What Happened To Bryan Hawk After Takamura Fight

Blue cartoon text effectBryan Hawk (ブライアン •, Burai Hoku) is a retired professional boxer and former WBC junior middleweight champion from United States of America, who was scouted by world renowned boxing trainer, Miguel Zale while defending himself from thugs in the streets of his hometown. He had won the world title and the rest of the fights with incredible ease due to his physique and natural talent as he barely trains, spending more time with women than in the ring. Being a fairly new champion, his unlucky fate came up for his first title defense, against the "Japanese Hawk", not caring at all to know the name of the fighter he's fighting. Hawk was dethroned, to the core broken mentally, unable to ever step inside the ring ever again. Hawk meeting Miguel for the first time. Hawk grew up as a street urchin in the tough slums of New York. He was raised in life-or-death street fights, every day there was a fight for survival and only the strongest walked out alive.

He survived against pistols and knives with just his fists countless times. One day Miguel Zale encountered Hawk in an alleyway. Hawk was shown running and being cornered by a man with a gun, but emerged victorious But with the man's unconscious and bloodied body in his hand. Hawk then continuously beat the man despite the latter being unconsciousness; Miguel watched everything from the street. When inquiring on why Miguel was watching him, the latter stepped up to stop Hawk from potentially taking a life, to which he responded that it's too hot, as if his body was burning from the inside, and that the only way to stop this feeling was to execute more violence or be in bed with women. Realizing Hawk's ecstatic love of fighting and violence at this point, Miguel pondered what would happen if he set Hawk loose in the boxing ring, and lured Hawk to join the world of boxing by claiming that the sport would give the latter forgiveness in unfortunate circumstances such as murder, which Hawk interpreted as a 'license to kill'. Gleefully, Hawk followed Miguel and, over a short period of time, brutally made his way to become the WBC junior middleweight champion. Hawk catching Takamura's fist as a "handshake". Reigning undefeated and newly a WBC junior middleweight champion, Hawk was matched with Takamura Mamoru for his first title defence.

39;s body he worked hard on and barely passing his weigh-in.

Hearing that his opponent was Japanese, Hawk immediately underestimated Takamura and disappeared from his gym for approximately nine days, reappearing during Takamura's match against Morris West with two women. Unfazed when West loses by ring-out knockout, he met Takamura in his changing room, provoking him and nearly starting a brawl. To everyone's surprise, Hawk was able to block one of Takamura's bare knuckle punches without staggering, saying it was alright because Takamura's bare knuckle punch was merely a 'handshake'. In a public sparring match at the Kinoshita gym, Hawk mockingly complained that the boxer was too strong for him, and asked for weaker sparring partners. The nonchalant attitude in the ring, was merely an act, as when his women arrived to the gym, Hawk immediately turned his sparring partner into a bloody mess on the canvas. Later at the weigh-in, Hawk mocked Takamura's body he worked hard on and barely passing his weigh-in. Then, at the press conference, when asked to take a fighting pose for a picture, he hit Takamura on the chin. Makunouchi Ippo, Kimura Tatsuya, and Aoki Masaru were barely able to stop Takamura, but Kamogawa Genji was the one who angrily grabbed Hawk's collar telling him that his actions were "unforgivable" to which Hawk responded with a quick backhand that drew blood.. Hawk then departed with a speech about why he likes to upset Takamura and how he wants all the women in Japan so that Japan could breed better boxers using his genes, leaving countless Japanese reporters, boxers and onlookers enraged and unsettled. Hawk and Takamura using Speed ​​Hell to attack.

Takamura was able to get up, and Hawk began swaying to dodge his attacks.

The next day, the match arrived at the Ryōgoku Kokugikan. Hawk arrived at the ring with iron clad armor and, when he let the armor go, he revealed to be wearing a Takamura shirt which he rips as a provocation. When the match began, Hawk was able to catch Takamura off guard with his unpredictable punches, while handling Takamura's orthodox techniques in the first round. In the second round, when Takamura began with the basics of boxing with left jabs and high speed footwork, Hawk countered with even faster speed, knocking him down twice. Takamura was able to get up, and Hawk began swaying to dodge his attacks. Hawk then found himself down on the canvas when Takamura barely hit Hawk as he swayed, falling from the momentum. The second round ended when Hawk got up. At the corner, Hawk ignored Miguel Zale's warning that the down wasn't from a lucky punch. Hawk and Takamura's fists collide.

In the third round, Hawk went down after swaying back and getting knocked down by Takamura's punch, making Hawk furious as he easily stood back up. The two then began a brawl after their fists collided. They continued their brawl into round four, however, Hawk's punches began to miss as the challenger had adapted overtime. In the fifth round, when Hawk was pushed to the ropes, Miguel realized that Takamura and Hawk were like they were running on the same engine, and signaled Hawk to aim for a body blow. Hawk delivered the body blow, with Takamura's reaction allowing Hawk to realize he is running out of energy. Hawk then used an all-defense block, blocking some of Takamura's punches, however, Takamura was able to punch through some of the openings of the block until the fifth round ended. In the sixth round, Hawk easily downed Takamura after multiple combinations. When Takamura got up, Hawk continued to hold the advantage against Takamura until the sixth round ended. At the corner, angry that Takamura survived many of his punches, Hawk expressed his intention of using his license to kill. In the seventh round, Hawk immediately had the advantage until Takamura snapped into a fit of rage, resulting in Hawk being hit with pin-point attacks, making it seem to Hawk as if Takamura was trying to kill him. Hawk then went down after an uppercut. Hawk got back up, fearing Takamura and would rather die than to lose.

At the eighth round, after getting hit multiple times, Hawk swayed back to dodge an attack.

Takamura then rushed toward Hawk, however, the referee stopped him as the seventh round was over. At the corner, Hawk began to cower in fear of Takamura. Seeing Hawk not wanting to lose and willing to bet on his pride, Miguel told Hawk that all or nothing is the law of the ring. At the eighth round, after getting hit multiple times, Hawk swayed back to dodge an attack. His instincts kicked as he launched an attack on Takamura's face. However, the punch slid across Takamura's face as Takamura landed a powerful blow on Hawk's face, causing him to go down. At the count of six, Hawk groggily got up, and Takamura proceeded to hit him until the referee stopped him in order to perform a standing count. As the referee and the audience counted to ten, Hawk threw up blood and leaned on the referee as the count reached to ten, ending the match, resulting in Hawk losing his title to Takamura. After losing the match, Hawk retired from his boxing career. Eagle visiting a broken Hawk after losing to Takamura.

After losing the match against Takamura, Hawk became a broken man. He started drinking booze, and staying in a run down apartment with empty bottles on the floor. One day, David Eagle visited him to see why he lost. He asked Hawk what happened to him but Hawk told him to leave, or he would die. After hearing Takamura's name, Hawk went crazy after remembering the fight. He dropped his glass, and told Eagle not to say his name in front of him. When Eagle tried to get an answer, Hawk couldn't handle it and ignored him. Hawk has a dark-skinned complexion. He has short blonde hair styled in spikes with thick eyebrows and relatively large horizontally slanted eyes. His pupils are small and dark green in colour, but change drastically when Hawk is experiencing Ecstasy, in which his pupils enlarge and turn bright green, along with the whites of his eyes going blood red.

He's often seen with a confident, arrogant grin. According to Fujii Minoru and many other reporters, Hawk is comparatively larger in body size than many junior middleweight boxers in Japan but is surprisingly not in need of weight management. Hawk mocking Takamura's body. Growing up in the slums of New York has given Hawk a 'survival of the fittest' view on the world around him. He is a natural street brawler and has a bloodthirsty antagonistic attitude, to the point where he can easily classified as a sadist. When in a fight, he displays an ecstatic love of violence and killing characterized by a sudden 'burning' in his body that can only be pacified with continued violence to the point where he either knocks out, cripples or even kills his opponent or sexual intercourse with women. Impulsive and judgmental, he enjoys provoking others and greatly underestimates any boxer other than himself. He claims to be able to kill anyone easily by simply punching them to death but holds back because he enjoys seeing his live opponents with the pain of defeat and only uses his "License to Kill" as a last resort, the only time he's ever had to use it is in his fight with Takamura.

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