and cried tears for his fallen friend, vowing to end Muzan once and for all.

39;s attack on the village.

At first, Kyojuro greatly disapproved of Tanjiro for traveling with Nezuko, a Demon. However, during their joint mission to defeat Enmu, they formed a bond and became close despite only spending a few hours together. This bond even promoted Kyojuro to offer taking Tanjiro as a Tsuguko. Kyojuro shared his final moments with Tanjiro and deeply inspired him with his words of encouragement, entrusting the boy to pass on his final words to his younger brother and father and expressing his acceptance of Nezuko as a true member of the Corps. After the Flame Hashira's passing, Tanjiro continued to hold his deep respect and admiration for him, becoming infuriated whenever others would speak ill about him. During his fight against Daki, Tanjiro remembers Kyojuro's words which motivated him throughout his battle. During their first few encounters, Tanjiro and Muichiro held a strained relationship. Muichiro reprimanded Tanjiro by flicking a stone at his head after the latter Kagaya Ubuyashiki's speech, and Tanjiro was bewildered by Muichiro's rude treatment towards Kotetsu at the Swordsmith Village. However, after hearing Tanjiro's advice about helping others, Muichiro was influenced enough to alter his mindset, saving Kotetsu and Kozo Kanamori during Gyokko's attack on the village. After then regaining his memories, Muichiro and Tanjiro became good friends, with Muichiro showing heavy bias towards Tanjiro when they trained together during the Hashira training session. After hearing about Muichiro's death at the hands of Kokushibo, Tanjiro shed tears over the loss of his friend and vowed to himself he would continue fighting hard.

Tanjiro meets Tamayo in the first mission in Asakusa Arc, and Tamayo has helped him to know more about Muzan and even suggests ways to turn Nezuko into a human. Throughout Tanjiro's journey, Tamayo investigates and tries hard to produce medicines in order to make demons human again. Tanjiro also shows respect to Tamayo and collects the Twelve Kizuki's blood to speed up her progress. Tanjiro meets Yushiro in the first mission in Asakusa Arc, and it seems like Yushiro doesn't like Tanjiro because he doesn't like that another person is squeezing into his life with Tamayo. Despite this, while in the Infinity Castle, Yushiro keeps on supporting and wishes for Tanjiro to stay alive. And when the battle's over, Yushiro visits Tanjiro and praises him. At the first Hashira Meeting, Gyomei judges that Tanjiro must be killed as he is a Demon Slayer traveling alongside a Demon. Later, during the Hashira Training Arc, Tanjiro shows Gyomei his determination, integrity, and hard work, which leads to him being accepted by the Stone Hashira. Tanjiro harbors a deep hatred for Muzan as he recognizes him as not only the leader and creator of the Demons but also as the perpetrator behind the slaughter of his family using his scent. He yells at the Demon as he casually escapes that he will follow him to the ends of the Earth and that Muzan will die by his blade.

When the two first met, Akaza immediately attempted to kill Tanjiro upon seeing him on the ground, quickly rejecting him as weak and focusing his attention on Kyojuro. After Kyojuro is fatally wounded, Akaza is force to flee from the breaking sun but was confronted and speared from the back by Tanjiro, who angrily called him a coward for fleeing the battle. Akaza became infuriated and this hatred only grew stronger when Muzan expressed his disappointment in his inability to kill Tanjiro. In the Infinity Castle, Akaza tracked Tanjiro down and engaged in a fierce battle with the Demon Slayer and Giyu. Throughout the fight, Tanjiro's actions reminded Akaza of his own painful human past, angering him even more. Eventually, when Akaza came to realize he truly wanted to kill himself, he smiled slightly and was noticed by Tanjiro, who also detected a scent of gratitude from his body. Tanjiro eventually witnesses Akaza's body finally crumble to ash. Tanjiro intervenes in Daki and Gyutaro's fight. As the main threat in Yoshiwara and one of the Demon Slayer sent to kill her, Daki and Tanjiro were natural enemies from the start. Daki's act of kidnapping Koinatsu and her attempts to kill him only fuelled their animosity, peaking when Tanjiro became enraged by Daki destroying an entire street of the Entertainment District and killing numerous innocent people in scorn. However, Tanjiro comforted Daki and her brother in their deaths and told them that all the two siblings have is each other, inspiring Daki to make up with Gyutaro before their ultimate fates. Sumire and the second child of Sumiyoshi and Suyako are not included since the story does not indicate which child carries on the lineage.

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