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Webtoon is both a mobile app and website that hosts a wide variety of webcomics in a down scrolling format to fit your phone. Webtoon comics genres range from romance, action, sci-fi, and drama. Many of the toons have become super popular with adaptations into other mediums too. For example, Tower of God gained its own anime series, Cheese in the Trap is a Korean TV drama, and Webtoon's top-rated toon, Lore Olympus, may soon be getting an animated series developed by the Jim Henson company. Some of the popularity is attributed the ability to scroll through pages, which allows for a more dynamic reading experience, such as surprise dramas, horror jump-scares, and big beautiful romance panels that make readers say "aww" out loud. Artists behind the toons sometimes make them even more compelling by adding music and gifs to really make the Webtoon feel alive. Updated January 19th, 2021 by Meg Pelliccio: As new and exciting comics get added to Webtoon all the time, and with trends changing month in and month out, it's no surprise that Webtoon's top comic rankings change frequently too.

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Captain Future - Capitaine Flam While some Webtoon comics previously mentioned no longer make this list, some contenders have held onto their spot in the top 15. Additionally, there has been a slew of brilliantly fantastic Webtoon comics released in the last few months, some of which have now taken pride of place on this list. Updated March 19th, 2022 by Sarah Martin: New Webtoons are always being released, and trends change like the seasons. However, as the top Webtoon rankings change, there are a few new entries that have captivated fans and earned their spot on the chart. As Webtoons continue to grow in popularity, fans look forward to seeing what new titles will dominate the app. Created by HYBE with characters inspired by South Korean superstars, BTS, 7FATES: CHAKHO is a fascinating action-packed Webtoon. The story follows Zeha after he wakes up in a hospital with sudden amnesia after speaking to a strange, unknown man. Then, he learns that the beom are wreaking havoc on the city.

There are quite a few interesting tidbits of information about Korean culture and history found within this Webtoon, as well. 1400s by King Sejong. King Sejong is the brain behind the Korean alphabet, Hangeul (한글). This recently completed Webtoon is short but sweet. It follows the story of Subin, whose mother pays for matchmakers to set her up on blind dates, all of which Subin routinely turns down. One day, she bumps into an old friend from school, who suddenly asks for Subin's hand in marriage. Subin sees this as a means of finally paying off all her debt. However, she's skeptical. This Webtoon is only nine chapters, so it's great for a quick read. This ten-chapter Webtoon is an excellent horror comic. It tells ten separate ghost stories created by Korea's resident genius of horror, Horang. The stories cover several different paranormal occurrences - mainly about ghosts haunting various places, and are truly terrifying.

Horang's Nightmare shows ghosts haunting highways, elevators, bus stations, and even playgrounds. Sure to keep readers up at night, it reestablishes Horang as Korea's master of horror. SubZero follows the final princess, Clove, of the all but extinct Dragon Clan on her mission to protect her people. Of course, she has to make a major sacrifice to do so and marry her mortal enemy to finally restore peace to her people and land. This romance comic is still ongoing. For fans of the timeless enemies-to-lovers and arranged marriage tropes, this Webtoon will become an instant favorite. With millions of readers and a strong 9.79 rating, it continues to dominate. Another original Webtoon by HYBE, this horror-romance is inspired by their latest boy group, ENHYPEN. It tells the story of the most popular boys between two rival schools who became enamored by the protagonist, Sooha, who recently transferred to Riverfield high school. The catch is that these boys are rivals because they're vampires and werewolves. Sooha's transfer happens as unfathomable events start to wreak havoc on their beloved town. Gradually, the truth is revealed about the boys. Created by Lina Im with the assistance of Jeonghyeon Kim, Unholy Blood is a supernatural webtoon series released in October 2020. The comic follows Hayan Park, a white-haired, pure-blood vampire who also takes on the guise of a normal (and brunette ) human by day. However, when her chance to live a normal life is ruined by other vampires, Hayan must battle the hunters who took over the world a decade ago and face her past in the process.

With the help of rising detective Captain Hwang, Hayan seeks to protect those she loves while exacting her revenge. Weak Hero, written by SEOPASS and featuring art by RAZEN, began in September of 2019 and has slowly been working its way up Webtoon's top rankings, making it one of the few action Webtoon comics to do so. The comic is set in an average school where bullies rule the roost and live to torment the weakest students. However, everything is suddenly turned upside down when a new kid named Gray Yeon arrives. The unsuspecting Gray won't just roll over for the bullies, and he can more than pack a punch while disrupting the hierarchy in the school. Omniscient Reader is a fantasy Webtoon series created by sing N song, featuring art by Sleepy-C and adapted by UMI. The series began in August of 2020 and has steadily grown in popularity ever since. The protagonist, Dokja, finds himself fated to save the world as his favorite web novel, "Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse," suddenly becomes reality. Given that Dokja knows what happened in the web novel, he's the only person who has a hope of saving the world. By using his unique knowledge, he can change what happens in the real world and save humanity. Kappa's entire life is ruled by being the prophetic "Beacon." He's gold, glimmering, and everyone seems to want something from him (usually for him to save them). On the other hand, Siren, prince of the sharks, is told he's destined to kill Kappa to lift the curse from his people.

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Kakashi 3d print model The kingdom of sharks once killed a demigod and have since been cursed to be injured and scarred, unlike the ferocious sea creatures they're based on. After being drawn together by fate, Kappa and Siren meet, only to reject the prophecies that have been thrust upon them and thrown into a wild adventure and romance. Castle Swimmer was created by Wendy Lian Martin. Like Wind on a Dry Branch is a relatively new comic series. The first episode was released on January 16th, 2021. This Webtoon comic by writer Dalsaeowl and artist Hwaeum has already proven popular, with many readers eager to receive more. The comic begins with a widow by the name of Rieta Tristi finding all hope is lost. After the plague took her husband and slave traders stole her child, a rather nasty nobleman has made it is his dying wish that she's buried with him-alive. However, her fate is changed when the empire's outcast prince arrives and strikes a bargain.

Cursed Princess Club was created by Lambcat and has been running since February 2019. This comedy comic series follows Gwendolyn, an "unattractive" princess who doesn't fit into the typical "perfect princess" mold. After hearing her fiancé refer to her as ugly, Gwendolyn runs away into the forest where she discovers the Cursed Princess Club, which is a group of princesses (and one prince) that have all been cursed and subsequently outcast from their families. There, Gwendolyn makes some new friendships as well as learning that she doesn't need to fit any kind of mold to be a true princess. The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower was created by Bangguseok Gimssi with artwork by Omagam and adapted by Juyeong Hwang. It's based on a webnovel of the same name and by the same creator who released it on Naver. This series is brand new to Western audiences, having only just been released in January 2021. However, it has already gained popularity and made its way to 9th place on the Webtoon rankings (as of writing). The comic follows Hyeonu Kim, who'd previously been imprisoned in a tower of monsters for over twelve years. However, now he's free, super strong, and determined to find out who imprisoned him in the first place.

Created by Purpah, the comic follows Lucia-a lady-in-waiting to the soon-to-be Queen.

Suitor Armor first debuted on Webtoon's Discover in August of 2019. It joined the big leagues in September 2020, making it a relatively new entry to the roster. Despite not being around for that long, this comic series has already proven itself quite popular. Created by Purpah, the comic follows Lucia-a lady-in-waiting to the soon-to-be Queen. Lucia has to hide the fact she's a fairy as her kind are persecuted in this fantasy world, but other than that, she knows nothing of her ancestry. Lucia finds herself falling for Modeus, a knight in service to the king. But the twist is that Modeus is an enchanted suit of armor and not a real person at all. Mage & Demon Queen has managed to fight off the many romances that make their way to the top of Webtoon's ranked list. Created by ColorLES, this series has been running since August 2018 and offers fans a hilarious comedy comic.

Fans are still excitedly awaiting the actual divorce episode.

Mage & Demon Queen's comic world is similar to an RPG game, where teams of humans band together to reach the top of the Demon Tower to defeat the Demon Queen. People are able to undertake the task more than once due to resurrection magic. The story follows a young woman named Malori, who's reached the top of the tower multiple times in an attempt to seduce the Demon Queen instead. The Remarried Empress is a fairly new addition to the Webtoon roster, having only joined in September of 2020, although it's been publishing comics since October 2019 on the Korean version of the app. This original fantasy with romance elements was created by writer Alphatart and artist Sumpul. The story opens with Emperor Sovieshu divorcing his wife, Empress Navier, in favor of his mistress Rashta, and Navier asking for his permission to remarry after the divorce. The story then dives back in time to how this came to be, starting with Rashta coming to the palace and Navier finding that she's desired by many men-even if her husband isn't one of them. Fans are still excitedly awaiting the actual divorce episode. Age Matters is one of the most popular romance series on the Webtoon app.

Created by Enjelicious, the series debuted on the platform in April 2018 but only seemed to rise in popularity (and Webtoon's top 15 rank) recently. The comic follows Rose Choi, a woman just about to hit thirty who's given up on love after her fiancé broke up with her over an app called Lime. However, she gets a new job as an assistant to Daniel Yoon, a billionaire who happens to be the creator of Lime. As the two begin to spend a lot of time together, they begin to fall for one another against their better judgment. Oridnary by uru-chan is an ongoing series under the superhero genre of Webtoon and has been one of the most consistently popular toons on the app, always within the top 5 of Most Popular in All Genres. Everyone in John's school for the elite has superpowers (the norm of the unOrdinary world)-everyone except John. They call those lacking in power "cripples," and they're expected to keep a low profile. Think Gossip Girl meets My Hero Academia with the rich and elite (and a disdain for the lower class) who are also superpowered students. It's up to John to survive his classmates whilst hiding a secret of his own. Down to Earth was created by Pookie Senpai and debuted on Webtoon in August of 2020, after having previously been on Canvas and Discover. The story follows Kade, a young guy living a normal life until an alien girl crashes into his backyard. This adorably cute alien girl is called Zaida and she has special powers such as levitation and telepathy.

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