What Is Mikasa To Eren

• Childhood Friends - The two have known each other since when Eren saved Mikasa from kidnappers. • Try Not to Die - Mikasa's request to Eren before the battle in Trost District. • He Is Not My Boyfriend - Ian: Protect your boyfriend. Mikasa: He's my family. • Battle Couple - The two both are both Survey Corps members (before Eren's leave) and fought against the titans, and fought in Marley. • Devoted to You - Mikasa will protect Eren no matter what, she shows this when Levi physically harms Eren and when Reiner and Bertolt kidnapped Eren. • Last Kiss - As Mikasa kills him, the two share one final kiss as a bid of farewell towards one another. • Tragic Love - Eren never got to share his true feelings to Mikasa, nor did she to Eren. • Childhood Friend Romance - Mikasa has had feelings for Eren since they were younger, once a comrade thought Eren was Mikasa's boyfriend. • Break Her Heart to Save Her - "Mikasa, I've always hated you". • Love Confession - Eren confesses to Armin that he always loved Mikasa, and can't bare seeing her love another man. • Alternate Universe - Eren sends Mikasa a vision where Mikasa truly were to confess her feelings to Eren, the two then run away to live together as a couple for the remaining of Eren's final years. • The One That Got Away - Mikasa thinks back if she were to confess her feelings to Eren, Eren sends her a memory if she did confess.

39;s mother and left them both orphaned alongside Armin.

Comic style background • Did Not Get the Girl - Eren and Mikasa don't end up with each other, this is due to Eren being killed. EreMika is the het ship between Eren Jaeger and Mikasa Ackerman from the Attack on Titan fandom. Eren and Mikasa are childhood friends and former comrades. The two were exceptionally close and arguably the closest person in each other's lives. Mikasa in particular is exceptionally fond of Eren and overtly protective of him to the point of being willing to attack or kill others if they were to harm him, even including her friends and superiors. The two first met after Mikasa's family were massacred by slave traders when she was only 9 years old and was about to be sent off into slavery. Fortunately, Eren arrived at her family's home with his father, who was the doctor for Mikasa's family, and found her parents' dead bodies. Eren's father went to get help and told Eren to wait. However, Eren, by himself, tracked down where Mikasa was and attempted to save her. The two of them ultimately succeeded in killing the slavers and in turn Mikasa was taken in by Eren's family. Many years later, their town was attacked and overrun by Titans which killed Eren's mother and left them both orphaned alongside Armin. All three of them then decided to join the military for revenge, especially Eren, whilst Mikasa joined to stay by his side. Mikasa sobs in relief that Eren is alive.

Later, she would pin Levi down after he punched Eren and had to be stopped by Hange.

Mikasa sees Eren as the sole entity she wishes to dedicate herself to, joining the Scouts simply to stay by his side despite wanting to live a peaceful life with him, and it was Eren who allowed her to unlock her powers as a member of the Ackerman clan, which grants her superior physical abilities. Allegedly, this also comes with forming a bond with someone, and in the case of Mikasa, that someone is Eren. As such, she is fiercely protective of him and will not hesitate to attack anyone who tries to hurt him, this has included Bertholdt, Reiner, Levi and even Armin. When Levi assaulted him, whilst he was on trial, Mikasa became furious and had to be held back by Armin to stop her from doing anything in front of their superiors. Later, she would pin Levi down after he punched Eren and had to be stopped by Hange. Mikasa, if allowed to, can become ruthless in her quest to save Eren if he has been taken away from her. Without hesitation, she tried to kill both Reiner and Bertholdt immediately after it became apparent that they were threatening Eren, and at one point, Bertholdt as she demanded he give Eren back to her. Such is her emotional attachment to him, that the scarf she wears, that was given to her by Eren when they first met, has become her only treasure.

Eren wrapping the scarf around her helped her cope from the trauma of losing her parents to slave traders. Eren treats Mikasa as one of his closest friends and sees her as one of the people he has the most cherished memories with, the other being Armin. However, he is often irritated by his excessive protective nature of him and can often be seen getting annoyed at him. On top of this, he develops an inferiority complex because Mikasa is physically superior to him. He loathes that he has to be saved or protected by her and tries to discourage her from effectively babysitting him, both on and off missions. Despite all this, however, Eren does care for Mikasa and will protect her whenever he can. When he transformed into the Attack Titan for the first time he arrived just in time to save her from being attacked by another Titan. Subsequently, when he was cornered by members of the military, as they feared his Titan ability, he protected her, as well as Armin, when they fired at the them. As he and Mikasa were surrounded by Titans, her emotional words motivated him to fight back against the Smiling Titan by meeting its punch, despite its much greater size, just to protect her. It is here that he unlocks The Coordinate and briefly starts controlling Titans. He then carries her on his back as they flee from Reiner and Bertholdt. Even after his betrayal and joining Zeke's side, he admitted to his older brother that he only broke off his relationship with both Mikasa and Armin so he could protect them from what was to come.

Mikasa holds onto Eren as they retreat. The nature of Mikasa's feelings for Eren have been the subject of much curiosity to other characters. Many people interpret her as being romantically interested in Eren. For example, Ian Dietrich commanded her to "defend your boyfriend", which caused a usually stoic Mikasa to blush and quietly state they're just family. Levi has also assessed the nature of her feelings for Eren and seems to believe she loves him. Annie, herself, believes Mikasa could not kill Eren, nor allow him to be killed, even after his betrayal. Even Zeke told Eren that Mikasa's protective nature of him comes out of love and has nothing to do with her being a member of the Ackerman clan, something that Eren acknowledged. After his betrayal, she reflected on where it all went wrong and pondered if everything between them was decided from the start or if she made a mistake at some point and could have done things differently. In particular, she wonders when Eren asked her, "What am I to you? ", if she had said something different than "Family", that things might have turned out better.

At one point, Mikasa seemed to decide to act on her feelings when she believed that both she and Eren would die. As Eren fell into despair at the loss of Hannes, she starts to thank him for everything he has done for her, for being by her side and teaching her how to live after the loss of her parents. Her eyes start to fill with tears and thanks him for wrapping her scarf around him. She then seems leans in to kiss Eren but, after becoming motivated by her words, stands back up to face the Smiling Titan head on. Eren and Mikasa blushing and looking at each other. Above all else, Mikasa values ​​Eren's well-being, often making sure he has eaten and tells him to rest when he has been hurt or become exhausted. When she believed he had died she was prepared to let herself be killed until she starts to remember him, and resolves never to give up again because if she dies so would her memories of him. Later, upon seeing that he is actually alive as he emerged from his Titan's corpse, unconscious, she holds onto him tightly and openly cries. This concern for his well-being led to her scolding her own superior, Levi, for failing to protect him after he had been captured by the Female Titan, as was his job, and ultimately works with him to save Eren. After Eren is successfully retrieved from both Reiner and Bertolt she can be seen clutching onto him tightly as they ride away on a horse, relieved to have him back again.

Eren is very much aware of how much Mikasa thinks of him, which is partly what annoys him. Nonetheless, he is sympathetic to her feelings and even asked Mikasa what he is to her and is apparently disappointed when a flustered Mikasa says "family". When she thanked him for always wrapping her scarf he stands up to protect her and promises that he will always wrap her scarf, as many times as she needs, forever. Following his betrayal, he cruelly insults Mikasa, claiming that her Ackerman blood is why she is protective of him, and calls her a "slave" because of this. His words anger Armin who goes to attack him but Mikasa instinctively protects Eren, which proves his point. Eren then officially breaks his relationship with her. However, it's later revealed that Eren may not have truly believed what he had said, as he explained to Zeke that he needed to break his relationship with his friends and conceded to his older brother that Mikasa's devotion to him comes out of genuine love, not because of her Ackerman blood. With their relationship now fractured, Mikasa resolves to fighting against Eren and to stop the Rumbling. Once Eren is seemingly defeated, after being mostly decapitated and having the nape of his Titan destroyed, Mikasa's attachment to Eren begins to surface again. She becomes plagued with painful headaches and struggles to accept this outcome after she recalls Eren's harsh words to her when they last spoke. In the midst of the chaos she questions why things must be this way. Whilst in despair, Mikasa into a dream, which is a vision Eren sent to her where she is woken up by Eren, with both of them living in a cabin seemingly in the middle of nowhere.

39;s mouth, Mikasa then finds his head attached to the end of a spinal cord.

She starts to cry and tells Eren she is element where she is supposed to be. They reflect on their decision to run away together when Mikasa confessed her feelings to Eren after he asked, "What am I to you?" Back in Marley. Eren tells Mikasa that he wished to spend the remainder of his short life with just her, after they both left everybody behind. They embrace each other and Eren asks her to throw away the scarf he gave her as he wishes for her to be free of him when he is gone. Mikasa comes back to reality and wraps the scarf around herself, reminiscent of the way Eren did so when they were children. She accepts that Eren must die and she will be the one to do it. With the help of Levi, she manages to enter the mouth of Eren's titan as thunderspears shattered two of the teeths of the titan's mouth, Mikasa then finds his head attached to the end of a spinal cord. They both lock eyes for a moment before Mikasa fully decapitates him. Back in the dream, she tearfully says farewell to Eren, whilst in the real world she kisses him goodbye as she holds his head, Ymir Fritz is shown in the background smiling at the two. Before Eren was officially deceased, Eren is shown to be in another world with Armin, trying to communicate with him.

As they communicate Armin jokes about Mikasa moving on from Eren and finding another man, Eren then has a breakdown and reveals his true feelings about Mikasa. He cries telling Armin that he didn't want Mikasa to forget about him and the thought of Mikasa finding another man and moving on made Eren cry even more. Armin acts surprised towards Eren's feelings about Mikasa however Eren asks Armin to not repeat his words to Mikasa, as well as how he wanted Mikasa to be happy. After the kiss, Eren is now dead. Mikasa prepares to leave the premises as Marleyan soldiers began to head towards the Eldians who transform back into humans after being titans for a small duration of time. Mikasa runs into Armin and they both mourn his death. Mikasa tells Armin that she'll be leaving in order to give Eren a proper burial. Years later, Mikasa can be sitting next to Eren's tombstone under the tree he used to nap in, she begins to cry telling Eren how she wished she could see him again. Then a bird wraps Mikasa's scarf, she thanks Eren for wrapping the scarf around her. Eren saves Mikasa from two kidnappers, however Mikasa saves Eren from the third kidnapper. With Mikasa being an orphan the two begin to live with each other, Eren wraps his scarf around Mikasa for the first time. Eren mentions how he'll wrap the scarf around Mikasa as many times she'll like. Eren saves himself and Mikasa from being eaten by Dina Fritz, he's shown carrying Mikasa away with her ribs being crushed.

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