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39;s role in humanity.

【Manga】I'm too ugly so I wear an iron mask. I saved a pretty girl from punks and... He is the son of Grisha Yeager and Dina Fritz, who had him join the Marleyan military for their own agenda. He is the War Chief of the Warriors of Marley until his eventual betrayal, and the symbolic leader of the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers. His Vice Chief Reiner Braun considered him to be the strongest Warrior, and Yelena views him as a god and savior. Zeke is also the half-brother of Eren Yeager, the nephew of Faye Yeager, a member of the Fritz royal family through his mother and Levi Ackerman's arch-nemesis. Zeke's nihilistic and antinatalist ideology was born from his life experiences within his own family, his life environment and his country's military, as well as from the education and indoctrination of Marley and from the world's system and history regarding the Subjects of Ymir and their existence's role in humanity. Despite having his own agenda, Zeke still fights for the benefit of most of humanity and views his mission as putting all the Eldians in the world out of their misery, a mass 'euthanization'. He serves as the main antagonist in the first half of the Clash of the Titans arc and the Return to Shiganshina arc, a major character and twist main antagonist to Reiner's side in the Marley arc, the central antagonist of the first half of the War for Paradis arc, and a major character of the second half of the War for Paradis arc following his defeat when the Rumbling starts.

Zeke in Titan form is 17 meters in stature, larger than the common 15-meter Titan.

While certainly dangerous as a Titan, his greatest threat comes from his intelligence: he is a strategic able to plan and orchestrate long-term events, and is willing to ruthlessly cut down anything in the way of his ambitions. In his nihilism, Zeke intends to end his "cursed race" by using the Progenitor's power to manipulate the Eldian's physiology - planning to render every member of the race sterile so that they will slowly die out. In Japanese, he is voiced by Takehito Koyasu, who is best known for voicing Dio Brando in the Japanese version of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. As a kid, he is voiced by Daiki Yamashita, who is famous for his voice of Izuku Midoriya, the protagonist of My Hero Academia series. In English, he is voiced by Jason Liebrecht, who happens to voice Dabi in the English dub of My Hero Academia. Zeke in Titan form is 17 meters in stature, larger than the common 15-meter Titan. While all other Titans seen in the story thus far have been distinctly human in appearance, Zeke's titan form possesses more animal-like features.

It has apelike features, and most of its body except for the face and torso is covered in fur. In his normal human form, he has well-toned body, has wavy blonde hair along with a beard and mustache. He also wears glasses. While in Paradis, Zeke grew his facial hair out, but after returning to Marley, he sports a more clean-cut look with shorter hair and a thinner beard. On the exterior, Zeke presents himself as a cheerful, mild-mannered individual who rarely loses his calm; however, he also hides his calculating Machiavellian tendencies, which he fully displays in battle. Highly intelligent and inquisitive, Zeke prefers to gather enough information and assess a given context before acting. While he makes sure to formulate strategies and plans in advance, he leaves his enemies open-ended enough to be able to adjust them and adapt to unforeseen circumstances should they emerge. These traits make him an excellent tactician who has the deductive genius and the ruthlessness to carry out his ambitions.

He is also known to be very strong, efficient and ruthless. On the battlefield, he is commanding and very militaristic to the lower-ranking Warriors and has no qualms threatening them with death for disobedience or even abandoning them, as seen when he leaves Bertolt to die just to cut his losses, giving him only a respectful quickfarewell. At home in Liberio, outside the military and war environment, Zeke's personality changes into his polite and warmer self, and is very pleasant, affable, patient, and humorous, with a sort of quiet charisma that made even the younger Warrior candidates like and trust him. Zeke is very humble as a person, and is respectful to his Marleyan superiors and never argues with them, unlike Colt Grice who often tends to voice his opinions and argue against orders. Zeke tends to be callous and militant in battle, commanding his subordinates with an iron fist, as seen when he rejected Reiner's demands to rescue Annie by defeating him in a sparring match. He is a decent leader who does not tolerate insubordination; he crushes a Titan's head for ignoring him and threatens Reiner to have him fed to another Warrior if he keeps defying orders and loses another fight against him. Using his good deduction and thinking tactically instead of being sentimental, Zeke explained to Reiner and Bertolt that it was impossible that Annie was being tortured by the Military Police, because any wound would give her a chance to transform into a Titan, and correctly deduced that Armin was bluffing.

General Calvi trusted Zeke and valued his service enough to heed his advice and follow it.

Eureka - EUREKA SEVEN Anime - BlenderHe also has a habit of cracking morbid, sarcastic jokes to emotionally detach himself from the cruel deeds that he commits, such as amusingly teasing Mike Zacharias as he fed the latter to a group of Titans and comparing his slaughtering of the Survey Corps in Shiganshina as a perfect game of baseball. However, despite his savage actions, he is not explicitly sadistic as so much as he is simply indifferent to the damage that he causes. Zeke is highly respected and liked by his comrades of the Eldian Unit, and even the Marleyan officers and executives show him a bit more respect. General Calvi trusted Zeke and valued his service enough to heed his advice and follow it. However, Zeke is viewed as an enigmatic individual even by his own friends; despite being close to him, his successor Colt admitted he could never understand Zeke as a person, his commander Theo Magath told him that he was still a complete mystery after knowing him for more than 20 years, and Pieck Finger noticed how secretive he was and always felt that he was mostly telling lie after lie when he talked to his comrades. Zeke does not have any genuine concern for the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers, pawns from the military organized on his orders, and only views Yelena as an equally disposable pawn and not important to him, despite her adoring and being fascinated with him, and taking pride for being a Marleyan who idolizes a Subject of Ymir. The only people he ever genuinely loved were Tom Ksaver, his paternal grandparents, and his half-brother Eren Yeager whom he tried to estabilish a strong connection with.

He openly and deeply hated his father Grisha, referring to him as a vile monster, and himself as his "former" son. While he is completely emotionally detached from his neglectful mother Dina, he also blames Grisha for her fate. One of Zeke's more prominent traits is his over-reliance on his logical and utilitarian thought process. Zeke prefers to evaluate everything from a purely cerebral viewpoint to the point of actively distancing himself from his emotions and showing distrust towards sentiments such as love and honor. Though he cares for his grandparents and enjoys the company of his fellow Warriors, he is careful to not become too invested in their well-being and is willing to betray and sacrifice them for his own goals, even the child cadets. His philosophy is made apparent when he pitifully scorns the Scouts' suicide charge in Shiganshina, criticizing what he believes to be their sentimental attachment to honor. He finds the struggle of the citizens within the Walls pitiful, as they had all their memories of the world erased by Karl Fritz, which led them to be completely ignorant about the cruel reality and their real place in human society.

Though Zeke's logical mind is part of what makes him a great strategist, it is also one of his weaknesses: his inability to empathize with the emotional aspects of the human psyche prevents him from being able to comprehend or factor them into his plans and manipulations. Following his betrayal on Marley for his greater good, Zeke still views his former comrades as friends and is sympathetic to their reasons for still fighting for their nation. Zeke feels he cannot confide his true intentions to neither Marleyan Eldians and Eldians because he feels they could never understand him, and both parties would still persist with hopes for a better future for them. Zeke feels bad for having to fight his former comrades and shows some genuine care for them, as shown when he tries to have Gabi and Falco released from their prison cell when he asks Levi if he can bring them along in a forest of giant trees south of Wall Maria, as well as showing sadness when he thinks Pieck has been killed in battle. Zeke had a mentor and protégé relationship with Colt, always bringing him along in important meetings and even playing catch with him like he used to do with Ksaver. However, despite being fond of Colt, Zeke does not stop from activating his scream to transform all the Eldians affected by his spinal fluid, including Falco, although he feels remorseful for it and has a somber look in his eyes, and lowers his head in shame as he commands the Titanized Falco to attack Reiner.

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