What Fruit Smoker Eats

Smoker is a tall and well built man. One of his trademark traits is short white hair (bright blue-green in the anime) and often smokes two large cigars at once. He wears a thick white jacket with the marine emblem that is kept open unbuttoned with a thick layer of green fur on the collar and cuffs, and rows of cigars neatly arranged on the front and left sleeve. He wears brown leather gloves, blue jeans with a brown belt and large military-style leather boots. He also always carries a jutte containing kairoseki at the end as a weapon, which is often placed on his back when not in use. Smoker has a large three-wheeled motor that is driven by the power of the Moku Moku and is often used when traveling. Initially in the manga Smoker's hair was white and the feathers of his jacket were blue and then turned dark green, then modified to follow the anime with a green but lighter theme. During his stay on an unknown island in the Grand Line, he wore no clothes and a long scar appeared on the side of his right chest.

He added to his outfit by wearing a typical marine robe that only slung over the shoulder.

Once in the New World, his hair became longer and neatly slicked back with the sides shaved short. He also wears sunglasses and has a scar extending from his forehead to his right eye. He added to his outfit by wearing a typical marine robe that only slung over the shoulder. Smoker is a marine officer who hates pirates. He has a strong character and does not like to be controlled. Even so, he is actually a kind-hearted person and likes to defend the weak, such as helping children who are being tested by Caesar Clown. Although stubborn he proved still willing to give in. In an incident in Loguetown where a little girl accidentally bumped into spilling ice cream in her pants. Instead of getting angry, he apologized and even gave some money in exchange for the spilled ice cream. While still captain of Loguetown, Smoker was very confident in his abilities and looked down on pirates a little. This is due to his Devil Fruit ability which has no match in the East Blue region. Then with his experiences especially in Alabasta, he found that there were many people who were much stronger than him.

But recently, he has shown some defiance towards Smoker.

This experience slightly changed his view, where he began to compromise with pirates who were considered good. Even so, he stated that he would still catch them if they met again. Tashigi is a Marine woman who has been Smoker's partner since the beginning of the story and has always been loyal to him. Tashigi trusts Smoker completely and always tries to carry out every order given. Smoker often reprimands Tashigi for being careless, even though he does it because he cares about his safety. Tashigi also has great respect for him, he often calls him "Smoker-san" (a greeting for a person who is respected or higher in Japanese tradition. But recently, he has shown some defiance towards Smoker. When Smoker scolded him for begging for his life, he replied that it was the only way to save their subordinates and the kidnapped children from Vergo.He also glared at him angrily because he didn't button his shirt (Smoker's habit of unbuttoning his shirt), when Smoker was on him.

Hina is Smoker's close female friend since he just entered the ocean. Hina often helps him especially when threatened with expulsion in the past. Hina didn't seem to care much about Smoker's antics. In the cover of Chapter 586, Hina is seen forcing Smoker to accompany her into the bar. Smoker also seems to be on good terms with Kuzan, as he asked Aokiji to deliver a message to Monkey D. Luffy, and later negotiated with Sengoku for the transfer of G-5 to the New World region. Although both had resigned before one of them could grant it. However, the Fleet Admiral, Sakazuki, was kind enough to transfer Smoker there. In the Dressrosa Arc, Kuzan appears and saves Smoker who was almost killed by Donquixote Doflamingo on the grounds that they are still friends. Smoker first met Monkey D. Luffy when the Straw Hat crew docked at loguetown. He tried to catch them but was thwarted by Monkey D. Dragon, Luffy's father. He then vowed to catch them and follow them all the way to the Grand Line. But in Alabasta, Smoker lets them escape after being in debt to save his life. He again met Luffy at marineford and tried to block him, but Boa Hancock came to interfere in the fight. He met again at Punk Hazard, but together with Trafalgar Law the three of them agreed to help each other against Caesar Clown and Vergo.

He had also made Ace an enemy during the Alabasta Arc while Smoker attempted to capture Luffy. Smoker simply stated that he couldn't let a pirate like Ace go so easily. However, after Ace helped Luffy escape from him, it is possible that he might have held a grudge against Ace. Vergo is Smoker's lead in the New World's G-5 headquarters. Smoker then learns of Vergo's true identity, a pirate in disguise and determined to defeat him for the honor of the Marines. Together with Law, they finally defeat Vergo. Smoker didn't seem to like Crocodile much. Crocodile managed to lock him up with the Straw Hat crew in Alabasta. Crocodile called him a stray dog ​​and agreed to drown him along with the others despite surviving. To Tashigi, Crocodile accuses Smoker of being a coward and prefers to run away from his duties to Tashigi. Hancock managed to annoy Smoker when he tried to block his intentions of capturing Luffy at Marineford. Smoker then threatened to complain about it so that his Shichibukai status was removed from him but Hancock didn't seem afraid. Smoker and the G-5 troops intend to investigate an island better known as Punk Hazard but is prevented by Law, who argues that this place is his resting place and should not be disturbed. They had a fight with the result of defeat for Smoker. When Caesar Clown was captured, they then agreed to help each other against Caesar Clown and Vergo and managed to snatch Law's heart from Vergo's hands. After that they help each other defeat Vergo.

Smoker seems to have a very good memory.

Three Kingdoms - Soldier Crossbow 1When Donquixote Doflamingo arrived at Punk Hazard looking for Law and the Straw Hats, he started attacking the soldiers with Haoshoku no Haki. He demands Smoker to inform Law's whereabouts and the Straw Hats leave. Doflamingo then attacked him, and nearly killed him. After Kuzan's intervention, Doflamingo released Smoker under the pretext that he didn't want to fight with Kuzan. Smoker is a formidable fighter and almost caught Monkey D. Luffy if he wasn't disturbed by the appearance of Monkey D. Dragon Luffy's father. After the Enies lobby incident, Smoker claimed he wasn't satisfied with just catching pirates with a bounty of 50,000,000. When fighting again with Luffy at marineford, Luffy admitted that Smoker was much stronger than before. Armed with confidence in his abilities, Smoker asks Aokiji to be assigned to Aokiji's notorious New World G-5 base after the war. Smoker is a boss who is respected by his subordinates. Despite his strict style, all subordinates seemed loyal and always obeyed what he was told, including Tashigi who always faithfully followed. After being transferred to the New World G-5 headquarters, he managed to get the obedience of G-5 soldiers who were known to be rebellious and cruel in dealing with pirates. Smoker seems to have a very good memory. He was able to identify Bananawani who swallowed the cage key when Sanji defeated the three crocodiles. He finally understands why Dragon saved Luffy after their relationship was made public. He is also aware of the climate-changing events of Punk Hazard, including the explosion that occurred on the island four years ago as a result of Dr. Vegapunk and Law's relationship with Luffy at Marineford.

He is good at understanding things and a master tactician. He could understand Crocodile's interest in seizing Alabasta after seeing Nico Robin join him, realizing Crocodile's motivation to build power to conquer the world. While at Punk Hazard, he learned of the existence of a river behind an iceberg by observing the movement of water currents. He was also able to plan attacks efficiently at the last minute taking advantage of Buggy's attempts to execute Luffy. As can be seen from Smoker's large, strong, and stout body, Smoker possesses extraordinary physical strength: during their confrontation at Loguetown, he was able to jump about two meters in height without difficulty while holding Luffy and bringing him down before being hit by a hit. also has great resilience and resistance, as he was able to stand back up without damage and without effort after receiving a kick from Boa Hancock. The attack received was strong enough to shatter Pacifista rocks and armor (although Hancock's kick at that time was only to deter the people chasing Luffy).

Smoker eats the Logia-type Devil Fruit "Moku Moku no Mi", giving him the ability to change the body into smoke element or smoke human. With the power of smoke, he is able to adjust the density of the smoke so that it can bind someone with relative ease, as when he captured the entire crew of Buggy and Alvida alone. He can also turn the lower body into smoke and fly like a rocket. In addition, it has a special motorcycle driven by the power of smoke to serve as a means of transportation. By harnessing the power of his smoke, Smoker can run the engine of his motorcycle with Smoke's energy. The machine is called the Billower Bike for land transportation. It's the same with Ace's small ship that runs on Fire energy. Prior to the timeskip, Smoker had never been seen using Haki, although he had some knowledge of it. This was further proven during his fight with Trafalgar Law, when Smoker told Tashigi that his Haki was still not enough to counter Law's power. And he claims that he is the only G-5 who can do it, it could be implied that he is capable of using Haki against Devil Fruit abilities. During his battle with Vergo, he landed a punch where his hands and arms were completely black, indicating the use of Busoshoku Haki. He then did the same with his elbow when striking Vergo in the face. Like Vergo, he can also imbue his Haki on Nanashaku jitte.

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