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Attack on Titan's reign as the anime phenomenon is almost at an end. The manga finished in 2021 and the final set of episodes of the anime will in 2022. What are fans supposed to watch after that? If one hasn't looked already, there are plenty of other anime out there with similar premises or vibes to Attack on Titan. If one had to place this anime into a set of categories they would include horror, action, and Kaiju. Unexpected death is also kind of a theme. What anime fit these perimeters and are any of them as good, or better as Attack on Titan? Updated March 5, 2022 by Mark Sammut: Once Attack on Titan airs its final few episodes, the anime's conclusion will leave a hole in the lives of many fans. Over the course of nearly a decade, AoT has provided countless hours of entertainment while inspiring discussions. This type of anime does not come along often, and there is simply nothing else exactly like AoT on the market. However, there are plenty of shows that are similar, be it through their stories, tones, or action. This article has been expanded to include a few more anime like Attack on Titan. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is set in a steampunk version of a classic samurai anime. The land has been overrun with what are basically zombies and most of humanity tries to survive within walled cities or on armored trains. Tetsuro Araki, the director of this series, also was in charge of most of the anime adaptation of Attack on Titan.

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That's why this anime has a very familiar vibe to it and why fans should dig it. Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the most well-regarded anime of all time. It only had one season but has lived on through manga adaptations, video games, and reboot movies. The last of which can be streamed on Amazon whereas the rest of the series is on Netflix. It takes place in a future wherein angels keep attacking Earth and the only ones who can stop them are angsty teenagers in giant mechs. It has a lot of themes shared with Attack on Titan including many that would be too much of a spoiler to get into. RahXephon is kind of like a clone of Neon Genesis Evangelion. That was the popular opinion at the time of its release in the early 2000s. The monsters and mech designs all look very familiar. The story is much different though and the characters are more upbeat.

Each mech is piloted by two people so this anime has more of a romantic angle to it.

It has its share of dark moments though. It has a slow start but if Neon Genesis Evangelion was interesting, then this is worth a look too for Attack on Titan fans. Darling in the Franxx is another mech-based anime. In this future humanity has retreated underground due to giant monsters wreaking havoc. Pilots are sort of bred in order to fight these monsters. They're prisoners in a way. Each mech is piloted by two people so this anime has more of a romantic angle to it. Make no mistake, there is still plenty of action and the series is well-animated thanks to Studio Trigger having a hand in it. Gurren Lagann is a mech-based anime with humans going underground due to beastmen taking over the surface. They are literal animal-like humans but they also have mechs. One day the citizens below get restless, break out, and try to reclaim the surface world. It may sound similar to other anime but there is a twist to it about halfway through.

The Promised Neverland has the same looming sense of doom as Attack on Titan.

There is more to these beastmen than meets the eye. A disappointing second season has made The Promised Neverland somewhat difficult to recommend, but the anime's first cour is still top-notch and ends on a satisfying enough note for it to stand on its own. Taking place within an orphanage under the rule of Mother, two children find out that their "adopted" friends are actually being sold off to demons as food. From this point, an intense struggle for survival begins as the children attempt to leave the orphanage before their time is up. The Promised Neverland has the same looming sense of doom as Attack on Titan. Prior to Attack on Titan: The Final Season, Saga of Tanya the Evil would not have been considered a viable recommendation for fans of the shonen anime, which just goes to show how significantly MAPPA's series has changed. Nowadays, the isekai anime feels almost cut from the same cloth as AoT, as both shows deal with warring nations, has an aesthetic inspired by the World Wars, and features a protagonist who is willing to perform unsavory acts in order to pursue their goals.

It may seem like a copycat anime at first but like Gurren Lagann, there is a huge twist to it.

Saga of Tanya the Evil is less ambiguous than AoT since there is no doubt that viewers are meant to side with the eponymous lieutenant, but the anime also does not paint Tanya's actions as unequivocally good. In fact, Tanya is quite more selfish and unforgivable than Eren, hence the "evil" in the title. Deca-Dence is set in yet another post-apocalypse with alien creatures taking over the world. Humanity lives in one giant moving city. Hunters are sent out daily to fight these creatures and their jet pack-like devices look very similar to the ODM gear in Attack on Titan. It may seem like a copycat anime at first but like Gurren Lagann, there is a huge twist to it. This is given away very early in the anime but for the sake of surprises, it still won't be discussed here. Seraph of the End is about the world being taken over by vampires. There is a small resistance trying to fight back but most of society is brought up like livestock for these vampires to feast on. It has vibes of Attack on Titan including friendships being torn apart due to two sides not cooperating with each other. The only bad part about it is that there hasn't been a season since 2015 with no word of any more coming anytime soon. thankfully the manga is still ongoing. Attack on Titan and Black Bullet share a lot of things in common. Both anime present mankind as being on the brink of annihilation as they are forced to live behind the walls to stay out of reach of a colossal threat.

In Black Bullet, these generally take the form of insects, and the only ones who can stand against them are children who were born already infected by the Gastrea virus. Black Bullet's anime is nowhere near as great (or complete) as Shiden Kanzaki's light novel series that it is based upon, however, it offers fun action, two likable leads, and introduces an interesting world. The anime barely scratches the surface of the story, though. Although technically not an anime, Castlevania takes plenty of inspiration from Japanese animation. The series was a gamble for Netflix that paid off incredibly well. The first season, which was only four episodes, was mostly set up or a proof of concept of what could become a good anime. The last season aired in early 2021 but there is more to follow after, but with different characters. Now is the perfect time to jump into this gore-filled action vampire series. Castlevania may be the best adaptation of anything related to video games. Future Diary is a bit of a departure from the solely other action anime on here.

It can best be described as a Battle Royale but with cellphones. God is dying and he needs a replacement. He chooses a bunch of random people and bestows each of them with a cellphone gifted with special powers. Be the last one standing to become the next God. Its dark themes and brutal imagery are perfect for Attack on Titan fans. A historical anime with one of the strongest first seasons of the last few years, Vinland Saga almost feels like the successor to Attack on Titan. Now, the shows' premises are not especially similar; set during the 11th century, Vinland Saga uses a revenge story as an entry-point into the war between England and the Danish Vikings. After witnessing his father's murder, Thorfinn joins the Viking crew of the person responsible for killing him, Askeladd. As he searches for an opportunity to get his revenge, Thorfinn accompaniments Askeladd to England on a politically-driven journey that provides a nuanced representation of war. Ufotable's adaptation of Bandai Namco's RPG series comes jam-packed with stellar action sequences, along with a sense of mystery surrounding both the characters and the world.

In an alternate future where Earth has become home to enormous beasts called Aragami, the Fenrir's members are tasked with using special weapons to defeat these monsters and protect humanity. Narratively, God Eater takes quite a long time to pick up steam, and the characters are not particularly memorable. However, Ufotable can always be relied upon to deliver unforgettable action scenes, and God Eater is no exception. Death Note is an older but classic anime, like Neon Genesis Evangelion. Light Yagami is a normal high school student who excels at everything he touches. One day he finds a notebook that gives him the special ability to kill anyone as long as he writes it in the book. One may not think this cat and mouse game between this deranged teenager and the police involving a notebook could be filled with action but one would be dead wrong. The twists and turns make it more unpredictable than an M. Night Shyamalan movie.

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