What Happened Vinny Windbreaker

Vinny is a tall young man with wild, wavy red hair and different colored eyes. One is red (left), and the other is black (right). This condition is called heterochromia. The color of his left eye and hair is cause by another condition called albinism. Both of his ears are pierced. He also has 2 moles under his left eye. People might describe him as a monster created by society. Vinny is seen by others as a dangerous lunatic, good for nothing and a freak, especially at the start of the story. As a child, he was a sweet kid who was constantly enduring teasing from his peers. Because of this, he puts up an emotional wall surrounding himself, bottling up his feelings, and doesn't get along well with others. He cares deeply about his mom and does not tolerate anyone who disrespects his mother, not even his own self deprecation. He often blames himself for the misfortune bought upon his mother emotionally and physically. He has the tendency to be irrational when solving problems, and was even willing to sell his bike to pay for his mother's surgery. His childhood sweetness does make an appearance once in a while. He displays a great deal of empathy, even while displaying it through hardened words. He stopped Sung from trying to commit suicide because of bullying by telling him that if he has the courage to die, he should use it to change himself first.

As a child Vinny was bullied for the way he looked and had few friends.

When the otakus were being bullied for the way they look and their interests, Vinny beats up the bullies because the whole situation reminded him of the time he was bullied. He gave refuge to Jay and Minu when they ran away from home and was willing to share what little resources he had. And he even allowed Dom to tag along with, even though he had no reason to stay there. Despite the fact that Vinny is constantly telling them to go home, Vinny does not kick them out when they decided to stay. Vinny is a heavy sleeper and can sleep through most noises. A sure fire way to get him up is to mention food or have the scent of food waft in his vicinity. As a child Vinny was bullied for the way he looked and had few friends. Minu defended Vinny from his childhood bully, Hwangyeon, the leader of the Ghost Crew.

Later, Vinny joined Minu and June as one of the first few members of Zephyrus Crew. According to June, Vinny was a better rider than Minu. Vinny was raised by a single mother in poverty. His financial situation worsened due to Minu's father opening a superstore next to his mother's privately-owned supermarket, which was named after him. Sometime in elementary school, he was caught in a house fire and in an attempt to save him, both him and his mother were hospitalized. His mother's face received 3rd degree burns, resulting in a huge scar that covered half of her face. His peers, as well as the adults around him, would gossip about him and his mother, saying that he is some kind of albino or has a weird disease with a monster of a mother. Vinny finally snapped when his bullies bad-mouthed his mother and started to fight back. He became more aggressive and would berserk all over every little thing instead of meekly enduring the abuse like he did before. In school, he gets beaten by teachers and is often suspended for "ruining" the school's image. During the first part of the Manhwa, Vinny was suspended indefinitely, after the teachers saw the video of a brutal fight between him and Dom.

After running out of money for his vices, Vinny went to visit his mom at her work place to get some pocket money from her, only to witness her being verbally abused by an unhappy customer. Seeing his mother kneel made him go berserk, but in the midway of his attack his mother collapsed. She is then hospitalized, where Vinny discovers the severity of his mother's condition. Her surgery to get a lung replacement would cost thousands of dollars. He visits the bike shop to try to sell his bike, where he finds the poster for the League of Street competition and decides to enter the race instead. While trying to enter the League of Street competition as a solo rider, he encountered Hwangyeon and his group. Hwangyeon mockingly taunted Vinny into a bike race where he cheated in order to come out victorious. While racing in the shadows, Hwangyeon sticks a toy sword into his bike's front wheel, causing Vinny to crash. As a result of "winning" the race, Hwangyeon and his crew beat Vinny up and destroyed his bike, a fine print of their deal that Vinny was not made aware of.

Probably because he felt like Vinny was being a coward just like he was a few years back.

In doing so, also destroying his only hope of raising funds for his mother's lung replacement surgery. He spiraled into depression, to the point of wishing he wouldn't wake up from his sleep. When he told Sung this, his best friend felt rage and betrayal over his words. Probably because he felt like Vinny was being a coward just like he was a few years back. Later when Vinny got home, his newly repaired bike was there with a post -t note that reads the same words he said to Sung, "Only those with the courage to die may change themselves". His friend, Sung, bought him a new bike with a very similar build using the money he got from selling his motor ike. It is another Japanese riser bar bike with a pink and purple NJS Bridgestone Anchor, This keirin frame going for $800 and simple black spoked wheels with a pink rear tire. With this bike, Vinny joins the Hummingbird crew made by Minu with the others,and they all compete in the League of Street. When Vinny sees Hwangyeon in the League of Streets competition trying to flirt with the Tarantula Crew, he goes over to him and swears that one day he will beat him up and destroy his bike, just like he and his crew did to him.

Minu was Vinny's first friend. They got along because they both enjoyed riding together. It was usually just the two of them because other kids would ostracise Vinny as a child. Later on, his relationship with Minu sours due to a catastrophic race between the two, a gang fight between Minu's high school and Vinny's. When Minu distances himself from the Hummingbird crew due to his father and starts acting like, for lack of a better term, a "rich prick", their relationship again gets rocked. Later when Minu decides to rejoin the crew, both Vinny and Jay were initially opposed to it. However, their relationship remains particularly normal and doesn't get swayed much aside from the aforementioned events. Vinny's closest friendship is one he has with his schoolmate, Sung. Sung used to be bullied for his money by his peers for money. Sung did change himself and found out that nothing happened to him afterwards. Since then, Sung became Vinny's friend and they experienced things together. After Vinny gets his bike destroyed by Hwangyeon Choi (go to last para.), Sung goes to Minu and asks if Vinny can join the Hummingbird crew.

Their bond is stable and is continuing as the story progresses.

Vinny also gets arrested and Sung pays the bail money, but Vinny seems almost crazy, saying that he can't even think rationally with his mother being in her situation. Sung gets angry at Vinny and repeats the words that Vinny told him, and he also gets a new bike for Vinny, for which he is extremely grateful for. Their bond is stable and is continuing as the story progresses. As Vinny opens up to the Humming Bird crew, his relationship with Sung seems to be softening as well. We see in later chapters Sung comfortably teasing Vinny and his relationship with the Tarantula crew's leader. A few panels down, Sung is roughed up but not from a beating but because he fell down some stairs running away from Vinny. Vinny has a sort of casual relationship with all members of the Hummingbird crew, including those outside the loop, like Mia and Yuna. He has a slightly enhanced relationship with Dom, as he does work part time at Dom's club later in the story. They are both the fighters of the group and share solidarity over that fact.

39;s quite a number of times.

Dom is often the one in their circle to raise concern of Vinny's whereabouts and would volunteer to seek him out. After their loss with Monster, Vinny comforted Dom by saying he never believed that they would get this far in the competition and that it was enough that they all had fun together. Jay and Vinny share a rivalry that mirrors that of Jay's uncle, Mahon and Sungho. They are shown to be good friends and as the story progresses, we see how they both slowly warm up to each other. Vinny in particular is shown worried about Jay's quite a number of times. Vinny gets slapped back into reality when his mother collapses and he realizes how bad her condition becomes. He then reverts back to his old self and starts to hold a grudge against Jay's progress as a cyclist. Vinny's internal battle with his worth is still on going and it is still up in the air if Vinny will follow in Sungho's footsteps and abuse substances to overpower Jay. She and Vinny get along in the crew but their interaction is limited. Vinny tends to stay away from girls and from how he reacted, it is believed that Shelly is the first girl that has entered his home. Vinny has grown slightly protective of her and even smacked Gilbert upside the head for a making disrespectful comment towards her.

A somewhat influential relationship that Vinny has is with TJ Kim, leader of the Zephyrus crew once Minu leaves it. TJ records a video of Vinny's school, Gunn High, versus Sunny High, which comprises of Minu and the others, which he leaks and gets Vinny suspended from school. Vinny gets to know that TJ was the one who released the video and since TJ is scared of him, he makes TJ and his crew help the Hummingbird crew in the next race of the League of Street. After that, no contact is made between the two except for when the Hummingbird and Zephyrus crew clash now and then in the races. Another relationship is with the Manga crew, especially the 'otaku' who is enamored by 'Sena Chan'. When Vinny is heading back home from a race, he comes upon the sight of the otaku being beaten up by a couple of bullies who scorn his physique and obsession with anime. The otaku yells about how he is oppressed by society just because he is different from the people in it, and that other cannot say that what he does is completely "wrong".

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