What is Hari's mother's name?

The following is a list of characters in the animated Shinbi's House. Koo Hari - A girl who has the nature of a tomboy, courage, and helper who works with Doori to help Shinbi free the creatures into her realm. Koo Doori - Hari's younger brother who is childish and timid. He and his brother have a creature ball to fight against the creatures. Shinbi - A 102 year old green male goblin who lives in the Shinbi House. Kim Hyunwoo - A boy who likes things related to creatures and often visits a website called the Monster Forum. He usually often gives information about creatures to his friends. Lee Gaeun - A girl with a quiet personality, doesn't talk much, and is loyal to her friends. He is close to Ian. Choi Kanglim - An exorcist boy who has a cold nature and doesn't talk much. As time goes by, he starts to get close to Hari and his friends. Kanglim will come when Hari needs his help. Leon Raymond - A boy exorcist who hails from Aegis. He is Sara's senior. Geumbi - A female yellow goblin about 600 years old who previously lived in a thatched house near a cave.

It has a power associated with electricity.

After his house was destroyed, he lived with Shinbi. Ibu Hari and Doori who work as police officers. Hari's father and Doori who are unemployed. He has a child-like nature, but is responsible. He also likes comic books. Hyun-woo's mother - The woman in green who is Hyunwoo's mother. Ian - A hunter who does not like to suck human blood. He is close friends with Gaeun. Kanglim's mother - Kanglim's mother who was an exorcist. He knows a lot about creatures. He once locked the Underground King in his body, so Kanglim had to fight to save him. Leo - Hyunwoo's dog who is Kerberos. At first Hyunwoo thought about giving him the name Momo. Leo's appearance after reincarnation is based on the Pembroke Welsh Korgi breed. Heewon - A girl who is the incarnation of Kumiho who is 1000 years old. Prince of Celestial Creatures, Joobi - (Hangul:, ; RR: Haneuldokkaebi wangja, Joobi) - An orange goblin who hails from the kingdom of the sky. It has a power associated with electricity. Sara - A girl who is a member of the Aegis exorcist along with Leon.

Park Yoomi (Korean: ) - Daughter of a Puppet Creature.

He is Leon's junior. Charlene (/ʃærˈlin/) (Hangul: ; RR: Shyareullien) - A blonde girl who was Gaeun in the past. Parcel (pronounced Parkel) (Hangul: ; RR: Pareukhel) - A chemical scientist in the past who created Ophikian to make gold to give to the poor. He is the father of Charlene. Shinbi's housekeeper - Husband of the Beloved Flower Woman who works as a security guard who oversees and guards Shinbi's house. Minky (Korean: ) - Seah's pet dog. This dog was kidnapped by the Phantom Torso after Seah made a request to the Phantom Torso. Kang-woo (Korean: ) - Hyunwoo's younger cousin who is staying at Hyunwoo's house. He was kidnapped by the Spider Monster when Hyunwoo briefly went to the bathroom. Hyunwoo's father - There is no real appearance, but Hyunwoo's father appears in Hyunwoo's family photo in the episode Subtle Faced Creatures but with a blurred face. Hyunwoo's father was also mentioned by Hyunwoo in the episode Flowers of Beloved Women and Balphegor. Bus driver 4444 - The bus driver of bus number 4444. Only he survived the bus crash. Park Yoomi (Korean: ) - Daughter of a Puppet Creature. He was moved after being given a teddy bear his father gave him by Hari. Dong-jin's mother - In the episode Homunculus, she told Dongjin to sleep.

39;s name is taken from the name of the producer Tooniverse.

In the Gargantua episode, he was chatting with Taewoo and Taehyun's mother about missing people. Soo-han (Korean: ) - Sooji's older brother. He met Kanglim when Kanglim was in the countryside and Kanglim saved him when he drowned while catching fish. Soo-ji (Korean: ) - Soohan's younger sister. He met Kanglim when Kanglim was in the countryside and Kanglim saved him from the Monster of Steel. Soo-han and Soo-ji's grandmother - Soohan and Sooji's grandmother. This grandmother received Kanglim at her house. Yong-min's mother - Yongmin's mother (Heron). This mother persuades Yongmin to say her wish, because tomorrow is her birthday, but Yongmin insists on getting a healthy body. Shin Dong-sik (Korean: ) - A robber who was chased by Hari's mother, who was later possessed by a Wandering Creature. Shin Dong-sik's name is taken from the name of the producer Tooniverse. Day-like girl - The girl in one ponytail, in a white dress, in a pink jacket and in a skirt. The Straw Beasts caught him thinking he was Hari.

God - Appears in the story of the Underground King's past and in his Shinbi dreams. Ju-yeon's parents - Juyeon's father and mother. They heard Juyeon's singing voice from her room. Juyeon's mother wanted to check it out, but Juyeon's father said let it go. They appeared in the Singing Creatures episode. Si-yeon's mother - She was moved after hearing Siyeon's singing voice. The woman Bella controlled - The woman who appeared on the bus. For 30 years (since 1982), this woman became Bella's mother and was controlled by her, until Mother Hari came to her aid. Bella's mother - She left her child with Bella doll at the orphanage. Doctor - Doctor and director of the hospital where Minah is being treated. He had problems with Minah's mother (Nurse Creature) during his life. Kim Min-ah (Korean: ) - A daughter of an inpatient at the hospital next to Hyunwoo's room. Eunwoo (Korean: ) - The boy who was kidnapped by Slender Man while waiting for his friends while playing on the swing. At the end, Slender Man's tentacles emerge from his body, indicating he will transform into Slender Man when he grows up. Aunt So-yeong (Korean: ) - Gaeun's neighbor who is close to Gaeun's mother. Gaeun's mother said Gaeun had seen her as a child. This mother gave Gaeun's mother a necklace with red jewelry. Jeong-yun (Korean: ) - The boy in the blue shirt is the son of the purple-shirted mother, who is Gaeun's neighbor from Rene's Apartment. He said that his friends went to Byeolbich School. Gaeun's other neighbors - Gaeun's other neighbors from Rene's House of 7 people, consisting of 2 adult men, an adult woman, a daughter, Jeongyun's mother, and also Jeongyun and Soyeong.

However, the young woman sank into the mire of life and she let it go.

They showed a strange attitude while eating and suddenly they and Gaeun's parents turned into monsters, because from the start they had been Beelzebub's subordinates. Woman from a noble family - A high-class woman from a noble family who has feelings for the young master. But he was jealous to see the young master dating another woman of lower status than him. Then he ordered his guards to arrest the young woman. However, the young woman sank into the mire of life and she let it go. She appears in the past of the Young Female Being. Aegis chief leader - The captain and leader of Aegis. He usually assigns Leon when there is a problem regarding creatures. Taewoo and Taehyun's mother - In Lizard Creature episode, she scolded Taehyun. In the Gargantua episode, he was walking with Dongjin's mother and was asked by Gaeun. Village head - A short, fat and chubby-cheeked person who was the village head in the past. He is greedy and selfish, and has a daughter named Yeon-hee. He was wearing a white long-sleeved hanbok and a hat. He was the same person, who imprisoned Malodorous and expelled the Golden Beast, while both beings were still alive. Village chief's servants - The village chief's servants who both have white cloth ties on their foreheads. This servant was the same person who was involved in the deaths of the Golden and Malodorous Beings, along with their masters. Mall employee woman - A woman who works in a mall. He was surprised when he saw the mannequin in the mall could move. Sooni (Korean: ) - Appears in Centimouth's past. He is Yeonji's servant.

39;s father. He was always busy and had not visited his mother in a long time.

He serves as a messenger, delivering a letter that young master Lee sent to Yeonji. Young master Lee Dae-ka - The man that Yeonji and Chae-hong like. Chae-hong (Korean: ) - The woman who spreads false rumors about Yeonji's relationship with young master Lee, after being jealous of their closeness. Yeon-hee (Korean: ) - A little girl from a noble family who accuses a beggar's son of stealing her jewelry. He appears in Malodorous' past. Heewon's adoptive father - A woodcutter who died from being hit by an arrow while saving Heewon. Yeonji's father - He and his wife are behaving strangely because they are forced to obey the orders of the Evil Ent. Yeonji's mother - She and her husband are behaving strangely because they are forced to obey the orders of the Evil Ent. Ro-ah (Korean: ) - The girl who was put to sleep by Sandman while playing on his cellphone because he didn't sleep at night. Jae-yool's father - Jae-yool's father. He was always busy and had not visited his mother in a long time. After finding out that Nekomata turned out to be his mother, he regretted and apologized to her.

Lee Yoo-bin's parents - Yoobin's father and mother, the soul of Crocodilian, who lost Yoobin 20 years ago when Yoobin was 5 years old. They distributed missing persons information leaflets at the school gates. After knowing Yoobin had died, they were sincere and let him go. Choi Si-yoon (Korean: ) - A boy who lives in a village next to the lake and wants to find evidence that the factory owner dumped wastewater without permission into the lake. Factory manager - He who caused Imoogi to be angry because he caused the lake where Imoogi lived to be polluted due to factory waste. He remembers when he was a child, he was saved by Imoogi from a fire incident. After he regained consciousness, he approached the Imoogi in the fire to save the Imoogi. Cho Seong-joo (Korean: ) - A climber who fell and was abandoned by his friend, Iroh, in the forest of creatures. Lee Ir-oh (Korean: ) - A young man in a yellow shirt who leaves his fallen friend, Seongjoo, in the forest of creatures. Yong-bin (Korean: ) - Lazy boy who doesn't give his dog Mocha medicine when his mother calls him. He appears in the episode Balphegor. Lee Gye-hoon (Korean: ) - The boy who lives in the Shinbi House who sets fire to the red anthills causing the ants to die. After he realized, he gave his umbrella for the ants to shelter from the rain. Ji-hyeong (Korean: ) - Gyehoon's friend who is dropping by his house. He and Gyehoon set fire to the red anthill. Gye-hoon's mother - When he returned home, he scolded Gyehoon for letting his food be scattered and pinned. Weather observation crew - Three workers from the weather observation office in the southern province.

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