Who Does Ruka Pyon End Up With

Here is a list of relationships within Gakuen Alice. When Mikan and Natsume first meet, their first impression of each other was not very good, due to Natsume's cold and perverted attitude and Mikan's stubborn and naivety. Natsume went as far as to remove her underwear (skirt in the anime) to humiliate her, and often bullied her by calling her names. In turn, Mikan often insulted Natsume and refused to back down from a fight with him. However, it didn't take Mikan long to suspect there was more to Natsume than meets the eye. She suspects Natsume is being abused by the academy due to his fragile health and, once this confirmed and he has been forced to do secret missions for the academy, Mikan develops a desire to help him overcome his problems and encourage him to bond with others. After Mikan saves Natsume from committing suicide to stop Reo and Z, this makes Natsume see her in a new light.

Mikan is the only girl Natsume calls by first name.

Natsume never paid attention to girls because they either feared him or were infatuated with him for his looks, but with Mikan, she did neither and wanted to help him as much as possible. Due to being assigned as partners, they are able to be around each other more frequently and Natsume gradually begins to interact more with Mikan, which includes helping her with training her to control her Alice and listening to her problems. Mikan even states she tends to forget her problems when she talks, albeit arguing, with Natsume. Mikan is the only girl Natsume calls by first name. Natsume tends to get jealous when he sees another male acting too friendly with Mikan. They share their first kiss during the Christmas Ball after Mikan accidentally falls on Natsume and they share a "tooth kiss" and Mikan's refusal to a it as a kiss prompts Natsume to kiss her in the lips. As Natsume's behavior towards Mikan became more caring and protective, Mikan suspects Natsume has taken a romantic interest in her. Natsume later confirms to Ruka that he has fallen in love with Mikan and is willing to do anything to protect her.

Ruka also credits Mikan for making Natsume smile and feel happiness for the first time in years. When Mikan learns about the Alice Stone Exchange tradition, in which the exchangers will become soulmates, Mikan decides to give her stone to Natsume not because of the tradition but because she hopes it will help him. In turn, Natsume secretly gives her his Alice Stone. When Luna arrives and flirts with Natsume, Mikan behaves jealously, although she later concludes Natsume is being forced to abide Luna to protect her and she vows to trust him no matter what. Mikan later feels the effects of the estrangement with Natsume and actually asks him to never leave her, which he promises. Natsume saves Mikan from Kuonji after confessing his love for Mikan for the first time, and he later admits his dream of running away with her, which she shares, and when Mikan finally realizes the extend of Natsume's illness, she apologizes to him for failing to notice but he responds by hugging her and reaffirming his promise never leave her.

Upon gaining the Telepathy Alice, Mikan is able to feel Natsume's emotions, which are so powerful that she compares them to a scream and this makes her realize she has been in love with Natsume all along. However, after Mikan is moved to the Labyrinth Mansion by Kuonji, Natsume risks his health by searching for her during the winter nights. For Christmas, they are allowed to see each other, which they formally confess their feelings to each other, exchange Alice stones, and Natsume proposes to Mikan, who accepts. In the final battle against Kuonji, Natsume is mortally wounded and Mikan tries to save him by sacrificing her Alice but Natsume dies. Mikan is overcome with grief and spends several days crying until her memories are erased and she is expelled from the academy. Unbeknownst to her, Hotaru had sacrificed her existence to alternate Natsume's fate, as she believes it is Mikan and Natsume's destiny to be together. When Natsume recovers, he refuses to give up on Mikan and works hard to graduate early from the academy so he can search for her. Four years later, Natsume reunited with Mikan and helps her regain her memories, and they share a happy reunion.

Tsubasa and Misaki met when they were 3-years-old and both had been enrolled in the academy.

They rekindle their relationship and begin wearing matching engagement rings. After Mikan graduated from the academy, she and Natsume get married. Tsubasa and Misaki met when they were 3-years-old and both had been enrolled in the academy. They became fast friends and are often seen with each other. Tsubasa takes delight in teasing Misaki and likes to brag to their friends that they are dating but Misaki retorts they are simply friends. Misaki tends to say Tsubasa for his stupidity and take control over him, and Tsubasa says he tolerates it because he actually likes Misaki's dominance. Their friends describe them as an "old married couple". They hold great trust in each other, such as when Tsubasa was enrolled in the Dangerous Ability Class and went missing on a mission, Misaki, although despaired over his disappearance, believed Tsubasa would return. Megane later told Tsubasa that it was Misaki who was the most sad while he was missing. Tsubasa, while fighting against Kuonji and told the rebellious students would be punished, says the woman he loves is strong, referring to Misaki and acknowledging he is in love with her. Before the final battle against Kuonji, Tsubasa officially confesses to Misaki and she reciprocates, saying she thought they were a couple all along. Years later, they get married. Izumi and Yuka are Mikan's parents.

When they first met, Izumi was 22 and had been hired as a teacher at the academy whereas Yuka was 10 and became Izumi's student. At first, they did not get along due to Izumi's perverted attitude and Yuka's stubbornness. However, when he stopped her from escaping from the academy, she broke down and confessed her desire to see her family again. Izumi comforted her and tended to her. From then onwards, they developed a better relationship, although they still argued. Yuka immediately began falling in love with Izumi but she kept this hidden. At age 15, when Izumi learned Kuonji was mistreating Yuka, he rescued her and helped shelter her. Yuka was able to genuinely smile and thanked him, which made Izumi realize he had feelings for Yuka, which he knew was wrong and chose to ignore them. At age 16, when Yuka received an unwanted marriage proposal from Kuonji, she rushed to Izumi and confessed her love to him. Based on the age difference and their status as teacher and student, Izumi rejected Yuka. However, Izumi was unable to restrain his feelings long and he confessed to Yuka. At first, she thought he was lying but he convinced her he was telling the truth and, after receiving the reluctant approval of Kazumi, they began a relationship. They shared one night together before Izumi was accidentally killed by Persona at the order of Kuonji. Yuka doesn't find out until a few days later and, in her despair, she inserts Izumi and Persona's Alice stones into Kuonji to shrink his body into that of a child's and make him lose a significant portion of his powers in retaliation.

Yuka's later discovered she was pregnant with Izumi's child and gave birth to Mikan, whom she abandoned to protect her from the academy. Throughout her life, Yuka remained in love with Izumi. When she died, she envisioned Izumi carrying her in bridal style and both wearing wedding attire. She was buried next to Izumi and her last name had been changed to 'Yukihira'. Mikan later states she knows her parents are finally happy and at peace because they are together in death. Nobara and Persona first meet when Nobara is abandoned at the academy when she is 5-years-old. A teenaged Persona warns her not to touch him because his Alice will infect her but Nobara touches his hand and comments how warm it is, which left Persona deeply moved. Since then, Nobara has been the only person Persona has allowed to have physical contact with him. While everyone feared Persona and held contempt for him, Nobara treated him with kindness and accepted him despite his flaws. As a result, Persona shows her great affection and considers her special to him. However, when Nobara befriends Mikan, her relationship with Persona begins to change. Nobara's newfound independence disturbed Persona and he tends to lash out at Nobara for doing anything he considers a betrayal. When Persona fought with Mikan and infected her, Nobara pleads withbhim to stop and an enraged Persona tried to infect her before Mikan stops him and he accidentally infects himself. Remarkably, Nobara comforts a traumatized Persona. Later, when Persona orders Nobara to stop Mikan and Natsume from escaping, she refuses and Persona calls her useless while hitting her with his mask.

Nobara later fights Persona to save her friends and begs him to stop hurting her friends, as well as reminding him of Izumi and he needs to repent to Mikan. Persona repeatedly infects Nobara as he suffers a mental breakdown. Before both collapse, Nobara vows to protect Persona from Kuonji. Months later, Nobara remains hospitalized for her injuries and Persona feels deep remorse for his actions. He begins repenting for his crimes by offering to help Mikan escape from Kuonji and Nobara is the one who persuades Mikan to forgive Persona. However, Persona decides to secretly resign from the academy because he feels he can never be forgiven for his crimes and tenderly touches Nobara's face before leaving, although she still feels the warmth of his touch when he wakes up. A couple of years pass, when Nobara and Persona reunite and start a new relationship. They later get married and have a daughter. Sumire and Kokoroyomi meet when they were in kindergarten. At first, Kokoroyomi never smiled or laughed, and Sumire, frustrated with his aloofness, ordered him to smile more and act happy. Since then, Kokoroyomi always has a smiling face and acts carefree. They are assigned partners but Sumire acts like she is not interested in Kokoroyomi, who tends to irritate her with his insults. Sumire also insists she would rather be with Natsume and Ruka, whom she admires.

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