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Not only selling well in their country, Korean dramas (drakor) with the romantic comedy genre also captivate the hearts of viewers from other countries, one of which is Indonesia. The reason that makes it popular with many people is not only caused by the beautiful actors and actresses who are the main stars. The premise of the story that is diverse and not boring can always attract the attention of its fans. For those of you who are looking for recommendations for romantic comedy dramas to watch, come on, check out the 21 lists below! This romantic comedy drama was adapted from a webtoon of the same title in 2017. The story of this Korean drama is so light, so it is perfect to be enjoyed to accompany you to relax in your spare time. Kang Tae Mu (played by Ahn Hyo Seop), a young CEO meets by accident to attend a blind date with an employee who works at his company, namely Shin Ha-Ri (played by Kim Sejeong). They then undergo a fake relationship to trick Kang Tae Mu's grandfather who wants his only granddaughter to get married soon. After releasing its last episode on Netflix on April 3, 2022, the latest drama Twenty-Five Twenty-one has successfully captivated the hearts of its viewers. This Korean drama tells the story of a high school fencer named Na Hee Do (played by Kim Tae Ri) with Baek Yi Jin (played by Nam Joo Hyuk) who works part time after his family business went bankrupt at the age of 22. The plot of the story which tends to be mysterious, exciting and often makes the audience shed tears is guaranteed to make you feel at home to watch!

Romance is a Bonus Book is a romantic comedy drama about the lives of people who work in the publishing world. It is told that Lee Na Young plays Kang Dan Yi, a housewife who is trying to get back to work. Previously he was a famous copywriter, but later became unemployed. Dan Yi is said to have been divorced and had to struggle to find a job to support his daughter. Their story becomes more complicated because Kang Dan Yi lied on his resume to get hired at the publishing company headed by Cha Eun Ho. This romantic comedy drama, which aired in 2016, tells the story of a woman who becomes a contract wife for a period of 100 days and must struggle to survive with her daughter. With a fairly complicated conflict, the audience is invited to guess the ending of this Korean drama since its first episode. This romantic comedy drama tells about the work and love lives of people who work at the Korea Meteorological Administration Center, or also known as the Korea National Weather Forecasting Office. In this drama Forecasting Love and Weather, Jin Ha Kyung (played by Park Min Young), the cold team leader meets Lee Si Woo (played by Song Kang) who is free-spirited and full of determination. As the name implies, the love story of the two people is unpredictable, like the weather.

The next romantic comedy drama recommendation is Crazy Love.

Thus, viewers will continue to be curious to find out how their love story will continue at the end of the episode. Not only presenting the love story of a coworker, this Korean drama also gives viewers an overview of the situation of the employees who work at the Korea National Weather Forecasting Office. The next romantic comedy drama recommendation is Crazy Love. Crazy Love tells the story of a love story between a CEO and his secretary. The story begins when Noh Go Jin (Kim Jae Wook), a very smart company CEO receives death threats for him. Noh Go Jin then meets the secretary named Lee Shin A (played by Krystal) who has just been diagnosed with a deadly disease. The story, which is centered on the love story between a boss and an employee, takes the audience into an exciting and interesting plot. In addition, the chemistry of the two main players of this romantic comedy drama is unquestionable. Guaranteed to make you even more impatient to watch the next episode!

The story of a small village by the sea called Gongjin Village, where a love story blossomed. Yoon Hye-Jin (Shin Min-A), is a dentist who recently moved to Gongjin Village from Seoul. The serene and beautiful village witnessed his meeting with Hong Du-Sik (Kim Sun-Ho) who is more familiarly called Chief Hong by the local community. Hong Du-Stik's handsome looks and intelligence aroused dentist Yoon Hye-Jin's curiosity to get to know him more. Who is Chief Hong? He doesn't actually work, but he always looks busy. If anyone needed help, everyone turned to the chief and he was never absent from helping especially when helping the elderly. When Chief Hong and Yoon Hye-Jin met several times, the two began to find feelings that grew between them, especially when Hye-Jin encountered problems, Du-Sik often helped. Hometown Cha-cha-cha itself is a remake of the Korean film "Mr. Handy, Mr. Hong" which aired in 2004. You can watch Hometown cha-cha-cha through Netflix. For those of you who have been following the Hospital Playlist since season 1, of course you are curious to continue the K-Drama which occasionally makes you laugh and smile shyly because of how romantic it is. Hospital Playlist tells the story of five doctors who have been friends since entering medical school. They are Lee Ik-Jun (Jo Jung-suk) who works as an assistant professor of general surgery specializing in liver transplantation, a father who alone takes care of his child after a divorce; Ahn Jeong-won (Yoo Yeon-seok) an assistant professor of pediatric surgery; Kim Jun-wan (Jung Kyung-ho), an associate professor of cardiothoracic surgery who can appear cold on the outside, but is gentle and warm with his patients and friends; Yang Seok-hyeong (Kim Dae-myung), assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology; and Chae Song-hwa (Jeon Mi-do) the only woman in the gang who works as an associate professor of neurosurgery.

The five doctors have their own stories of friendship in the midst of their daily adventures when caring for patients in hospitals, music, and brotherly and love relationships. You can watch Hospital Playlist 2 on Netflix. From the title you can guess, there is a prince who rese. In Dali and the Cocky Prince, the prince is Jin Moo-Hak (Kim Min-Jae), the second son of a wealthy family that owns a franchise restaurant chain called Dondon F&B. Even though he is rich, Moo-Hak turns out to be less educated but he has one advantage, which is good at making money. On the other side is Kim Da-Li (Park Gyu-Young), a researcher from an art gallery and also from a wealthy family. Smart and fun, Da-Li is fluent in 7 languages. Unfortunately, this art gallery began to struggle financially and Da-Li's life has gotten tougher since his father passed away. These two main characters meet without knowing each other before. Da-Li as the borrower of money, and Moo-Hak as the creditor alias the one who lends money. The relationship they have established so far has grown the seeds of love between them.

Which further strengthens their love relationship? An art gallery that is about to go bankrupt. You can watch Dali and the Cocky Prince on Viu. Yumi's Cells is an adaptation of the popular webtoon of the same name which tells the story of Yumi (Kim Go-eun), a career woman in her 30s who is still single. In her daily life, she finds it difficult to express her feelings. But through romantic relationships, friendships, and professionals, Yu-mi continues to grow and finds happiness in her daily life. Yu-mi's story is told through the perspective of the cells in her brain. These cells symbolize Yu-Mi's ability to feel love, logic, good, bad, violence, and more. They are also the ones who work entirely for Yu-Mi to deal with all the emotional changes and problems she faces. However, one of the cells in his brain, the love cell, falls into a coma due to a series of heartbreaks and love failures. Until he meets Goo Woong (Ahn Bo-hyun), a game developer who is cold and never shows emotion. His meeting with Goo Woong slowly awakens the love cells for each other in his brain.

39;s ex-girlfriend, Kang Jong-ryeol (Kim Ji-suk) disturbs him.

Yumi's Cells is a psychological drama with a fresh and pithy story idea as well as offering a new perspective in watching the drama. This K-Drama is broadcast on tvN and you in Indonesia can watch Yumi's Cells on IQiyi. The title is beautiful, isn't it? Of course! The story of the K-Drama that was released in 2019 is no less beautiful. It's no wonder that When the Camellia Blooms is one of the most popular series in 2019. Both the story and the players who play a very brilliant role in this series. When the Camellia Blooms tells the story of Oh Dong-baek (Kong Hyo-jin), a single mother who lives in a city in South Korea called Ongsan and opens a bar called Camellia. While taking care of his son, Kang Pil-Gu (Kim Kang-Hoon), Dong-baek takes care of the bar. The job makes him often gossiped negatively, especially since most of his customers are male. All the whispers and gossip that exist do not dampen the love that Hwang Yong-sik (Kang Ha-neul) feels for Dong-baek. Even though he didn't reply for a while, Dong-baek melted away after a while. Unfortunately, Yong-sik's mother disapproves of their relationship. Beyond that, the sudden reappearance of Dong-baek's ex-girlfriend, Kang Jong-ryeol (Kim Ji-suk) disturbs him. Jong-ryeol is a famous baseball player who had a backstreet relationship with Dong-baek while dating. Jong-ryeol is also jealous of Yong-sik's closeness to Dong-baek and Pil-gu.

In the midst of all the relationships and romance that occurs, Ongsan is shocked by the presence of a serial killer who terrorizes the daily lives of Ongsan residents. It is said that Dong-baek is the next target. Knowing this fact, Yong-sik does everything he can to protect Dong-baek from the killer. My Roommate is a Gumiho is a 2021 romantic comedy Korean drama that launched its premiere on tvN at the end of May 2021. This romantic comedy drama is an adaptation of a Webtoon that tells the love story between a college student and a nine-tailed fox who has lived for hundreds of years. The very authoritative Shin Woo-yeo. Then, how is the funny story of Lee Dam and Shin Woo-yeo's togetherness in working together to complete Shin Woo-yeo's mission to become a human? Just watch the latest episode via the tvN channel or the iQiyi streaming site. Long time not appearing on the small screen, the famous South Korean actor, Song Joong-ki is here to bring fresh air in the romantic comedy drama titled Vincenzo. Different from the background of the usual romantic comedy genre Korean drama, Vincenzo inserts the story of the main character's life as a lawyer as well as a big-time mafia from Italy.

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