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A catch-all term used for anime, manga and other cartoon and comic characters with bizarre, improbable, exotic, or just plain wacky-looking hairstyles. Usually, the most important characters of the story will have wild spikes or a cool-looking hairdo in order to stand out among the crowd. It also helps to create a distinctive silhouette that will stand out in branding, media, and merchandise. It may be one or more different colors that don't appear naturally in real humans (blue is a popular choice). Sometimes the hair appears semi-transparent, with the character's eyes visible through it, although this presumably represents hair fine enough that it isn't completely obscuring, rather than anything outré. Anime Hair is very common among protagonists of anime/manga for the shōnen demographic, although the trend seems to be headed to more plausible styles: compare Son Goku's hair to Ichigo's. Hime Cut-hair that is styled into three parts (straight bangs, sidelocks, and long hair in the back) that is meant to show that a (most likely Japanese or Japanese descent) girl as proper, upper-class and/or traditional. Short Hair with Tail-a short hair style paired with a long ponytail. To see tropes about hair color, go here. Also see Hair Color in Japanese Media for an analysis of how hair color tropes are used in anime and other Japanese media. Compare also '80s Hair, one of Real Life's best counterparts, and a major influence on this trope. Implausibly, Garnier started marketing a hair-styling range called "manga hair" around 2005 or so, complete with commercials full of bounding Goku-coiffured gents and ladies.

39;t stop us from trying.

Inconceivable! It does deliver nigh-on-indestructible results and is practically water-proof. Said spikes have caused injuries to huggers. In the world of crazy hair, there is nothing that comes close to Yu-Gi-Oh! It would be easier to list the characters in the series who don't have anime hair, but that sure as hell won't stop us from trying. Yugi Muto is an absurd example, as he has two sets of colored spikes. His bangs are yellow, with the rest magenta-edged black. This gets even weirder in a flashback showing the Pharaoh as a baby, which seems to imply that those actually are his natural hair color(s), passing through a reincarnation. Yami Yugi/Pharaoh Atem's hair manages to get even crazier, since it has bangs sticking up. Oddly enough, the Egyptian arc shows that his father had completely normal hair, while the Pharaoh's vizier, Siamun Muran, had hair like Grandpa's (Grandpa is likely his reincarnation), possibly suggesting a familial relationship between them as there is between Yugi and Grandpa in the present day. The dub has a moment in the Virtual World filler arc where a villain hoping to defeat and possess Yugi talks about how he'll be happy to walk free in a younger body, but he'll have to shave his (Yugi's) head first. This is the only mention anywhere of that hair, and it wasn't in the original.

His grandfather also has basically the same haircut, only gray and with a hat. When he was younger, it had the same coloration as Yugi's, with a brownish beard that didn't match anything else. From the separate first series, Kaiba had neon green hair (the more famous anime gave him a more ordinary brown). Jun Manjoume/Chazz Princeton with spikes that look like they were stolen from a chainsaw. It's hard to tell where Aporia's hair even begins or ends. Yuma must be seen to be believed. He has possibly the weirdest hair the series has yet, and that really says something. Almost every single character in ZEXAL has at least two hair colours: Shark has a purple and light blue octopus hairdo, and Kaito/Kite has a blonde and green, vaguely droplet-shaped style that has the fandom still debating over whether it looks more like an onion, a strawberry, a flower bud, or one of another hundred or so things. In his case, the fandom has unanimously given him the nickname of "tomato". Things get even weirder when various alternate-universe counterparts get introduced, all of whom have different varieties of Anime Hair. The fandom has described them, in order of appearance, as Eggplant, Blueberry-Banana, and Purple Cabbage. Though oddly enough, even with their highly distinctive hairstyles◊ the rest of the cast still acts like they're practically identical to each other, suggesting the wild hairdos the franchise is infamous for might not actually be visible in-universe.

39;s big and spiky hairs.

That or they're way too used to everyone looking crazy. From Cardfight!! Vanguard G we have Shindou Chrono, who, in the middle of his bright red spiky hair, also has a random pink swirl in the middle of it. Being created in the late 80s, Ghost in the Shell's Togusa, a man from the 2030s, is doomed to be haunted by his spectacular mullet throughout all adaptations of the manga. In Digimon Adventure, we had Tai and Matt's big and spiky hairs. Amusingly in the dub, their hair is often made fun of both by the other Digidestined and each other. Digimon Tamers had Rika, Chiaki Konaka even described her as being "pineapple headed" on his website. Goku lampshades his hair in the original Dragon Ball as seen here. Not only that, but Vegeta explains in Dragon Ball Z that pure Saiyans retain the exact same hairstyle outside of powered-up states throughout their lives unless cut, and even then, it'll grow back to the same way it was before provided it wasn't 't cut too much. The only one with any difference we know of is Vegeta, who had bangs as a child but otherwise always had hair that seems to stand straight up.

Female Head 2 At least that justifies the pure-blooded Saiyans' hair styles. Goten, on the other hand, has the same hair as his father even though it was established in the precious arc that half-saiyans' hair does change. That means Chi-Chi has been cutting his hair like that since he was a baby. GT has him specifically avert it with a few different hairstyles, some of which still fall here. A similar gag appears in Dragon Ball Super. Goku is seen at a temp job as a security guard with slicked back hair. His hair instantaneously pops back to normal after a few seconds. Shobu has the standard-issue spikes. It's implied that he uses a heavy-duty gel. At one point, he's irritated because a rematch with Shobu causes him to miss a hairstylist appointment. Mikuni's sideburns are so awe-inspiring that the third-season dub changed his name to "Johnny Coolburns". This becomes a running gag through the series. The tip gets cut off, and a ''smaller pompadour'' grows out of the tip.◊ The tip of this gets cut off. And then, Boris Tepes Dracula slices off both of the half-pumpadors, leading to Ryu passing out. And THEN Ryu gets back up and randomly regrows the whole dang pomp to its original "Ultra Pompadour" form just before he kicks Boris' batty butt. And in case you haven't noticed from the images, it's a heart-shaped pompadour. Bobobo's former friend and rival, Gunkan, has a massive pomp that sticks several feet away from his head (to say nothing about his blonde beard). Bobobo's older brother, Bibibi-bi Bi-bibi, has a head of hair that looks like someone made a lion's mane out of needles.

It helps that he's a master of Fist of the Head Hair, the strongest of five hair-based Shinken. Battle Tendency had them somewhat toned down, though a few examples stand out: namely, Joseph's long hair spikes that randomly switch sides somehow, Stroheim's wide flat-top hair that actually acted as the inspiration for Guile's hair, and the Pillar Man Esidisi, whose hair is mostly covered by his hat, but what is seen◊ seems to be white puffy hair that resembles that of a clown. Kakyoin, as he styles his hair as a red mullet with a big curly bang hanging in front of his face, and Polnareff◊, with hair like a white push-pop (that apparently he puts a lot of effort into) which apparently acted as the inspiration for Benimaru's hair. On the villains side, there's Alessi◊, who has an enormous sideways perm with bells hanging from it, and Telence T. D'Arby, who has a hairstyle similar to Polnareff, only seems curled into this style. Although most characters in Diamond is Unbreakable seem not to notice, some people do, and Josuke tends to get pissy if people make fun of his giant pompadour (which in some shots of the manga is bigger than his entire head).

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It should be mentioned that his hair is identically styled after the hair of the man who saved his life. Also, starting from this Part, Jotaro starts wearing a white hat, making the merging of his hat and hair even more noticeable◊. There's also Koichi, whose hair stands up in spikes whenever he's determined, similar to that of a Super Saiyan, Tamami, whose pompadour is even bigger than Josuke's, Rohan, whose hair resembles a paintbrush, rather fitting for a mangaka, and Shigechi, whose spikes on his head are supposed to be hair, but end up looking more like parts of his scalp. And then you get to Golden Wind. There's Giorno, who has three distinctive curls at the front of his head (which many fans joke look like donuts) and a braided ponytail in the back. It's worth noting that he was born with relatively normal-looking black hair◊, but after his Stand awakened his hair turned blond and became the style it is now. Also from this Part are Abbacchio, whose long silver hair ends with gravity-defying spikes, Sale, whose hair resembles a giant, orange spider, Trish◊, whose hair is styled in a spiral and ends with spikes that curl upward, Formaggio◊, whose buzzcut looks more like skin he's wearing on his head, Pesci, whose hair can be easily compared to leaves of a pineapple, Squalo, whose hair is tied up into six or seven pigtails that hangs on the top of his head, and Cioccolata, whose green hair resembles that of a jester hat, fitting his Monster Clown appearance.

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From Stone Ocean, there's Jolyne, who has multi-colored hair, Braids of Action, and Odango Hair all at once, her mother, whose hair curves to the side, FF, whose smooth green hair looks more like a large eggshell than actual hair, and Miraschon, whose front hair is basically a ring around her face with bars in it. From Steel Ball Run, there's Stephen Steel, who, similar to FF, has hair that looks more like an eggshell, Oyecomova, who seems to have thick curls of hair jutting out of his hat, Funny Valentine, who, no matter which version from whichever universe, always has the same hair, which looks like a chandelier landed on his head, The Eleven Riders, all of which have hair that resemble newspaper clippings, and Wekapipo, whose hair looks like a grid. From JoJolion, there's Joshu's bizarre bowl cut that looks almost like he's wearing a wig that's far too small for his head, Norisuke IV's multicolored "hair balls" all over his hair, Hato's otherwise-ordinary hair that somehow ends in perfectly geometric triangles, Josefumi Kujo, who has a pompadour similar to Part 4's Josuke, but is much smaller, causing it to look more like a grilled steak, Kaato Higashikata, who has long black hair that ends in large spiral ringlets, and Wu Tomoki, whose hair looks like corn.

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Alucard's hair changes depending on whatever release state he's in, reaching near-Rapunzel lengths at times. Rip Van Winkle has one of the stranges curls at the front of her hairline. Also, her hair seems to separate the further down it reaches. Seras Victoria, more so in the manga◊ and the OVA. Arguably the Trope Maker. Bonus points: no matter where Astro's head is pointing, the spikes stay perfectly still.note Mickey Mouse's ears do the exact same thing. That's only the tip of the iceberg! You've got Buggy and his blue pigtails, Franky's outrageous Ace Ventura 'do that deflates when he's tired, Igaram's pale-blond powdered-wig-esque monstrosity that's full of guns, Dr. There is also Baroque Works' Miss Doublefinger, who could turn her giant curly blue afro (along with the rest of her body) into sharp spikes, professor Clover from the island of Ohara, Robin's place of birth and his clover leaf styled hair and it may be argued that Crocus' Crocus flower head ornaments, former crewmate to Gold Roger and acting doctor to the great whale Laboon, might in fact be a colorful crop of hair. At any rate, One Piece is full to the brim with outrageously fun character styles, and has a plethora of hairstyles.

Mozu's and Kiwi's (the two female members of the Franky Family) square-shaped hairstyles earned them their nickname the "Square Sisters", with their hair being so large and wide that they have to walk sideways like crabs whenever theres a strong wind, or else they end up blowing away. The Amazons Quartet; It's hard to find a hairstyle weirder or more impossible to reproduce than JunJun's. Chibi Usa and Chibi Chibi take the odango to a next level with pointed and heart shaped buns in pink and red respectively. Even better, Chibi Usa's hair is naturally pink, even though her mom is blonde and her dad's hair is black. Kenpachi invokes this and purposely styles his hair this way, although it's still jarring how it could actually stay like that (apparently it takes hours of effort to do). His hair is pulled into giant spikes with little jingle bells at the end (the jingle bells are so he doesn't accidentally take his enemies by surprise). According to a databook, he washes his hair with soap to make it easier to spike it up (the one time he tried out proper shampoo/conditioner it was too silky). When left alone, his hair hangs down in a rather normal, if wild, way - this is what he ends up doing after the time skip. The bells are also the source of some jokes, such as one omake where he takes a long time to get ready because his arm isn't tall enough to attach the bell to his highest spike.

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