What Is The Last Arc In Hitman Reborn

, Niji no Noroi-hen? The Curse of the Rainbow Arc (虹の呪い編, Niji no Noroi-hen?) is the 6th and final story arc of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! It briefly follows the Varia's quest to acquire new battle strength and mostly the Arcobaleno's efforts to free the curse of their baby body from themselves by fighting one another in the Representative Battle of the Rainbow. 1.11.1 Tsuna, Enma, & Basil vs. 1.11.4 Tsuna & Reborn vs. In the Varia headquarters, Mammon has just finished bathing. They promptly received a letter from Reborn written in the Arcobaleno Secret Code. Mammon, by shining their Arcobaleno Pacifier's light on the message, learns that Reborn has gotten a hint regarding the Arcobaleno curse. Before Mammon finishes reading the letter, Belphegor enters the room and tells them that there was an emergency meeting. At the meeting room, Superbia Squalo announces that they will be recruiting a new Varia officer, surprising everyone in the room except Xanxus. From the memories of their battle in the future, the Varia recall that Fran was appointed as the new officer in the future. While everyone else is arguing over the topic at hand, Mammon ignores all the commotion since they're solely focusing on Reborn's letter and the fact that they might have to tell Xanxus everything about the Arcobaleno curse. Because they are deep in thought, Mammon fails to see food being thrown at them, and as a result, the letter becomes heavily stained with food. They immediately excuse themself from the table so they can continue reading their letter.

39;s house to ask about Fran.

cosplay, panel, anime, manga, dress up, comic, event, convention However, they cannot read the most important part of the letter due to the stain and their pride wouldn't allow them to ask other Arcobaleno for help. In the midst of their dilemma, Belphegor interrupts them and informs them that the Varia will go to Jura, France, to retrieve Fran. Knowing that there's a Pacifier Spring in Jura that can make their Pacifier bright enough to read the message, Mammon decides to follow along. As they arrive in France, they all go to Fran's grandmother's house to ask about Fran. Fran's grandmother tells them that Fran has gone playing at the upstream of the river. Fran to recruit him. While exchanging words, they notice a figure wearing a huge apple hat on the river, the figure commenting on how his grandmother's lunchboxes were horrible. Belphegor points out that the boy is Fran. Fran plays in the river until he notices the Kokuyo Gang and Varia's presences. He mistakenly calls them fairies, much to their chagrin.

Mukuro approaches him as he states that he is his master, but Fran calls him a pineapple fairy, and then calls the Varia tooth decay fungus. Belphegor throws his knives at Fran, who gets down and the knives hit his hat instead. However, it turns out to be an illusion. Fran then mocks his habit of saying 'Byon' after his sentences and calls him a stupid fairy and not to touch him or else he would catch his stupidity. Levi A Than tries to stop him as well, but Fran states that he isn't scary at all, and ignores him in the hopes that he'll go away, shocking Levi A Than. Mukuro and Superbia Squalo, along with Chikusa, stop him by pointing their weapons at him. Fran then tries to calm them down, which turns out into insulting them; Squalo about his hair, Chikusa about his skin, and Mukuro for his supposed 'pineapple reek', angering the three people further. Squalo questions if Fran recently hit his head, to which Fran answers that, according to his grandmother, he hit his head on a block of cheese, and claims that he cannot remember anything, which is his memories of the future. Knowing this, both Mukuro and Squalo turn to each other, and then attempt to shove the responsibility of taking Fran on one another. Squalo tells Mukuro that Fran is his disciple and he should be the one to take care of him, but Mukuro refuses and retorts that he's also busy and that the Varia should take Fran and cure him of his stupidity before he takes him back.

Back to a day before, at night Tsuna, Reborn, and Lambo are in the bathroom, taking their baths.

Meanwhile, Mammon arrives at the Pacifier Spring and meets the other Arcobaleno, with the exception of Aria and Reborn. They then show their letters from Reborn and reveal that it is another one of Reborn's games, to gather them together to be able to read the entire message. Parts of the letters are purposely left illegal. By layering the letters on top of each other, the entire message can be shown. They then proceed to decipher Reborn's message, finding out the conclusion of Tsuna's battle with Daemon, the eight flame, and the Arcobaleno with transparent pacifier, surprising them. They feel like they have seen the Arcobaleno before, and the other Arcobaleno all have an idea as to who it may be. Back at the Kokuyo Gang and Varia's situation, they decide to use a game of ladder to settle it, with the loser taking Fran without holding any grudges. However, Fran interrupts and says that he wants to choose for himself, and pointed to one of the two groups, the chosen one being unknown. Back to a day before, at night Tsuna, Reborn, and Lambo are in the bathroom, taking their baths. Reborn frightens Lambo with the size of the lathering from his shampoo, which is at least as tall as Tsuna himself. Futa appears when they emerge from the bathroom, handing Tsuna a glass of water. Reborn asks Bianchi for beer, but Tsuna objects on the basis of his infant status. Annoyed, Reborn goes to bed along with the others.

Tsuna stays up for a bit, wondering what an Arcobaleno is and what the curse mentioned by Mammon is, having been reminded by the beer incident. The next day, Tsuna and the others are surprised to see that Chrome has been transferred to Namimori Middle School. She stands at the front of the classroom to introduce herself, but breaks down crying in Kyoko's arms. When discussing this between classes, Ryohei tells Gokudera, Tsuna, and Yamamoto that according to what Kyoko has heard from Chrome, she was kicked out of the Kokuyo Junior High Gang by Mukuro Rokudo, only finding a letter telling her to leave as well as a Namimori High uniform beside it. He also mentions that when she left, Kokuyo Land was abandoned. Gokudera then comments that since Mukuro is free from jail, he doesn't need Chrome anymore. Tsuna seemed to have doubts about the representation of events. Reborn arrives and tells them that he was told by Mukuro to talk about Chrome. He was given her living expenses by Mukuro as well. Since Chrome has already arrived in Namimori, Reborn said that settling her into either Kyoko or Haru's house would be for the best.

Reborn then suggests a welcoming party for Chrome at Tsuna's house, with the theme of a mimicry contest. After agreeing to this, they hear the bell for class to resume and return, but Tsuna stays behind and asks Reborn about the Arcobaleno. After dodging the question for a bit, Reborn admits that it's about time for Tsuna to know everything, after Tsuna has proven his growth. Reborn cut off that he will tell him if Tsuna wins the mimicry game at Chrome's welcoming party. At the party, Chrome thanks everyone for throwing it for her with the moral support of Haru and Kyoko. As the party goes on, Tsuna wonders why he was uneasy when Reborn said he would tell him everything. He believes it is because knowing the secret would make his daily normal life change drastically, possibly because of his Vongola Hyper Intuition. He thinks to himself that if that is true, he would be happier in ignorance. When it was Tsuna's turn to mimic someone he choose Leon, and got 0 points from Leon himself, despite Reborn's thoughts. During his sleep, Reborn has a dream of the time before he became an Arcobaleno. He is seen in his own room and then points his gun at someone who asks who he is. The mysterious man with an iron hat brings out a clear pacifier and claims that he is gathering the "I Prescelti Sette" (World's Strongest Selected Seven). The dream is cut off when Tsuna awakens him and Reborn immediately points his gun at him, until Tsuna calms him down.

Reborn tells him that he was having an unpleasant dream or to be precise, his old memories. Reborn reveals as he goes back to sleep that none of the Arcobaleno wanted to become one, but realizes that Tsuna is already asleep. Reborn decides to sleep again and has a continuation of the dream, where he meets the other remaining Arcobaleno, with the exception of Colonnello, who replaces Lal's position later on. Suddenly, however, Reborn returns to his infant form, followed by the others, except Luce and Lal, who disappeared. They come to the realization that they are having the same dream. During their confusion and surprise, the man with the iron hat appears, causing them to try and attack him, but to no avail, as their movements are stopped and they can't move their bodies. The man explains that the reason for their immobility is that they were inside a dream, thus, they won't be able to use their Arcobaleno power. However, he assures them he didn't come to fight but to ascertain their determination, then make a proposition. The Arcobaleno are suspicious at this, until the man questions if they wish to solve the "Curse of the Rainbow". All the Arcobaleno, sans Reborn, answer in the affirmative. The man with the iron hat then reveals that he intends to decline the Arcobaleno's numbers by one; the strongest Arcobaleno's body will be reverted to its adult form. He further explains that they have to find a representative to fight for them. Reborn, however, says that they can't trust him, the other Arcobaleno agreeing with him.

39;s a rift between him and Tsuna, making Iemitsu think of Tsuna and Nana.

However, the man with the iron hat threatens to disappear and leave them in their infant bodies for the rest of their lives, which persuades all the Arcobaleno to agree. The dream then ends, leaving the Arcobaleno to find their representatives. Reborn awakens from his dream, much to everyone around him's relief Bianchi hugs and asks Reborn if he was all right. Reborn asks if he said anything in his sleep, but Bianchi answers that she didn't hear a thing. As Tsuna is about to go to school, Reborn smiles at him and says that he has a favor to ask of him. This scares Tsuna, as he thought Reborn would ask him to do something painful for him, and he quickly runs off to school, telling Reborn to ask someone else. Once Tsuna runs away, Bianchi wonders who he got his cowardice from. Reborn thinks of Nana and Iemitsu, who never run away from problems, unlike Tsuna, and then recollects that an Arcobaleno would go to the CEDEF headquarters. At CEDEF headquarters, Iemitsu sneezes due to Reborn talking about him behind his back, but he thinks that it was due to the dozens of assassins wanting to kill him, to which Lal replies that it could soon become his family in Japan and suggestsed for him to go back to Japan some time soon before there's a rift between him and Tsuna, making Iemitsu think of Tsuna and Nana. Suddenly, Basil and Oregano enter the room, informing Iemitsu that there is an Arcobaleno that wants to meet him, revealed to be Colonnello, who has a favor to ask.

At the Varia headquarters, Mammon asks Xanxus for a favor and much to their surprise, Xanxus knew that it was about the Arcobaleno, but states that whether he agrees or not depends on the secret. In Kokuyo Land, Verde asks a favor from Mukuro, to which the latter comments as fun and asks Verde what the favor is. At the riverbank, Enma looks around for the cats that usually wait for him to feed them and then finds them to have already eaten huge amounts of cat food from someone. Skull reveals himself and demands help from the Simon Famiglia in return for feeding the cats. Seeing a Pacifier similar to Reborn's, Enma recognizes him as an Arcobaleno. Fon stands on a lamp post and wonders who he could ask a favor from. After school, back at Tsuna's house, Tsuna is surprised to find the entire Cavallone Famiglia gathered in front of his house and is approached by Dino and Romario the former being called by Reborn for a favor as well. Reborn finally tells them that the favor he asks them to do is to fight for him. Dino and Tsuna express their surprise, but Reborn explains his dream as well as the curse the Arcobaleno were inflicted with, and that his infant form isn't his real form. He also proudly states that his real self is "super cool".

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