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Thoughts, stories and ideas about books in different ways. We have successfully passed the half of 2022 together. During those six months, many things happened in this life, including the world of Indonesian book releases. Starting from the well-known Indonesian writer, Tere Liye, who is again ranked with the most titles with his works that are always awaited by readers, novels set in Indonesian history that are being sought after again, to novels following the New York trilogy from Ilana Tan are still being hunted by many. book fans and still survive to be the best seller book from last year. In addition to these novels, of course there are other Indonesian novels that become best sellers in the middle of this year. This best-selling novel by Eka Kurniawan is his first novel published in 2002. To date, this novel has been successfully translated into more than 34 languages, including English, German, Polish, Japanese, and many more. Set during the colonial period to post-independence Indonesia, this book tells the story of a woman of Dutch descent named Dewi Ayu who has a very beautiful face. However, her beauty does not bring anything beneficial, but instead brings calamity and curse for her, and her descendants. Starting from making Dewi Ayu a prostitute for the Dutch and Japanese soldiers, the curse also made all the daughters born to Dewi Ayu have to experience endless heartbreak. Therefore, the title Beautiful That Wounds is representative of the various stories of the characters in this book, where the beauty actually saves a lot of wounds and sorrow for them. In addition, in this book the author also inserts some real historical values ​​behind the fictional story, so that readers can use this novel as a medium for learning history, in the form of literary works.

Even the pre-orders for his book, We Go Today have been sold out in less than 24 hours.

This book itself contains several stories of characters who are struggling to be themselves, but are hindered by the heteronormative world that exists in society, which ultimately makes them have to accept all the unpleasant consequences from their surroundings. By taking inspiration from the background of Batak culture and religion, through this book, Norman tries to convey messages and provide reflections on the reality in their stories and lives, which can bring sadness, gloom, and deep suffering from the characters. Known as a fantasy fiction writer with his unique writing style, Ziggy has won many awards for his works. Even the pre-orders for his book, We Go Today have been sold out in less than 24 hours. Behind the sweet and adorable cover, this book by Ziggy actually presents a story full of surprises with nuances that are completely beyond the understanding and expectations of the readers. This book tells the story of five children who were entrusted by their parents to an Extraordinary Cat named Miss Gigi, who then took care of them and took them on an adventure through the Extraordinary Cat Floating City. On the way to the city, they have to go through an unusual journey, starting from riding the Water Train, meeting Colonel Corn, to playing in the Sendu Circus.

Through the story of the five children's adventures, Ziggy will invite us to explore human personalities and also our interactions with other people or creatures, which is actually a criticism from the author of several things or issues that exist in society. One of them, about the exploitation of animals that are rampant by humans. The third book of the New York Trilogy by Ilana Tan is a book that has remained in the best seller position since 2021. In addition, because the first book, Sunshine Becomes You (2012), has now been adapted into a feature film, the third book of the New York Trilogy is really eagerly awaited for its sequel, especially the range from the second book, In A Blue Moon (2015), to This third book is adrift of five years of waiting. Tells the story of an actress named Olivia Mitchell. He worked in a theater in New York. In addition, he was eager to know the whereabouts of his biological parents in New York. However, finding someone in this mega-city is certainly not easy. Olivia's contract is about to expire, but she doesn't want to return to England until she finds her parents. Olivia has to find a new job and suddenly she is reunited with her childhood best friend, Rex Rankin.

Rex also offered to help. Olivia searches for facts about her past and also manages to find answers to her feelings, which she used to love Rex. Tere Liye, who doesn't know this author? Book fans must be very familiar with the name of this author whose work has always been a best seller. In his book, Bibi Gill, which is the 12th series in the Bumi series, Bang Tere will not invite you to continue the story of Raib, Seli, and Ali's journey in a parallel world, but tells about the background and figure of Bibi Gill who is a complete reader. not know. Starting from how he can be called the Scout, why he ended up teaching his Night and Mystery course at the Higher Level Shadow Academy (ABTT), how dramatic and tragic the background of Aunt Gill's life was, to how strong Aunt Gill's strength was to become one of the most powerful fighters in the world. great. All the background of his life is written in full in this book. Besides Aunt Gill, Tere Liye's other books in the Bumi series are also still best sellers, you know! This fantasy genre novel series is a must have for you, because you will be invited on an amazing journey and adventure of three friends, namely Raib, Ali, and Seli in a parallel world.

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Maybe many of you are familiar with the sentence above, because recently the web series whose sentence became popular, namely Layangan Putus, has always been a hot conversation and a trending topic every day on various social media. This popular web series, which will air on November 26, 2021 on WeTV, is a series adaptation of the novel of the same name, by the author under the pen name Mommy ASF. The book, which is based on a true story or personal story from the author, tells about the domestic life of a husband and wife named Aris and Kinan who are suddenly hit by a third person's problem, when their previous household was very harmonious. Aris, who one day left without saying goodbye and did not tell him where he was going, was in fact going with another woman who was his mistress for a vacation to Turkey, to be exact, to the city of Cappadocia, the city of Kinan's dreams. Knowing this, of course Kinan felt a tremendous disappointment because Aris broke his promise, a promise to no other woman as long as Kinan could still give him offspring.

Through the depiction of the character Kinan who is a tough and extraordinary woman, the author manages to make the readers feel all the emotions that Kinan feels, starting from her confusion, anger, to her desire to accept her husband back. Also read: The True Story of the Disconnected Kites Novel, Now the Most Popular Series! Tere Liye is back with one of her many successful books on the market, Rain. In this book, the author takes the background from 2042 to 2050 with a science fiction (sci-fi) genre that tells about modern life in the future, which is traversed by two main characters named Lail and Soke Bahtera, or better known as Esok. The unexpected meeting of the two as a result of the volcanic eruption that occurred in 2042, then brought the bubbles of love between the two of them. However, after about a year they lived together in a refugee camp, they had to be separated, because the government decided to close the refuge. Lail was transferred to a social institution, while Tomorrow was adopted as a child by one of the families of the most important people in the city. However, because of the longing that the two of them sometimes cannot contain, they finally have a meeting schedule that is fairly routine, even though it is only once a month. At that moment they would sometimes exchange stories about their respective activities and lives. Through love stories, adventures, and life struggles that the two main characters go through, the author will bring us to see various technological advances in the future that cannot be imagined at all.

In addition, we will also be taught about the meaning of a loss and acceptance of the loss itself, about friendship and sincerity in the bond, and about separation and ways to find a way out, so as not to get stuck in the midst of feeling sad due to the separation. Like the two books from his previous work entitled Odd Even and Resign! Almira also adopts the metropop genre as the theme of the story, taking the background of the story in the city of Jakarta which highlights the lives and struggles of the middle class in that city. This book tells the story of the lives and struggles of four friends named Kaluna, Tanisha, Kamamiya, and Danan who have different fates and life backgrounds. These four friends have the same mission, namely hunting for a dream house with their respective criteria, which of course is not easy for them to realize. By focusing on the personal life of the main character named Kaluna, including her love story with her rich lover, this book will provide a true picture of the lives of the middle class who tend to be low-income, aka with salaries that never touch double digits, and all realistic problems. which we may also feel. The book by Ika Natassa, which in its pre-order period managed to sell 2000 books in just 59 minutes, tells the story of Ava Alessandra, a top actress who has successfully starred in various types of films with different characters. Although her career life can be said to be very good, in fact life as an actress is not easy. He not only had to struggle in his career, but also had to struggle in his daily life. Starting from Ava, who has to balance herself after playing her role, she must always be ready to appear perfect even though her heart may not be fine at that time, not to mention her past life that sometimes still haunts her.

Luckily, Ava has a friend named Lara who knows Ava so well and is always ready 24 hours a day for her. In addition, he also secretly always goes on a staycation to a hotel which he named the 'Heartbreak Motel' after every filming, to restore himself and release the role or character of the film he just played. The research that Kak Ika has conducted for approximately four years on film production to bring this story to life, especially from the perspective of Ava as an actress, is well written and with very detailed explanations, thereby adding new knowledge to the readers. Due to the historical story of the struggle for reform, Leila S. Chudori's work is still the defending best-seller from last year. Although fictional, this story makes many readers absorb the historical facts of what happened at that time. There are also real stories and conversations from pre-reform activists. The time setting in this adult fiction novel is between 1991-2007 and is divided into two points of view, namely from brothers named Biru Laut and Asmara Jati. Meanwhile, Asmara Jati started from 2000 to 2007, about the figure of a family who lost a relative and did not know where to look, and also about a number of families who are looking for clarity on the grave of their child, as well as a love that will not fade. Attractive discounts, special prices, special pre-order prices, and other special offers? Have a look below! Find All Special Promos Here! After several years of not returning to the Indonesian literary scene, Andina Dwifatma is back with a book with the theme of women.

This book will make you understand how a woman's inner turmoil when she was single, married and became a wife, and when she became a mother. We will get to know Amara, the wife of the Baron, whose marriage has not been blessed with children. The couple is often asked why they don't have children yet. Of course this makes them disturbed, especially with people's suggestions from the sensible to the 'magical'. Amara is often the target of bad luck because she never has two bodies. Until finally Amara was pregnant, but her position still did not make them like an ideal family. The Baron put the babysitting work to Amara. There are so many inner struggles and Amara's courage in this book as a woman and a mother. We will see that there are things that may be considered trivial in this phase of a woman's life, and turn out to be issues that must be considered. Starting from an alternative universe story written on Twitter, the story that uses the depiction of NCT's Doyoung as the main character, went viral until the end of this year. In addition to having been successfully recorded as a novel, Dikta & Law will also be made into a series starring Natasha Wilona. Tells the figure of Dikta, a final year law student who is smart, serious, indifferent, but still very caring for Nadhira, his childhood friend. Nadhira has the opposite nature of Dikta, this 12th grade high school student is so lazy, often lazy and complains.

Dikta's attitude is cold, but he often helps Nadhira with her assignments and prepares her to enter college. Those who both have girlfriends (even though Dikta ends up being cheated on) are caught up in their parents' matchmaking. Their relationship became complicated, but eventually they began to meet the spark of love. However, Dikta actually covered up something that had been so hard for him to experience. Dikta also has a wish list that he wants to do with Nadhira before it all disappears, because his life is felt to be short. In each of their togetherness that may be complicated to live, will Dikta succeed in realizing his wish before the time ends? This book gives a trigger warning because it raises the issue of violence. Dian Purnomo provides an illustration of how the capture-marriage tradition can be misused and harmed women. Written based on a collection of true stories of capture-marriage survivors, this book tells the story of Magi Diela who has a dream to build Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara, where she lives. He who works as a temporary worker at the Sumba Agriculture Service, suddenly has to accept that his dream has been dashed because he has been kidnapped and forced to follow the tradition of marrying and capturing. He was kidnapped by Leba Ali, the 'influential' person who had tainted him forcibly. Magi was so devastated by the customs that ensnared her and made her lose her independence as a woman, so she had to fight against her parents and the village community.

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