Who Defeated Enrico Pucci

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In English, he is voiced by Yong Yea in the anime. Pucci was born to a devout Italian-American family and had a twin who died at birth. Due to his family's religiousness and wealth, Pucci was well on his way to becoming a priest during his teenage years. One certain day, he was visited by Dio Brando, who fixed his deformed foot and gave him a tip from an arrow, which he guarded. Later on, Pucci listened to the confession of a woman in the place of the priest, and he discovered that his brother never died, but was exchanged in the maternity hospital after birth. What was more shocking is that he discovered that his brother, know as Wes, was the boyfriend of his little sister. Pucci was mentally disturbed from this news, but due to his clerical code to maintain the privacy of confessions, he was forced to keep this secret. Instead, he hired a thug to threaten Wes to separate from his sister. However, the racist thug, who held the beliefs of the KKK, discovered Wes was of black descendance. The thug called a gang of similarly prejudiced goons, who beat up Wes in front of Pucci's sister and set fire to his house.

Wes also gained a Stand in the process, because of him being a blood relative of Pucci.

Wes was left hanging on a tree, with her watching him. Unable to withstand so much pain, she takes Wes from the tree and jumps over a cliff, killing her as she hit the lake behind. Horrified with the entire scene, Pucci remembers the man in the church, and the arrow pierces him automatically, giving him his Stand Whitesnake, which can preserve someone's memory or Stand in form of a CD. Wes also gained a Stand in the process, because of him being a blood relative of Pucci. Wes' Stand, Weather Report, used subliminal messaging to make everyone in the city think that they were turning into snails. Pucci met with Wes, revealing all the truth to him and taking his memory away shortly after. Shaken by his sister's death and the incident he helped unfold, Pucci decided to go after Dio, and finally found him in Cairo, where Dio was expecting him. Dio told him about the true nature of the Stands, and informed the young man about a prophecy which would create the perfect world and achieve "Heaven".

Telling Pucci he played a role in fufilling the prophecy, Dio gave him a piece from his bones as a gift, and also intended to give him a diary containing the recipe of reaching Heaven. Unfortunately for Pucci, when Jotaro Kujo killed Dio, he read the prophecy and burned the diary. Pucci swore to hunt Jotaro and take his memory out to fulfill the prophecy at all costs. Enrico Pucci became the head priest at the Green Dolphin Street Prison in Florida. Because Jotaro had never stayed in one place for too long, he decided that instead of chasing Jotaro, he would bring Jotaro to him. And in a prison, he would be able to manipulate people more easily. Pucci teamed up with former agent of DIO Johngalli A to frame Jotaro's daughter, Jolyne Cujoh, in the manslaughter of a hitchhiker, and hired a corrupt lawyer to frame Jolyne for the crime, guaranteeing she would be imprisoned, so Jotaro would come after her. Jolyne was convicted for murder and took a 5-year sentence in prison.

39;s initial thoughts, Jolyne was a huge nuisance in disrupting his plans.

As Jotaro tried to help Jolyne escape, Pucci teamed up with Johngalli A to launch a pincer attack with Whitesnake on Jotaro and Jolyne. Jotaro tackled Jolyne away from the danger, but was incapacitated by Whitesnake, who extracted both the Stand and the memory discs from Jotaro. Jolyne could escape, but decided to retrieve her father's discs, going back to prison. Having no longer a need for Johngalli A, Pucci betrayed his partner in crime by having him shot by Whitesnake and his death framed as a suicide. With Jotaro's memory disc in his possession, Pucci discarded his stand disc in the farm fields nearby and recorded Jotaro's memories to discover DIO's plan. Contrary to Pucci's initial thoughts, Jolyne was a huge nuisance in disrupting his plans. Luckily for him, Pucci already had an army of Stand users inside the prison, both criminals and employers of the prison, to help him.

Over the course of the next month or two, Pucci used Whitesnake to command his minions around the prison to strategically assassinate Jolyne and her friends. However, all of his pawns failed in killing Jolyne and her allies, After the defeat of Lang Rangler, Pucci bumped into Jolyne, who was on her way to the courtyard to deliver Jotaro's stand disc to the Speedwagon Foundation. Realizing one of Jolyne's allies, Weather Report. Pucci decided to give Jolyne permission to go to the courtyard, but he used Whitesnake to command a guard to shoot Jolyne on sight. However, Weather Report soon made it start raining poison dart frogs, and Pucci realized the guard had failed in his mission, prompting the priest to rush to the courtyard to stop Jolyne. Although Whitesnake was able to retrieve the stand disc, Jolyne used Stone Free's string to snatch the disc away and deliver it to the Speedwagon Foundation's carrier pigeon, Savage Garden. Whitesnake grabbed the deceased guard's gun to shoot the bird, but the magazine was empty. Enraged, Pucci prepared to kill Jolyne with Whitesnake, but the attention of other inmates to the frog storm caused Pucci to change his mind. Slipping away from the scene, Pucci vowed to continue fighting for DIO's cause despite the loss of Jotaro's stand disc. Pucci discovered that the bone Dio gave to him was the key of the prophecy to create heaven.

The plants form a green baby like a fruit, which Jolyne and her allies tried to hide from Pucci.

As he tried to reanimate the bone, it went away, and Jolyne tried to get it as well, going to the high-security confinement on purpose. Pucci sent the remnants of his henchmen to retrieve the bone as well, and everyone fought to the death at the same time. The bone reacted to the sunlight in the place, turning everyone into plants. The plants form a green baby like a fruit, which Jolyne and her allies tried to hide from Pucci. However, Pucci managed to get the baby, fusing with him as a part of the prophecy, beginning the awakening his second stand, C-Moon. Having no longer a need for the prison, Pucci deserted from his job and began heading towards Cape Canaveral, where the last part of the prophecy would be fulfilled. On the way to Cape Canaveral, Pucci met DIO's illegitimate sons, and helped them awaken their stands to attack Jolyne's group, who were now pursuing him.

She is saved by Jotaro, who was already healed.

However, like all of Pucci's previous minions, they failed, and when Donatello became angry with Pucci, he betrayed the priest and gave Weather Report back his memory disc, prompting Pucci's brother to remember his past life and hunt down Pucci with a vengeance. A furious Weather Report almost succeeded in killing Pucci if it wasn't for Donatello crashing a car nearby, distracting Weather and allowing Pucci to stab him in the heart, killing his brother. As he did with Johngalli A, Pucci proceeded to throw Donatello to the wolves and fled to Cape Canaveral. Jolyne and her remaining allies pursued Pucci, but his awakening of C-Moon created a large gravitational field around him that made everything "fall" away from him. Jolyne managed to get near him, but Pucci almost killed her. She is saved by Jotaro, who was already healed. But as they tried to kill Pucci, the last part of the prophecy was fulfilled. Pucci awakened his third Stand, Made In Heaven, that accelerated time in the entire universe. Pucci immediately proceeded to use his newfound powers to absolutely decimate Jotaro, Jolyne and their companions. As only Jolyne and Emporio were left alive, Jolyne used her powers to tie Emporio onto a dolphin, who is taken far away while Jolyne confronted Pucci, being killed in the ensuing fight.

After the entire cosmos was rewritten, Emporio found himself back inside the prison, where Pucci showed himself and gave chase to Emporio, intending to kill him to finish his perfect world. As Emporio soon found out, everyone in the new universe gained a sort of clairvoyance, predicting the events just before they happen, something which Pucci believed was true happiness. While Emporio attempted to enter his ghost room, Pucci attacked him, which inadvertently caused a Stand Disc to attach into Emporio. As it turned out, it was Weather Report's Stand Disc, which gave Emporio control over the Stand. The two confronted each other, but Emporio activates a secret ability of Weather Report, which turns all the air inside the room into pure oxygen, paralyzing both Emporio and Pucci, who angrily protests that his life should be spared, knowing that his death would alter reality and his progress of "true happiness" would be ruined but Emporio made it clear that it was "fate" that defeated him and that it is the true path of justice with Weather Report slowly crushing his head and finally beating him down, ending his life. Since Pucci had activated his power again before dying, his death caused a fatal paradox (due to him not being present in Cape Canaveral at the time of the prophecy), which reset the whole universe into a new one, with those who died receiving a replacement in the new universe (such as Jolyne becoming Irene). Pucci's fate however remained unclear after time had reset itself, it is believed that he was either erased from the new world or had his own replacement like the other deceased characters.

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