What is Robin's Dark Side

Nico Robin is the name of a fictional character from the anime and manga series One Piece. He is an archaeologist and historian of the Straw Hat Pirates. She is a quiet and very elegant woman, but also likes Fashion like Nami and is the second person in the Straw Hats to change clothes the most after Nami. His habit is to wear a hat, and has a very ideal body. His weight is 48 kilograms and his height is 188 cm. Making him the straw hat crew with the largest height after Brook and Franky. Robin is an orphan born in Ohara, his mother, Nico Olvia went for research when he was a child, this expedition was to complete the work of his late husband, and therefore it was his duty to take part. She and her daughter were separated very early - too early for Robin to remember her mother's face. Robin really misses love because all this time until he was 8 years old he was cared for arbitrarily by his aunt, Roji. Roji is Olivia's sister and means she is Robin's aunt. It is a miracle because of how she and Olvia can be brother and sister. She and her husband were forced to take care of Robin, when Olivia was on an expedition of about six years.

It is considered one of the irreplaceable treasures of mankind.

Finally, Roji was forced to take care of his nephew even though he didn't want to take care of him and didn't want to have anything to do with Olivia. Roji didn't feel sorry for Robin and he spent his time yelling at Robin. When the Buster Call was launched in Ohara, Roji was on the evacuation ship with his husband and daughter. And finally the ship was destroyed by Vice Admiral Sakazuki. Outside the house Robin is also shunned by his peers because he has the power of a devil fruit. She was nicknamed the "monster girl". Archaeologists Ohara are the pride of the island's inhabitants. Their headquarters is located in the basement of the Tree of Knowledge, the largest and oldest library in the world. From there they work and organize expeditions to collect and explore the elements that reveal the history of the world. Their reputation is the greatest in the five oceans and is considered the world's best archaeologists in the world. Robin who was alone was finally able to join them. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the archaeologists were the Robins. The Ohara researchers cannot ignore the mystery of the "lost century", even though they are banned by the World Government from conducting research on Poneglyphes, they are clearly taking risks under the direction of their leader, Professor Clover. Professor Clover is the head of the Ohara library, the most comprehensive and oldest library in the world. It is considered one of the irreplaceable treasures of mankind. The library itself is a giant 5000 year old tree. Professor Clover is also the world's leading archaeologist and the lead archaeologist of Ohara, the best archaeologist in the world. When Robin's mother attends an expedition with other archaeologists, Clover sees little two-year-old Robin. Professor Clover gave Robin permission to read the books in the Ohara library. The Tree of Knowledge becomes Robin's second home.

Then Robin helped him by showing the source of the water.

And when Robin got his Ph.D. Archeology at the age of 8, it was natural for Clover to warmly welcome Robin among them. Despite being banned from conducting research, Clover and other archaeologists who worked in Ohara to read the mysteries of the lost century. Of course Robin wanted to participate in these poneglyph researchers but Clover couldn't let him join them. Because reading the Poneglyphe is a crime in the world and he is afraid that Robin will be executed. Despite the risks, Clover sees this work as the basis for knowing his history for humanity. The past should be an experience not a fear. Finally Robin is allowed to participate in enriching human culture. One day, Robin met a giant who was stranded on the Ohara beach. Then Robin helped him by showing the source of the water. Finally Robin became familiar with the giant named Jaguar D. Saulo, Saulo taught Robin about the power of laughter. Saulo and Robin also share an interest in the history of the "century of emptiness." When the Government learns of their research, Clover faces his destiny to be willing to pay for his "crimes". Clover does not regret what he has done, Clover will meet with the 5 Star Council to explain his theories, the fruit of the result of life working hard to find the past disappeared from the surface of the earth. During his explanation he mentions an ancient kingdom that was lost because it was destroyed by a group that would become World Rulers. And when to reveal the name of this kingdom, he was shot. The Ohara government thinks it knows too much. Clover didn't die from being shot and that's why he immediately alerted the Buster Call. A few days later, Robin's mother, Nico Olvia, returns from her research (which turns out to be running from the naval base with Saulo) and intends to tell her fellow researchers that Ohara is about to be attacked by the government.

On the other hand, Saulo just realized that the island he was visiting was Ohara, and finally he told Robin that his mother must have returned and that the island of Ohara was in danger. Robin ran towards the Tree of Knowledge without realizing that he was at odds with Olvia who was about to beat up several members of the government. At the Tree of Knowledge, Robin asks where his mother is now. But the archaeologists suggest that Robin should hide and run from the government lest they find out that Robin can read Poneglyphs. Finally when the archaeologists were arrested, came Olvia who was caught by Spandine. When going to be brought, Robin realized that the woman was his own mother. And called his mother many times. At first Olvia did not want to admit for the sake of Robin's safety. Then after Spandine activates a Buster Call attack on Ohara. Spandine runs away and leaves Olvia. This is where Robin met Olvia, hand in hand to let go of longing in the midst of the Buster Call turmoil. After that Saulo appears who will save Robin, Olvia already understands and then he entrusts Robin's safety to Saulo, even though Robin wants to continue with his mother. Here Olvia shouts at Robin to stay alive, and then she goes to the Tree of Knowledge to save the book. It seemed that Olvia had forgotten what to say to Robin as a mother at the last moment. Saulo continues to save Robin until finally fighting Kuzan, (admiral Aokiji) after Saulo lost, Robin, who was forbidden to join the evacuation ship, saw that Saulo would be frozen by Kuzan. Before being frozen, Saulo tells Robin that one day he will surely find a friend who believes in and protects him. Then Saulo froze with a smile on his face. The confused Robin was then helped by Kuzan. Kuzan helped him because it was his principle of justice.

Kuzan gives Robin a path that leads Robin to a nearby island to save himself. Before leaving, Robin had time to ask Kuzan his mother but Kuzan replied with "no one will survive". Finally Robin left while taking Saulo's advice, which is that he should laugh at any time. But in the end he continued to cry on the raft that Saulo made. After that, Robin became a fugitive worth 79,000,000 Berries because he was the last demon from Ohara, the child who was known to have been able to read the ancient history of the Poneglyphs. Since the government could not mention the actual crime committed by Nico Robin, the government listed the reason that Robin had blown up 6 naval ships. Robin lives by moving from place to place to seek shelter. To make money he sometimes works for someone, but it turns out that these people have collaborated with the government to catch Robin. Fortunately, Robin was always alert and managed to escape. Finally, Robin decided to work with the same criminals as fugitives, for example with the pirates. But Robin's only goal is to survive, so after Robin doesn't need them anymore, Robin betrays them because he is worried that his friend betrays first. This is what grows Robin's dark side, which is to take advantage of those who are willing to accept him and then leave them with destruction but he himself survived. That's what Aokiji said. He lived like that while looking for Poneglyphs in the world, then when he was a teenager he was called by Crocodile, one of the Shichibukai to join him in the Baroque Works organization, because he could read Poneglyphs (naturally Crocodile knew about Robin's original crime, because he was a member of the Poneglyphs). government).

39;s ancient weapon in the Poneglyph, but Crocodile knew that Robin was lying.

Robin's debut in this series was when she became a member of Baroque Works as Miss All Sunday, the second strongest person in the group and Crocodile's partner. But he still holds his nature as "the devil". Robin meets the Straw Hat Pirates on the cactus island of Whiskey Peak. Robin offers them to get them away from Alabasta by passing the empty island (Nanimonai) while giving her eternal pose. But Luffy broke the Eternal Pose while saying that it wasn't Robin who had the right to determine their route. After that Robin left. At that time, Luffy and Nami thought of Robin as a good person, and this referenced that he was the next Straw Hat member. Robin reappears escorting Crocodile when the Straw Hat Pirates are confined to Rainbase, Arabasta. He manages to defeat Pell, the warrior Arabasta easily and then kidnaps Vivi. Here he looks very similar and compatible with Crocodile. At Baroque Works, Robin is the same as in other organizations, ignoring his existence and then betraying. He helped Luffy when he was about to fall into the sand pit made by Crocodile, he also tried to lie to him when explaining the existence of Pluton's ancient weapon in the Poneglyph, but Crocodile knew that Robin was lying. The ruins of Alabasta were his last hope in his search for the Rio Poneglyph, but he found nothing about it. Desperate, he wanted to disappear with the secret temple of Alabasta. But Luffy saves him and he doesn't like that, meaning: Luffy has to pay for it, which is to let him join his crew! The last time he saved Luffy back by giving antitoxin because of the poison from Crocodile. After the destruction of BW, Robin secretly sneaked into the Going Merry ship. Then he told Luffy that he would join the group.

Luffy only answered "Yes" while the others refused angrily because they were still suspicious because he was a member of BW, except for Sanji. Then Nico Robin tricked the crew members one by one into accepting him like he seduced Nami with the gold he got from Crocodile. Robin used to always live through the power of a strong male who could protect her. In general Robin is always responsible when he is given an assassination order. But that changes when he follows the Straw Hats he finds a new way of life: Adventure, with an uncertain goal. When the crew is finally about to be separated by Captain Bartholomew Kuma Corsair, they are on a different island! So Robin ends up on Tequila Wolf, an island that is hard at work building a bridge for the World Government located in East Blue! Intercepted by the island's guards, he tries to escape and is shocked to discover that it is the Revolutionary Dragon's army. Robin knew by Dragon's reputation and he had actually wanted to meet him for many years, and the Dragon warriors also declared that he was under their protection! They then suggested Robin to meet their leader, Monkey D. Dragon. At first Robin refused, but when he received Luffy's message that the planned meeting was changed to two years. So Robin would accept him and train at the Revolutionary's place. And on the day that was scheduled to arrive he set out for Sabaody again with an interest in a new adventure. Over these two years, Robin has developed her powers as she can now cast giant limbs, multiplying her body by up to 1000 arms at a time!

He is close friends with Nami on the ship and often teaches her something.

Robin is a very intelligent and emotional woman, she is always quiet and reads a book than the rest of the crew who are very whimsical. The first time she looks she will look Jutek and Judes but it turns out she is an adult woman who rarely pays attention to the problems of people around her. He is close friends with Nami on the ship and often teaches her something. Robin would be very suitable if traveling with Chopper because they share the same hobby, which is reading books. Robin is a person who prefers to be silent in various situations and keeps a calm and cool mind, but he often utters words that need not be said (because it's too scary to listen to) with a cold face like "Maybe Luffy just got eaten by sea monsters" or "If only Luffy was eaten by a sea monster." Zoro was eaten by a shark, the sea must have turned red." Robin is also described as possessing the "dark side", due to the shadows of his friendless past. His past itself was something he feared the most, for it had taken everything until he became a darkness. Like when he met Aokiji Robin whose calm personality became very panicked, and when he was used by CP9 because of his fear of the Buster Call past. Robin is also the type of woman who likes to betray if something harms her or (now) her friends, she is willing to sacrifice himself for his friends.

He is quite good with the rest of the crew, although his style is a little cold, actually rather kind and caring. He was amazed at the atmosphere of the ship because Luffy and the others were never serious and spent their time having fun, which greatly pleased Robin. She is one of the group's mentors and plays a bit of an older sister role. Always smiling and cheerful especially with Nami. He always keeps an eye on the crew members who give him headaches. And gradually he changed the course of his dark thoughts as in the Battle of Skypiea, while everything fell, Robin was still standing alone while everyone was exhausted. If He no longer had enough strength to save everyone, then he thought that he would save his life! But after a while, he seems to care about everyone. Robin is very skilled in Archeology, History, Geology, Anthropology, and Ancient Languages. In Ancient Languages ​​he can read ancient Poneglyphs which are mysterious languages ​​that are scattered throughout the world of One Piece. Robin studied it at the tree library in Ohara. He has a dream to find and read the Rio Poneglyph which is believed to hold the "True History" in the Void Century. Robin was recruited by Crocodile as well because of this. Robin is the owner of Hana Hana's devil fruit power and she ate it as a child. Its power is to make it expand its limbs like a flower (hana). Making him act as a reliable long-range attacker. Robin only moves slightly in a fight, toying with his enemies with long-range attacks such as breaking an arm, leg or finger (Seis Fleur, Clutch).

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