What Is Tony Stark's IQ

Tony Stark was born a genius and one of the twin sons of industrialist inventor Howard Stark, with the other son being Gregory. Despite Howard's determination to have Tony continue Stark Industries' legacy, Tony set out to create his own company from scratch so to leave his father's shadow, a promising small business called JT Technologies he was working on with his girlfriend Josey Gardner. Unfortunately, Howard continued pressing Tony, and he managed to sway his son away from his dreams. Tony reluctantly joined Howard's side, and as a consequence, Josey left him. Six months later, Josey died tragically in a plane crash. Unbeknownst to anybody, Josey's death had been orchestrated by Mandarin International, a company Howard dealt with during Stark Industries' fledgling days, but had cut ties with ever since. Howard convinced the boy to channel his emotions into his work and throw himself into his inventions. Tony's first project following Josey's death involved the development of cutting edge nanotechnology. Following Howard's death, presumably at the hands of the Mandarin in revenge for walking on them, Tony took full reins of Stark Industries.

39;s hospital, he met a young boy named Sam who was undergoing chemotherapy.

Broly Diorama - from Broly movie 2019 As he grew up a cynic, alcoholic womanizer, Stark also became a world-wide celebrity and a brand name. His company was the third biggest in America, and he was the world's third-richest man. However, Tony's life took a drastic change when he was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Desperate for a cure, Tony met with the best oncologists from all over the world. While visiting a children's hospital, he met a young boy named Sam who was undergoing chemotherapy. Sam's death even after being treated for three years encouraged Tony to use the time he had left to put his resources to use for a better world. Tony additionally turned to technology to help himself, and started devising a temporary cure in the form of a mixture of bio-tech and armor. During a business trip in Guatemala, Stark and his cousin Morgan were captured along with the passengers on their flight by a guerrilla militia called the Red Devil. The soldiers murdered Morgan when Tony refused to cooperate. Tony eventually agreed to help the terrorists, and built a rough exo-skeleton based on the preliminary designs of the armor he was working on in the States. Stark's actions kick-started events that ended the Red Devil's reign of international terrorism. In the aftermath of this incident, Tony stayed away from the public spotlight for almost two years. Iron Man became a global phenomenon after he saved the Vice-President from an assassination attempt.

39;s good friend, and butler, Jarvis.

For a while, Tony operated together with his friend Jim Rhodes, who wore an armor similar to Tony's and went by the alias of War Machine. They had a falling out after Tony's recklessness almost cost both of their lives when fighting AIM The last time they had spoken, Rhodey berated Tony for his behavior, and Stark had him removed from his building by security. Continuing with his desire to help save the world, Stark accepted an offer to join the Ultimates, a SHIELD-sponsored superhero team, as Iron Man. Forming an unlikely friendship with anti-corporate teammate Thor, Stark helped subdue the monstrous Hulk and save Earth from the extraterrestrial Chitauri. Tony began dating teammate Natasha Romanova and eventually proposed to her, creating a new armor for her as an engagement gift; however, when a traitor within the ranks helped an army of foreign Super-Soldiers defeat the Ultimates, Natasha was apparently revealed as the traitor when she turned on Tony during the assault, killing Tony's good friend, and butler, Jarvis. Tony turned the tables on her, using the nanites he had given Natasha to control the armor against his former lover, paralyzing her and downloading information direct from her brain to his. Stark left his penthouse in an old model suit of armor similar to the ones used by the Rocketmen. Though his support staff believed that he was heading to Washington, DC Liberators, Stark instead set a course for an orbiting satellite.

Tony was able to escape, thanks to Wasp and Ant-Man.

He reappeared in DC Iron Man Six. With the new armor, Stark made short work of the airborne forces of the Liberators and destroyed most of the Crimson Dynamo's mobile dolls. After the battle, Stark agreed to finance the now privately practicing Ultimates, and very quickly got over Natasha's betrayal with the help of a pretty blonde. Tony brought the Ultimates into his home, using it as their base, and supplying all their needs. One of the Ultron bots, a robot designed by Hank Pym as butlers and servants, had become evil, falling in love with the Scarlet Witch. Ultron had killed the Scarlet Witch after realizing he/it would never have her to himself. Drugging Tony, Ultron took over the Iron Man persona, creating a brand new suit, all the while holding Stark in a tank, while creating new robotic versions of the Ultimates as they were in the prime of their lives. Tony was able to escape, thanks to Wasp and Ant-Man. Tony acquired a new suit and helped the Ultimates fight Magneto and the Ultron bots. Unfortunately, Magneto snapped when his son, Quicksilver, was apparently killed during the fight. Magneto, in response to the death of his children, shifted the Earth's axis, causing world-wide devastation. New York was demolished by a huge tidal wave, which also destroyed Tony's home, and killed millions, including some heroes, in the process (egTony, who was saved by his suit, rescued Captain America, and the two went looking for survivors.

Cap fell unconscious, and Tony was forced to bring Cap to the Triskelion, where Cap was met with immediate help. Magneto's goons, the Multiple Men, were causing havoc outside the Triskelion, each strapped with a bomb. Iron Man helped as much as he could to stop Madrox, but it was a suicidal for Hank Pym who killed them all, allowing all of them to crawl over his body, and then walk into the seas, waiting for the stupid Madroxs to blow themselves up, killing all of them, and Pym. Tony and the Ultimates traveled to Magneto's base, where Wolverine was immediately attacked. Before Wolverine could kill Magneto, Magneto took control of Cyclops' lenses, and Iron Man's suit, forcing the two to blast Wolverine. Magneto then easily killed the melted hero. As Magneto was later killed, Tony was about to meet an all new adventure. Tony traveled to the destroyed building that once was Stark Industries, where he went to a secret underground facility. There, he met Justine Hammer, a woman looking for nano fleets to put in her blood to help her survive her father's experiments on her.

The police managed to force Stark to run away.

He also later met the Ghost, who had stolen a remnant very sacred to Tony. Tony teamed up with Justine to take down the Ghost, but first, solve the problem about who had secretly stolen Tony's Iron Man technology. Traveling all across Europe, from Prague, to England, Tony fell in love with Justine. Finding that the England riot police had used his tech to create Riot suits, Tony was outraged, and attacked the police. The police managed to force Stark to run away. Tony met the Ghost again, who blasted Tony into the river, where water flooded into his damaged helmet. The Police took Tony out of the river, bringing him to Justine. Justine and Tony made love, and Tony asked her to stay with him, which she agreed to. They were interrupted by an explosion outside their jet. Tony got into his destroyed suit, and went to meet two giant Iron Men who blasted Tony until he finally was defeated, his suit utterly destroyed.

Tony was later in Berlin, drinking with the head, crying in an extremely depressed state.

The robots brought Tony to a base in a stranded desert, where Tony met his delusional Grandfather, Howard Stark Sr. Howard was in charge of the Ghost, the robots, and Justine, and was looking for an upgrade in his organic, giant, old suit. Howard had the remnant that the had Ghost stolen and wanted Tony to open it. Tony used a quote by Richard Feynman, and the box opened. Inside the box was the dead head of Tony Stark (Earth 242). Tony explained he got the head while looking at other universes with Reed Richards. The entire Earth was on fire, so he took the head of his counterpart. Tony explained that, while he had upgraded himself for safety, the head shutdown Nanofleets, and killed machinery. Immediately, Ghost exploded, Howard was killed, the robots exploded, and Justine died. Tony then sat alone, stating "Lucky me", in a depressed tone. Tony was later in Berlin, drinking with the head, crying in an extremely depressed state. Returning to the Triskelion, and under SHIELD Tony became the leader of the New Ultimates, wearing a new slimmer suit after his original was destroyed.

This allowed Loki to teleport back to Earth to resume his chaos.

While in the field, Carol Danvers, SHIELD Tony and the team, things were much different in the bedroom, as Tony and Carol began a sexual relationship. One night, Tony was with Hawkeye, discussed the changes after Ultimatum. Tony made it very clear that he had lost practically everything because of Ultimatum. Suddenly, the Defenders, a teenage wannabe superhero team arrived, but as supervillains. As the rest of team came to aid Iron Man and Hawkeye in the fight, the Defenders left with what they came for: Mjolnir. This allowed Loki to teleport back to Earth to resume his chaos. Carol Danvers revealed to Tony that she had one of the Defenders, Hellstorm, working undercover. When the Ultimates didn't know what to do with Spider-Man, Carol Danvers proposed to train him, Iron Man was one of his tutors and helped him to fight Mysterio in SoHo. During the attack of the-now-turned-vampires Stick, Daredevil and Nerd Hulk along an army of vampires, Stark was seriously damaged and taken to a hospital by Captain America and Thor. Stark recovered really fast from his wounds and was able to fight War Machine in a new armor. While attending to his brother's funeral, Tony is invited by Jonathan Blackhaven to be part of the secret Kratos Club, a group of industrial multimillionaires, whose goal is to use their influence to ensure that the right things get done, no matter what. Tony proposed May Parker and Gwen Stacy to give her one of his houses in Paris and take them there. With new global problems rising, the Ultimates returned, and Iron Man as a part of it.

Tony used a new device for remote access to the armor, and tried to prevent a military conflict between Uruguay and Argentina. A ghost ship equipped with a atomic bomb made in Stark Industries was detonated in Montevideo (Uruguay's capital city) and the Iron Man armor made a short cut, affecting Tony himself. Jarvis assisted Stark with electronic shocks and Tony was brought back. Using a transportable Iron Man armor, Tony went to aid Thor when Asgard was destroyed at the hands of the Children of Tomorrow. Due to Thor being powerless, Tony provided him with a new and upgraded version of his old Super-Soldier suit, with which Thor was powered again and battled the Children of Tomorrow along with the other Ultimates. Thinking about the Kratos Club as responsible of the Uruguayan massacre, Tony went to Paris and faced them, but couldn't do anything as they stated it was only for their benefit. Soon before the Children nuked Washington, DC, the President activated the "Winter Protocols", making agent Marvin Flumm the new director of SHIELD, who ordered to hunt down the Ultimates and bring them to him.

Tony managed to escape from the Stark Tower along Thor, but at the same time his brain tumor reappeared. After SHIELD convinced Zorn and the Hulk to attack the Children (but the latter convinced to help them), the Maker deployed an anti-matter attack on Washington, DC, killing the President, his Cabinet and the Congress, with only Secretary of Energy Howard surviving and becoming the next President and activating the Winter Protocols, forcing the Ultimates to hand over to SHIELD Tony Stark and Thor managed to escape. Tony contacted the new President to make a plan against the Children, Stark was provided as a prisoner for the Children to seal a pact of peace. When Richards was about to vivisect Stark, Tony's self-conscious technology interfacer brain tumor named Anthony convinced the City to rebel against the Maker because of his master's counter-evolutionary acts of war and allowed Anthony to create a giant Iron Man Armor and use it against Richards and become the new leader of the Children.

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